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Dear BG friends

One of the nicest things of being a fan of a pop group, and doing fan work for a group is the fact that you have a chance to get in touch and correspond with people from all over the world.
As you know I’ve been involved with BG fan work etc. since the early 70. and love all the contacts with the fans very much.
On this site we'd like to give everyone of you a chance to get in touch with all kinds of other BG fans around the world.
Would you like to have your name/address placed on our pen pals site for free??
Just send in your name/address and details to: marion@brothersgibb.org  mentioning: pen pals and we’ll put your name on the site for a while.
If you’d like to have it removed sooner, then please inform us.

Marion (GSI)

Pen Pals

My name is Arne Thomas Wichne. I live in Norway and have been a BeeGees fan since I can remember. Would have been great to get in contact with other fans around the world. Their music and sound is too special and too unique to be forgotten!
Love, Arne Thomas:

After several years of inactivity I undertook the lengthy process of transferring all my CDs, records and tapes to a digital format (mp3s), and have just completed this. I would therefore like to re-connect with old friends (and maybe make some new ones?) with a view to catching up on old times and perhaps sharing some music with each other. If you would like to receive a copy of my extensive list then you can contact me at bgcollector@talktalk.net so I hope to hear from you soon. Hector Cook

I would love to be pen pals!
My info is:
Jo Anna Price
204 E. Walnut Street
Ozark, Missouri 65721, USA

To all of you:
Maurice at Good Morning America April 23, 2001    © T. L. Bridge

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Many Bee Gees vinyl singles and LP's for sale.

Ask for a list. Contact me at: bigblacksmoke.am@gmail.com

Kind regards Arne Moen

An acetate demo disc of -World- one sided, from 1967. Given to a facebook friend of mine by Barry Gibb a long time ago. Fans who are interested in buying can contact me at: marion@brothersgibb.org I will make a list with your names and email addresses to forward to the seller of the demo in a few days.

Does anyone have a Video/DVD of The Midnight Special show from August 10,1973 Season 1 Episode 29 that the Bee Gees hosted that I can purchase ? The show was a British Invasion Special that had a lot of great British groups doing their big hits. The Bee Gees did a fantastic Medley of Beatle songs. Yes, some songs are available on You Tube , but not the complete show. I hope someone can help me out as this has been my quest since I saw the show live that Friday night.
Thanks Pete Gitzel grizzly3@wi.rr.com

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