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  Covers & Rarities (15)  

This time
We have for you again a variety of covers by very different artists.

Bee Gees covers by: "Pas de printemps pour Marnie".

I'm a French musician and I've made a whole LP full of covers of The Bee Gees, it's called "Nuit Fièvre" and the band's called "Pas de printemps pour Marnie". The interpretation is a kind of electro pop style, and I try to make the songs different.
This LP is available in France. Best Regards, Jean-Pierre.
for more info: http://pasdeprintemps.free.fr    www.myspace.com

Sound clip:  "Massachusetts

Dennis Williams & The Delawares - "Bad Girl"

The rock band came from Australia. They recorded Bad Girl, which was written by Barry in 1965, in Festival studios in Sydney. The Bee Gees were not present nor did appear on the recording but Barry has been with the group doing suggestions during rehearsals. The band members who recorded Bad Girl with Dennis Williams also appeared on the recording of the Bee Gees called: "Claustrophobia".

Sound clip:  "Bad Girl

Col Joye - "Rest Your Love On Me", "Goin' Steady", "Underneath The Starlight Of Love",

Colin Frederick Jacobsen was born 13 April 1936 in Sydney, New South Wales, (Australia better known as Col Joye, is a popular Australian entertainer. He was the first Australian rock and roll singer to have a hit record all over Australia with "Bye Bye Baby". Recording with his brothers Kevin and Keith (who were part of Col's backing band The Joy Boys), and as a solo artist, Col Joye enjoyed a string of hits beginning in 1959. Col and Kevin built an influential entertainment management, publishing, and recording business, including ATA Studios in New South Wales and they worked with artists including the Bee Gees and their brother Andy Gibb. Their promotions company, Jacobsen Entertainment, continues today, with Col and Kevin Jacobsen as principal members.

Col Joye won several music awards, including two ARIA Music Awards and he earned numerous gold and platinum records; he was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame in 1988, the first year of such inductions. On 8 June 1981 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his entertainment and philanthropic work. In 1990, while pruning a neighbour's tree with a chainsaw as a favour, Joye slipped and fell six metres onto brick paving below, striking his head (falling into a coma) and sustaining serious lower back and shoulder injuries. Initially given a poor prognosis, he eventually recovered to start performing again in 1998, and in 2008 celebrated his 50th Anniversary in Showbusiness. Col Joye continues to perform and record pop and country music today. www.howlspace.com.au

Sound clips:  "Rest Your Love On Me,  "Goin' Steady,  "Underneath The Starlight Of Love


Janie Fricke - "Love Me"

Vocalist Janie Fricke was studying to be a teacher in the mid-'60s when the work of Joan Baez, Judy Collins, and Neil Diamond inspired her to try music herself. Fricke had always been musically inclined, as both of her parents played instruments and taught her to play piano and guitar as a child. She began singing jingles at a Memphis radio station while in college, and even after receiving her teaching certificate in 1972 continued to work in advertising. Fricke came to Nashville in 1975 to sing backup vocals, appearing on albums by artists like Ronnie Milsap, Charley Pride, Loretta Lynn and England Dan & John Ford Coley. In total, she sang on over 1200 albums.

Sound clip:  "Love Me

Lulu - "Bury Me Down By The River"

Lulu was born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, on November 3rd, 1948, the eldest of a family of four, in Lennox Castle, Lennoxtown, Glasgow, the daughter of a local butcher. She started singing almost immediately. In the 60ties Lulu was married to Maurice Gibb for some time. She covered several Bee Gees songs. This cover is from the Atco sessions 1969 - 1972.
More Lulu info at: www.lulu.co.uk

Sound clip:  "Bury Me Down By The River

Robin Setty - "Love Is Blind"

'I am a classical pianist, composer and singer. I love to sit by the piano and write music. I've been doing so, since my teenage years. I don't particularly enjoy recording, but I've just about managed to psyche myself up to record a few of my many compositions'. Robin is also Bee Gees fan and recorded a cover version of "Love is Blind"

More info: www.familysetty.com

Sound clip:  "Love Is Blind

Marty Rhone - "To Love Somebody"

Marty: 'Maurice and I were great buddies back in the late 60's. Both the Bee Gees and I recorded on the SPIN label. Maurice and I often used to muck around in the recording studio and this is how they came to provide the BV's on Village Tapestry & Sorry She's Mine'.
(We've mentioned Marty Rhone on GSI earlier: see also Covers 7: Covers part 2 )
The first single, "Nature Boy", was released on the Spin Label in 1966, followed by "Thirteen Women", "I Want You Back Again", "She Is Mine" and Marty's own composition titled: "Village Tapestry" - (the Bee Gees did guest backing vocals on both 'She Is Mine' & 'Village Tapestry'). "Village Tapestry" is now considered a minor classic and has since been critically recognised as being way ahead of its time.
Marty: 'I was extremely saddened when Maurice died so suddenly and prematurely. On my most recent album 'Born to Rock', which was the title of my last national tour, I covered 'To Love Somebody' which was the first time after all these years that I recorded a Gibb Bros song. Funny story.......I was clearing out some old audio tapes a few years back and I came across a muck around session that Maurice and I did in the famous old Hurstville Studio in Sydney with Maurice on drums and me and a couple of others on guitars. We recorded hilarious mock versions of the Beatles Rain with Maurice capturing the McCartney bass sound and style which he loved so much then playing drums on the Troggs' Wild Thing, recording as the drum kit collapsed around him. I think the tape is now sitting in National Sound Archives in the national capital. I'm flattered that I am in such esteemed company on GSI Covers And Rarities of many others who have recorded the guys great songs!!
More about Marty at: www.martyrhone.com

Sound clip:  "To Love Somebody (with permission of Marty Rhone)

Some more sound clips of Bee Gees covers:
 Giovanna - "The Walls Fell Down" ( "Il Muro Cadra")

Sound clip:
 "Il Muro Cadra
 Arquivo -  "To Love Somebody

A classical version of Holiday and a country version of Stayin' Alive
Sound clip:  "Holiday 
Sound clip:  "Stayin' Alive 
Last but not least some video clips:

Peter Hofman, "To Love Somebody"
video clip: www.youtube.com

Clip from DVD In My Own Time about Andy Gibb
video clip: www.youtube.com

until next time, take care
Marion / GSI

With special thanks to: GSI Archive, Jean Pierre Isnardi, Peter Hofman, Meir Zarad, Robin Setty, Marty Rhone e.a. for their contribution to this edition.

  Covers & Rarities (14)  

This time
We have for you again a variety of covers by very different artists.

Hermann Lammers Meyer - "Don t forget to remember",
"First Of May"

Hermann sings and plays country music, the classic fiddle and steel kind...., since 1973 He works solo world wide, or travels with his band "The Emsland Hillbillies" Fellow musicians and fans in the USA call him "Hermann, The German" Hermann was born December 12, 1952 in Germany and his father was a barge master who navigated on the German rivers. Very soon it became clear that Hermann was the musical lover of the family and when after the Second World War the American forces brought their bases to Germany they also had their own radio station AFN (American Forces Network) popular not only amongst the US soldiers but also the European people liked to listen to it. It were those US stations and US TV programmes etc. which brought the American feeling and the western music to Germany more and more. Hermann loved this type of music and the steel guitar. In the seventies Hermann started his own band and while being Bee Gees fan as well he decided later on to also record several Bee Gees songs.
More info about Hermann: www.hermannlammersmeyer.de  www.digitalrodeo.com
"First of May": from the album The Last Country Song - DK 95007,
Desert Kid Records - LC 00802, with Lois Johnson recorded at The Starday Studio Nashville
Musicians: Buddy Emmons, Pete Wade, Buddy Spicher, David Smith, Rodger Morris, Gene Chrisman, Tommy Hill www.amazon.de
"Don't Forget To Remember": from the album The Good Old Days, Desert Kid Records - DK 2oo4-16. A brand new CD also recorded in Nashville. www.amazon.de

Sound clip:  "Don't Forget To Remember" ,  "First Of May" 

Lonnie Lee - "I'd Like To Leave If I May"

Born September 18 1940, Lonnie is the only son of David and Nancy from a sheep property in Rowena, Australia. He attended Trinity Grammar School in Sydney and Crows Nest Technical High School. After leaving school in 1955 he studied accountancy. He had various jobs. The career actually first started in 1956 after an appearance on radio 2UW's Alan Toohey's Amateur Hour. The next break came after winning MGM's contest for 'Australia's own Elvis Presley in February 1957. Just after this he started a trio which was very popular with really rock crowds. In 1959 he recorded for Leedon Records and his first record 'Ain't it so', which he wrote with Johnny O'Keefe, became his first hit At this time he started many years of TV appearances, firstly on ABC's Six O'Clock Rock. He had 8 national number 1 hits and 5 Gold Records. A wonderful Gibb composition was recorded by Lonnie: "'I'd Like To Leave If I May'" was written by Barry Gibb in 1963.
It was released by Lonnie Lee and The Leemen in 1965.
More info at: www.lonnielee.com  www.artistdirect.com

Sound clip:  "I'd Like To Leave If I May" 

Family Dog - "Storm"

The idea was born when Albert Hammond and Steve Rowland met for the first time at a concert in Madrid in 1965. In 1966 The Family Dogg was formed in England with the participation of the singers Mike Hazlewood and Christine Holmes. Their debut album was: "A Way Of Life", released in 1969. In 1970 the group was renamed as "Steve Rowland and The Family Dogg".

In April 1970 they got a Number 2 hit in the Netherlands with the song "Sympathy" previously recorded by the group Rare Bird. In 1972 Steve Rowland released a last Family Dogg album: View from Rowland's Head. In 1967 they recorded the Bee Gees penned song: "Storm".
The Bee Gees version you can find on Inception / Nostalgia and Brilliant From Birth.

Video clip:  "Storm"  (youtube)

Astrud Gilberto - "Holiday"

Astrud Gilberto, "The Queen of Bossa-Nova", is an artist with roots firmly planted in Brazilian music. Born in the Northeast of Brazil, in the state of Bahia, one of three sisters of a German father and a Brazilian mother, Astrud grew up in Rio de Janeiro. She immigrated to the United States in the early 1960s, where she resides since then.

Astrud was first introduced to the World at large in 1964 through "The Girl From Ipanema", the Grammy-winning recording with Stan Getz and her then-husband João Gilberto (the father of Bossa Nova).

Her Bee Gees cover song of Holiday is from the album: September 17, 1969 www.astrudgilberto.com

Sound clip:  "Holiday" 

The Hormonauts - "Stayin' Alive"

The Hormonauts are a rockabilly trio from Italy. Sasso, 30, was born in Cesena, Italy, and started out young, playing rockabilly double-bass. Paolo, born in Forli', Italy, is 36 and has been drumming since before he was born! Andy, 30, born in Edinburgh, also started young.

He played trombone as a child, also in high school jazz bands. The Hormonauts have been hormonizin' around Europe for almost 10 years now. Their Bee Gees cover song comes from the album: "Hormone Airlines".

Sound clip:  "Stayin' Alive" 

Andy Gibb - "I Just Wanna Be Your Everything" (live)

Many fans still miss Any Gibb and also GSI receives a lot of mails of Andy Gibb fans. Many of them refer to his albums but specially to the live performances they saw of Andy. One of the fans sent this recording of a live performance of Andy.

On August 16, 1977 (the day Elvis died) I went to a Neil Sedaka concert in Fargo, and Andy Gibb was the opening act. I snuck a tape recorder into the show and this mp3 file is the result 30 years later.

We hope you'll like it as a memory to Andy.

Sound clip:  "I Just Wanna Be Your Everything"  (live)

Everybody's Talking - "How deep is your love"
Hans Esbjerg - "How deep is your love"

Twice a cover from Danmark.
One from a Danish Group: Everybody's Talking who put the BG cover on their 2005 album: Everybody's Talking and again on their 2008 DVD called Louisiana.
And a Danish jazz pianist: Hans Esbjerg on his album Pop'N'Jazz. record label Music Mecca CD 3022-2 ( year 2000 ).

Sound clip: Everybody's Talking -  "How deep is your love" 
Sound clip: Hans Esbjerg -  "How deep is your love" 

Forever Darling - "What Kind Of Fool"

Formed in Los Angeles CA, 2004 FOREVER DARLING are comprised of founding members Adam Unknown (vocals, guitar, drums) and Leyla Beri (keyboards) Adam Unknown was an accomplished drummer and guitarist in the Northwest and his recordings can be found on K Records, SpinART, Kill Rock Stars, Soon after moving to Los Angeles in 2000 to work in post production and compose movie soundtracks, Adam starts a short lived cure cover band with Barbara (Dee Dee) Ramone on drums and began to flesh out a few instrumental songs he had began writing on the side.

During an exhaustive search for the perfect singer, Adam met and teams up with Leyla Beri, a self-taught pianist who strongly encourages Adam to write his own lyrics and sing for the band. After a few months of rehearsals, the duo debuts to a sold out Echo in LA in April 2004. Studio recordings in 2007 led to the band's self-released EP, of which the song "London Drugs" has received repeat airplay on KROQ by DJ Kat Corbett, was picked by LA Weekly as a top 5 song for the 2007 Detour Festival contest and DJ Mark Sovel at Indie 103.1 gave "Switchblade" a few spins. In April 2008, Ourstage.com featured the track "Lonesome" on their promotional CD sampler. FOREVER DARLING are currently wrapping up their debut album at Satellite Park Studios in Malibu with producer Geza X (Germs, Elliot Smith, Josie Cotton, South Park Movie) and Paul Rosseler (Screamers, 45 Grave, Deadbeats).

The album will include a cover version of the band's favorite Bjork song, "Hyperballad" The full length CD, entitled "Victim Loved Silence" will be released in 2009. The group is also planning to record the Bee Gees song What Kind Of Fool for the upcoming album.
They sent GSI a demo version to post on the Covers And Rarities page.
More info at: www.myspace.com/

Sound clip:  "What Kind Of Fool"  (unreleased demo version)

until next time, take care
Marion / GSI

With special thanks to: Hermann Lammers Meyer, Richard O Donoghue, Melody, Pete Johnson, Erling Paulsen, Forever Darling a.o.. for their contribution to this edition.

  Covers & Rarities (13)  

Babe Gurr - "I've gotta get a message to you"

inger-songwriter from Vancouver Canada. Although named Carol by her parents, it was Babe's older brother who coined her nickname. For years he would refer to her only as "Baby Sister". Eventually she became known to family and friends simply as Babe. It's a name that is becoming familiar to many more fans each day, people who appreciate finely crafted songs performed with sincerity. Once you hear her name, you'll likely remember it. Once you hear her music, you'll make a point of it. Babe's music has been described as honest, rootsy and real. She continually captivates audiences by delivering powerful stories to thoughtful music. Experiencing her engaging personality in concert is a treat, and discovering her playful and keen sense of humour is always a delight. Her 2003 release "Fade to Bright" offered the listener a glimpse into the personal and artistic growth of this very talented performer. Album information about this album which contains the Bee gees cover: "I've Gotta Get A Message To You": www.amazon.de/Fade-Bright-Babe-Gurr

More info at: http://www.babegurr.com/

Sound clip:  "I've gotta get a message to you

Olivia Newton John - "Face To Face", "Carried Away"

livia Newton-John was born in Cambridge, England on September 26th 1948; her family moved to Australia when she was 5. Her mother was German, daughter of the physicist Max Born, her father was Welsh, a professor of German at Cambridge and Melbourne. Despite the academic background, early on Olivia showed an interest in singing, forming a band called the Sol Four with some school friends and later on singing at her brother in law's coffee bar in Australia. A talent contest hosted by the Australian Johnny O'Keefe offered Olivia the prize of a trip to England, and she took this up in 1965. Her first introduction to making records was a one-off single deal with Decca Records.

In 1979 she participates together with for instance The Bee Gees and their brother Andy Gibb in the concert for Unicef at the General Assembly Hall of the U.N. in New York. The concert was held to raise money for UNICEF in The International Year Of The Child and an idea of Robert Stigwood, The Bee Gees and David Frost. During this concert she sings then the duet: 'Rest Your Love On Me' with Andy Gibb. She's worked on some more occasions with The Gibbs like for instance In 1980 there's the duet released with Andy called: 'I Can't Help It' a track of Andy's 'After Dark' album. And in 1984 she sings with Barry for his album 'Now Voyager' the song 'Face To Face' also to be heard on Olivia's 'Love Songs' album. The song 'Carried Away' was written by Barry and Albhy Galuten and released on her album: 'Physical'. For more about Olivia please visit: www.onlyolivia.com

Sound clips:  "Face To Face" ,  "Carried Away" 

Video clips: "Rest Your Love On Me " Olivia Newton-John & Andy Gibb
Performing Beach Boys ABBA, Olivia Newton-John & Andy Gibb
"Put A Little Love In Your Heart" Unicef 1979

Los Prisioneros - "Spirits Having Flown"

os Prisioneros went into the Rock & Pop studios in 2003 to record their live studio covers album with guest musician Alvaro Henriquez of Los Tres. The album Raras Tocatas Nuevas (Warner Music) features only two original Los Prisioneros songs while the rest are covers. Some of the covers include "Es La Lluvia Que Cae" originally by Los Iracundos, The Beatles song "Birthday", "Alone Again, Naturally" (Gilbert O'Sullivan) and "Spirits Having Flown" original by The Bee Gees etc. The album had a limited production and is now a hard to find collector's item. Los Prisioneros is a rock band from San Miguel, Santiago, Chile and was formed in 1982. They began as a very influential local band during the early eighties. Once they signed to EMI in 1985, they reached mainstream success all over South America and Central America. They are known for their very outspoken lyrics about Chile's military dictatorship and social commentary in their lyrics. Besides their lyrics, their music was also known for being different from the popular artists of that time.

For more info: wikipedia.org Los_Prisioneros

Sound clip:  "Spirits Having Flown" 

The Buffoons - "Don't Forget To Remember", "Words"

opular Dutch group from the late '60s and early '70s and best known for its magnificent harmonized vocals. It all started in 1963 when the brothers Gerard en Ely van Tongeren of the group: The White Rockets sign a contract with record label Bovema. In 1966 the White Rockets became The Buffoons and in 1967 The Buffoons score their first hit with Tomorrow Is Another Day/My World Fell Down; a double A-sided single. In 1969 John Lennon is watching them on TV while he is staying at the Amsterdam Hilton during his famous Bed-Inn For Peace and invites the group to come over and sing at his bedside.

From 1970 several personnel changes take place and people leave to other bands but all members keep busy in the music business. In 1990 The Tongeren Brothers continued with the Buffoons until 2005. In their career The Buffoons have also done some Bee Gees material like the songs we have here for you.

For more information: www.hollandrocks.com (search for: The Buffoons)
Their official website, however in Dutch: www.buffoons.nl

Sound clips:  "Don't Forget To Remember" ,  "Words" .

Eldissa - "Stayin' Alive"

razilian guitarist Ecio Parreira and Swiss producer Rio discovered a sophisticated sound that is so strangely appealing, simply by blending their favorite styles of music. Their project, ELDISSA re-imagines the disco and soul classics as chilled Bossa Nova grooves, with a touch of Lounge music. With the sultry, soulful vocals of Caribbean beauties Marcia and de L'amour, and the sunny sweetness of Chloé, Eldissa will simply take your breath away. They released the album: 'What A Difference' by BlueFish Production. Containing classic music from the disco era reworked as bossa nova and acoustic lounge. Featuring music by Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, the Bee Gees, Abba and more! www.bluefish.ch    www.dreyfusrecords.com

Sound clip:  "Stayin' Alive" 

Eric Riegels - "World"", "Ordinary Lives".

ric is a Danish singer who wrote to GSI a while back about his tribute album of Bee Gees songs he recorded.

'I have made "my tribute to the Bee Gees" with the former Kiki Dee bassist Michael Wedgwood as producer. I am VERY happy with this album, because this is just the way I want to make my tribute to the Bee Gees. I grew up in the 70ties with two absolute favourite bands: The Carpenters and the Bee Gees. Now I have made my tribute to both of the bands. I am a professional singer and known in Denmark for my own Danish songs. I however also like to sing in English very much. I have my own fan-club here in Denmark, and they are following me in concerts and (partly) in private. I am educated clerk (in a bank) I am married and have 4 grown-up children. I have my own firm with biological products. I am 54 years old.
You'll find my home-page at www.ericriegels.dk

Yours truthfully
Eric Riegels'

Sound clips:  "World" ,  "Ordinary Lives" 

To end with this time!!
A sound clip we received from Japan where you can hear a cover version from the seventies of:
 "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"  by Marty Mitchell.
a GSI tip to visit the You Tube videos of Andy where you can also watch and hear some of brother Andy's Bee Gees covers of course: www.youtube.com

We also received a number of comments about information we posted on the GSI Cover News about Tenlay (October 24th. 2006).
Music producer of Tenlay contacted GSI with the following information:
At the moment we have the album from TenLay just in the digital distribution, we think about to produce cd's in the spring of 2007 for the physical distribution. The album is in about 40 digital shops, following a link to the I-TUNES Shop. http://phobos.apple.com

Best regards
Rolf Wetzel
GSI tip to visit: concerts.wolfgangsvault.com where you can get more info about the 1976 Bee Gees concert at the Los Angeles Forum including the concert recording itself. This concert was once released on an album called: "Here At Last..Bee Gees Live" however the original concert seems to be a bit different from the final version.
We'd like to introduce to you a young star from the U.K. called: Declan Galbraith a boy with a great voice. On his new CD he covers The Bee Gees. Please visit his website for more details and for listening to his BG covers: "Saved By The bell" and "Only One Woman" www.declangalbraith.de

until next time, take care
Marion / GSI

With special thanks to: Only Olivia, Hugo S., Melody, Wim A., Eric Riegels, Erling Paulsen and Rolf W. for their contribution to this edition.

Covers & Rarities (12)

This time
We chose for you covers and rarities of the following artists: Patricia Paay, Grand And Forsyth, Tom Jones and Paul Anka, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, Louis van Dijk.

Patricia Paay - "The Love Of A Woman"

Patricia Paay     © Curry - Paay Family
atricia was born on April 7, 1949 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and she started taking piano and ballet lessons on a very early age. She had about 16 hit songs in the seventies and eighties. In 1965 she debuted being a singer in a night club in the jazz orchestra of her dad, together with her sister Yvonne and another Dutch singer: Anita Meyer. In 1966 she got a record contract followed by TV performances and singing on a cruise ship. In 1967 she had her first big hit in The Netherlands. In 1970 she started to sing in English and is doing a lot of session work with other Dutch artists. She formed several groups and finally decided to go solo and a number of hits followed. On her album from 1977: "The Lady Is A Champ" she performed the Bee Gees cover: 'The Love Of A Woman'. Also she had a top ten hit in The Netherlands in 1982 with the song: 'Tomorrow'.

hen in 1983 the group The Star Sisters is founded in which she sings together with her mum and sister doing a tribute to the Andrew Sisters. The trio is dressed in uniforms from the forties and the song 'Stars On 45'jumps to number one. The Star Sisters sing medleys from a.o. the Andrew Sisters and Beatles and is a long lasting project. In the early nineties Patricia leaves for New York with her partner Adam Curry who is starting to work for the TV station MTV. A number of very successful years follow living in The States and they both get a daughter: Christina. In 1999 Patricia, Adam and Christina arrive back in Europe.

he family have houses in both The Netherlands and Belgium and in 1999 Patricia starts her own cosmetic line next to her other activities. In 2003 the family starts their own reality soap for Dutch TV named: Adam's Family about their life in their beautiful home in Belgium. At the moment the Curry - Paay Family lives in Britain.

See also: www.paayfansite.nl and www.popinstituut.nl

Soundclip:  "The Love Of A Woman"  (not Bee Gees related!)  "Someday My Prince Wil Come" 

With special thanks to Patricia Paay and her husband Adam Curry for putting available the photo.

Grand & Forsyth - "To Love Somebody", "Islands In The Stream"

Julie and Dominic met for the first time in 1974 in Britain when they both answered an ad in the NME music paper and auditioned for a new girl/boy group that was being formed. The name of the group was to be Guy's 'n' Dolls and they released their first single in March 1975 called 'There's A Whole Lotta Loving'. Guy's 'n' Dolls' toured the world constantly and worked with most of the greats in the recording industry They decided to leave England and move to Holland to concentrate all there efforts into making records and touring in Europe and during the next six or so years, they recorded several albums and had countless hit singles In 1986, Guys 'n' Dolls disbanded and Julie and Dominic decided to go it alone as a duo. 1988 proved to be the defining year when Grant and Forsyth made their first mark on the charts with a hit recording of the Walker Brother's classic, 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' and The Ronettes 'Be My Baby'. Julie also found success as a songwriter. 1990 was the turning point.

left cover To Love Somebody - cover Islands In The Stream
The first album, 'Country Love Songs' went platinum in Holland and this huge success was followed by a string of 'Country Love Songs' albums. To date, Julie and Dominic have sold over 2.5 million albums in Holland alone making them the most successful husband and wife team in Europe!

For more info please visit: www.grantandforsyth.com

Soundclip:  "To Love Somebody" 
 "Islands In The Stream" 

Tom Jones en (Paul Anka) - "Let There Be Love", "Nights On Broadway"

Tom Jones:
Tom Jones was born in Pontypridd, South Wales - Britain in 1940. He started singing at an early age in the church choir and at school. He transformed his parents' sitting room into a stage and often sang for family gatherings. In his native Wales he is simply known as 'Jones The Voice'. He left school at an early age and worked at a variety of jobs by day and sang in pubs at night. By 1963, he had gained notoriety with his own band Tommy Scott and the Senators. They regularly played working-class clubs and dance halls. Gordon Mills soon started managing Tom and took him to London. By 1964 he had a record deal with Decca. Tom became a sensational live performer, performing in venues that ranged from Las Vegas to arenas worldwide. By 1971, Tom had already sold over 30 million records. At the start of 2000, Tom was invited by President and Mrs. Clinton to perform at the New Year's Eve Millenium Celebrations at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Tom has received numerous awards including a Brit Award for Best UK Male in 2000 His latest release is his 2004 collaboration with Big Band leader Jools 'the piano' Holland.

Read his complete biography and more at: www.tomjones.com

Paul Anka:
Paul was born July 30th. 1941 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and he began his career by entering amateur contests and sneaking into clubs, Paul Anka has gone on to become one of the most prolific, successful songwriters in history. This year marks his 45th Anniversary in show business, which he celebrates with a new 4 CD Box Set of his hits spanning over four decades for his millions of fans around the world Paul Anka developed a talent for songwriting through school courses in English and Journalism. His life would forever be altered, however, on a trip to New York with a song he had written for a girl four years his senior. "Diana" launched Paul Anka's career as an international teen idol at the age of sixteen, with sales totaling over 20 million copies worldwide. Before he turned 18, Mr. Anka had five Top-20 hits. With well over 900 songs to his credit, his songs have been performed by such greats as Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, Tom Jones, Buddy Holly, Linda Ronstadt, The Sex Pistols, Nina Simone, Gypsy Kings, and Robbie Williams - to name a few But his talents haven't been relegated solely to composing and performing; Paul Anka has done his fair share of acting in front of the camera, appearing in "3000 Miles to Graceland" starring Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, and Christian Slater, "Mad Dog Time" with Richard Dreyfuss, and "Captain Ron" with Kurt Russell and Martin Short, to name a few. In the last five years, Paul Anka has shown no sign of slowing down. He continues to tour ten months out of the year, proving still to be a veritable force of nature with a boundless commitment to satisfying his dedicated international following.

Find out more about Paul Anka at: www.paulanka.com

Soundclip: Tom Jones  "Let There Be Love" , (live Tom Jones with Paul Anka)  "Nights On Broadway" 

Dolly Parton en (Kenny Rogers) - "Islands In The Stream"

Dolly Parton
Dolly Rebecca Parton was born on January 19, 1946, one of 12 children of Robert Lee Parton, a tobacco farmer, and Avie Lee Parton (née Owens). Dolly grew up on a run-down farm in Locust Ridge, TN., U.S.A. At 12 she was appearing on Knoxville TV, and at 13 she was already recording on a small label and appearing at the Grand Ole Opry. After graduating from high school in Sevier County, Tennessee, in 1964, she moved to Nashville to launch her career as a country singer. She fell in love with Carl Dean, who ran an asphalt-paving business; they got married on May 30, 1966 (and they are still together). The next year, Dolly's singing caught the attention of Porter Wagoner. Dolly gained immense popularity as a singer/songwriter. She won numerous Country Music Association awards and by the mid-1970s Dolly was appearing frequently on TV specials and talk shows. Dolly then got her own show. In 1977 Dolly got her first Grammy.

More about Dolly you can read at: www.sonynashville.com/DollyParton and: www.dollyon-line.com/

Kenny Rogers: Houston-born Rogers formed his first band while in high school in 1956 and never quit making music from that point on. The rockabilly group, called The Scholars, got a record deal and released two singles that had local success, and led to a performance spot on American Bandstand. Soon afterward, Rogers joined the Bobby Doyle Trio, playing stand-up bass in the jazz band, and appearing on their album. In 1966 he became a member of the New Christy Minstrels, the popular folk group, leaving a year later to form The First Edition with other members of the troupe. The spotlight started focusing on Rogers when the group got their first hit, "I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)". Within a year the band was called Kenny Rogers and The First Edition, and his distinctive voice led the group to both pop and country chart successes. In 1974 Kenny Rogers and the First Edition disbanded. Then Kenny Rogers started to focus more on country songs.

Barry and Kenny Rogers
It was the perfect transition for him. "Love Lifted Me", went Top 20 in 1975, but it was the "Lucille" that shot him into the stratosphere. The success continued with lots of more country songs. Then came 'The Gambler' a story song which also became a TV movie with several follow ups, starring Rogers himself in the title role. His second career as actor had started. In the 1980s he established himself as a well-respected photographer, publishing several books, and being invited to the White House to shoot a portrait of First Lady Hillary Clinton. He authored several short stories too, appeared in a musical but never stopped making music. In 1999, after forming his own record company, Dreamcatcher Entertainment, Rogers found himself back on the country chart with a touching story song about a young boy playing baseball. When "The Greatest" got radio and video airplay, it was greeted as a sweet comeback from a favorite bygone singer. When the follow-up, "Buy Me a Rose", hit #1 Rogers proved that his talent was just as vibrant and meaningful as it was when he first started out.

More to read about Kenny Rogers at: www.kennyrogers.com/

Soundclip:  "Islands In The Stream"  (Dolly Parton with Kenny Rogers) and
 "Islands In The Stream"  (live and a capella: Dolly Parton)

Louis van Dijk
Louis van Dijk - "Woman In Love"

Louis has studied piano and organ at the Amsterdam Conservatory. He graduates cum laude for his solo play on the piano. During his study he starts getting fascinated by jazz music. In 1961 he wins the Dutch Loosdrechts Jazzconcours, and this is the start of his very successful career. He starts making lots of wonderful albums under his own name and next to that he works with many great musicians like Ann Burton, Rita Reys, Pim Jacobs, Dizzy Gillespie, Thad Jones, Frank Rosolino, Jean "Toots" Thielemans, Thijs van Leer Michel Legrand etc. etc. Louis van Dijk received 3 Edison Awards, 19 golden and 3 platinum albums. His CD's are being sold world wide and his album: 'After Hours' with Elly Ameling was in the American Classic Top Ten for 9 weeks.

Read more at: www.louisvandijk.nl

Soundclip:  "Woman In Love" 

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Covers & Rarities (11)
This time
we have for you again a wonderful mixture of Gibb covers and rarities.

Roy Orbison - "Indian Summer"

We open this time with a wonderful song of Roy Orbison on request of our GSI webmaster as this is one of his favorites.

Roy Kelton Orbison was born on April 23, 1936, in Vernon, Texas. Nadine, his mother, was a nurse. Orbie Lee, his father, a worker. Roy was their second child. For his sixth birthday, Roy asked for a harmonica, but fortunately his daddy gave him a guitar. The Orbison family moved to Forth Worth sometime in 1942. When living back again in Vernon he in 1945 entered and won a contest on KVWC and this led to his own radio show singing the same songs every Saturday. In 1946 Roy entered a talent contest singing "Mountain Dew" and "Jole Blon", and tied for first place with a 15-year-old kid. The total prize was $15, so he got $7.50 and gave his buddy half of that for carrying his guitar. In 1951 Roy had been appearing regularly on KERB radio in Kermit. By 1953 the band, got their own show on KERB sponsored by local businessmen At the time the Gibbs wrote material for Diana Ross, Barry Gibb also wrote two compositions with country singer-songwriter Larry Gatlin, one of which was recorded. "Indian summer" has lead vocals by Larry Gatlin and Roy Orbison, with backup vocal by Barry. It also appears on CD on Rare Orbison volume 2 and on The legendary Roy Orbison box set. (The Gatlin Brothers also sang on two of the Kenny Rogers Eyes that see in the dark recordings in 1983). This was the only appearance by any of the Bee Gees with Roy Orbison, one of their old idols. "Indian Summer" was recorded in Spring 1985. Roy died December 6 - 1988. He collapsed at his mother's house right before midnight after he'd started to complain about chest pains. He was on top of the charts again, but he was dead at 52.

Soundclip:  "Indian Summer" 

Read more about Roy Orbison at: www.orbison.com

Leonard Cohen - "To Love Somebody" - live and unreleased

Leonard Norman Cohen was born in Montreal, Canada in 1934. His father, an engineer who owned a clothing concern, died when Leonard was nine. He went on to attend McGill University, where at 17 he formed a country-western trio called the Buckskin Boys. He also began writing poetry and became part of the local boho-literary scene. After a brief stint at Columbia University in New York, Leonard Cohen obtained a grant and was able to escape the confines of North America. He traveled throughout Europe and eventually settled on the Greek island of Hydra, where he shared his life with Marianne Jenson, and her son Axel. Cohen stayed in Greece on and off for seven years.

Read more about him and his biography at:

The performance of "To Love Somebody" is an unreleased live version it has not been released on any official album and Leonard has sung it only live on stage.

Soundclip:  "To Love Somebody" 

Graham Bonnet - "Trying To Say Goodbye" - "I Can't See Nobody"

Graham was born 23rd December, 1947 in Skegness, Lincolnshire, England. Before he became known as one of The Marbles and recorded a.o. some Bee Gees compositions he recorded a Neil Sedaka song in the early seventies as well. In this editon of Covers you can hear that composition called: "Trying To Say Goodbye", written by Neil Sedaka and Phil Cody in 1972 and recorded in 1973 in London by Graham Bonnet and produced by Maurice Gibb and Billy Lawrie, (Mo's brother in law). To hear the Neil Sedaka version of this song see below!! Also we have for you a soundfragment of one of the Gibb compositions done by Graham Bonnet while being one of The Marbles it's: "I Can't See Nobody". More about Graham Bonnet during his Marbles period we hope to bring you in one of the upcoming editions of Covers.

Soundclip:  "Trying To Say Goodbye"   "I Can't See Nobody" 

Neil Sedaka - "Trying To Say Goodbye"

Neil was born March 13 - 1939 in Brooklyn, New York.
Please visit his website to find out more about him: www.neilsedaka.com
Click to see the original music to the song from Neil's company sent to publish on this GSI website!!

Soundclip:  "Trying To Say Goodbye" 


Jerry G. - "Give Me The Night" - "More Than A Woman"

During one of his gigs Jerry G met three times winnig Eurovision Legend Johnny Logan, who was so impressed by Jerry's voice and performance, that he gave him a song to record. Jerry took Johnny's song, "Give me the night" and made it into a beautiful breathtaking ballad, that touched anybody who heard it. "He took the song to a higher level and made it better than I ever imagined it could be", were the words of the proud Irish writer during an interview on national television. Immediately the song got a lot of attention in the media and crashed into the Dutch charts where it landed on nr 28. Also the music-video to "Give me the night" was shown on music-channels for over five months. He also appears in quite some Dutch TV shows like: RTL Boulevard, Nationale postcode loterij en Lijn4 on the RTL 4 channel. Now it was important to have a good successor to this wonderful debut. Jerry went into the studio of his record-label and came out with the smashing remake of the BeeGees hit-song "More than a woman", which will be released early March, but today already on this website with personal pemission of Jerry G. himself and thanks to Melody. Also there will be made a nice video clip for the stations TMF and MTV He also came in contact with the 'hit-machine' Wise Buddah from London who gave him jet another great song to record. Jerry is working hard in the studio to make this track a piece of art. His new single the Bee Gees cover More Than A Woman was already very succesful in Denmark where it reached the number 2 in the charts. Jerry started to cooperate with DJ Rob Stenders of the Dutch station YORIN FM in June 2004 by singing the well known jingle for the station: Let Them Entertain You.
Listen to it by visiting: www.uwartiest.nl and press: Geluid fragment 3

Jerry G. (left) and Johnny Logan

For more info you can also visit Jerry's website (although when updating this article it was under construction): www.jerryg.nl
So everybody stay tuned!!

Soundclip:  "Give Me The Night"  (not BG related, written by Johnny Logan)
 "More Than A Woman" 

Donnie Elbert - "You Should Be Dancing"

Donnie Elbert was born on May 25, 1935, in New Orleans, La. His family moved to Buffalo, NY when he was just barely 3 years of age. His first interest in music came when his uncle bought him his first guitar and later a phonograph. As a teen his mother would buy him a piano and Donnie began to take lessons. While listening to a pile of 45 records that this uncle bought for him, featuring such artists as Little Willie John and Jimmy Reed, he found the singer that influenced him most was Clyde McPhatter of the Drifters. At the age of 20 in 1955,Donnie formed his first 'doo-wop' group called the Vibraharps. The group released a few singles, but to no real success. Two years later, he left the Vibraharps because of creative differences and altercations within the group. In 1957, Donnie recorded his first successful song on the Deluxe label entitled 'What Can I Do?' with the song hitting number 13 on the R&B charts and number 61 on the pop charts.

Read more about his life and career at: www.chancellorofsoul.com/donnie.html and www.soulfulkindamusic.net Lateron in his career Donnie Elbert also recorded the Bee Gee's dance classic 'You Should Be Dancing'. In 1979, Donnie formed his own label, AVO and released a single called 'You Keep Me Crying (With Your Lying). During the mid-1980s he finally retired from performing, signing on as director of A&R for Polygram's Canadian division. On January 31 - 1989 he died at the age of just 53 after suffering a masive stroke.

Soundclip:  "You Should Be Dancing" 

Note: of all the mentioned material on this Covers And Rarities page, we have received permission from the record labels, the managements and in some cases the artists themselves to use the info, photo material and soundclips for this GSI website

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Covers & Rarities (10)
This time
We have for you lots of wonderful old Bee Gees covers and other rare Gibb related material from Australia.

Johnny Devlin - "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On", "Stomp The Tumbarumba", "Blue Suede Shoes"

John Lockett Devlin was born on May 11, 1938, the son of a railway ganger stationed in the small mid-North Island town of Raetihi, New Zealand. The family soon shifted to near-by Ohakune and then Marton before eventually settling in Wanganui, where John spent his formative years. He received a guitar for his eleventh birthday and it never left his side. His parents and three other brothers were all musically minded and when in his early teens, they formed a group called the "Devlin Family". Johnny Devlin was New Zealand's first major rock'n'roll star. He had a major effect on the domestic scene. He was the first musician that parents loved to hate. He was the first performer to be awarded with a gold record. Also the first to go on an extended national tour and the first successful artist to leave the local shores for Australia. Mad hysteria had taken New Zealand by storm in proportions they had never seen before.
Johnny Devlin was New Zealand's original king of rock'n'roll.

Johnny Devlin

More info about Johnny Devlin: www.sergent.com.au/johnnydevlin

 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On' 
Written by David Williams in 1957
recorded Spring 1964, Festival Studio, Sydney
Backing vocals: The Bee Gees.
 'Stomp The Tumbarumba' 
written by Johnny Devlin in 1963
recorded in 1963, Festival Studio, Sydney
Backing vocals: The Bee Gees
(Tumbarumba is a town in northern New South Wales, Australia, and the stomp was a dance at that time).
 'Blue Suede Shoes' 
written by Carl Perkins in 1955
recorded around Spring 1964, Festival Studio, Sydney
Backing vocals: The Bee Gees.

Rod Kirkham
Rod Kirkham - "Words"

Rod was born 26th October 1955.
He joined the Young Talent Team in 1971 and left in 1973.
After leaving YTT, Rod hosted his own TV show, "Rod's Fun Palace".

Following this, Rod disappeared from our screens and seemingly the entertainment business.
He now resides in Queensland, where he writes self-help books.

Soundclip:  'Words' 
Van de "Young Talent Team" LP.

Johnny Young - "Lady", "I Am The World", "Every Christian Lionhearted Man"

Like so many "Aussie" stars, Johnny was born overseas and came to Australia during the huge influx of migrants after WWII. He was born Johnny Benjamin de Jong in Rotterdam on March 12, 1945, the youngest of four children. At the time of his birth his father Jan was stationed in Indonesia with the Netherlands armed forces, so Johnny did not meet his dad until he was two. Johnny's parents migrated to Western Australia when he was three and he grew up on the family farm at Kalamunda, in the Perth Hills, east of the city.

Johnny Young
After he left school, Johnny began work as a trainee disc jockey on Perth radio, started singing at local dances, and spent eighteen months as lead vocalist with local group "The Nomads", later known as "The Strangers" (no relation to the Melbourne group of the same name). In 1965, Johnny got his first break into TV when he became host of a local Perth pop show Club 17. The kick-start for his career as a pop star came in early 1966 when "The Easybeats" visited Perth. They gave Johnny the ultimate seal of approval by presenting him with one of their new songs. On June 6, 1967 Johnny set sail for the UK and to mark his departure Clarion released his new single, Lady (b/w Good Evening Girl), which reached #34 in July.The A-side, Lady, was a Barry Gibb song. Arriving in London Johnny was reunited with the Gibbs and during his stay he cut three more Bee Gees tracks: Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy of Arts (backed by the Bee Gees and produced by Barry), I Am The World and Every Christian Lionhearted Man Will Show You.Craise Finton Kirk/I am the World was released as Johnny's next single in August 1967. It made the Australian national Top 30 (#14 in Melbourne and #29 in Sydney) during September and also gained considerable airplay on British radio, notably on the legendary pirate station Radio London. Johnny Young will always be best remembered as the gentle, ever-smiling host of "Young Talent Time", but back in the Sixties he was a bona fide pop idol and TV star.

Read more about Johnny at: http://www.milesago.com/Artists/YoungJ

Writer: Barry Gibb (1966), recorded early 1967 in Melbourne, lead vocal:
Johnny Young.
 'I Am The World' 
Writer: Robin Gibb (1966), original b-side: Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy
Of Arts / I Am The World. UK.; Polydor, August 1967.
 'Every Christian Lionhearted Man'  (Johnny Young & Kompany)
Writers: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb (1967)

Johnny Young Talent Team - "Night Fever", "Too Much Heaven"

Johnny Young gave up being a singer and hosted a variety show of kids called "Young Talent Time". Each week they would have a one hour episode which would mainly be the kids singing popular songs as well as having a talent quest featuring three young kids who would compete for a major prize at the end of each year. He usually let the kids sing throughout the show and at the end would sing "All My Loving" The show ran for 17 years. A lot of the early tv episodes was wiped but there are still alot which survived. One looks some kind of tribute show to the Beegees, starting up with "Night Fever" and has "You're The One That I Want" in it as well.

Click on the address below which will give you more information about YTT. www.youngtalenttime.tv

 'Night Fever'         'Too Much Heaven' 

Ossie Byrne & Bee Gees 1966
Vyt - "Why Do I Cry"

Vytautas Zvirzdinas (Vyt) recorded this song at the St. Clair Studio in Hurstville where the Bee Gees were working at that time as well. "Why Do I Cry" / "I Haven't Got You" (CBS 221344) December 1966

Writer: Barry Tashian (1965) recorded mid 1966, St Clair Studio, Hurstville lead vocal Vyt, backingvocals: Barry, Robin, Maurice Gibb. produced by Nat Kipner (with Ossie Byrne) www.hurstville.nsw.gov.au/beegees

Soundclip:  'Why Do I Cry' 
Backing vocals: The Bee Gees.

John Hore - "Tribute To An Unknown Love"

John Denver Hore was born on July 19th, 1944, in the Central Otago town of Ranfurly, to Nellie and Herbert Hore. He grew up on the family farm at Kyeburn and developed a deep love of country life, especially for animals (with horses and dogs at the top of the list).
He's New Zealand's best known country singer. In 1988 John resurrected his career and started recording again. He decided to adopt a different name: John Grenell. More info: www.sergent.com.au/johnhore

 'Tribute To An Unknown Love' 
Writer: Barry Gibb (1964), recorded probably
in New Zealand around 1965 or 1966.
Lead vocal John Hore.

Ian B. MacLeod & Lesley Gibb - "Rings Of Gold", "Give Your Best", "Keep On Smiling".

Ian B. MacLeod
Born of a Scottish father and an English mother, Ian left Scotland when two years old and headed for Ipswich where he spent the next fifteen years in the beautiful countryside of East Anglia, surrounded by farms and forests. At school he did well in science, art and social studies and when he wasn't singing in the local church choir, he spent his spare time sketching and listening to the armed forces radio from Luxemburg which featured a lot of Country and early Rockabilly music. At fifteen, he started work as a Commercial Artist but soon became very restless and joined the Merchant Navy. It was on these ships that he formed his first group after buying a guitar in Spain. They practiced every night in the mess nearly driving the crew mad, and whilst in Sydney on one of their trips, Ian and "The Bop St. Boys" appeared on 2UW's "Amateur Hour" and won it with "Boppin' The Blues", but had to be disqualified as they weren't residents. When he got back home, he packed his guitar and bags and set sail for Australia

More info:

Spring 1969, Lesley sings with Bee Gees during British TV. Show

Bee Gees sister Lesley Gibb appears as duo vocalist on three of his songs. This is Lesley's only known recorded appearance although she performed also on stage once with her brothers instead of brother Robin Gibb who had at that time just left the Bee Gees. Lesley was born January 12th. in 1945, in Manchester and is married and lives already for many years with her family in Australia. She breeds dogs.

 'Rings Of Gold' 
Writer: Gene Thomas, recorded in Australia in 1973
lead vocal Ian B Mac Leod and Lesley Gibb
Stereo LP: Restless
 'Give Your Best' 
Writers: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb in 1968
And recorded in Australia in 1973
lead vocal Ian B Mac Leod and Lesley Gibb
Stereo LP: Restless
 'Keep On Smiling' 
Writer: Don Gibson, recorded in Australia in 1973
lead vocal Ian B Mac Leod and Lesley Gibb
Stereo LP: Restless

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