March 5 2023
Beautiful words from Andy's daughter Peta today
She gave me permission to post this on GSI. (please if you like to use it / or copy it: first ask her permission, thank you).

Peta Gibb Weber: "
My father should have been 65 today. Retirement age. Ready to settle down to his golden years and enjoy his family and friends, especially his grandchildren. Unfortunately in another five days it will be 35 years since he passed away, tragically and unnecessarily. He never got the chance to grow old surrounded by those who loved him. He remains forever young.

The shockwaves of his passing still reverberate and many of us who were impacted in the real world still suffer and battle - sometimes with each other and sometimes unkindly - about who did what and what could have been done differently. It's been 35 long years and we live in a significantly different world now, and yet people who neither knew or cared for him write books and movie scripts, using his story for personal gain. Others argue at length and with great confidence on social media about their own assumptions and suppositions, but they're rarely on the mark nor do they really have much idea about the whole truth of it at all. Some people argue he was a saint, others that he was a villain. How I just wish, as a daughter not a fan, that we could all just let him rest in peace!

Regardless of my how you see my father's story, it sadly can't be changed. What matters is what's left behind. His music is his lasting legacy. It lives on in the hearts - and playlists- of his many fans eternally and still makes people so happy. They write and tell me this all the time. That is such a privilege and an amazing thing to leave to this world.

My father's other, most precious, legacy is his grandchildren. My two beautiful boys, one blessed with a genuine resemblance, both of them blessed with a similar charm, kind heart and a strong desire to help others.

I will always protect my father's legacy with respect and without conjecture or a focus on the negative aspects of a life that we unfortunately can't change and we can't bring back. With that in mind a donation to MusiCares ( ), or Music Support ( ), in his memory is always appreciated."

Marion / GSI. March 5 2023
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July 16 and 17
Happy birthday to a Gibb boy and a Gibb lady
Congrats Max, son of Robin John and Megan. I was lucky to congratulate Max while being in the UK last week!! More about that later here and.... specially on the GSI Facebook group. Also congrats to Layla, daughter of Travis and Stacy.

left: Max birthday, photo Megan Golub   right: Layla copyright,Toni Jade Photography.

Marion / GSI, July 16 and 17, 2022

Juni 27
Congrats to Layla Gibb.
What a beautiful photo report of Layla's celebration of Bat Mitzvah, which was held on April 23 2022. In Miami Beach. Full report watch

left: Layla with her grand parents Barry and Linda    right: Travis and Stacy with Layla and Liam
Copyright Toni Jade

Marion / GSI, Juni 27, 2022

June 7. 2022.
Birthday time!!
Two birthday boys this week in the family. Peta and Matt's eldest son Darby celebrated his 13th. birthday.... this time in Spain!! More pic on Facebook

And on June 10th. Teddy, one of the kids of Megan and Robin John celebrated his 7th. birthday at The Prebendal in Thame - England, where they live.
Best wishes from GSI to both of these cute boys!!
left: Darby with his mother  right: Teddy, June 2022. copyright Nancy Natoli

Marion / GSI, June 7, 2022

May 16. 2022.
Sad News

Uncle Ronnie with little Sam: cherish the happy memories
Condolences by GSI to Yvonne, Sam, Adam and family for the loss of uncle Ronnie Spenceley, brother of Yvonne.

Samantha Gibb on Facebook:
"Death never takes a wise man by surprise, he is always ready to go."
Jean de La Fontaine.

"I will keep all our fun times and happy memories with me forever. Soar In Peace Uncle Ronnie, I love you and will miss you always"

Marion / GSI, May 16, 2022

April 15. 2022.
In Loving memory - Bernice Barbara Gibb Rhoades
September 29, 1964 - April 15, 2021. A year ago already today..... that I heard from the Gibb family the very sad news of the passing of Beri, ( eldest daughter of Lesley Gibb).

A time to remember this young woman, gone too soon but always in the hearts of all those people who loved her so much.

Rest in peace dear Beri.
left: Bernice and husband Chino   right: Bernice with Barry
More info, photos and memories on our GSI Facebook group.

Marion / GSI, April 15, 2022

January 3. 2022.
Some latest updates from Robin John Gibb
Robin-John Gibb:
Hello and a very Happy New Year to you all! I wish you all the health and happiness each one of you deserves in 2022. And deserve it we all most certainly do. I've been out-of-action myself for quite some time and only now am I properly 'back in the saddle' once more. The Gibb family (in Thame) were all hit very hard with covid the past couple of months and, though it was a rough patch and we're still experiencing the after effects of this diabolical "Frankenstein's Monster" of a virus, overall I'd say that we've all pulled through strong as ever. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful prayers and thoughtful words of support we received throughout. It touched us all and helped give us strength to push on through (that, as well as bucket loads of vitamins B, C & D).........
(part from a private posting on his Facebook profile).

Marion / GSI:
I am glad the Gibb family in Thame is better again after the struggle against Covid. They are busy making plans again and RJ is in the midst of planning new tours as well as preparing the postponed tours. (The postponed Scandinavia Tour of this month will probably be done in March next year). Maybe if Covid allows and according to RJ telling in an interview of September: they are going to build a new house for RJ's family on "Prebendal" and there are even wedding plans for the near future...maybe this year! I also asked The Gibb Family members in America how they are doing in these Covid times.... "We are all ok here and hoping Covid will finally allow life to get back to normal this year.".
GSI will keep you posted and be sure to also follow GSI Facebook group where there are very regular updates.

Marion / GSI, January 3, 2022

December 13
GSI has some latest from The Prebendal
Marion : "The family just hopes that for everyone all Covid problems will soon ease! Good news they sent me (GSI) with a recent photo of the very youngest Gibb: little Oli who is doing real fine. Photo taken November 2021. Of course today the family is celebrating Ella's birthday.

Happy Ella on the photo with her grandfather and aunt. (dad and sister of Megan) on December 13. More photos on the GSI Facebook group"
left: Ella with grandfather and aunt   right: Oli Gibb, November 2021
Marion / GSI, December 13, 2021

September 26. 2021.
Spencer Gibb:
I feel like it's time to be honest about something that I should have been much earlier, especially considering I watched my mother be such an advocate for mental health and many stigmas regarding certain conditions for so many years. I have also watched my mother battle Lupus, something she wasn't diagnosed with until a little later in life, because it wasn't generally diagnosed when she was young. It is a process of elimination as most auto immune conditions are, and she had simply been told that she just had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis since was a teenager. Over the years I have experienced one of my closest friends suffer from seizures when she was very young. It turned out to be a large brain tumor and I helped her through her first surgery, then chemotherapy and radiation. A couple of surgeries later, she's doing well, but still has moments and still has seizures of some kind. I recently, as some of you know, did a photo series with my friend Lou. We'd discussed it for a while, and as I said before, her bravery, courage and honesty moved me. To bare herself that way, discuss her past, to talk about suicide and her scars was obviously difficult to do, even if it felt liberating to her and raising awareness to help others. I would be a hypocrite if I didn't do the same. In addition to what I just said, a new friend of mine's partner recently suffered from a seizure.

Another very young friend of mine may be battling an auto immune condition of some kind that is yet unknown. I myself spent a couple of years dealing with a severe auto immune diagnosis that turned out to be false. Maybe. Again it's a process of elimination and lots of poking and prodding. Story for another time. But the limbo and not knowing is traumatic. Which is why I have to speak out and confess something I rarely talk about, except with close friends, and even then keep it light and simple. I've never made it public until now. I think the stigma around it made me keep it close to the vest so to speak, and given how vocal I am about so many things, I do feel like a hypocrite. I have epilepsy. The first seizure I had that I am aware of was in my early 20's and have had many since. It is not a pleasant experience and often requires hospitalization. Also every type of seizure disorder is different, and symptoms vary from person to person, but rest assured it is scary no matter who you are. Medication has been incredible. I was seizure free for roughly seven years until I broke my leg recently. In the aftermath of the emergency surgery and anesthesia, I ended up having two seizures back to back and was in the Emergency Room in the middle of a pandemic. A remider that it can come back and bite you in the ass just when you feel confident.

Many incidents around seizures involve underlying conditions, but if you just generally suffer from epilepsy, then sleep deprivation, stress, or the illusion of it can be a major trigger. It is why I no longer work 18 hours a day on a project and do my best to take care of myself more. While also accepting that I need the medication and that it is not a weakness. It is not a stigma. Psychologically I battle this everyday. There is always a fear I'll wake up in an ambulance not remembering how I got there or what happened. Some of the greatest minds and inspirations suffered from this, which gives me comfort. Einstein. It never let him get the better of him. Prince, who defied the condition, danced his as off every night and wrote ten songs a day. The list goes on. That was also a generation that felt it was stigmatizing to discuss. I think I did too. So now you know. It doesn't stop me. It doesn't cripple me. It only makes me stronger. If you have epilepsy or any other seizure disorder, know that you are not alone and that you can talk about it. There is help. You can fight it and turn it into a strength. I'm happy for the inspiration to bring this up, while also a little embarrassed that I haven't done so sooner. Thanks for listening.

Marion / GSI, September 26, 2021
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September 25. 2021.
Memorial service Bernice Barbara Gibb Rhoades
Bernice "Berry" Gibb Rhoades (daughter of Lesley Gibb and wife of Chino Rhoades) passed away at home peacefully on April 15th 2021.
On April 23, 2021 GSI mentioned that a memorial service would be planned later on for Bernice (on September 29, 2021, her birthdate) because of travel restrictions during the Covid pandemic. However GSI received the information the ceremony has been postponed to April next year due to once again rising Covid rates and difficulties of travel. It will most likely be at her one year anniversary of her passing.

Marion / GSI, September 25, 2021

September 8. 2021.
Celebrating September 1, 2021
Barry and his family

Marion / GSI, September 8, 2021

August 27. 2021.
GSI - Gibb Family Tree
"In answer to many questions about the Gibb Family and family tree to me on GSI.... All 4 of Barry's sons and Ali carry the name 'Crompton' As well as Ashley's son Lucas, Travis's son Liam and Michael's son Damien The grand children's names are traditionally chosen by their own parents and for instance in case of Angus: Stephen and Gloria included her family name 'Levas'. Barry, Robin and Maurice were all married twice. Only Molly Hullis (first wife of Robin, married 12/04/1968 ) is mentioned in the family tree as she and Robin became parents of 2 Gibb kids: Spencer Gibb and Melissa Gibb. Barry's first wife was Maureen Bates (married 08/22/1966 ). She died in 2009. Maurice was first married to Lulu, (02/18/1969), the British singer. Her full and official name is: Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie.

Recently we reported about Nick Endacott, who not long ago found out that he's a son of Maurice Gibb and biological mother Patti Nolder, born in 1968. Not mentioned in the Family Tree, he didn't get the name Gibb then. He was adopted. The article posted in April 2021 on GSI explains the whole story. 'Crompton' comes from Samuel Crompton, a famous ancestor of the family ( from Barbara's side of the family, via her father Ernest Pass whose mother was Alice Crompton ). The inventor of the spinning machine the so called: mule-jenny which revolutionized the English cotton industry in the 19th century. However important his invention was for England, Crompton hardly profited from it.

He was born in Firwood near Bolton on the 3rd of December 1753 as son of a farmer. In 1779 he invented the spinning mule. He was too poor to apply for a patent and so he sold the rights to a Bolton manufacturer. Although a lot of factories started using his machine, Crompton wasn`t getting any of the profits. Finally in 1812 the House Of Commons rewarded him with 5000 Pounds for his invention. He used the money to invest in a cotton factory but the venture ended in failure. Crompton died in poverty in Bolton, June 26th 1827.

Link to GSI Family Tree / copyright: Gibb Service International FamilyTree

Marion / GSI, August 27, 2021

August 8. 2021.
Hello Oliver
A proud Robin John, Megan and of course grandma Dwina show us the new little Gibb. 12 weeks old now.

"We have three Gibb brothers under one roof again," says Megan, 41, alluding to the famous Bee Gees - brothers Robin, Maurice and Barry. "Olie can certainly hit the high notes right now." Adds RJ: "He likes being sung to, too, and when he holds his thumbs between his fingers, he reminds me of my father, who did this when he was deep in thought."

The family is planning another big celebrating in the future..... a wedding.
A week before Olie was born, RJ presented Megan with a Tiffany & Co heart-shaped platinum and diamond commitment ring to mark their ten-year relationship. "The diamonds represent the love we have for each other and our children and our strength as a family," says Megan. "It's a pre-engagement ring," RJ adds, smiling. "When we get married, we'll have all our children around us." The hard copy of the magazine will be out on the 16th. of August.

Marion / GSI, August 8, 2021

June 7. 2021.
Happy Birthday Teddy
Some photos of Teddy Gibb on his birthday, June 7, 2021.
More photos on GSI Facebook group

Marion / GSI, June 7, 2021

June 2. 2021.
Welcome dear Oliver
I am happy I can now announce.....
Robin-John Gibb and partner Megan have welcomed a new baby boy: Oliver Eugene.
Oliver was born May 18, 2021 at The Portland Hospital in London at 8.17pm., weighing 9lb 4oz (4.205kg)
CONGRATS TO Megan, Robin-John, Dwina, Teddy, Max, Ella and every one of the Gibb family and the Golub Family.

Updated news, source GSI, " I just heard from the family in Thame: All is good. Oliver and Megan are home and doing well.!!"

Marion / GSI, June 2, 2021

May 2, 2021.
A New Gibb Child.
Yes, finally I can post about this good Gibb news!!!
Robin John and Megan are expecting another baby.
I couldn't believe my ears when Megan told me last year she was pregnant again and that she is due around May 20 is more than special!
Best wishes for them and their family from GSI.
We'll keep you posted. More on GSI Facebook group.

Marion / GSI, May 2, 2021

April 25, 2021.
Who Is Nick Endacott
Marion: "Many of you will have followed the stories the past years and recently read about it on our GSI Facebook group too. We decided not to publish about it until now but GSI and The Gibb Family as well as Nick want you to know the truth, although this is a personal matter.

In answer to many questions being asked the past few days and many suggestions made and situations assumed on different social media, I'd like to answer herewith all your questions concerning Nick.

Quite some years ago already I was contacted by Nick and his partner. He was in search of his biological father and he sought certainty mainly about his medical history which was getting important. As good as possible I helped him to get in touch with The Gibb Family. More recently he finally found where he was looking for.

So Nick didn't find out till late on in his life that Maurice was his father due to a DNA match on ancestry from more than one family member. It was also not until late on his life due to circumstances that he found out there might be a possibility he would be family of Maurice Gibb. Although he has no claim on the family as he was adopted as a baby and raised in a another family with a loving mother, father and siblings, but... he has been welcomed in the Gibb family by various family members already who think that it is no fault of his, or indeed not Maurice's either, who had no knowledge of his existence at all and no one is even sure if his biological mother knew that Maurice could have been the father.
Nick said: 'It has been such a long hard journey, but this has finally given me closure and I have a new found belief in myself from knowing my identity.'
He added: 'I've never been interested in money and as I was legally adopted I would have no claim anyway. I just wanted to know who my dad is.' Knowing his medical history now also makes certain things clear to him. Nick grew up with lots of interest in music and is working in the music business, so that's not strange.
At the moment he is even busy on a project with Bernice's sister Debbie (one of the daughters of Lesley Gibb Evans ). Plans are to release a single together.
GSI will keep you updated about this project of course.
About 8 years ago already Nick and his partner became members of GSI themselves."

Marion / GSI    (please do not copy / share without mentioning the source:
Marion / Gibb Service International /

April 23, 2021.
RIP Bernice Gibb Rhoades
- Bernice was as young girl keen to be an actress, she went to the Debbie Reynolds School of Arts at the age of 12.
She met husband Chino as a young Marine and they lived happily in Nevada for 31 years.
A post-mortem is expected to be held into her death but her family believes she suffered a heart attack.
- Memorial service plans for Bernice, September 29.
A memorial service will be held on Beri's birthday but, because of travel restrictions during the pandemic, her mother Lesley, who lives in Australia, is unsure whether she will be able to attend.

(More on GSI Facebook group)
Marion / GSI

April 21, 2021.
A message from Chino, the husband of Bernice.
There is a gigantic hole in my heart. My wife of 31 years Berry Gibb-Rhoades, sang her last note on this earth on April 15th, 2021 and passed away peacefully with our dog by her side. Her passion for singing was only bested by the caring of our dogs and of me. (Yes in that order) She was born September 29th, 1964 in Sydney, Australia to Lesley Gibb. She was adopted and raised by (Dad) Hugh Lesley Gibb and (Mum) Barbara Gibb. I am sure her Brother Andy Gibb had a hand in that too. I feel a little better knowing that she is joined in Heaven by Dad, Mum, Andy, Maurice and Robin as well as our 5 pups. My heart goes out to the entire Gibb, Evans and my family as she was taken from us way too soon. I want to thank all the family, friends and fans for the outpour of heart felt condolences. As we had rescued 5 dogs in our life together, in lieu of flowers, I know that she would appreciate a donation to the Heaven Can Wait Society. I will end this message with a link to a song that she recorded shortly before we met and we danced our first dance to as husband and wife.

Bernice GIBB-RHOADES's obituary:

Some of the many family reactions I received:
Lesley: "it's just surreal and so unfair". I think, I've realised there is so many close family members who don't even know each other, it's sad for the children to not know each other, to talk and know each other's sad times and happy times, family is precious and goes on forever, life is very short.

Chino: "Nothing will ever fill the hole I now have in my heart but the condolences help protect it."

Adam: I have amazing memories from my teenage years of flying around on the boat with her and Ashley. She was always so amazing with my Nana as well. She will be missed and fondly remembered.

Samantha: My heart is grieving but all the talks, stories, and the laughter we shared I will keep in my heart forever. Rest In Peace my beautiful, sweet, kind, Aunt Berry. I will miss you.

Stephen: The entire family mourns now as we have lost our beloved "Berri"

Lesley talks about the death of Bernice
Another Gibb tragedy. My brothers, the Bee Gees: Brisbane mum reveals latest tragic twist for famous family

Marion / GSI

April 16, 2021.
Rest in peace - Bernice Gibb Rhoades

Very sad news from The Gibb Family, that reached me in the very early hours of April 16. (Dutch time)
Bernice, Lesley's eldest daughter has suddenly passed away.
Our condolences go to Bernice's husband Chino, to her mother Lesley and family, to the Rhoades family and to all Gibb family members.
This is unbelievable, so suddenly and much too young.

I have sent condolences to husband Chino, to the Gibb Family, and of course to mother Lesley and family.
They are all heartbroken. It is a tragedy.
Lesley: "it's just surreal and so unfair".
Bernice immediately felt ill after her second Pfizer jab and went to bed. Husband Chino found her hours later when she had passed away. Like always I will keep you updated on the Facebook group where you can also write down a message to the family.

Bernice Barbara ("Beri") Gibb, was born September 29, 1964 in Sydney, Australia.
She passed away: April 15, 2021, Las Vegas, USA.

Marion / GSI

Photo, Easter in Thame:
from left, Teddy, Max and Ella.
Dwina Gibb, update to GSI
(some short parts from Dwina's Easter email to me)

"Dear Marion, Have a wonderful Happy Easter! Hopefully we will be able to all get together again soon. Concerning RJ's problems, we hope to get it all righted again. Thank you for your amazing assistance. I have just finished writing four Regency novels, one of them a Napoleonic one that I am excited about. My agent loves them so hopefully they will be on the market eventually. I would love to have one of them on Netflicks one day........ Dwina****"

More photos on the GSI Facebook group.

Marion / GSI, April 7, 2021

Birthday News
As you know we pay attention to all birthdays on our Facebook group but now and then we receive nice recent photo material directly from the family which I also love to show here on the GSI website, like today.

March 11. 2021.
Birthday today of Flynn Weber!!
Flynn is the youngest son of Peta Gibb Weber and Matt Weber and youngest grandson of Andy and Kim. Thanks to dear Peta for again allowing me to post this lovely photo collage on GSI of this handsome birthday guy.
Peta: "Happy ninth birthday to our wacky, passionate, super-sweet, sporty, animal-loving, maths-crazy, karaoke-singing, wild-thing Flynn. Our life with you is never dull, always spirited and full of crazy, crazy love. Have an amazing day our sweet, cuddly boy with the big eyes"
Happy Birthday dear Flynn..... best wishes Marion / GSI x

Marion / GSI, March 11, 2021

Birthday Pix
Some nice photos to share, from the Gibb family. They all had a wonderful but Covid Proof birthday with their close family this year.

left ** Robin John and Megan both had their birthday last week: January 21 and 24. Photo: RJ and Megan with the 3 kids: Ella, Max and Teddy, taken during RJ's special day.

right ** And January 25. Peta Gibb Weber celebrated her birthday. Photo: Peta with the kids: Darby and Flynn, taken this month in Australia during their holiday.

For more photos always be sure to follow GSI on facebook too.

Marion / GSI, January 26, 2021

A photo of grandson Teddy enjoying the lovely weather, the beautiful area of Prebendal and..... in this hot weather: the pool, was sent to me by mother Megan.
(Source: GSI).
Corona times.
The Gibb family is trying to deal with this problem like we all and GSI has been keeping you updated the past month about the situation of Barry's, Maurice's and Robin's families in these special times. The situation in Florida doesn't allow people to do much outside their homes yet like before and also Barry and Maurice's family do not see all their family and friends now regularly but the families are okay. Robin's family mostly has been staying at the Prebendal grounds the past few months. Here a part of a private mail I received this week from Dwina:

Dwina: ".............I have started compiling a series of short amusing Irish stories to make a collection. I also decided to finish the trilogy of Cormac. The last book is called The Sage. And I am wading through the autobiography/ biography of Robin's... so it is work, work, work now after all the schoolwork we had during the lockdown.
The children are growing so much and they seem happy. The weather has been astonishingly good so the kids have had the pool experience and they are swimming well now with their Daddy.
We grew lots of vegetables this year and I baked Irish bread.
The chard and beetroot and carrots were all organic and delicious. The apple and pear trees and plum trees are all fruiting.... the apples perhaps a bit later, and I have a grape vine producing lovely grapes...not ready until September/ October.
I haven't missed going out, and luckily the grandchildren are right here with me. I am glad you are able to see the children again. I am sending you two of my little Irish stories............"
more on GSI facebook group!

Marion / GSI, August 10, 2020.

Maxwell Gibb, Birthday Boy: July 16-7-2020.
Birthday on The Prebendal with the family.
Lots of pleasure, lots of cake and presents and both grand mums present to celebrate with !! Here are some of the photos of Max's birthday.
(for more photos: visit our GSI facebook group).
left: The Birthday boy, both grand mums and kids.... with one of the cakes.
right: Max ready for his presents

Ella, Max and Teddy

Layla Gibb
Daughter of Travis and Stacy Gibb celebrated her birthday on July 17. in the beautiful American nature, while travelling around with her family for some time. Travis posted this photo of her on Insta: "Bday girl enjoying a ride in the country with her new friend Ringo. Happy bday Layla!".

Layla Gibb and friend Ringo

Marion / GSI, July 19, 2020.

June 10.2020.
Birthday Darby Weber
Wow.... 11 years old today! Darby Weber, eldest grandson of Andy Gibb and Kim Reeder.
How time flies!!
GSI wishes Darby a great birthday and -enjoy your beautiful new mountain bike-......
Best wishes Marion / GSI..
Mother Peta:
"It's hard to believe our biggest boy is 11 years old today! Darby is magic - a tennis-mad, all-singing and dancing, animal-loving, book-worm, he puts the sunshine in our days with bad dad jokes and a passionate obsession with Brooklyn Nine Nine. We could not be more proud of our gorgeous, loving, sporty, funny, high achiever if we tried. Happy birthday bud. Enjoy the new mountain bike! Xxxxx"

left: Darby with his mountain bike
right: The birthday cake

Photos posted with permission on GSI.
Do not copy or share without permission.

Stephen Gibb - Addiction Talks project.
Stephen Gibb - Addiction Talks Episode #1 Part 1 of 2
Addiction Talks Episode #1 Part 2 of 2
For more: Follow us on Social Media: Instagram- Twitter and Facebook !!

Marion / GSI, . June 10, 2020.

Birthday Teddy Gibb June 7, 2020.
To a happy birthday boy today: Teddy Gibb, youngest son of Robin John and Megan.
Congrats to you dear Teddy on your 5th. birthday, how time flies!
left: Baby Teddy with his daddy. Copyright Nancy Natoli
right: Teddy and big brother Max. Copyright Nancy Natoli

Teddy. Copyright Nancy Natoli

Exclusive by KTT & GSI - video Robin John about Teddy's birthday

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Marion / GSI, . June 7, 2020.

GSI New Photos!
January 19. 2020
Some private photos of Renee Schreiber DiNicola visiting Barry, Linda and family again in Miami Beach. Renee worked for Barry and Linda for many years and helped taking care of the children etc. GSI thanks Renee for given me the chance to post these recent pictures on the GSI website.
Please do not sell or reprint/repost the pictures
left: Barry with Renee and her son Nicky
right: Michael Gibb with his daughters, Payton left and Taylor right, and Renee with son Nicky.

Max, Teddy, Robin John and Ella. Copyright Nancy Natoli

Happy Birthday RJ.
Robin John, at the moment busy planning a number of special tribute concerts to keep the Gibb Music legacy alive.... has been celebrating his birthday today (January 21). Of course like always a huge cake was part of the celebrations. Thanks for giving permission to post on GSI this lovely photo: Robin John with sons Max and Teddy, and Ella.

Marion / GSI, . January 21, 2020.

GSI received a lot of mails and messages asking about the situation of the Gibb family members at the moment who are living in Australia.

January 1. 2020.
Marion: 'Wednesday I heard from the families:
Gibbs / Evans family:
'The fires have been soul destroying The air is so thick with smoke Another 7 people died today Just heartbreaking'.
Gibb / Weber family:
'The fires are again very bad, especially in our south coast area, about four hours from Sydney but a place we like to go for our holidays. It is a very frightening time but we are still okay where we are!!'
January 4. 2020: New message from The Gibb Family in Miami to GSI:
'Last we heard from Lesley, everyone was ok during the Christmas period, however reaching out again as conditions seem to be deteriorating in certain areas this weekend.'
January 5
- Latest update to me from the Gibbs in Miami concerning the situation about their family in Australia:
'The family are all a safe and as things stand not too close to any bush fires, although the air quality is really bad and the temperature there today was 118 degrees'.
- From Peta Gibb Weber and family I received an updated message again too.
Peta: 'We headed north with the fam. and the puggies to escape this horror show.
Dear Marion Adriaensen, happy for you to post this on GSI if you think it may move people to do something practical in support of the fires right now. We need more than prayers where possible!

The photo show me and my family on the beach yesterday attempting to escape the smoke and heat on hottest day in Sydney's history. It's also a nice updated pic including my stepdaughter Stephanie who is with us from overseas'. Many of the communities I love burn, the smoke becomes unbearable and the vision we all had for our future in this beautiful country starts to unexpectedly shift, I need to look for the good happening around us to manage my anxiety at this time. I am so grateful for the volunteer men and women of our NSW Rural Fire Service who are risking their own lives every day for others, as well as the many helpers on the ground fighting hard and providing practical support where it's needed. If you would like to do something but don't know how, please consider a donation to one of the organizations below.'

- - - - -

To all the firefighters, volunteers, emergency services and crews, we say: thank you. Here's where you can donate to those in need of support right now:

To help the NSW Rural Fire Service, you can donate by tapping here:

To help with the relief and recovery efforts made possible by the Red Cross, tap here:

To help wildlife victims from the fires, donate to WIRES here:

The Salvation Army are assisting with medium and long-term disaster relief, support them by tapping here:

Donate to the Food Bank to help provide food to those in need here:

photo: Peta Gibb Weber: Me and my family on the beach yesterday attempting to escape the smoke and heat on hottest day in
Sydney's history. It's also a nice updated pic including my stepdaughter Stephanie who is with us from overseas'.

Marion / GSI, . January 5th. 2020

Andy's grandchildren.

Andy's daughter Peta and her family enjoy the great outdoors of their home land Australia. This photo was given to me by Peta for posting on GSI to show you all a recent picture of their two boys. Flynn and Darby Weber during the annual camping trip of the family, taken at Kangaroo Valley, ( in front of the The Hampden Bridge / Kangaroo River ) New South Wales, Australia. The are the sons of Peta and Matt Weber, grandkids of Kim Reeder and Andy Gibb.

Marion / GSI, October 8 - 2019

Darby's Birthday
In Australia Darby is celebrating his 10th. birthday. Darby is the big grandson of Andy Gibb and Kim Reeder. His mother Peta was again so kind to give persmission to me to post a number of the birthday photos on GSI. It is amazing how little babies grow into cute young boys!!
Go...go... Darby for another great year, Happy Birthday from Marion / GSI x
Peta Weber: 'Ten years ago today life changed for the better forever - this amazing human entered our world. It's already been such a fantastic adventure parenting our super-smart, long-legged sports star with his head in the clouds and a heart of gold! Enjoy being ten Darby. Dad, Flynn and I love you to the moon and back.'

Darby from baby to cute young boy of 10
Peta: 'at Trees Adventure, Grose River Park, NSW. We had an awesome afternoon swinging in the treetops to celebrate Darby's 10th birthday with his beautiful friends. His best friend is staying the night tonight. I anticipate very little sleep! I need a wine.

Darby on his birthday at Trees Adventure, Grose River Park, NSW
More photos on GSI facebookgroup.

Marion / GSI, June 8 - 2019

Teddy Gibb
Today June 7th. 2019. Teddy is celebrating again his birthday and his mum and dad Megan and Robin John are amazed that he has grown so fast !!
Happy birthday to this handsome guy!!

Megan: 'Cannot believe our little early arrival is 4 today. He was meant to be a July baby but arrived early June instead'.

Teddy is enjoying himself unwrapping his birthday presents

Thank you Megan for giving permission to post these wonderful photos on GSI website.

More photos on GSI facebookgroup!!

Marion / GSI, June 7 - 2019

Family Tribute, Bee Gees Way In Redcliffe
Peta Weber: "Well that was a slightly odd experience. I was surprised to see how popular it was and how many people were enjoying the exhibit and having photos taken." Peta and her boys Darby and Flynn visited Bee Gees Way. Peta gave permission to post these photos on GSI website and GSI facebookgroup.
left: Darby and Flynn with their grandfather Andy in the background
right: Peta standing in front of her father Andy on Bee Gees Way
left: Darby and Flynn sitting on the statue of the Young Bee Gees
right: Peta standing with her uncles
Marion / GSI, April 19 2019

Linda and her pets
Linda Gibb: 'Happy National Pets Day'
A lovely photo of a good looking and happy Linda Gibb on National Pets Day.
GSI has received so many requests to show a photo again of Leo and to see if he has grown since he came to the Gibb home last year!
GSI received the permission from Linda to post this photo on GSI facebook and website.
So you can see her darlings: beautiful black Penny, strong and handsome Leo and little cutie Boo.
Indeed Leo has grown a lot.

Photo: Linda with Penny, Leo and Boo. April 2019. copyright: Linda Gibb
Marion / GSI, April 11 2019

Happy New Year
Message from Peta Gibb Weber to GSI
Peta Gibb Weber:
"Our 2018 was actually pretty cool. Here's to 2019. Have a great one! xxx Marion!! feel free to use these photos on GSI,".

Peta Weber: this was our year 2018, Happy new year to all

Flynn and Darby Weber. Happy 2019 from Australia
Marion / GSI, January 1 - 2019

More photos from the July 8th. party
Some more photos of the photo report made during the special double birthday party July 8th. in the gardens of Prebendal where many Gibb family members celebrated the birthday of both Teddy and Maxwell Gibb. More photos on our facebook group.
left: Teddy beautifully painted as The Wild Cat
right: Maxwell only wanted to have a painting on his arm and was more interested in baking pizzas

July 17. 2018
More birthday joy as daughter of Travis and Stacy Gibb: Layla celebrated her birthday today: congrats to Layla.

Photo: Linda and Layla. Copyright Stacy Gibb, taken September 12. 2014 when Linda Gibb was honored at Haute Tea 2014 of DRI (Diabetic Research Institute) for her contribution to this good cause.

Marion / GSI, July 17. 2018.

Gibb Family Party (1)
Last week there was a special Gibb family party in the UK. where many family members gathered.

Sunday, July 8.
Many of the Gibb Family members came together on this hot Sunday to celebrate a double birthday party at the Prebendal in Thame for Teddy and Max Gibb!!
Posted on GSI with permission of The Gibb Family.
Thank you Megan and Hazel / Heather for your cooperation.
For more photos visit our facebookgroup!

Heather, Michael and Hazel Gibb, copyright Heather Gibb

Robin John, Linda, Megan and Megan's dad. Copyright Megan Golub

All enjoying the British sunshine, from left to right:
Lucas, (what has he grown!!), Ali, Heather, Ashley, Robin John, Megan and Justine Gibb, copyright Heather Gibb

Lucas, Ashley, Therese, Robin John and Gregg Bywalski. Copyright Megan Golub
Megan: 'Gregg's father was Robert Stigwood's old friend, Patrick. He worked for Robert and the whole family would enjoy many holidays and Christmas together becoming Roberts adopted family. They were always close to all the brothers and joined them on tours. It was Patrick Bywalski and his family who organised the memorial service for Robert Stigwood last year.'

Some more to come!

Marion / GSI, July 14. 2018.

Birthday Teddy Gibb
June 7. 2018.

To a little boy in Britain, who is already celebrating his third birthday today !!!!
I wish Teddy a wonderful.... super.... special ...birthday, yeah!!!
Teddy is the youngest child of Megan and Robin John Gibb.
Thanks dear Megan for sending the lovely photos to GSI!!
I wish you and the whole family a wonderful day, love Marion / GSI xxx

November 1. 2017.

From Megan to Marion / GSI on November 1. 2017.

'Dear Marion, warmest greetings.
Sending All Saints Day photos. is how we celebrated yesterday x'

Marion / GSI, November 1. 2017.

September 1. 2017

GSI GOES BACK IN TIME ......The wedding of the year
Source: Barry Gibb Fan Club news letter, Christmas 1970.
Not only Barry's birthday again today........
CONGRATULATIONS and many, many happy returns!!!!
Also Barry and Linda's wedding anniversary: congrats to both of them from GSI.

I think Tuesday 1st September 1970 is the best birthday Barry has ever had. The ceremony took place at Caxton Hall in London. It wasn't until the previous Thursday that they decided to get married and on the Monday both Barry and Lynda were in Zurich as Barry was appearing on Swiss TV. Their plane, on Tuesday morning was at 7 a.m. which meant that they had to be up at 5 a.m. It was a good thing that Dave Dee was there because if it wasn't for him they would have never got to the airport in time.

The wedding itself was at 2 p.m. Barry and Lynda arrived in Barry's white Rolls Convertable with John Stevens (of Carnaby Street) who was Best Man and Lynda's sister-in-law who was Maid Of Honour. Barry was very cool, calm and collected during the ceremony but poor Lynda was so nervous that she got the words wrong - even Barry's names!.

Afterwards, when the photographs were being taken, a fight broke out between a reporter and a policeman. In one of the wedding photos (taken at that exact time) the expression on Barry's face has to be seen to be believed!. Lynda's dress was white, floor length with a heavy crocket lace over-slip and Barry's suit was single-breasted with a waistcoat in a small blue checked material. The wedding cake was in the shape of a horse shoe!! The guests invited to the small reception afterwards included: Dave Dee (of course!) , Peter Wyngarde, Barry Ryan, Lynda's family, Mr and Mrs. Gibb, Andy, Berri (Barry's niece), Maurice and Lulu and Robin., Robert Stigwood, Vince Melouney and his wife Christina, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson (scriptwriters for artists e.g. Frankie Howerd). , David Wigg and of course the doggies: Snoopy and Barnaby.

The presents included: silver tea set, saucepans, 4 canteens of cutlery , 2 clocks (one from John Stevens in unbelievable), a dinner set, paper weights, candle sticks and a decanter, 4 table lighters, blankets, sheets, table cloths, a bed quilt, kitchen scales, a lamp, a suite of furniture, glass fish ornaments and a Hummel ornament. For being Best Man Barry gave John Stevens a pair of cufflinks: gold with a ruby stone and for being Maid Of Honour Lynda gave Shirley gold earings with a topaze stone and a matching compact and parfume spray. Thet haven't had a honeymoon as yet but they book up to stay in a hotel room for the wedding night as Lynda's family were staying at Eaton Square. Barry and Lynda drove all over London to find the hotel but to no avail..... they ended up back at home in the two spare single beds.
(more photo material on the GSI Facebook group).

Marion / GSI, September 1. 2017

Andy Gibb
July 3. 2017
Finding back those old photos with so many precious memories. Peta wanted to share this one with all of us. Posted on GSI with permission of Peta Weber (daughter of Andy Gibb).

Peta: 'Memories Monday!
Finally got this photo out of a frame where it's been sitting for ages. This is a special photo for me because it brings my father into one of my worlds - dog shows! Here he is, an average guy, around 1975 I think, not sure where (maybe Fairfield) with the Showaquipment bus in the background.
It's a piece of history. Xx'
Marion / GSI, July 3. 2017.

Darby Weber
June 10, 2017
Little boys are getting big.
Today the eldest grand child of Andy Gibb celebrates his 8th. birthday.
GSI wishes Darby a wonderful day and we are sending hugs and kisses.
Mama Peta gave us these lovely photos of her son.

Marion / GSI, June 10, 2017

Little Teddy with his big brother Max

Birthday Boy Teddy
June 7th. 2017
Little Teddy, youngest child of Megan and Robin John Gibb is having his birthday party today Yeah......
Have a real nice day Teddy!! Love Marion / GSI xxx

GSI received a message from mother Megan this morning:
'Our Birthday Boy is getting ready to celebrate.
The party will commence in the afternoon.
Thank you for your wishes Marion.
This little boy is turning 2!!!
We still can't quite believe it!
He is full of surprises including the day he arrived, a whole month too early!!'

Megan included some special family photos (please do not copy).

a happy birthday boy

With Nana Dwina's Birthday gift. Teddy loves bouncing and singing

Marion / GSI, June 7th. 2017

Flynn's Birthday
March 11. 2017
Flynn Weber is a very happy five year old! Happy birthday little guy!!. What a great party.... And what a spectacular cake! His mum Peta wrote on facebook: Happy birthday to our Flynny. Today we celebrate 5 years of fun with the sweetest, most loving, funniest and stubbornest little guy around. What an adventure! There's never a dull moment and we love you to the moon and back a gazillion times.

Have a great party today. Xxx

Marion / GSI, March 11. 2017.

Family News, January 25 - 2017.

Peta Weber
Today is the birthday of Peta, (daughter of Kim and Andy).
GSI would like to wish her and her family a really wonderful day: Happy Birthday dear Peta.
Marion / GSI xxx

Like promissed before, from now on GSI will be posting mails from Peta now and then. She is, like quite some other Gibb family members, following GSI website and facebook and by way of posting a mail now and again she'd like to be in touch with all the fans of her father.
Please do not copy and paste text and/or photo material from her and her family posted on GSI to other groups or websites and so respect the privacy of the family. This way we hope to continue sharing with you Peta's mails regularly, thank you.

Peta with her children Darby and Flynn. © Peta Weber for
Hi Marion and all the fans at GSI,
We are all doing very well. Life is very busy! I realise many of the fans don't know too much about me, so I thought this was a good chance for a family update and also an opportunity to correct some misconceptions. So, a bit about me. I originally trained at university to become a journalist as I love to write, and I worked in that field for a while in my twenties. I then returned to university to study education, and that has become my great passion. I have been in literacy education for 12 years now, and work as a senior teacher coordinating programs for low-literacy and disengaged high school students, which is so rewarding and I absolutely love it. I am now studying towards my masters degree in education, as well as working full time, so I have my hands full right now. My boys are growing up healthy and well. Darby is doing very well at school and is an up and coming junior tennis player who is sports mad, just like his dad! Flynn will start school AND turn 5 in coming weeks, which he is very excited about. He is a little dog lover, just like me, and he is also looking forward to playing in our local soccer team for the first time this year.

Matt and I are very committed to giving the boys a private and normal upbringing out of the limelight, just as I was raised, and I'm sure everyone respects this, but we are happy to provide a picture and little update for everyone on GSI every now and then as I understand people are interested in seeing Andy's grandkids. I still very much love dogs, but am not (and never have been) a professional dog breeder. Showing dogs has always been very much a hobby. We have a pug puppy named Star, that we love very much, and I do still occasionally judge dog shows, but as a busy working and studying mum, I don't have much time for that these days. I still write, and I do the odd bit of freelance journalism for certain publications on the topics of education and parenting. I also enjoy singing, and have sung in choirs and choral groups most of my life, performing regularly and gaining joy and friendship in the process of coming together with others through music.
Kind wishes to all of you, always, and thank you all for remembering my father and keeping all of us in your thoughts. Here are some photos of our family on a recent ski trip.
All the best, talk soon, Peta
left: Matt and Peta Weber, © Peta Weber for
right: Flynn (left) and Darby (right) Weber. © Peta Weber for

Marion / GSI, (with special thanks Peta Weber). January 25 2017.

Family News, January 20 - 2017.

Some latest things Dwina told me about her work and the grandchildren.
Dwina to GSI: 'In Ireland my mother, my sister and my brother all live within a mile or two of each other. Such a close community. I have written poems and plays and dialogues about all the characters who lived in this area...and now I have been asked to submit my works to join with other poets and writers to create a book. Because we grew up in Northern Ireland, we had to take a lot of care in what we wrote or spoke about at the time. Now, as time passes and many of the characters have died, all our works are being recognized in the area. This is special for me, because I felt as if I was part of the recording process, without realizing it. I began writing when I was a child. Little Maxwell who is only three can spell his name and writes words on the computer...he has discovered that he can write and print out what he writes! It is so incredible to watch him doing this on his own... how I would have loved to have had a computer as a child, but they were not in existence. I was a teenager before I saw a typewriter. Even little Teddy (Theo) has discovered the mobile phone. It is a different world!'

Gibb Children's Tribute To Their Fathers
We've already mentioned the news of this new project: an album with Bee Gees classics will be recorded by the children of the 4 Gibb Brothers. There is not much known yet about the album and no release date set yet but GSI is in contact with the -Gibb Collective- ( all the Gibb children who are working on this project together) and will of course keep everyone informed about these great plans on GSI website and GSI Facebook group. The release date is planned for this year. Of many of the Gibb kids we knew already their involvement in music. It specially is a surprise that also Andy's daughter Peta Weber is participating. She's enthusiastic about it. She recently told GSI: "Singing is very much a hobby for me, I have no ambitions for a career".

The whole project more or less started with the idea of Sam, Maurice and Yvonne's daughter. The Gibb children's tribute to their fathers is very much Sam's Baby so to say. She came up with the idea some time ago and worked hard over many months to coordinate everything and everyone. We are very much looking forward to post any more details about this project on GSI soon so stay tuned.
-(More also about Peta, -Andy's daughter- , and her family soon on GSI !
Yesterday by the way was Peta and Matt's wedding anniversary: Congrats to the two of you,
Love Marion / GSI!!).

Marion / GSI (do not copy GSI Family News without mentioning the source:
GSI Website - , thank you.).

Marion / GSI, January 20 2017.

Barry Gibb's 70th. birthday / and his and Linda's wedding anniversary: in pictures!
Ali gratulates Daddy, copyright. Ali Gibb
right: Barry's wedding cake, 2016, copyright Kelly Lang

Barry and his family and friends celebrating. Copyright Kelly Lang

Marion / GSI, September 2nd. 2016

Barry Gibb - Linda Gibb: Birthday and Anniversary

A remarkable day for so many fans around the world for such a long time already. Today it's not only 46 years ago Barry and Linda said: YES and became a married couple but also today it is Barry's 70th. birthday. GSI received many mails and postings from fans for The Gibb family and herewith I'd like to congratulate Barry and Linda through this website and the facebook group on behalf of all the fans for the birthday and anniversary.!!! May you have many, many happy returns together dear Barry and Linda!!.

GSI was told that Barry and Linda have decided to go away for a couple of days and so won't be at home on their special day. Afterwards they will be doing something with the family to celebrate their special day.
We'll keep you posted!

Marion / GSI, September 1st. 2016

August 13th.
GSI sadly has to announce that Mrs. Barbara Gibb has passed away
August 12th. 10.25 pm. (Miami time).
Barbara was the mother of Lesley, Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy Gibb.
Our condolences to the Gibb Family.



Miami, FL (August 13, 2016) - Barbara Gibb, the mother of music icons Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb of legendary pop group the Bee Gees; and Andy Gibb, passed away at the age of 95 in her Miami, Florida home on Friday, August 12, at 10:25 p.m. EDT. She was surrounded by family and friends.

Barbara was born Barbara Mary Pass in Manchester, England, on November 17, 1920, to Ernest and Nora Pass. She was the eldest daughter of three siblings, including sister Audrey and brother Brian.

On May 27, 1944, Barbara married Hugh Gibb, the bandleader and drummer of the Hughie Gibb Orchestra in Manchester, England; and sang with the band in the years that followed. She gave birth to daughter Lesley in 1945, Barry in 1946, twins Robin and Maurice in 1949, and Andy in 1958. Hugh and Barbara managed the early careers of their sons Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy during their formative music careers. The Gibb family emigrated from England to Australia in 1958, and returned to the U.K. in early 1967. Barbara had resided in Miami for the last 20 years.

Funeral services will be private. In lieu of flowers, donations in the name of Barbara Gibb can be made to The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation at 200 South Park Road, Suite 200, Hollywood, Florida 33021; 1-800-321-3437; or online at


Paul Bloch

Lori Lousararian-Hakola

Vice President, Music & Entertainment

Teddy's First Birthday

June 7th., Robin John and Megan's youngest baby boy: Theodore-Alexander Hugh Gibb is celebrating his FIRST birthday YEAH.!!! The youngest Gibb I am sure will have a wonderful birthday with lots of cake and presents. GSI is sending best wishes, hugs and kisses to little Teddy. xxx

I am glad that mommy Megan gave me permission to post this wonderful photo report on GSI. Megan: ' Birthday Boy couldn't keep still on his Big Day. It's taking mommy good few hours to get these out .....'

Photo report  photos taken of Teddy  
Copyright: Mommy Megan.  (10 images)  
Marion / GSI, June 7th. 2016

Barbara Gibb 95 !!
Mother Barbara Gibb turned 95 on November 17th. A very happy day for the whole family. We already posted some pictures of an early birthday last week but on her very special day many others of the family came to visit her too. Barbara enjoyed a lovely birthday with lots of family visits. Adam and Elaine were there as well and calls from everyone that could not come over and many many Birthday Wishes from all over..... Ali made her birthday cake.
Here are some wonderful photos we are allowed to share with you (posted on GSI with permission of the Gibb Family and Nancy Natoli, do not copy without their permission ).
left: Barbara, Linda, Ali and Barry with the birthday cake.
right: Ali with Nanna.
left: Barbara with Travis, wife Stacy and their kids: Layla and Liam.
right: Barbara and friend of the family Noeleen Batley
Marion / GSI, November 19th. 2015.

Congrats to mama Barbara
Special birthday wishes for a wonderful mother.
We celebrate the 95th. birthday of Mother Barbara Gibb.
I had the pleasure of visiting and meeting her several times through the years, moments I will never forget.
Last week Barbara already celebrated an early birthday with Yvonne, Sam, husband Paul and their son Julian.
©  Nancy Natoli
Marion / GSI, November 17th. 2015

October 21th. 2015

Gibb Family's private visit, Australia - September 2015.
We've already reported a lot on both GSI website and GSI facebook group about Barry's opening of Bee Gees Way stage 2 in Redcliffe on September 11th. 2015. This event happened in a 3 week private visit to Australia. A time in which Barry and Linda visited quite some places from Barry's childhood and of course they were able to see many family members again who are living in Australia, like Barry's sister and her kids and grandkids. Also there was time to have meetings with old friends etc. When Barry planned to visit Australia in 2013, GSI received several mails from old friends of the Gibbs who wanted to re-unite with Barry and his family and about one of these reunions GSI reported back then when Barry and Barbara met the Longuet Family again after many years.

See reports:
Gibb family reunites with old friends Part 1
Gibb family reunites with old friends Part 2

GSI kept in touch with the Longuet Family after this reunion and also this year both families had a chance to sit down for a nice talk.
Barbara and daughter Lesley meet again with Beryl Longuet, old friend of Barbara, at the hotel in Redcliffe.

David Longuet chats with Barry during the Bee Gees Way Opening event.    photo by Susan Bullock
One of the visits during Barry's stay in Australia, a visit to the old house in Scarborough.
Together with good friends Kelly Lang and TG Sheppard Barry and Linda visited the old house.

Photo report  source Facebook,  copyright   P. Withers. (10 images)  
Some private photos of The Gibb Family in Redcliffe.
copyright Nancy Natoli.
left: Barry with Layla (Marie's daughter and grandkid of Lesley)
Barbara, Linda, Fran, Debbie (daughters from Lesley), Lesley and Layla.

Debbie, Lesley and Barry.

Lesley and Barbara, Debbie, Nancy Natoli, Layla and Fran. Tiffany (daughter of Lesley) and her boyfriend, the little boy is Zane: Tiff's grandson, also in the photo is Brendan, (Tiffany's son). All waiting for the opening of Bee Gees Way.

Watch video
TV special: 'The Last Bee Gee comes home' about Barry's private visit back to his childhood home etc. Aired October 18th. 2015.
left: Barry visits the old house in Scarborough for the TV special.
right: Rahni Sadler and Barry at the Scarborough house
Marion / GSI, October 21th. 2015

It's A Girl !!
Congrats to Michael and Jenna Gibb who became the proud parents of a lovely little daughter. Payton is her name and she was born October 17th.
Congrats to Michael, Jenna, big sister Taylor and of course grandparents Barry, Linda and all the rest of the family.

Marion / GSI, October 2015

Gibb Charities
One of the most important charities for Barry Gibb and his family is DRI (Diabetes Research) Here some info and photos of the latest event where his wife Linda of course was present with daughter Ali and some of the daughters in law.
DRI - Haute Tea, October 2 nd.
'Haute Tea' Party Fit for the Great Gatbsy Helped To Raise Funds for a Roaring Good Cause. Diabetes Research Institute (DRI)

Also visit: GSI Walkway Of Hope part 1   part2   part3  

Linda Gibb, with daughter Ali and daughter in law Therese. Photo Credit: Andrew Milne

Stacy Gibb, center, won a contest at the Haute Tea Event. She got the award for the best Headwear that represented the 1920's theme.
Photo Credit: Andrew Milne
Marion / GSI, October 9th. 2015

Maxwell on July 16. 2015 © mummy Megan

Maxwell's birthday
Today Maxwell is turning 2. Maxwell is the grandson of Robin and Dwina. We wish Max, daddy Robin John, mummy Megan, grandmum Dwina and all of the family a wonderful day.
Megan sent this photo today to GSI: 'Here is a photo of our birthday boy today. , copyright - mummy :-) '

Marion / GSI, July 16th. 2015

From the Gibb Family:

Robin-John (R-J) and Megan are overjoyed and extremely proud to announce a new addition to the Gibb family. On Sunday 7th June 2015, Megan gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy: Theodore-Alexander Hugh Gibb. 'Theo' is R-J's and Megan's second child together and the second grandchild of R-J's late father: Robin Hugh Gibb CBE. R-J's mother and Robin's widow Dwina Gibb, and Megan's parents Eugene and Grace Golub, are delighted with the safe arrival of their latest grandson.
Dwina expresses: "Even though it is a joyful occasion, it is sad that Robin is not here with me to share in the happiness of seeing our grandchildren flourish and grow. I am glad they will have the music."
R-J says: "I know that my father would have been a wonderful grandparent because he was such a loving, attentive and inspirational father. We miss him terribly and it is sad to know that had he lived just a little longer, he would have met his two grandsons: Maxwell and Theodore. Although they will never meet him, it is great that they will always hear his voice."

Marion / GSI, June 25th. 2015

Yesterday a little Gibb was born.
Megan Golub and R.J. Gibb became the proud parents of another little boy.
Welcome little prince!!
Congratulations from GSI!!
We wish the family all the best and send hugs and kisses.

Marion / GSI, June 8th. 2015

Three years without Robin
We have his music forever to enjoy and we cherish all wonderful memories of him.
Tribute to Robin Hugh Gibb CBE :

Marion / GSI, May 20th. 2015

Robin's headstone in place
May 20th. it will be the 3rd. anniversary of Robin death. Last week his headstone was put in place.
See also: Robin Gibb In Loving Memory

Martin Cook and his son Matthew with the unfinished stone , which took over 500 hours of hand carving to complete. © Gibb Family

Martin Cook and Dwina Gibb. © Gibb Family
Family Ceremony
Dwina: Later, we will have a special blessing ceremony for the Memorial Stone when the families are together in the UK.

Andy's memorial stone, Thame
Dwina Gibb: We are also going to re-do the carving of the letters on Andy's little memorial stone as it has become rather weathered. It is nearby to Robin's grave. Andy, of course, is at Forest Lawn in LA, but fans from Europe like to visit some little memorial to him here. I have asked Martin to help us with this.

Marion / GSI, May 18th. 2015

Today I received this letter from Dwina Gibb.

Dear Marion,
This is to all the fans out there.

We wanted to let friends and fans know that at last we have had all the permissions for a very special headstone for Robin and we have been assured that the ground has now settled enough to erect the headstone. Special permission was also granted to carve both the front and the back of the headstone. The stone is Kilkenny Blue Marble, which is a very hard limestone rock that is quarried in Ireland. It was especially chosen by the Gibb family and the gold medallist sculptor and stonemason: Martin Cook. Martin is currently spending hours and hours carving the stone. We had originally thought of Welsh slate from the mines that Robin and I had visited, but St. Mary's Church is a Grade One listed Church, thought to have been originally an Anglo Saxon Royal Minster, with special rules and regulations. Slate is forbidden, but the stone we have now, has been allowed. Robin originally chose the Kilkenny Blue stone for sculptures in our garden that were carved by Michael Cooper. So this type of stone has a connection with the family already.

We apologise to friends and fans for the long delay but we wanted something very special and we had to be very patient in order to achieve it. If fans wonder where some of their gifts and tokens go that are placed on the grave... sometimes we have to remove them when it is overflowing with gifts, but we keep all of them and place them inside the special Memorial Chapel in our grounds. The Chapel is a shrine itself, filled with letters, drawings, gifts and prayers for Robin. Thank you for your own patience, your wonderful support and show of love. I have included two photos of the sculptor Martin Cook at work on the roses for the front of the stone.
With all good wishes and love to everyone,

Dwina Gibb ***
Martin Cook at work on the roses.
Marion / GSI, March 9th. 2015

Robin John Gibb:
' I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year. I am hopeful that your year will be filled with happiness and prosperity. For those who noticed the absence of tributes on my farher's grave, sometimes we keep things personal, we left our tributes, lit candles and left flowers at my farher's shrine in the family Chapel which my father loved so much. We also paid our respects to all the other departed members of the family and to our dear departed friends. Further more, after so long, at last, we have been granted permission to erect his headstone, the type of headstone he deserves.

Wishing you all health, wealth, intrigue and adventure in the year ahead,
Love and best wishes'
Sincerely RJ,

Marion / GSI, January 2015

Lucas Gibb with father Ashley and mother Therese

Lucas Gibb
On his birthday, (December 28th. 2014) Lucas Gibb unfortunately hurt has hand rather badly. That's what his grandmother Linda mentioned on the GSI facebook group that day.

Today GSI received an update on Lucas as so many fans have been asking the last few days: Lucas' finger on his writing hand was broken in 2 places but he seems to be taking it in his stride and had a nice weekend before returning to school today.

Marion / GSI, January 5th. 2015

Facebook message from Robin John Gibb on December 7th
A few minutes ago our beloved wolfhound Mistletoe or "Missy" as she was always known, passed away. My father's last pet, she will be remembered as a loyal and beautiful soul who brought so much joy to us all for the past 8 years, she was Paddy's companion and practically reared Olly with us from a pup.
R.I.P. Missy
Love and best wishes to all,

RJ xx

Marion / GSI, December 9th. 2014

Olivia Grace Gibb     ©  Adam Gibb
New baby
Adam Gibb and his wife Elaine became mother and father for the second time when on September 2nd. their girl Olivia Grace Gibb was born, little sister of Aiden.

Congratulations to Adam, Elaine, Aiden, grandmother Yvonne Gibb and all of the family!!

Marion / GSI, September 2014
(Thanks Robyn Ciaburri)

posted on facebook July 22nd.

Getting -Barry Gibb- as birthday present!
TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang, are very good friends with Barry and his family for a long time already. They are both singers and Kelly decided to surprise her husband this year on his birthday with a very special gift.
TG Sheppard wrote on facebook:
"Kelly surprised me with an incredible birthday party at Eau Palm Beach Resort in West Palm Beach, FL. The big surprise was when dear friends Barry and Linda Gibb along with some of their family: Ashley,Therese and Lucas joined us for the three day weekend. One of Kelly's gifts to me was a video filled with birthday wishes from special friends and family..96 wishes total. I didn't think it could get any better until Barry took out his guitar and sang with us under a cabana for almost three hours overlooking the ocean. It was truly a magical evening and birthday that I will never forget"

See some photos

Ashley, Theresa, Barry, Lucas, TG, Kelly and Linda
July 24th. 2014

Dwina about her grand child and family
Dwina: 'Maxwell is a happy loving baby and has changed our lives and helped ease some of our pain. I am only sorry that his grandfather Robin never met him, but the genes pass on and I see traits of RJ and Robin in him already. He is lovely. RJ and Megan are delighted with him. Melissa spent Christmas with us, and Spencer will probably visit us later this year.

The three photos I have sent were taken on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, and his Great Auntie Yvonne gave him the little outfit with the tie on it. He has two little teeth come through now, and more on the way.'


Happy new year Maxwell

March 4th. 2014

Dwina Gibb    (copyright:

The twins
December 22. we will celebrate Dwina Gibb's birthday and specially remember the Gibb twins Robin and Maurice who are not amongst us anymore but still in all our hearts !!

In memory of Robin and Maurice Gibb:
Robin Gibb   Maurice Gibb

December 22nd. 2013

photo by Laura Terrell.

November 17
The birthday of Barbara Gibb.
It surely will be a special day with lots of family members and friends to congratulate her.
I'd like to send my wishes too.
I've met her several times and have wonderful memories of this lady who gave us and the world, these wonderful kids.
Thanks so much Barbara and enjoy your day, love from Holland,
Marion xxx

November 17. 2013

Gibb Family in Australia
Many fans have asked me the last couple of days how Leslie Gibb's situation is concerning the huge bush fires in NSW Australia which are in the area where Leslie lives. I was told that Leslie has evacuated her house by order of the fire department, so she is safe but they have no idea about the situation of the house at the moment. The fires expected to last a few more days.
Very sad, we hope for the best!!

October 21st. 2013

Photo of Yvonne with her Mo. copyright: Frederic Renucci

Yvonne Gibb
It's September 24th. today: Birthday of Yvonne Gibb.
Have a wonderful one dear Yvonne!!!

(more news and family news on GSI Facebook page daily:

September 24th. 2013

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary
We wish Barry a wonderful 67th. birthday with his family and friends and send also congratulations to him and Linda for their 43rd wedding anniversary. We wish you a long and happy life together, enjoy every minute!!

September 1st. 2013

Hello Magazine introduces Maxwell-Robin John
See report and photos:

© Hello Magazine
August 30th. 2013

Dwina with grandson Maxwell     © Hello Magazine

Hello Dear Maxwell
This week the British magazine Hello is having a report about the little grandson of Robin and Dwina Gibb: Maxwell-Robin John.
What a lovely boy!!
Robin would have been so proud!

August 28th. 2013

Robin-John Gibb
Hello everyone, Megan and baby are well and I can't express in words the wonderous feeling of beholding the birth of your first child and the absolute feeling of contentment when you first cradle him in your arms. I'm sure other fathers out there can relate to me. Here is the quote I gave the press in full concerning the birth of our beautiful new baby boy: Robin John and Megan are happy to announce the birth of Maxwell- Robin John Gibb, a beautiful healthy baby boy weighing 8.4lbs(3.8 kilos) on Tuesday 16th July 2013 at 550pm Robin John says: "It is an incredible feeling becoming a new father, absolutely magical. I wish my father was here to see his first grandchild. He would have been extremely proud and I feel certain that somewhere and in some way, he is. We are so happy to finally be able to hold him in our arms and mother and child are happy and well. Megan and I would like to thank Dr. Colin Davis and all the maternity staff at the Great Portland Hospital for their care and support, the love of our family and friends and all the fans."

RJ Gibb July 17th 2013

Marion Adriaensen: Thanks so much RJ for sharing your feelings with us. We wish you, Megan and little Maxwell-Robin John a wonderful future, love Marion/GSI

July 18th. 2013

Welcome to a new little Gibb
Welcome Maxwell-Robin John !!
Robin and Dwina's son Robin John and his partner Megan are the proud parents of a little baby boy. The new little Gibb was born yesterday July 16th. at 5.50pm.
Five days earlier than anticipated at the Portland Hospital in London weighing in at 8lb 4oz (3.8 kilos).
Congratulations to the parents and of course to grandmother Dwina and everyone of the family.
Best wishes to the little boy!!

July 17th. 2013

Family news, May 17th.
Robin John and Megan want to name their first child (a boy) after the Bee Gees legend and RJ's father: Robin Gibb. Megan is due on the 21st of July but the baby might come earlier.  

RJ. with Robin and Dwina
May 17th. 2013

Taylor May Gibb
Mother Jenna posted this lovely photo of her and Michael's little daughter on her public face book page.

April 13th. 2013.

Jenna and Michael Gibb became the proud parents of a little girl. Linda Gibb:
"I have a new grand daugther, and she is so beautiful ...xx her name is Taylor May after my Mother...xx".

Marion / GSI: Congratulations to the parents and grand parents of Taylor May......!

March 24th. 2013

Robin John and Megan

Robin John: father
Robin John and Megan McQueen told the media they are expecting their first baby. 'He won't be there to hold him:' RJ reveals that he is set to become a first time father just eight months after the Bee Gees star's death

February 4th. 2013

Gibb family and friends, ready to go shopping in Sydney

Arrived in Sydney for a special walk down memory lane
Barry and his family and friends
Ready for the Mythology Tour.

February 2nd. 2013

January 12th. 2013
- No one really can believe that it's 10 years ago today that Maurice Gibb died. We think about him every day, share wonderful memories and still are fortunate to be able to listen to the music of him and his brothers.

- Unfortunately 10 years ago this date of January 12th. became one with mixed feelings as it's also the birthday of the only sister of The Gibb Brothers: Lesley Gibb Evans who lives in Australia. We of course wish her a wonderful day and send her our congratulations!!

January 12th. 2013

December 22nd.
This has always been one of these happy days for all Bee Gees fans and for the Gibb Family and their friends as well. The birthday of our Bee Gees twins Maurice and Robin as well as the birthday of Robin's wife Dwina. Unfortunately since 2003 we feel sad when this day arrives again as this was the year Maurice died and this December 22nd. will be the first time we have to deal with the fact that both twins are not longer amongst us, so sad specially for Dwina who does have her birthday on December 22nd. as well. It will be the first time without her beloved Robin.

We all wish Dwina lots of strength and we're sure she'll be surrounded by family and friends these times and let us all try not to be too sad on all the upcoming December 22nd. dates but let's try to remember all those lovely moments we've had with the twins, all the wonderful memories we have of them and most of all all the great music they left us (together with brother Barry ) and forever keep their music alive.!!

In memory of Robin Gibb:
In memory of Maurice Gibb:

December 21st. 2012

Christmas Time 2012

Precious to see the old and young generation.
Best Holiday wishes to Barbara, Sam, Paul, Julian and all of their family!!! xxx

(copyright Nancy Natoli)
December 17th. 2012

Barbara's birthday
Nancy Natoli:
Barbara had a lovely day, thanks to all who came, and for all who could not be here, your phone calls meant the world to her, and thank you all for her Birthday wishes.
November 18th. 2012

me, Barbara, Barry, Linda and Maurice during one of my visits to Barbara and Hugh's house in Douglas,Isle Of Man, 1975

Barbara Gibb
Barbara, mother of the famous Gibb Brothers is celebrating her birthday today. 'Thanks for everything you have given us and I often think of the wonderful times spending at your house and being amongst your family.

I'd like to send you my very, very best wishes, hugs and kisses xxx (Marion / GSI)'.

November 17th. 2012

Maurice and Yvonne in Las Vegas

Yvonne Gibb
Today it's Yvonne's birthday and we wish her a wonderful day. September 24th.

September 24th. 2012

Aiden Maurice Gibb (son of Adam and Elaine Gibb) was born September 23rd. 2011 and celebrates his first birthday today!!!
Congratulations and lots of kisses!!

September 23rd. 2012

Robin and son Spencer Gibb

Spencer Gibb
Spencer the eldest son of Robin is having his birthday today.
We wish him all the best !!! although this day so shortly after the death of his father will be very emotional.

September 21st. 2012

Today Barry and Linda will celebrate their wedding day (September 1st. 1970) and of course Barry's birthday.
Congratulations !!

September 1st. 2012

The Funeral of Robin Gibb
Robin lived in Thame for many years and died from kidney failure on May 20th after suffering from cancer and pneumonia. He was burried June 8th. Hundreds and hundreds of fans lined the streets of Thame as a lone bagpiper led a procession through the town. Robin and Dwina's home, a converted 13th century monastery, is opposite the church but the carriage travelled along the market town's high street first as it was among Robin's last wishes that he could 'say a final goodbye to fans and his home town'. The decorative carriage left from Priests End in the town at around 1.30 pm and travelled along the High Street to St Mary's Church, where the ceremony took place. The service on June 8th. was just for family and close friends. A public memorial will be staged in London in September.

June 12th. 2012

Robin Gibb has died

Today I've come home from being abroad for a short period, and it's very hard to have to share with you the news of Robin's death.
(Marion / GSI)

The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, announce with great sadness that Robin passed away on Sunday 20 May, 2012 at 10:46pm following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. They have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time.

May 26th. 2012

Robin out of coma
Robin has confounded his doctors by waking up from the coma he had slipped into after contracting pneumonia. He remains in intensive care but is now fully conscious, able to speak to his loved ones and breathing on his own with an oxygen mask. Read the full statement from his doctors on GSI Family News. The Gibb family are hoping and praying for his full recovery and would like to thank everyone for their prayers and messages of support. Robin's website still is unavailable but both GSI and Robin's Facebook page will try and keep you updated. (thanks also Robin

April 23rd. 2012

Statement From Robin Gibb's Doctors
Robin Gibb confounds his doctors! The remarkable Robin Gibb has confounded Dr. Andrew Thillainayagam, his physician and gastroenterologist, Dr. Peter Harper, his medical oncologist, Mr Roger Springall, his colorectal surgeon, and Dr. John Goldstone, anaesthetist in charge of the intensive care team at The London Clinic, with his indomitable fighting spirit and remarkable physical endurance.

April 22nd. 2012


Robin Gibb confounds his doctors!

The remarkable Robin Gibb has confounded Dr. Andrew Thillainayagam, his physician and gastroenterologist, Dr. Peter Harper, his medical oncologist, Mr Roger Springall, his colorectal surgeon, and Dr. John Goldstone, anaesthetist in charge of the intensive care team at The London Clinic, with his indomitable fighting spirit and remarkable physical endurance.

Dr. Thillainayagam, of Imperial College Healthcare, explained:

Despite having advanced colorectal cancer, Robin responded extremely well to Dr. Harper's aggressive chemotherapy treatment, but went on to need two emergency operations in the space of two months. In the aftermath, Robin developed the feared complication of pneumonia when he was very weak and fighting to recover from life saving surgery for peritonitis. He failed to respond to chest physiotherapy and intravenous antibiotics. Therefore, I had to transfer him to intensive care for non-invasive, assisted ventilation. Unfortunately, he continued to have worsening respiratory distress and lost consciousness for a number of reasons. Eventually, he developed serious respiratory failure and was unable to ventilate his lungs on his own. We had to place him on artificial ventilation.

The prognosis was very grave, given that Robin had brain swelling from liver failure, a severe pneumonia and a weakened immune system from malnutrition. I have managed Robin's series of acute medical problems very aggressively according to his explicit wishes. However, only three days ago, I warned Robin's wife, Dwina, son, Robin John and brother, Barry, that I feared the worst. We felt it was very likely that Robin would succumb to what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles to any form of meaningful recovery. As a team, we were all concerned that we might be approaching the realms of futility.

It is testament to Robin's extraordinary courage, iron will and deep reserves of physical strength that he has overcome quite incredible odds to get where he is now.

Robin is fully conscious, lucid and able to speak to his loved ones. He is breathing on his own, with an oxygen mask. He is on intravenous feeding and antibiotics. He is of course, exhausted, extremely weak and malnourished. Our immediate goals are to ensure that Robin's swallowing mechanism is safe enough to allow him to eat and drink, and that he recovers enough strength to breathe effectively, without needing high levels of oxygen by mask. When this happens, we will be able to begin the process of nutritional and physical rehabilitation and may be able to move him from the intensive care unit to the ward.

Robin's wife, Dwina and son, Robin-John, his son Spencer and daughter Melissa have been at his bedside every day, talking to him and playing his favourite music to him . They have been tireless in their determination never to give up on him.

The road ahead for Robin remains uncertain but it is a privilege to look after such an extraordinary human being.

Update, Robin Gibb
Message from Ann Grootjans dated last Thursday
Robin has opened his eyes to Dwina's voice last night and moved his mouth trying to sing along to "I Started A Joke". Not communicating yet and obviously a long way to go still, but more and more responsive. Hold On Rob, Hold On! Please, please everyone keep sending good thoughts he pulls through and gets better.

April 21st. 2012

New baby boy
Travis Gibb (son of Barry and Linda) and Stacy Gibb are the proud parents of a lovely baby boy. His name is Liam. Congrats to the parents and of course to sister Layla.

Liam was born April 9th. and his full names are: Liam Grayson Gibb.

April 11th. 2012

Message from Spencer Gibb's official website
Fans, Friends, and Family...
On behalf of Spencer, I would first like to thank everyone for all of the love and support that has been given, for both the music and the man. It has neither gone un-noticed nor un-appreciated. Lately, it has been no secret that Spencer's father, Robin, has been ill. Spencer has been at the side of his father and his family and will remain so for as long as he is needed. I, along with the Gibb family, would like to extend many thanks for every concern that has been shared and conveyed. Nothing we have or will do is worth a thing without the love and appreciation of our fans. At this point however, it is at the request of Spencer that fans of the Gibb family direct their concerns, questions and comments to their official and professional websites and/or pages. Please allow the family their privacy and respect as they deal with this very challenging situation. It is also at the request of Spencer that I convey the forward momentum of his UK campaign. In true Gibb form, the show will go on. There are many great things slated for the near future; as the response to Spencer's music has been both promising and unanimous.
On behalf of Spencer Gibb and his family, who have given so much to so many for so long,
I thank you all.
Aaron Frescas
Director of Operations/Musical Director for
Spencer Gibb

April 9th. 2012

Baby News
Peta, (daughter of Kim Reeder and Andy Gibb) and her husband Matt Weber had a little baby boy March 11th.
The name of the boy is: Flynn Tasman Weber.
A little brother for Darby.
Congratulations to the happy family!!

March 13th. 2012

Robin John Gibb
January 21st. is the birthday of Robin John, son of Robin and Dwina Gibb. Congratulations!! He has just finished the Titanic Requiem project with his father.

Robin and son Robin John in the studio working on the Titanic Project
January 21st. 2012

Today it's Ali's birthday.
Barry and Linda's daughter turns 20 today, congratulations!!

This year Yvonne Gibb became the proud grandmother of 2 little ones and granddad Mo. would have been more than proud as well.
Julian and Aiden enjoy their first Christmas this year.

Aiden and Julian, babies from Adam, Elaine and Sam, Paul
December 29th. 2011

Oh, Boy.....
Stacey and Travis Gibb are expecting another baby again.
The little one is due somewhere around April.
Congrats....... to Stacey, Travis and of course Layla

December 6th. 2011

Wedding of Michael and Jenna
Some photos of the happy couple and the family
(source and copyright facebook Robyn Ciaburri)

The wedding took place at the Diplomat Country Club, Hallandale, Florida at 6:30pm (November 26th).
It was a lovely evening with many friends and family.
For more photos please visit:

Sam and Paul with son Julian

November 28th. 2011

Wedding Bells
Today, November 26th. the youngest son of Barry and Linda Gibb: Michael is going to get married to his girlfriend Jenna Morhaim. Michael proposed to Jenna on New Years eve.
We wish the happy couple a lovely day and a bright future, Marion /GSI

Photo taken at Love And Hope preview party showing: National Chairman Kathy Simkins (front left) with International Chairmen Barry and Linda Gibb (front center) and Young Society of Love and Hope Honorees Therese and Ashley Gibb, Jenna Morhaim with Michael Gibb, and Stacy and Travis Gibb (l-r back). Not present: Ali Gibb and Stephen and Gloria Gibb.

November 26th. 2011

Robin Gibb, on the road to recovery.
After being very ill Robin wants to thank everyone: 'I wish to thank my family, friends and fans and the many thousands of people who do not know me but have enjoyed Bee Gees music and have wished me well'. for more, please visit:

Marion (source:
November 2011

Message from Barry and Linda
Barry 'I would like to thank all of our friends and fans for sending us all your good wishes on our 41st anniversary and my birthday. Time flies when your having fun! It was very thoughtful of you all '.

Marion (source: www.
September 2011

New Gibb baby born
Adam Gibb: 'My baby boy has arrived! Mummy and baby are well. We are over the moon with little Aiden!
Aiden Maurice Gibb was born September 23rd. and weighed 7lbs 9 ounces.
Aiden is the first son of Adam and Elaine Gibb and the second grandson of proud grand mum Yvonne.

Adam: ' Here's a couple of pics of our little angel! We feel so blessed.'
The photos were taken when Aiden was one day old.

Congratulations to the whole family!!
We wish Aiden a wonderful life.

Aiden Gibb, taken September 24th. 2011

Who Do You Think You Are

Last week, September 21st, the British BBC aired the episode in which Robin was trying to find more about his ancestors. Earlier this year Robin spent some time filming for this program which also took him to Paisley to carry out research into his family tree.

Watch the program at:
Some related stories:

(September 27th. 2011)

A Valentine's Baby!!
Today February 14th. Sam and Paul became the proud parents of a lovely baby boy named: Julian Maurice. Beautiful name!!
Congratulations to the mum and dad and of course congratulations to grand mum Yvonne.!!
More info soon.

(February 14th. 2011)

Samantha Gibb
Sam, Maurice and Yvonne Gibb's daughter has some new material on and I Tunes and also there are some interviews of her at:
More about Samantha Gibb, her band and new album at:

(February 4th. 2011)

Michael and Jenna,    copyright

Michael and Jenna engaged
We are happy to announce the engagement of Jenna Morhaim and Michael Gibb. Michael proposed to Jenna on New Years eve. The Gibb Family is very happy for the young couple and are looking forward to celebrate their big day soon! (source:

(January 2011)

Sam Gibb
Sam Gibb (daughter of Yvonne and Maurice) and her husband Paul are expecting their first baby. It's going to be a boy and the baby is due in February. Congratulations !!
Sam and Paul sent us some photos which show a very happy couple waiting for their first baby.
They are soooo excited!! First Sam and her band will be busy doing more shows this month.
See for all details of Sam Gibb And The Cartel:

left: Samantha, expecting her first child      right: Paul and Sam, excited and waiting for their baby
Marion (thanks Robyn C., Sam Gibb)
(October 11th. 2010)

Today GSI is sending good wishes to Barry for a happy birthday and of course a wonderful wedding anniversary and many years of happiness for both Barry and Linda. Here's where their marriage began in Caxton Hall London:

(September 1st. 2010)

Ali Gibb graduated
Many fans asked about Ali recently and if we have photos of her graduation. Barry comments on his website. Barry:' I'd like to proudly announce my daughter Ali's graduation from high school. We were all there to witness the occasion and it was a warm & wonderful day. We love you Ali. Congratulations'. Ali's commencement ceremony was last June 8. On her high school website Ali had listed her plans for the future like the other seniors. It seems (not confirmed) that Ali is planning to go to 'Full Sail' which is a film school also located in Miami.
The school also offers record recording. Graduation photo:

(August 18th. 2010)

Wedding Bells for Adam and Elaine

It was a beautiful day, May 27th. the wedding day of Adam Gibb and Elaine Kauder. They had decided to get married in Britain and on this nice day in May the Gibb family gathered at The Orangery, Great Fosters in Egham, Surrey, England ( ) at 3 p.m. to join Adam and Elaine and celebrate with them their wedding. Even Robin arrived back in time to be there. (He had been in L.A. amongst others for the live performance with Barry in American Idol).

Here are some photos the family sent to GSI, taken on May 27th and showing the happy couple Adam and Elaine with Adam's mother Yvonne Gibb and her daughter Sam, grand mother Barbara Gibb as well as Dwina, Robin and their son Robin John. We're sure Maurice was there too in spirit, during the whole day. He would have been so proud.

Additional info about Sam's UK Tour:

June 3rd. BBC Radio Whales, 15.30 pm. Cardiff, Whales
June 4th Tommy's Bar, 20.00 pm. Cardiff
June 10th. BBC Radio Manchester, 11.00 am.
June 10th. BBC Radio Merseyside, 14.00 pm. Liverpool

(June 2th. 2010 thanks Robyn Ciaburri and Gibb Family.)

Wedding Bells
May 27th. the wedding bells will be ringing for Adam Gibb, son of Maurice and Yvonne Gibb, and girl friend Elaine Kauder. We hope being able to report you about the wedding in Britain soon and post some photo material.

Robin John
Robin John did some acting workshop recently and he loved it. He's now been producing and filming a short film at his home and is planning some more projects in the near future.
(Source: Dwina's Blog)

(May 25th. 2010)

Samantha Gibb to the U.K.
Sam Gibb, daughter of Maurice and Yvonne, is coming to the U.K. with her group: "Samantha Gibb & The Cartel" (Samantha Gibb: lead vocals, piano, and rhythm guitar, Lazaro Rodriguez: lead guitar, piano, and back-up vocals, and Nick Sallons: bass).
The group is planning to do a number of shows in Britain.
The first confirmed shows are:
June 2 The Troubadour (London, London and South East)
June 3 The Toucan Club (Cardiff, South West)
June 5 The Cavendish Arms (Stockwell, London and South East)
June 9 The Bedford (London, London and South East)
June 10 The Roadhouse (Manchester, North West)
June 12 The Voodoo Rooms (Edinburgh, Scotland)
There are probably more shows to come.
Also visit:

(April 1st. 2010)

Steve Gibb has left Crowbar
At the end of 2009 the group Crowbar announced the news that Steve Gibb (eldest son of Barry and Linda) had decided to leave the group. Steve cannot combine his work in Miami and his family life with his playing with Crowbar. They remain good friends.

(March 3th. 2010)

Love And Hope Ball
At the 36th Annual Love and Hope Ball, (February 13th.) "Honoring America," U.S. Senior Airman Tre F. Porfirio was recognized alongside the leaders of his medical team who collaborated to save him from a life of brittle diabetes after he was injured in Afghanistan. Linda and Barry Gibb as you know are the International Chairmen of this event. During the Ball at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa where one raised $1 million for the cure-focused work of the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) Barry and Linda (as well as their eldest son Steve) proudly announced their new American citizenship. This is something Barry dreamed of when he was 17 years old. Barry didn't perform this year at the Ball.

(February 19th. 2010)

Dwina Murphy - Gibb has weblog
Come and visit Dwina's weblog. Her new blog contains official news feed for Dwina Murphy-Gibb. She tells about her career and of course about her life with Bee Gee Robin Gibb. Dwina about Robin's birthday gifts: 'He was delighted with a wonderful signed copy of an Operette in three acts by Noel Coward from Barry and Linda; Robin loves history, so we gave him a special pen made of metals and a part of the crystal chandelier from the Titanic.'

Be sure to visit her blog for
You can find more about Dwina at:

(January 31st. 2010)

Samantha Gibb
Maurice and Yvonne Gibb's daughter Sam has changed the name of her band: M.E.G. (Maurice Ernest Gibb) to "Samantha Gibb and the Cartel".

(December 22nd. 2009)

Snow Robin already one year old
Robin's youngest had her first birthday last month (November 4th) and is becoming a nice little lady.

(December 12th. 2009)

Olyfar, the new King of "The Prebendal"
Robin and Dwina have a new pup. It's an Irish Wolfhound puppy named Ollie. He's 13 weeks old and already exploring the grounds of "The Prebendal" the day after his arrival which you can watch yourself on a nice video on the Members Section of

(December 8th. 2009)

Adam and Elaine
Adam Gibb is getting married !
Adam is proud to announce his wedding to the love of his life: Elaine Kauder.
Adam Gibb, son of Maurice and Yvonne Gibb, and girl friend Elaine Kauder were engaged on August 31st. on a beautiful night on the beach on a private Island in Cat Cay, Bahamas.
Adam got down on his knees and asked Elaine to marry him.
'Yes', was the answer and the wedding is set for May 27th. 2010.
Elaine is the daughter of long time friends of Maurice and Yvonne.
They decided to get married in England.

GSI is very happy to be able to post this happy news and I'd like to congratulate the young couple as well as Yvonne and the family! December 6th. 2009

Copyright photo: Gibb Family

Marion / GSI (thanks: Adam G. and Robyn C.).

Robin in hospital
There have been confusing reports posted on the internet lately telling that Robin was rushed to hospital October 11th. It seems he had allergy problems but it surely wasn't like he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. He decided not to go to the blue plaque unveiling of Kenneth Williams because of that. So it was just an allergic reaction and everything is okay now.

Robin and Dwina miss their Paddy
Unfortunately Robin and Dwina's dog has passed away. Their beloved Paddy, an Irish Wolfhound, was 8 years old and died peacefully in his sleep October 21st. Paddy was a much loved member of the Gibb Family and he will be greatly missed.

(November 13th. - 2009)

Robin John
Robin John Gibb, son of Robin and Dwina, will get his own website. Ocelot Solutions have been awarded the task of building this new Robin-John Gibb web site. The site is due for completion in late September and will showcase RJ's music and films.

New Dwina Gibb web site goes live
The brand new Dwina Gibb web site is now live. As well as being a devoted wife and mother to Robin ( Bee-Gees ) and Robin-John respectively, Oxfordshire-based Dwina is a prolific writer with an array of art, poetry and plays to her name

(September 19th. - 2009)

Sam Gibb

Interview with Sam Gibb about her father and uncles

Tom Morton

Tom Morton (BBC Scotland) talked to Bee Gee Maurice Gibb's daughter Sam last month.
They chatted about her father and uncles Barry and Robin, who have refused to perform as the Bee Gees after Maurice's death in 2003.

Click here, to hear this nice interview.
Info Sam Gibb and MEG:

(August 17th. - 2009 with special thanks: Fannie)

Spencer Gibb
Spencer Gibb has cooperated on the latest album of the Philadelphia based group Flynsolo called: Addictions. Vocalist and guitar player Spencer Gibb (eldest son of Robin Gibb) performed on three Addictions songs. While he was touring with his band "54 Seconds" in the US, Spencer stopped at the Flynsolo's record studio to record his fabulous performances.

left: David Knight with Spencer, copyright Flynsolo
right: Barry and David Knight copyright Flynsolo
Marion (July 14th. - 2009)

Andy would be grand father.
Peta (daughter of Andy Gibb and Kim Reeder) and her husband Matt Weber are the proud parents of a baby boy named Darby Matthew!
He was born on June 10th.

Marion (July 6th. - 2009  thanks K&K Walsh)

Robin John plays part in film.

Robin John, son of Robin Gibb and wife Dwina is busy filming for a project called "Blood Type" a vampire Sci-Fi show written by John Matthews and Wil Kingham. "Blood Type" is a multidimensional new take on the ancient story of Vampires. Two very different Vampires form an unlikely alliance to hunt for a girl who holds a terrible secret in her blood. The show revolves around the struggles and conflicts of two alternative universes, one ruled by vampires where humans are feudal slaves, kept as a subjugated food-source, and our own reality, where vampires are only perceived as creatures of myth and legend, their real interaction with our world a well kept but deadly secret.

Starring Emily Berrington, Emrys Matthews, Edward Blagrove, Robin-John Gibb and narrated by Jason Shooting commenced in London on April 11th and will be filmed at various locations in London, Oxford and Thame. One of the locations of the film is "The Prebendal", Thame in Oxfordshire, an amazingly beautiful 12th Century estate and home of Robin and Dwina Gibb. Robin-John Gibb plays the part of Belisar, lord of the vampire clans, and an amazing discovery as a new face on the screen! Without doubt a highly charismatic and poised young man. All the "Vampire Universe" scenes, including the stone circle and sword cane duel were shot at "The Prebendal". The wonderful support, enthusiasm and hospitality of the Gibb family, especially Dwina Murphy-Gibb and all the staff were amazing!
Dwina, you're an angel!
(According to Mark Ryan).

More about the film project:

Marion (April 19th. - 2009)  

Robin Gibb has become father again.
The baby, Snow Evelyn Robin Juliet Gibb, was born on November 4th. The mother is Claire Yang (33). Congratulations !! We wish the new born baby girl a happy and healthy life.

Marion (February 10th. - 2009)  

Robin and Marta Grigorieva

Robin Gibb has asked Russian artist Marta Grigorieva to make a painting of his son Robin John. Marta is now busy with the finishing touch of the project. and

Marion (December 18th. - 2008)  

Samantha Gibb married
Sam Gibb (daughter of Maurice and Yvonne Gibb) is a married lady now.
She got married in Las Vegas (November 22nd.) to Paul Landin, with her mom Yvonne and brother Adam at her side.
Her uncle Barry was there and aunty Linda too.
Uncle Robin wasn't there because he had missed his flight from London to Vegas.
We herewith would like to wish Samantha and Paul a bright and happy future together.

Congratulations from GSI!

left: Yvonne with Sam   right: Paul and Sam

Paul, Robyn Ciaburri and Sam (from left to right)

Sam with her brother Adam

Marion (November 25th. - 2008)  

Barbara with Barry, Maurice and Robin
Bee Gees mum celebrates birthday

Barbara Gibb, mother of The Bee Gees brothers celebrates her 88 birthday today. She's staying at Robin's house on The Isle Of Man and there will be a small party organized for her with family and friends.

Congratulations and best wishes from GSI !!

Marion (November 17th. - 2008)  

Sam and Paul

Samantha Gibb

Sam Gibb, daughter of Maurice and Yvonne, probably is the happiest girl in the world as she is very much in love and is engaged to her boyfriend.
His name is Paul Landin.
Happy future, both of you!!

Marion (August 6th. - 2008)  


There's a new album released of Meg, the group Samantha Gibb (daughter of Maurice) is playing in. The album is called "Luna Park" and available to dowbload from iTunes,, and Rhapsody. The collection of songs has been produced and recorded by Maurice Gibb, John Merchant and MEG featuring Adam Gibb as well.

Marion (August 2nd. - 2008)  

Andy's daughter married
Peta Reeder-Gibb (daughter of Andy Gibb and Kim Reeder) of "Gamester Staffordshire Bull Terriers" married Matt Weber at Curzon Hall on January 19, 2008 It was called the Sydney dog scene's wedding of the year.

from left to right: Grandfather of the bride, Ron Reeder, mother of the bride Kim Reeder-Gibb, the bridal couple, Peta and Matt, Julie Reeder and her husband, Rodney, the bride's uncle, and Kerry Reeder, the bride's aunt.

Marion (July 29th. - 2008)  thanks Phyllis T.

Travis & Stacey

Barry and Linda: Grandparents again!
Yesterday July 17th. Stacey and Travis Gibb became the proud parents of a baby girl (7.45 pm. Local Miami time).
Name: Layla Victoria Gibb Weight: 7 Lbs.

Congratulations, to the parents and grandparents of this new little Gibb.

Marion (July 18th. - 2008)  

     Spencer and Melissa, in 1984   /  Robin and Dwina Gibb

Robin talks about his children

Having been denied access to his daughter Melissa and elder son Spencer for six years after his first marriage with Molly Hullis ended in divorce, Robin compares the sense of loss to bereavement.

Read the interview at:

Marion (June 2nd. - 2008)  

Film by Samantha Gibb

Interview with Executive Producer Samantha Gibb and producers/Directors John Martin Vogel and Eric LaRocca Mainade
The film documentary "A Nashville state of mind" by Samantha Gibb premiered at the Nashville Film Festival. The film, financed and produced by Samantha, takes intimate performances and interviews with dozens of local artists, including Aaron Winters, Brooke Waggoner and Jeremy Lister, and blows them up to the big screen. The results are surprisingly vivid and engaging. The film is told partially through the eyes of Samantha Gibb's band, M.E.G., which relocated to Nashville from Miami in 2006 and is dedicated to her father Maurice Gibb.
Samantha: "It's definitely not something that we're steering away from," she says."I'm proud to be his daughter."
interview with Samantha Gibb.:

Marion (May 11th. - 2008)  

Robin talks about being separated from his kids

Robin speaks of having been "very, very nervous" and "horrified" at the prospect of seeing his children, Spencer and Melissa, for the first time after he divorced his first wife, Molly Hullis, in 1980. "'Out of control' is the first emotion alienated parents feel when they're separated from their kids," says Gibb. "They feel threatened. They feel as if they are not dictating events."  
Pt.1 - Premature birth   Pt.2 - Encouraging your children's ambitions   Pt. 3 - Talking with your kids

Marion (May 4th. - 2008)  

Robin and Dwina just sold their Miami Beach home on North Bay Road and are moving into a nice Mediterranean style house near Coral Gables, also in Florida which they baptised: Oak Manor.

Marion (May 3th. - 2008)  

Robin worried about his son
Robin was due to attend a London charity lunch on Sunday but pulled out after staying up all night by his son's bed. Robin was desperately worried for his son Robin-John, 25, after his pancreas flared up and he was rushed for treatment.

A source said: "RJ was poorly before with pancreas trouble. Last time he was in intensive care so the family took no chances."
"Robin never lets anyone down so everyone knew it was serious."

RJ - who composes film music and was treated near Oxford - went home on Sunday.

Marion (April 29th. - 2008)  

54 Seconds on tour
The band of Spencer Gibb (eldest son of Robin) is called: "54 Seconds" and now has confirmed a tour again that will see them on the road in May. The band, headed up by Spencer, released their latest album, "Postcards from California," in 2007.
54 Seconds Tour Dates
May 5th - The Basement, Nashville, TN
May 6th - Cicero's, University City, MO
May 8th - Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL
May 9th - Fine Line Music Café, Minneapolis, MN
May 10th - Points East Pub, Milwaukee, WI
May 11th - Frankie's Inner-City, Toledo, OH
May 13th - World Café Live (upstairs), Philadelphia, PA
May 14th - TT The Bear's Place, Cambridge, MA
May 16th - Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY
May 17th - Rehab, New York, NY
May 18th - The Red & The Black, Washington, DC
May 19th - The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC
May 20th - Map Room, Charleston, SC
May 21st - Star Bar, Atlanta, GA
...with several more dates still to be added to this run!

(l-r) Drummer Jeff Botta; keyboard player Stewart Cochran with Spencer Gibb; Cochran, Gibb, and Rachel Loy.

Marion (April 21th. - 2008)  

While Robin was in Dubai and Tel Aviv recently to perform he was glad to have some time to drive to Jerusalem with Dwina and light candles for Maurice, Andy and father Hugh at the Holy Sepulchre.

Being Heritage Foundation president Robin is lobbying for a memorial to the RAF Bomber Command. You can watch an interview he did for the Telegraph on their website. (They also have blog pages where you can give your opinion).

Marion (March 17th. - 2008)  

Maurice Gibb art work for Yvonne
William Hunt a local artist from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida got in touch with GSI earlier this year. He created a Maurice art work which he wanted to offer to one of the Gibbs. He asked me and wanted me to decide to whom of the Gibb family the art work had to be send. It would have been great for Barry, for Robin and for Barbara Gibb but I decided to offer it to Yvonne. Yvonne received it late last month.
Click here for more details and copy of the Maurice Gibb art work.

Barry's Birthday
The visual broadcast planned for Saturday, for Barry's birthday had to be postponed. Duane one of their dogs is very sick and the whole family is very sad. Duane has been part of the Gibb Family longer than any dog they ever had.

Marion (September 4th. - 2007)  

"Postcards From California"

54 Seconds
This is the title of the new album of 54 Seconds, the Austin-based band that features Spencer Gibb (son of Robin). Their new album has just been released. For more details and sound clips please visit: 54 Seconds is featured in the "Artist Spotlight" on MSN's Windows Media Guide for the month of August: Postcards From California is available on iTunes: 54 Seconds is online at and Album-related assets (bio, photos) are available here:

Marion (August 7th. - 2007)   thanks: Jason Spiewak of Rock Ridge Music

Robin and Dwina were in Wales on June 15 and 16 to attend their God daughter's wedding at the Llandaff Cathedral. Dwina read a poem at the event.
For some photos please visit:

Marion (June 26th. - 2007)  

Dwina Gibb
Dwina tells her story in Switzerland
"I dream of a world in perfect harmony" according to Dwina, Robin Gibb's wife in an interview with Andreas Anderegg, in Zurich, Switzerland, February 2007.
Read the complete interview in German at:

Also visit:

Marion (April 7th. - 2007)  

Mo the dreamer, Mo the artist, Mo the magician. Mo the husband and father.
Words mentioned by Barry during the ceremony for Maurice March 4th. "This place now becomes sacred" More about the dedication as mentioned in the Miami Herald:

Message from Robin and Dwina
Dear friends, family and fans,
My family and I wish to thank all of you for your kindness and generosity, and most of all, for your love and support in coming to Miami Beach to attend the inauguration of Maurice's special park. We thank the Mayor, officials and the residents of Miami Beach who helped make this happen, and for the speeches and remembrances of those close to Maurice. Our appreciation is heartfelt for those who travelled from so far to attend this ceremony and for the friends, neighbours and locals who turned out for the occasion. For those who could not come, thank you for your donations, letters, cards, phone-calls and your kind words and blessings. Mo is in our hearts and minds and lives on in the great legacy of his music, which crosses all barriers.
Our love to all of you
Robin and Dwina Gibb
(source: Robin

Marion (March 15th. - 2007)  

Maurice Gibb memorial unveiling

Adam and Yvonne Gibb
The dedication of Maurice Gibb Memorial Park took place yesterday in Miami Beach. Maurice's family, including mother Barbara and brothers Barry and Robin attended the ceremony. Also Mayor David Dermer and many friends and fans were present. Some first photos at : More info and material a.s.a.p. on GSI and probably on U.S. tv. So keep an eye on the programs. The Gibb family prefers that flowers and other gifts not be taken to the park, but rather that fans and friends who wish to make a gesture of remembrance donate to the Gibb Family Foundation, c/o Dade Community Foundation, 200 S. Biscayne Blvd., Suite 505, Miami, FL 33131.
A ' thank you' by Adam Gibb:

Andy Gibb 1958 - 1988
Today we celebrate with all other fans the day of birth of Andy. His music his voice and his person we will never forget. He died much too young a few days after his birthday on March 10tth 1988.

Marion (March 5th. - 2007)  

"Live: With Full Force"
Steve Gibb and his band Crowbar have a DVD out which is now available from different American websites and will be available in Europe around February 26th.

Filmed at the popular German open-air festival of the same name, live: With Full Force was captured on Crowbar's world tour supporting their 2005 release, Lifesblood for the Downtrodden. The live performance DVD further includes candid backstage footage plus the band's second (and previously unavailable) promotional video for the album track "Slave No More." It goes without saying the scope of contributions and merits Crowbar have had on the heavy music scene since their formation over a decade ago. Originally noted as a cross-mix of Pantera and The Melvins, later dubbed sludge metal/core, Crowbar pioneered the genre's early sound and today continue to push its boundaries with experimentation and endless determination. To date their US soundscan history approaching a quarter of a million units. Crowbar are planning a series of dates in 2007 while continuing work on new material for their next album expected early 2008.

Marion (February 16th. - 2007)  

Spencer Gibb
Recently an album has been released by children of famous stars. On this album these kids sing a song for their fathers. Spencer Gibb, the eldest son of Robin (and Molly) participated too. The musically gifted sons and daughters of music's biggest names put a unique and intimate spin on familiar material made famous by their legendary fathers, connecting great songs between two generations. The gifted children of the artists pay emotional tribute to their fathers on this unique compilation created especially for Target: "A Song For My Father". Spencer Gibb is singing "Run To Me".


Marion (February 8th. - 2007)  

Maurice Gibb Park Ceremony
Like mentioned before by GSI; the ceremony will be a very laidback gathering with no official guests. It's expected to be a low key ceremony with probably about 150 people. No official speeches only people of the Gibb family will speak.

 All friends and fans are welcome. 
March 4th. Time: 04:00 pm.
Location: 18th Street and Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach   Click for map    (Marion, January 26th - 2007)

Barry's snow vacation
Although weather reports for parts of the U.S. sounded rather bad early this year, Barry and his family definitely have been to the Colorado snow for a week. At that time the weather in Colorado was okay and they enjoyed a week of snow vacation and skiing. GSI also heard that it seems that the altitude was so high that they had to wear oxygen masks for one instance at a certain time on their visit there.

Love And Hope Ball
Latest news GSI received about the "Love And Hope Ball" of February 17 is that Barry is indeed suppose to sing again this year. No definite -yes- yet at the moment. More details when available.

Marion (January 24th. - 2007)  

Maurice Gibb Memorial Park
Yvonne Gibb has confirmed that the ceremony definitely is on March 4th. Family and friends will be there and fans are welcome too at this laidback gathering to remember Maurice. Last week has been a very difficult time for Yvonne and here family again and now Mo will officially get his own park in Miami Beach in his honour which is a very good feeling.

Marion (January 20th. - 2007)  (thanks Robyn C. and Gail M.)

Dwina Gibb
A new series of Dwina Gibb's "Gabbie Aggies" is currently running on Manx Radio. You can listen to it live each Friday at 10.30 pm and afterwards via the Manx Radio's "Listen Again" page.

For Friends And Fans
We wish to thank all the fans and friends for their incredible and helpful support at this time. We also extend our love and best wishes to everyone who sent greetings and gifts for birthdays and the Christmas holiday period. Thank you from the heart. Happy New Year to everyone. We hope that 2007 will be a special year for all, and that the year might be filled with love and peace, health and happiness.
Love from Robin, Dwina and family. Xxx

Marion (January 15th. - 2007)

Dwina with husband Robin

Dwina Gibb

When Dwina Murphy from Co Tyrone was a schoolgirl she decided she'd like to marry one of the legendary Bee Gees.
Eighteen years later, she did.

Please read her story

Marion (January 5th. - 2007)

Steve Gibb
Barry's eldest son Steve has put a song on MySpace. Under the name Steve Gibb you can hear the song: 'Living In The Rain'. It's a combined project of Steve and Barry. It's a rock balad with dad doing back vocals. Written in the same period as Barry's songs: 'Underworld' and 'Dr Mann', August / September 2004.

Barry on vacation to the snow
Barry and family will start the new year in the snow as they will be in Colorado for a skiing vacation the first week of January.

Maurice memorial
The Maurice Park ceremony will be delayed until maybe Spring. It seems that the city is suppose to build a fountain as well. We keep you posted.

Marion (December 20th. - 2006) (also thanks Gail M.)

Former home Maurice and Yvonne
The home of Maurice and Yvonne at 30 La Gorce Circle in Miami Beach (built in 1953) has been bought by former chairman of Campbell Soup George M. Sherman. He and wife Betsy paid $17 million (U.S.) for the waterfront estate in Miami Beach, according to sources familiar with the deal

Marion (November 6th. - 2006)

Robin to Ellan Vannin

According to Isle Of Man Today: Robin is coming home. Robin is busy buying a house in the Isle Of Man to return to where he once was born. Robin and wife Dwina are looking forward to spending more time in the Island and Robin's mother Barbara is delighted to have a home there once more. Robin's plans started speculations of a possible performance on Man with brother Barry in future. Also visit:

Marion (November 2th. - 2006)

More about Barry's family
Linda has been travelling between Miami and Nashville overseeing the renovations on the new house.

Steve started to work on his father's new album last August.

Ashley, Barry and David English released the DVD "Bumsrush", a selection of home movies spanning 25 years. In August Ashley also started writing on the future country album for his father as well.

Travis bought his first house this year and enjoys renovating it. Travis's business is doing well and they have completed 2 music videos for Crowbar one of which has featured on MTV's "Head Bangers Ball". Multi Media Depot has just completed a DVD for Crowbar. (the band Steve is playing in).

Michael is enjoying life with his girlfriend Jenna.

Ali is now in High School, looking forward to her first car and becoming a young lady.

Marion (October 30th. - 2006)

Yvonne Gibb has recently moved to her new home. A nice Mediterranean style home built in 2001, see picture.
GSI will soon post a new report about Yvonne who last month invited some fans at her old home and talked with them about Maurice. Also the report will tell about a visit to Barry and Linda and their family. The report will have recent pictures of Yvonne, Barry, Linda, Steve and Ashley.

Marion (October 19th. - 2006)

Yvonne Gibb has mentioned the fact that the planned ceremony to officially open the Maurice Gibb Memorial Park on October 20th has been postponed . The family is planning a new date in January 2007 of which we hear details / confirmation later.

Marion (September 15th. - 2006)

Barry's new house
The past few months it hasn't been possible yet for Barry and his family to move in to their new house in Hendersonville. Others took over the property for a while. Lots of trucks and cars were parked in both drive ways and recently quite a number of carpenters and electricians have been busy remodelling the place. Also the person who once built the house for the Cash family is involved again. He builds and restores log homes etc. Hopefully Barry and Linda will be able to start using their new place soon and enjoy overlooking the water from the amazing round room at the lake side.

Marion (August 25th. - 2006)   thanks Joan H.

Maurice Gibb Park
October 20th. there will be a special 'opening' planned of the park and the Maurice Gibb memorial according to what Yvonne Gibb has mentioned recently. We do not know yet any more details but hope to tell you about the 'opening' and show if possible some photos.

Marion (August 10th. - 2006) thanks also:Gail M.

New Home
Recently Yvonne Gibb has bought a new home. The house she's now living in she still bought together with Maurice. The Miami Herald reports about her new home at Golden Beach, North Miami It's a Mediterranean style home with 7,014 square feet of living area. The waterfront house was built in 2001 and stands on a lot of 17,000 square feet.

Marion (July 16th. - 2006)

Dwina Gibb
Manx Radio
A new series of "The Gabby Aggies" started this Friday, April 7th. Manx Radio is to broadcast 6 new episodes of the "Gabby Aggies". The Gabby Aggies is a series of humorous dialogues between Mrs P and Mabel, written by Dwina Murphy Gibb.
It will be aired in the afternoon and again at 10.30 at night in Bernie Quayle's programme and will also be available in the audio vault at: for 7 days under the title "Off The Page".
For more info about Dwina and her work please visit:

Samantha Gibb
Last month Samantha and band played at the "Battle of the Bands" at Murphy's Pub in Miami and they were tied for 2nd place. More about this event including photos hopefully soon on GSI.

Marion (April 10th. - 2006)

Steve Gibb interviewed during British tour

Steve during his British tour with Crowbar
Steve has just finished his British tour with Crowbar. Although Steve is very busy these days and into a lot of projects he did find some time during this tour to do an interview as well and talked about things like:
-His song writing methods,
-The music he's into,
-Why he left BLS in 2001,
-What we can hope to see in the near future from Steve personally as well as from Crowbar.
-He also told about one of his ambitions: Gibb's Ribs!! very interesting and a bit surprising
-About his 6 month success of being completely clean and sober
-His future plans and projects
-What being in Crowbar means to him
-Whether or not he plans to relocate his family,
-And about his and Gloria's new baby boy:
Angus Miles Levas Gibb.

Click here for the Steve Gibb interview by Kim,
date March 21st., Colchester- England
Thanks Kim for sharing all this with us.

Photo credits: Kim A. Arnold. With permission to use on GSI.

Marion (April 1st. - 2006)

Barry's 60th. Birthday Fan Gathering Miami Beach.
Like mentioned before Bee Gees fan Heidi Bookout is busy organizing a fan gathering in Miami Beach. We have some updates on these plans right now. Many have contacted Heidi yet telling they are interested and probably are coming. However at this point it hasn't been possible for Heidi to get back to all these fans yet, writing a note. Please all interested fans: keep an eye on the GSI website for details and updates at this point and sooner or later Heidi or GSI will mail you with necessary information. Any more fans who read this and are interested to come: mail Heidi at:

The tentative date for the gathering is from 7 until 10 September 2006 On the agenda probably will be amongst others a visit to the Maurice Gibb Memorial Park and at the moment it's looking like the main party will be a costume party. Everyone knows how much Barry likes to play dress up (often with good friend David English!) so what better type of party to have?! Heidi however is still looking for more suggestions from you for the main party, so try and mail her with ideas! A suggestion Heidi received to use as a theme for the party: 'Song Titles'. Any song titles that has to do with The Bee Gees and / or Barry; a song title or something which has any connection with a song of The Brothers. Heidi also received requests from fans for combining the Birthday party with a fund raiser for the Love and Hope foundation. When things get definite and all details are known we'll let all interested fans know. We hope to have all the information for hotel and other expenses by the end of March.

Thanks Heidi

Marion (March 23rd. - 2006)

"Maurice Gibb Memorial Park"
Although the memorial hasn't been officially 'ready' yet. Here some photos, taken February 2006 of how it looks like.
The words on the special plaque:

"I'll be seeing you in all the old
familiar places
that this heart of mine embraces
all day through"

One Day At A Time

In Loving Memory,
Yvonne, Adam and Sam


Some photos taken at the Maurice Gibb memorial park around February 20th. 2006.

The stone that reads Maurice Gibb Memorial Park is protected here by some
plywood as there were people working around the stone at the time

Marion (March 21st. - 2006) (photo credits Laura T.)

May (right) with husband George and grandson Steve, credits Gibb Family
Funeral ceremony May
The ceremony of Linda's mother will take place today and like her husband George, May will be buried next week in her home land: Scotland where George lies since August 2001.
Please visit the following Miami Herald online page to express your support to the family.

Marion (February 26th. - 2006)

May Gray
I have a sad announcement to make as early on February 20th. Barry's mother in law May Gray passed away at the age of 77 after a long illness. I met Linda's Mum several times and she was a very kind person. I have fond memories of her and her husband George who died some years ago. Our sympathy goes to Linda, Barry, their children and family.

Marion (February 23rd. - 2006)

Memorial Tree for Maurice

The red blooming version of the tree which was planted . Maurice's will be yellow
Thanks to the efforts of fan Jeannie Rush and a group of other fans this plan of planting a memorial tree for Maurice became reality. They have worked for 9 months to have a tree planted in Maurice's park in Miami Beach, Florida. The tree was planted February 15th. Below is a copy of the email that was sent also to GSI as well as to Barry, Robin and Dwina's website.

Please forward this information on to Robin and family as the fans at the previously operating Robin Gibb site have been working since May of last year to get a tree planted in Maurice's park in Florida. I agreed to pursue this "living" memorial for the fans. I am so pleased to inform Robin and his family that the tree has been planted this week in Maurice's park. Through the effort of the following fans and their generous donations our dream has become a reality:

The original tree planted for Mo in the Maurice Gibb Memorial Park. Credits and thanks to: Ana of the Ellan Vannin website.

Andy - luvandygibb-Iowa
Emiel Aklemade - Belgium

I think Robin would like to know how much we loved and appreciated Maurice. We hope that this "living" memorial will become a beautiful blooming shelter for all the fans who visit the park.

When the fans came together on Robin's site little did we know that we would find such wonderful people with the music of the Bee Gees and Robin as our common bond. Over the years we became friends. Please know that we miss being able to go to Robin's site and leave messages. Our hope now is that the site will begin again very soon so we can continue to work toward new friendships and catch up with the old friends.

Thank you, Jeannie Rush

Marion (February 22nd. - 2006)

New Gibb baby born!
February 6th. Steve (eldest son of Barry) and his wife Gloria became the proud parents of another baby boy. The healthy baby boy is weighing a little over 10lbs and we have no name details yet.

Congratulations to Steve, Gloria, little sister Nina and of course the grand parents of this new little Gibb child !!

Click here for some of the first pictures of the happy family:

Marion (February 7th - 2006)

Maurice In Loving Memory

Today we all remember the fact that it 's 3 years ago today that Mo died, much too early. Fans will dedicate him by burning a candle, websites are honouring him with their special Maurice Gibb Tribute Pages like for instance Barry's website with a beautiful tribute to Mo by Barry and Robin and the special Mo Page and of course our own Maurice Gibb In Loving Memory pages, the special part of this GSI website. Please visit: and
Maurice: We love you, you'll never be forgotten!!

Dwina Gibb
Dwina Gibb's "Gabby Aggies" have just begun another season with Manx Radio (Jan 6). So if you're a fan of the series, make sure to tune in either to the radio or to the recordings on line. There are six new episodes written and produced by Dwina and they can be heard every Friday at 15.45 GMT with a repeat at 23.30 GMT. You can listen live on the web by logging on to More information about some of Dwina's work can be found of course at her website:

Marion (January 12th. - 2006)

Happy New Year

GSI as well as the entire The Gibb Family are starting a brand new year again and hopefully all Brothers Gibb fans will continue enjoying the Gibb music also in 2006.
To start the New Year with here are some lovely photos of Yvonne Gibb and her family taken during the New Years Eve party held at Yvonne's home. It was a Red Dragon Japanese Party and everyone came dressed in red and black.

(Thanks to Robyn C. and The Gibb Family for their cooperation).

left: Robyn, Adam, Yvonne and Sam during the New Years Eve party    right: Adam, Robyn C. (Yvonne's assistent) and Sam

And more about the start of the New Year:
Also Barry is sending News Years Greetings together with all the people involved at his website: a happy & prosperous New Year and thank you for all your support during 2005.
To all BG fans Robin wants to say: I wish you a happy and healthy New Year 2006, and hope to see you all soon...
For the complete message visit

Marion (January 3rd. - 2006)

Graduation Adam Gibb

Adam "Bachelor Of Science In Communication"
On December 15th 2005 at the University of Miami Adam Graduated. His honor was for Bachelor Of Science In Communication. Yvonne was so proud of him and many tears of joy and sadness filled the air. I have been told that everyone felt the presence of Maurice very much too. It would have been great to have seen Mo's big smile on his face as Adam received his award. Adam was just so calm and happy, because he told that his dad was there. His sister Samantha was also so happy for her brother because she knew how hard he worked for this and that he also graduated as one of the top students in his class. Also attending was Adam's Uncle Herby and his son Graham and girlfriend Laura. Friends who watched Adam grow up, came from out of state and many friends attended in his honor. His uncles Robin and Barry and their families were not present for different reasons. Here are some photos taken during the day of the Graduation.

Yvonne, Samantha Family and friends

Copyright photo material: Gibb Family
Marion (December 21st. - 2005)  with special thanks to The Gibb Family and Robyn C.

Baby News
It's confirmed now that Barry and Linda will again become grandparents early next year.
Steve (their eldest son) and his wife Gloria are expecting a second child in February!!
Great news of course!
We'll keep you posted!

Marion (November 6th. - 2005)  

Andy Gibb guitar for sale
GSI will give you the opportunity to buy a guitar that belonged to Andy Gibb. This will be done in cooperation with the present owner Audry Conley.
Audry: 'I have one of Andy's guitars that was given by him to my son back in the '70's. It has been identified by the Gibb family as having belonged to Andy. It is a Martin D-18 in a sea green hard case with traveling stickers on the case. Marion can verify the authenticity of this guitar and has offered to make this known on her Gibb Service International website.
I am Audry Conley of Camarillo, Ca. USA and for information:
my email address is
Anyone interested?'


Barry's 60th. Birthday
Hello to all Bee Gees fans around the world.
Would you like to share this special day together with a number of other diehard Bee Gees fans somewhere in Miami Beach? Enjoying a nice day or weekend together with fellow fans and celebrating Barry's 60th birthday with them? Heidi suggested GSI a while back to try and gather a nice bunch of fans together on this birthday to celebrate together and enjoy Miami Beach. Therefore she likes to find out now who would be interested in joining her to celebrate Barry's birthday next year so close to where Barry lives!!!!! If you are interested please mail her and together you could discuss on how to fill in this celebration day/weekend in Miami Beach. GSI will help where ever possible of course and the website will surely publish about this possible event next September.
Interested? Just mail Heidi at: and she will then send you some first information when available.

Love Heidi Bookout BGS4EVER

Marion (November 1th. - 2005)  

Maurice Gibb Tribute Plans
There seems to be some confusing about the several plans. We reported before about the tribute plans for Maurice according to a publication of Clear Channel (see GSI News of October 22nd). This is a project where several famous artists will sing tribute songs on an album as well as a show however this is not a Bee Gees project. About two years ago some first plans were made by Barry and Robin concerning a Bee Gees tribute to Maurice however things went differently which Barry explains on his website:
"Two years ago at Buckingham Palace Robin and I discussed with great enthusiasm a tribute to Maurice. We both agreed on what was to happen and it sounded great..."
Read more at: News/off the record. Next to that Barry recently announced he would like and is planning to release an album next year with only Maurice Gibb songs.

Marion (October 29th. - 2005)  

Hurricane Wilma
The Gibb Family would like to let you know that however there's still limited power sources available... They are all okay themselves!!

Marion (October 27th. - 2005)  

Dwina's Film
It looks like one of her Irish plays may be made into a film. Dwina now has to start changing the play-script to a screen-script which is quite a lot of work, but she told GSI: - it will be fun to do -. The film will be an Irish comedy. More to come about that, later.

Marion (September 10th - 2005)  

Maurice Memorial Park
Due to the fact that one is behind with the actual construction of the memorial in the park it probably won't be ready before October or November.
We'll keep you posted.

'Barry and Linda's house for sale in Miami Beach'
This seems to be a rumour going on for some days already. Fans asked if Barry is going to move to Australia This is not true!
At the end of the year all the contents of Middle Ear Studio will go into storage and will be sorted out later on. Barry will use a demo studio at his Miami Beach home and when necessary will use or rent other studios such as Criteria / Hit Factory when ever he needs.

Marion (September 8th - 2005)  

Mo's Paint ball Shop
The Gibbs do not own the Paintball Shop anymore at 337 NE 167 Street in Miami Beach According to the family it was bought and taken over by one of Mo's friends who has moved it to his paintball field in North Miami where Maurice also used to play. Probably Peter Bofill, President of Ruff N Tuff Paintball in North Miami, will start Mo's Paintball Shop at his paintball field.

Marion (August 1st - 2005)  

Travels With Loreena McKennitt

My name is Niema and I'm a friend of Dwina Gibb. Recently I wrote a book called "Travels With Loreena McKennitt", which has a lot in it involving Robin and Dwina Gibb. It relates the amusing circumstances of how I met Dwina and of our mutual connection with the Irish poet, W.B. Yeats.

It tells about the times I visited their wonderful home in England, and also in Miami; of the great New Year parties Robin and Dwina gave, and of the lovely times we shared. It also tells about the time Dwina so generously let us use her home to do a short film on Loreena McKennitt.

Some lines from my book:
"From our first meeting in the Prebendal, Robin and Dwina's magnificent 12th century home, there was an immediate connection between Dwina and me. It was as though we had always been friends and had just met after a long absence.......After dinner, Rosy entertained Robin-John, Robin retired to his study to work and Dwina and I talked. We sat by the fire long into the night, talking about ideas, experiences, dreams, inspired by the firelight, candlelight and each other."

If anyone is interested in more details visit my website

Thanks, Niema

Marion (July 30th - 2005)  

Actor Barry Gibb
Be sure to pay a visit to at: and watch the first group of Barry's Home Movies!! GSI things that not only Barry and Barbra are a Golden Duo but Barry and his good friend David too!!
Thanks to Barry and David English for these wonderful movie clips! (made in cooperation with Barry's sons Ashley and Travis).

Marion (July 21th - 2005)  

Next Saturday, July 16th. Barry is chatting again with his fans. He does this from various locations together with his son Ashley and also assisted by Darin Butler.

Together with Dick Ashby, John Merchant, his wife Linda (of course) and some other relatives Barry recently has been to California for three weeks to record the Streisand album as we mentioned before. According to management daughter Ali and her friend loved the trip especially because their goal was to meet with their idol Johnny Depp in California. However: Ali and her friend didn't succeed in this plan they did have a great time in L.A. after all.

Marion (July 15th - 2005)  

The Maurice Gibb Memorial Park
To give you an update on the Memorial Park I've informed about it this week and the latest info is that the completion of this special Maurice place will be by the end of August and a dedication ceremony then will be organized sometime in September. We'll hear more about the selected date and other info later on and then of course will inform you about it.

Marion (July 6th - 2005)  

Website Steve Gibb
GSI got in touch with the webmaster of Steve's website. On this new website you can find all the info about the eldest son of Barry and his musical career.
Please visit "The Unofficial Steve Gibb" website at:

Steve Gibb at The Cockpit, Leeds U.K. March 2005     © KAA
Marion (June 20 - 2005)  

First album MEG with Maurice

Sam's band MEG is getting ready to release their first CD. As you know GSI is in contact with the group and this week Laz enthusiastic mailed me with the latest details. Sam, Nick and Laz are very busy right now he wrote as they almost are reaching the deadline which is at the end of the month for the release of the CD. There will be 12 songs on the album according to Laz and most of the record is produced by Maurice!! He wrote me to be very proud of that and Laz told me that Maurice even plays a bunchs of tracks too. They are now looking for representation, so for the moment they haven't got any gigs booked, but when they do Laz, Nick and Sam promise to let GSI know.
For more info about MEG
We'll keep you posted.

  Many fans asked us if songs like: 'The Bridge' and 'Sensuality' will be amongst the tracks on the first MEG album. However MEG just informed us this won't be the case but they do point out that for instance 'The Bridge' would be an ideal track on a possible tribute album once.

Maurice Gibb Memorial Park
As you know there's going to come a Memorial Park in honor of Maurice in Miami Beach. (Middle Beach: 18th St. & Purdy Ave) See for details: It will include a landscaped plaza with mosaic flooring imported from Italy and featuring a bronze plaque and granite sign in memory of Maurice. Of course GSI has informed at management and at the moment the project still is in the permitting stage so they think it will be a short while before the construction starts however the mosaic material has arrived already from Italy. There are drawings to view at the city hall. GSI will soon inform with Maurice's relatives to get to know more details.

Marion (May 04 - 2005)  

Bee Gees mother Barbara Gibb visits The Isle Of Man again.
Last week Barbara together with Dwina Gibb ( Robin's wife) visited Man again after 30 years and went to all the places she once lived in and around Douglas.

Read here the story of the Isle Of Man Today
Manx Radio presenter Bernie Quayle will tonight (Tuesday, April 26th.) broadcast an interview he did with Barbara.
The programme is called Memories in Music and will be broadcast just after the midnight news.
It will be repeated on Thursday, just after the midday news at noon.
It will also be available in audio vault for one week from Wednesday April 27th. see:

Bernie was so kind to send GSI some photos of Barbara's visit to publish on our website.

Barbara in front of the post office she once ran in Union Mills.

Bernie with his wife Lindsay, Dwina, John Stringer's wife. Geoff Bruce, Barbara and John Stringer.

Photos: Bernie Quayle.
Marion (April 26 - 2005)  (with special thanks to Bernie Quayle of Manx Radio)

Steve Gibb   ©The Howlin Wolf
Steve Gibb, touring in Europe again
Here are some latest dates for The Life's Blood Tour 2005
Steve Gibb will be visiting the following venues in Europe with the band Crowbar.

03/18 Kontich / Lintfabrik - Belgium
03/19 Arnhem / Willemeen ( + Koroded) - The Netherlands
03/20 Rotterdam / De Baraque ( + Koroded) - The Netherlands
03/21 Cologne / Germany ( + Black Bomb A) - Germany
03/22 Vienna / Arena - Austria
03/23 Budapest / Kultiplex - Hungary
03/24 Traun / Spinnerei - Austria
03/25 Graz / Explosiv (Crowbar Only - Festival with Behemoth ...) - Austria
03/26 Frankfurt-Main-/ 025 - Germany
03/27 Groningen / North Shoock Festival - The Netherlands

More details:

Kim and Peta Gibb
Peta Gibb
So many requests we always receive about all the relatives of The Bee Gees and Andy. Not very often we can help you as in general we think most relatives of the Gibb Brothers prefer not to be mentioned on Bee Gees websites too much and just like to live their own lives. This week it's Peta's birthday, daughter of Andy Gibb and Kim Reeder. Peta was born: January 25th. 1978.

Here an older photo from our GSI archives showing Kim and Peta. Like Bee Gees sister Lesley Gibb also Peta and her family are breeding dogs in Australia: Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Here he is, the new little Gibb with his parents.
Enjoy these lovely photos of Damien, Michael and Lisa.


Copyright photos: Gibb Family
Marion (January 12 - 2005)
with thanks to the Gibb Family for sending the photos to publish on GSI.

The new baby boy: first child of Michael Gibb and his girlfriend Lisa Fagiano is called:
Damien Michael Crompton Gibb. Mike and Lisa met at school and now live together in a Miami Beach apartment. No photos available yet, sorry.

Marion (January 11 - 2005)

Barry and Linda grandparents again
Yesterday, January 5th Barry Gibb's youngest son Michael and his girlfriend Lisa Fagiano became the proud parents of a baby boy. Lisa gave birth to a beautiful baby. The new little boy doesn't have a name yet. On behalf of all the visitors of GSI we herewith of course congratulate the proud parents and grand parents!!

Marion (January 6 - 2005)

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