As you can see this web site of the Gibb Brothers contains a real Online Newsmagazine in which you can read about all the topics you'd normally find in a newsletter.
After having worked in BG fan clubs throughout the years and helping to write newsletters since the early seventies, I thought it now would be time for me, to start a BG site with an on-line newsletter.
There's one thing which is absolutely important : to write newsletters you need lots of interested fans to help.
Together with all of you, such a newsletter should become pleasant and interesting to read.
So, just join with: news, reports, articles, advertisements, photos etc etc.
Here you can join and be a member of GSI and its newsletter "We Are One" for free.
No renewals, no money orders, nothing!!
Just come, see and be part of it .
All items on this site will be updated very frequently, as soon as new material, news, pictures etc are available .
Have fun!!!

Marion (GSI)

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