More, photos, comments and information of several
of the tourdates in the second leg of the tour.
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April 6th. - Alsdorf, Stadthalle
After another break everyone gathered again April 4 and 5 at the band hotel in Troisdorf to get ready for the first show of part 3 in Alsdorf.

Me and my girlfriend Agnes visited the first show in Alsdorf. Agnes I met in the very early seventies because of the Bee Gees music and with her (and one other friend) I also visited countless Bee Gees concerts and next to that visited the Gibbs privately many times in Britain, Isle Of Man and America in the seventies and eighties. It was therefore walking back memory lane for us when we drove direction Alsdorf to visit again a live concert with Bee Gees music. My friend had never seen a Massachusetts show before only several live concerts of The Italian Bee Gees in The Netherlands. We arrived at the same time at the Stadthalle as the tourbus and after a hello to everyone ( and a surprise to see tourmanager Frank back again ) we all went inside. We found ourselves a place in the hall and had a nice talk with Kayte, Dennis' wife while the crew and band on stage were busy preparing everything. When the rehearsals and soundcheck started not much talking was possible then of course. The band rehearsed some things which had changed since the earlier shows and tested the sound and everything, like always.

left: Me and Kayte, a nice memory although a bit blurry photo.
right: Agnes and me with Walter, Davide and Vince after the meet and greet.
We went for a drink and little bite and then were ready to get to our seats for the start of the show. Like always the trailer of the Titanic Concerts of Robin Gibb and son Robin John Gibb, was shown before the Massachusetts show started. It was almost full house in the Alsdorf Stadthalle. I couldn't really see any empty chairs and from the first moments on the audience was very enthusiastic and also very happy to see next to the Italian Bee Gees, people like Blue Weaver, Dennis Bryon and Vince Melouney on stage. It was a very full program packed with lots and lots of wonderful Bee Gees songs in between the dancing, acting and the story of the career of The Brothers Gibb. Like always right after the shows, the three Italian Brothers and their three friends took place in the hall for a Meet and Greet with the audience. There was time for a short hello, for autographs and taking pictures. Afterwards we all got together in a restaurant and finally there was time to talk with eachother and relax etc. It was a long day and it was great fun.

It was already the second time that I visited the Massachusetts show and surely not the last time. The boys are really super good.

April 7th - Wuppertal: Historische Stadthalle
April 8th. - Leverkusen, Forum
A really great show with terrific musicians, singers and dancers. The music and the performances were exciting, the overall story (the old man telling the young people about the Bee Gees) very original and successful. The Italian BeeGees come close to the originals and managed to entertain the audience very well. Especially the song 'I started Joke' gave me goosebumps. The original Bee Gees musicians completed the show. The 3 brothers were very sympathetic, during the show but also afterwards at a Meet and Greet with the audience where they signed autographs etc. All in all, an event to which one still thinks back for a long time.

The beautiful venue in Wuppertal

Leverkusen: Dennis explains how Alan Kendall asked him to come to The Bee Gees as they were looking for a drummer.   Copyright A+D Wange.

April 9th. - Dusseldorf, Tonhalle
Marion/GSI: Time to pay another visit to Dusseldorf today for us. A busy and very sunny day and we met most of the team in the afternoon in their hotel and had lunch together there. Then on our way to the hall for the soundcheck and concert. A well known venue for the Italian Bee Gees and a very special place as well. The Dusseldorf Tonhalle. Unfortunately the huge piano wasn't standing in the entrance hall anymore, so no private concert by Blue after the meet and greet, like last year. The hall was packed tonight again with very enthusiastic people. There were some small changes in the show and we enjoyed ourselves again very much. There were standing ovations and people were clapping and dancing along with the music all evening and again a special warm and long applause also for the 3 guests: Blue, Dennis and Vince.

From the moment I can think I am a Bee Gee fan. Unfortunately, I have never seen the Bee Gees perform live. Only once a solo performance by Robin. So I figured I'll go and visit this musical. And I'm thrilled completely. I had never imagined it would be so beautiful. In the first part has been told a lot about the boys. Some new things for me and some that were familiar but everything was presented wonderfully. The second part was more like a concert and the music was really good. The performance of the three Italian brothers was wonderful. I would go again and again for each Bee Gee Fan this event is a must. Thanks for an unforgettable evening!

Photo report  Dusseldorf  (5 images)  
April 10th. - Mainz: Rheingoldhalle
It was a great event, the atmosphere was wonderful. The Italian Bee Gees have super voices and it was an experience also to see real old bandmembers of The Bee Gees live. I would go and see the event any time again.

Photo report  Mainz  soundcheck. copyright: Michael Kohlhaas (6 images)  
Photo report  Mainz  concert. copyright: Michael Kohlhaas (21 images)  
scenes from the Mainz concert
April 13th.- Duisburg: Theater am Marientor
Marion/GSI: Heading first to the band hotel in Oberhausen today, chatted for a while with some of our friends overthere and in the afternoon we went to the airport in Dusseldorf to pick up a very special guest to the tour for the coming days: the mother of the Egiziano brothers!! It was great to see Mama again. She arrived from Italy together with her son Pasquale. Then it was a short drive to the venue for tonight in Duisburg. It was great for her to see and visit her sons on tour and it was a warm welcome with all. We of course went with Mama Maria Teresa to see the soundcheck in this very nice theater venue of Duisburg and she met lots of people of the Massachusetts team including of course the 3 special guests: Blue, Dennis and Vince. Proudly taking pictures of everyone especially her own sons!! Before the show started Gerard, myself and Mama Maria Teresa took our seats in one of the lovely balconies where we had a splendid view on the stage. A very special night with lots of emotions for me being next to the mother of the Italian Bee Gees watching her sons' show. We were dancing and singing together all night. At a certain part of the show Walter Egiziano mentioned that today was a very special day as their mother was guest and would see their show for the first time. He pointed at our balcony and the audience gave her a very big aplause: so nice !! In fact the show has been called 'Massachusetts' as that was the fave Bee Gees song of the parents of the Egiziano Brothers. After the show we went to the meet and greet, more photos were taken of course also of the brothers and their mother and then after midnight we left for the restaurant to eat, and to celebrate Dennis' birthday (April 14) and sing for him and give a present etc.

Photo report  Duisburg  soundcheck. copyright: Hans Jörg Pletowski (8 images)  
*The Egiziano Brothers emulated the Bee Gees vocal sound in a brilliant way and made you feel like listening to the Gibb Brothers themselves. Also the setlist was perfect: Besides the greatest hits "lost jewels" were included like "Songbird", "And the sun will shine", "Lamplight". Also the Amen Corner smash hit 'If paradise is half as nice' was a welcome enrichment of the show. But the most incredible thing about the show was that this was virtually a real Egiziano Brothers & "Bee Gees" concert. The performances of the three "Ex" Bee Gees: Vince Melouney (vocals and guitar), Blue Weaver (keyboards) and Dennis Bryon (drums) just blew me away as they added historical importance to the event!!!

* The musical was exciting from beginning to end. We could not stay on the chairs. It was simply super. We would recommend this musical to everyone.

* It began a little strange (about 15 minutes), but it was just great. I am a sporty Bee Gees fan and sometimes thought I would hear the originals. The history of the Bee Gees was told while their songs were played. The Italian brothers were really great. After the show they stayed for photos and autographs until all fans did get a chance to go to them. Very sympathetic. Highly recommended.

Everyone together after the meet and greet in Duisburg.   copyright: Hans Jörg Pletowski

Dinner after the concert in Duisburg. Birthday Dennis: 14 April    copyright Maria Teresa Amendola.
April 15th-Vechta: Rasta-Dome
Photo report  Vechta   (4 images)  
April 16th. - Krefeld: Seidenweberhaus
Davide Egiziano's thoughts tonight in Krefeld
' "Massachusetts", was one of the fave songs of our parents. One of the songs they used to listen to and dance. It was also absolutely the most preferred song of our father... Everytime we played a concert, he said: "all songs are good, but Massachusetts it's the best!" So, almost 50 years later, she is now 'on Tour' with her sons, listening to Massachusetts sang and played by us. I think so many thoughts are in her mind... we can see in her eyes and in her smiles... Pasquale, Walter, Davide and Mamma Egiziano '.

Marion Adriaensen: Lovely words Davide, it was an emotional experience to enjoy some shows with such a wonderful and proud Mama. I hope to see her soon again, love to you, Walter, Pasquale and of course Maria Teresa xxx

Marion/GSI: No plans in fact to also visit this concert but of course because Maria Teresa visited Germany and her sons, we promissed to come one extra time. As there were no special places in Krefeld for us to visit we headed for the band hotel (special hotel for me from the past ;-) ) to have a drink and a chat before leaving for the concert hall. There we were with some other friends for soundcheck and later on the Krefeld concert. Again tonight I had a great time, specially to watch, dance and sing together with a proud Mama who again was introduced tonight by son Walter to the audience. The last few shows have small differences with the earlier ones but in general the set list is the same as when part 3 of the tour started. Tonight finally I had a chance to personally meet Till, the choreographer of the show who did together with Bjorn an amazing job. We'd corresponded a lot already that's why it was so nice to meet him in Krefeld finally. He's working on a lot of projects so he's only now and then visiting Massachusetts. After the show there was the meet and greet and a late dinner with some of the team, then we went off to Holland again.

Krefeld, me with part of the IBG Band, where is Ivan.....?!

April 17th. - Darmstadt: Darmstadtium wissenschaft / kongresse

Dennis is explaining about Barry's falsetto: 'I'll sing it for you' Dennis suggested but....... he doesn't get a chance. Copyright: A+D. Wange
April 19th. - München : Circus Krone
 Munchen   (8 images)  
April 20th. - Bayreuth: Oberfrankenhalle
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Each concert again the whole team performs with so much passion and love!
You can see they are enjoying to play their fave BG music. copyright A+D Wange.

In every show they pay tribute to the fact that Andy, Maurice and Robin aren't amongst us anymore.
There is also a big -thank you- and applause each time for all 4 brothers and the music they gave us. copyright A+D Wange.
April 21th. - Berlin: Tempodrom
Photo report  Berlin   (4 images)  
April 23rd. - Celle: Congress-Union Celle
Photo report  Celle  copyright: A+D. Wange (11 images)  
April 24th. - Aurich: Stadthalle
A super evening! The Italian Bee Gees are real close to the original, but most of all they are all great singers and musicians, there is simply no better !!! I can highly recommend this event and I will also visit a third time. Thumbs up!!!

Scene: The girls are getting ready to go to a party: fltr: Vivi Leilah, Marlou Duster, Svitlana Peter and Astrid Hagenah. copyright unknown.

Dennis and Blue together on stage again. Copyright A+D Wange

April 25th. - Essen: Colosseum Theater
Marion: The last show we'd visit of Massachusetts this year, the very last show of the tour as well so..... special day and special performance on stage with again some funny jokes in between the show. I was very happy when I heard that the last performance would be in Essen. Not too far away from home but most of all: a wonderful venue!! We've talked a bit with everyone in the afternoon backstage and took some photos. Soundcheck started rather late and had a very nice surprise: for the first time I heard Vince's version of In The Morning (country style) I love it!! I really hope he'll soon starts to perform it on stage. Right after soundcheck we all gathered backstage for a drink and a bite, because it was the last performance and everyone took some time to have chats and take photos and we all toasted with a glass of prosecco. (Thank you Reset!). It had been a great tour and this team: we hope to see them all back soon. Also I offered each and everyone of the team a little -thank you- cake on behalf of Anja, Detlef, Gerlinde Rudinger and me and Gerard: we've all had again an amazing time.

Photo report  Essen  copyright: A+D. Wange (14 images) The Reset Get Together before the very last show of the tour.  
The concert itself: a crowded venue and the audience was very enthusiastic. What a lovely atmosphere again. Me and my friends had again a special -flower thank you- for everyone on stage at the end of the show. Afterwards the last meet and greet which took much more time than usual as many already had to say goodbye at this point. Finally, it was already the start of the new day, we went to a restaurant nearby to celebrate the end of another succesfull tour again with some drinks and dinner followed by a quite emotional goodbye. We are all looking forward to seeing eachother again soon.

Photo report  Essen  copyright: A+D. Wange (7 images) The last show of Massachusetts 2016  

Comment Reset Production:
 Massachusetts Tour 2016 - Das war`s! 3 aufregende Monate "on the Road" in Deutschland und in der Schweiz.
Über 30.000 begeisterte Zuschauer bei 39 Shows! 15.000 treue Facebook Fans!
Ein restlos glückliches Team sagt Dankeschön!
Wir sehen uns 2017!

 Massachusetts Tour 2016 - That's it! 3 exciting months touring Germany and Switzerland.
Over 30.000 thrilled spectators at 39 shows! 15.000 Facebook fans!
A very happy team says Thank You!
See you in 2017!

Comment Italian Bee Gees (2 weeks after the last show in Essen)
 'Two weeks after the end of the "Massachusetts" Tour, and after all the adrenalin is gone, we really want to say "GRAZIE" to all. First of all, to the audience that came to watch the shows, the production (and of course the 'office girls'). Director Till for his work and passion, tour managers Andy and Frank, the great "Mr. Jones": Bjorn, our extraordinary band, all the wonderful dancers/actors, the fantastic technical crew, as well as Jo, Siggy, Kayte, the bus drivers, and all the friends/fans... And, last but not least, we say "thank you" to those 3 guys in the picture...Three great men, great artists, who made every moment, a Special Moment.. Blue, Vince, Dennis.. GRAZIE!
 A due settimane dalla fine del "Massachusetts" Tour, e dopo aver smaltito tutta l'adrenalina, vogliamo dire GRAZIE a tutti. Grazie al pubblico venuto a vedere gli spettacoli, alla produzione, al direttore Till per il suo lavoro e la sua passione, i tour managers Andy e Frank, al grande "Mr. Jones": Bjorn, alla nostra straordinaria band, i magnifici ballerini/attori, il fantastico staff tecnico, Jo, Siggy, Kayte, gli autisti e tutti i fans/amici... Il "GRAZIE" finale, lo vogliamo riservare ai 3 ragazzi della foto... Tre grandi uomini, grandi artisti, che hanno reso ogni momento, un momento speciale.. Blue, Vince, Dennis... GRAZIE!
We love you all,
Walter, Davide and Pasquale'.

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