Italian Bee Gees with Robin and Barry Gibb, Manchester 2009.
©   P. Verhoef

"The Italian Bee Gees (personal friends of GSI. They first contacted me in 2003) have a special section on this website where you can find all the information about the group. They love helping to keep the Bee Gees legacy alive because they simply adore The Bee Gees music and love singing Gibb compositions live on stage with their band. We have a list with all kinds of tribute/cover bands on our GSI link page next to the IBG, but for me the Italian Bee Gees are different from all the others. They do not impersonate The Bee Gees but sing the Gibb songs live for their audiences with all their heart and soul. For them important is: their unconditional love for the Bee Gees music which they enjoy to share with their audiences with lots of enthusiasm and passion.

This is also the reason why former Bee Gees band member Blue Weaver some time ago chose The Egiziano Brothers to work with and to perform the Bee Gees music once again on stage with these three brothers. I think there's no way anyone can ever copy The Bee Gees in what way ever. Their voices and sound are unique. So why try?! That's why I am not the biggest fan of those type of tribute groups who try to act, sound, speak, walk, dress etc. like our Gibb Brothers. I am more impressed by a group like the Italian Bee Gees who are a good band performing the Gibb music with heart and soul live on stage, that's to me more important.

Even Barry mentioned in an interview that he loves to see other artists sing their music: - Barry: 'I always get a kick out of someone else singing our songs'! I personally think he's not that fond of artists who try to impersonate him and his brothers in every way on stage. I also believe that artists shouldn't need to look and act like the Gibbs but in the first place try to keep that wonderful BG music alive."
This GSI section is a tribute of The Egiziano Brothers to:
The Legend - The Bee Gees and their music'.

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Massachusetts - Das BEE GEES Musical
Reset production:

We would like to present to you one after the other, all the artists taking part in our 2015 Massachusetts Tour!

The tour will start January 15
See tourschedule (pdf) for all details.

Spain, November 8, 2014
The 3 Egiziano Brothers were guests at Sarau 08911, Badalona.
Back in Spain again! and.... it looks like a wonderful party!
Hopefully more Spanish concerts next year!!
 Photo report (6 images)  

Thanks: Javier Fernandez

November 8, 2014

Italy, October 4th. 2014.
This night The Italian Bee Gees together with Blue Weaver gave a live concert in the South Italian city of Cerisano.
Enjoy the photo report by Davide Noviello.

Blue Weaver    © Davide Noviello
 Photo report (10 images)  
October 4th. 2014

Italian Bee Gees concerts in The Netherlands
September 19 and 20 The Italian Bee Gees including Blue Weaver gave concerts in The Netherlands.
The first night in Geldrop and the second night in Vlierden, near Deurne.
It was a weekend of seeing lots of friends and fans again and nice to have our Italian friends once again in our country as well.
It were 2 nights of singing, dancing and making fun.
Thanks again for the music. !!

 Photo report (8 images)  
more photos: Geldrop,
more photos: Geldrop and Vlierden at:

September 19 and 20. 2014

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September 4th. 2014

August 10 - 11 - 12, 2014
3 special Italian Bee Gees concerts in Italy featuring Blue Weaver.

See video from 13.45 untill 17.35

August 10. Longobardi, (CS), piazzale Beato San Nicola, Longobardi Marina
The first of 3 free concerts of The Italian Bee Gees, their band and singers featuring Blue Weaver as well!! The whole area was beautifully decorated with bright coloured lights and in the warm summer night everyone enjoyed the sounds of the Bee Gees music. There were several banners to thank the group for doing this show in Longobardi. A good friend of the Egiziano Brothers had been doing his utmost to make this show happen and it was a night never to forget!! There even was a special mention by the group to me and some friends for our support and coming from abroad to watch this and visit them and we received a really beautiful bunch of flowers. It was heartwarming. For me it was the first time I saw a performance of my Italian friends amongst the Italians in their homeland and although I had an accident just before the concert started: I had the time of my life enjoying my fave Bee Gees music.
Beautiful fireworks completed the evening!
©  S. Weaver

August 11. Paola, Contrada Fosse, "Sagra da 'Grispedda"

Soundcheck Fosse   © S. Weaver
It means: Festival of the "Crespella" a typical fried pancake used in the neighbourhoods south of Paola, ( The Fosse area is the place where Walter, David and Pasquale were born and lived the first years of their lives). This concert was a very special and emotional one for The Brothers, for me and all their family and friends. The gig was at a small festival and surrounded by some kind of market place with many nice stalls where you could get lots of things to eat and drink all night. The place like mentioned was there where the boys spent the first years of their lives with their mom and dad (their dad died earlier this year but he was there in spirit that evening more than ever!) and their grand parents. The audience: all their close friends and family which gave this night a very, very special feeling. I was sitting next to their proud mother and we both shed some tears and held hands. The audience sang and danced all night to the sounds of all these wonderful Bee Gees songs. Very special also was the Italian friend of The Brothers, Pietro Serpa, who came on stage with his accordion and sang with the band the song: Il Mondo, a song which has very special meaning to the family, so beautiful!!! (Davide Egiziano: ' With Pietro I started singing in Paola first, then all around Calabria, in private parties and squares. He was the really first one who gave me this opportunity many years ago. Me and Pietro (just the 2 of us), played at Fosse for 6 or 7 consecutive years in the past he's a great friend of us and was also a great friend of our father.') Later that night the group was presented with an award: This award plaque was given to the boys by the guys of the organization in Fosse, as "Grazie" for being there with the whole show.
I'm sure this was the most special IBG performance I've ever visited.

©  Rosanna Tocci

©  Franca Delfino

August 12. Amantea (CS), Lungomare (along the beach)

Sound check Amenthea,  ©  Marion Adriaensen
We'd left early for the venue to see the sound check of the band at the beach as well as the wonderful sunset!! A perfect spot for a great show. First we had dinner with the whole band and then it was waiting for a political meeting on the square to finish their discussing. Finally...... the band could start to play and told the audience: after all this talking it's time for some music and everyone agreed and became enthusiastic right away. Another warm night to enjoy my favourite music amongst a whole square of enthusiast Italian people. During the concert me and my husband as well as friends of ours were again mentioned by the Egiziano Brothers for being present, which was so kind.



August 1. 2014
Concert Swingin' Hulsen, Belgium

A very succesful performance of The Italian Bee Gees during this swinging night.
Watch video:

Also look at photo report at:

August 2. 2014
Concert Mers Les Bains, France

A wonderful performance for thousands of people and lots of sea gulls near the beach of Mers Les Bains. A good thing: the heavy rain stopped in time so the show didn't have to be cancelled.

©   Francois Trancart.

Laura Ugolini with her passionate performance of Immortality,     © Cristel Brouwer

One of the performances in Puglia.
Ostuni, Giugrà Resort

July 12. 2014

Cosenza, Italy

Performance Italian Bee Gees: XI Settembre square.

Before the show, © Laura Ugolini

The concert,© Stefania Basile

Photo report of  Davide Noviello  ©  Davide Noviello (10 images)  
June 26. 2014

Italian Bee Gees gigs

Also this summer The Italian Bee Gees will give concerts in several countries.
July 12. the group will play in Ostuni (Puglia)
For all concert dates which are confirmed up to now, please click their tour schedule
Next Concerts Pdf

June 2014

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May 2014

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April 2014

March 26th. 2014

Marion/ GSI:
After the tragic loss in their family, The Egiziano Brothers (Italian Bee Gees) continue today The Massachusetts Tour in Dresden according to their tourschedule.

'Di nuovo in viaggio verso la 'tua' Massachusetts, con te nel cuore,
orgogliosi di essere tuoi figli..
Grazie di tutto papà.
Walter, Davide e Pasquale.'

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February 2014

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January 2014

January 15th. 2014

Latest details about The Italian Bee Gees and their upcoming new tour.

New Tour
It's almost time for another Massachusetts Tour through Europe in honour of the Bee Gees music. The coming week The Italian Bee Gees and their team (this year with 2 new band members) will be busy with rehearsals and January 23rd.
the first show starts. (see tour schedule pdf file) There are VIP cards for each show which you can still obtain next to the concert card you might already have bought.
For details about the VIP cards please mail:
There's a new CD (see below) too and there are probably more merchandise items for sale at the venues! So don't miss the 2014 Massachusetts tour and.... arrangements for the 2015 tour are being made already at the moment too. See you soon.

New CD
There's a brand new CD ready by The Italian Bee Gees and Blue Weaver.
"Nights In Germany - Live"!!!
It are all live recordings from their 2013 German Tour: 25 tracks, 78 minutes of music in honour of The Gibb Brothers.
Available of course during the upcoming European Massachusetts Tour.

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