Italian Bee Gees with Robin and Barry Gibb, Manchester 2009.
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December 11- 2013

The 3 Egiziano Brothers (without band this time) did a performance in the South of France: The Italian Bee Gees - one night a trio. Their last show of this year. Italian Bee Gees:
'Thank you to the wonderful audience in Cap d'Adge Casino.
Hope to see you soon again in France !
Merci Beaucoup !'

November / December

Recently The Italian Bee Gees have been busy rehearsing with their new band members, working and preparing for their upcoming European tour for 2014 and their new live CD.

left: Pasquale and Roberto   right: Danilo with new bandmembers

Danilo and Roberto
Welcome to the band: Antonio and Roberto!
Rehearsing with the new band members: Antonio Chiarella on drums and Roberto Risorto on key board.
(copyright L. Ugolini)

November 2013

Back To The Netherlands
After a number of shows in both Italy and Spain this Summer it was high time for The Italian Bee Gees to pay a visit to The Netherlands again. So they did last month when they gave two concerts in the south of the country and this year with special guest star: key board player of the old Bee Gees band: Blue Weaver. First show was in Brunssum on October 18.

Thanks to the help from Lita, the Dutch Tina Turner, it became a wonderful party. She had been very busy organizing the evening. The next day we drove to Deurne to see the second concert, also a wonderful party including a DJ. After both concerts there was time for the fans to have a chat with The Egiziano Brothers and Blue Weaver and take a photo during the meet and greet!! Let's hope they'll come back to The Netherlands next year again.

Fabrizio and Emiliano
A pity drummer Emiliano and key board player Fabrizio will be leaving the band to go and start doing other things in music. The Italian Bee Gees band will begin the new year with some new band members. Thanks Emiliano and Fabrizio for all the music and we hope to see you back again some time!

The Italian Bee Gees (with Blue Weaver) in Deurne
Click for  some photos of IBG in The Netherlands 2013

- Massachusetts
- Saved By The Bell

September 19th. 2013

Celebrating Bee Gees music in The Netherlands
A chance for all fans to get together again and share the love of The Bee Gees music. On October 18 and 19 there will be live concerts of The Italian Bee Gees ( The 3 Egiziano Brothers and theirs singers and full live band). They'd like to celebrate together with you: the music of their heroes: The Bee Gees.
Keyboard player of the original Bee Gees Band and the one who helped composing some of those great Bee Gees songs!! GSI would like you all to come and enjoy this get-together on the 18 and/or 19th. and sing and dance to the music of The Brothers Gibb. So come, enjoy: meet new fans and re-unite with old fans and friends again.

Details in English, Dutch and German: GSI-Mailbox

more info needed?:

July 28th. 2013

"FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER" and more....
Celebrating the Bee Gees music in Holland this Fall !!
A perfect chance for all Gibb fans to join together again.

How deep is your love for the Bee Gees? Read all details about 2 special concert shows in The Netherlands by The Italian Bee Gees.
For everyone who enjoys Bee Gees music: MailBox

Spain June / July - 2013
In June and July the group has been given a number of shows in Spain
June 23 - 2013
Casino Peralada, Costa Brava, Girona
left: Casino Peralada c. Javier Fernandez   right: Visiting Spain for concerts, c. Italian Bee Gees

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May 2013

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March 2013

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February 7th. 2013

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16. January 2013

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January 2013

It was worth to try and ask and he said YES.... A Dream Coming True.

Live during the entire tour of The Italian Bee Gees: musician and the keyboard player of The (original) Bee Gees: Mr. Blue Weaver! He'll be playing with the Italian Bee Gees on a number of songs and of course will be telling about his career with The Bee Gees during the musical/concert production which will tour through Germany starting January 16th. Don't miss it and come and see this "Massachusetts" production which tells
"The Story of The Bee Gees - A tribute To The Legend".

(Reset Production)

Blue Weaver: I look forward to touring with the Egiziano brothers and band and we shall do our best to pay a great tribute to my now departed friends Andy, Maurice and Robin.
The Bee Gees music and spirit will live on...

Marion / GSI

January 4th. 2013

Italian Bee Gees new German Tour

At the moment the group is busy getting everything ready for their new tour. The premiere of their show "Massachusetts" is January 16th. and this is going to be a journey through the lives and career of The Brothers Gibb: A Tribute to The Legend. Performed live by the Italian Bee Gees together with their own band and singers as well as many dancers and actors etc., a very special tribute!! The Italian Bee Gees are looking forward to see you all during their shows in Germany.....
The Italian Bee Gees hope to see you all again this year      (credits A. Wange).
Marion / GSI

December 2012

Who wants to dance in the musical/concert production: Massachusetts?!

For dance groups from Germany who are interested:
The Tour starts next month, January 16th. in Germany, starring:
The Italian Bee Gees and former Bee Gees keyboard player Blue Weaver.
read details below and see the tour list on this page.

An Alle Tanzschulen und vereine,

Massachusetts, Das Bee Gees Musical geht auf tour und Sie haben die Chance, eine Ihrer Tanzgruppen Teil des Musicals werden zu lassen. Für eine Performance zu dem Bee Gees Klassiker "Stayin' Alive" sucht die Agentur Reset Production nach Tanzgruppen, die bei der Musicalshow in Ihrer Stadt auftreten möchten. Es müssen mindestens 8 und maximal 10 TänzerInnen sein. Eine professionelle Tanzausbildung ist für die Teilnahme nicht notwendig, jedoch sollte die Tanzgruppe bereits bühnenerfahren sein und Spaß daran haben, auf einer großen Showbühne vor Publikum zu tanzen. Sobald Sich das Kreativ-Team für eine Tanzgruppe entschieden hat, wird Ihnen ein Lernvideo zugeschickt, in welchem die Choreografie erklärt wird.

Wir haben Ihr Interesse geweckt und Sie möchten wissen, was Sie als Nächstes tun müssen? Ganz einfach! Schauen Sie auf die Tourliste, wann das Musical in Ihrer Stadt gastiert und kontaktieren Sie uns möglichs zeitnah unter mit den Betreff Dance Performance. Sobald Ihre Email bei uns eingegangen ist, erhalten Sie das Bewerbe formular and alle weiteren Informationen sowie Bewerbungsfristen.
Mit besten Gruessen, das Kreativ Team von Reset production.

Marion / GSI

December 2012

Italian Bee Gees on tour with Blue Weaver

Everyone including mother Egiziano singing on stage with Blue during rehearsals
Today I finally got the answer: YES.....
Keyboard player of the original Bee Gees Band Mr. Blue Weaver will be doing a 4 month tour with The Italian Bee Gees through Germany. The Massachusetts production is telling the story of The Bee Gees with live music, photo, film, dance and actors, a very special experience. The three Italian brothers learned to know Blue early this year when Blue Weaver did a guest appearance during one of their shows of the 2012 German tour. I'm very happy that again one of their wishes will come true. It was nice trying to get Blue in touch with the Italian brothers but I knew their dream would be; to really work with him during a tour.

All fans who like to experience Massachusetts and do not have tickets yet: please see the tour schedule and ticket information and try to buy your tickets for this special event which will start January 16th 2013.
More information on this tour when available

Marion / GSI

December 17th. 2012

The Italians conquered Spain

November 2, 2012
High time for the first ever Italian Bee Gees concert in Spain. Location: The Event Hall near Castle/Casino Peralada in Catalunya Review: the audience was very enthusiastic and the whole band loved this performance. It was very successful and it asks for more in the near future!!!

(source: facebook casino Peralada)

Comment from their Spanish promotor:
"I want to thank you for your great show in Spain yesterday. We work with a lot of artists but no one like you! Thanks for your professionalism, all of you. Better than a band or a team, you're a family. Three real brothers working with some brothers from the heart! The best show ever (until your next show in Spain!) Hope to work with all of you real soon!
Grazzie Mille amici!!!!"

Some comments from The Italian Bee Gees Band:
"Last Friday night we all had a very good time at Casino Peralada in Catalunya..!! Thank you very much to all the people who worked on this Concert. It's so nice to see how Music brings people together..people from different countries, different cultures, different lives..who feel the same emotions..just listening with their eyes closed, or dancing, or trying to hide the tears of a memory...
This makes us feel alive.
This is the power of The Bee Gees music".

The Spanish experience was really great!!!!
We've found a really professional and in the same time "easy" organization.. The Peralada Event Hall (close to a magnificent Castel and Casino) was completely filled by 450 guests at the dinner, and from the first song we understood it would be a nice evening..!! Many people have been raised from the chair to come down the stage (we started our show at the end of the dinner), singing and dancing. And at the end of EVERY song we were "hit by a rumble" of the audience!
It was a crescendo for all the 2 hours of music..:

(source: facebook casino Peralada)

November, 2012

Italian Bee Gees in Spain
Next live performance of Italian Bee Gees will be November 2nd. in Spain. Casino Peralada, Castillo de Peralada.

Before that they'll give one more show in Italy at a private party in Rende (CS) on October 31st. For more details about their performances please visit:

October 23rd. 2012

Italian Bee Gees give tribute to The Bee Gees with shows in Holland.

Again The Egiziano Brothers came to visit The Netherlands to pay tribute to The Gibb Brothers. The Italian Bee Gees did 2 shows, one in Limburg, a complete 2 hours show October 5th., and one in Overijsel on October 6th. (3 times 45 minutes during a covers festival event). The audience was very enthusiastic and although many of them, specially during the very crowded performance in Overijsel, had never heard from the Italian brothers before, they most of all loved their way of performing, like they mentioned to me: 'these boys play and sing The Bee Gees music with so much passion!!'
The Egiziano Brothers sent this message today to thank everyone:

Once again, we want to thank -with all our heart- our Dutch and German friends..!! Too many to mention them all, but THANK YOU for all your love and affection..
And thank you to let us feel at home, everywhere we are...
We are one, for ever..
The Italian Bee Gees
(October 8th. 2012)

Thanks friends, Marion / GSI

Rimburg show in Limburg photo by Monique Saaltink

in a very crowded bar Het Podium, Denekamp, Italian Bee Gees live, photo by L. van Herwijnen

Italian Bee Gees News
Massachusetts Musical Performed By Italian Bee Gees

It's confirmed now: The new and extensive Bee Gees musical tour called "Massachusetts", which has been announced some time ago to travel all over Germany in 2013 will be performed by Europe's Top Bee Gees Tribute band: The Italian Bee Gees!!! They'll bring much more then a concert. It's going to be a musical journey through the lives of The Bee Gees; the three famous British Brothers Gibb and this project will also be performed by three brothers.

Three Italian Brothers. Huge fans of The Bee Gees and singers of Europe's Top 1 Bee Gees tribute band: Italian Bee Gees. The show tells the story of The Bee Gees, their life and career, with huge screens showing photos and videos, live music, dancing, singing etc. etc.
Tourchedule and tickets:

October 2012.

Italian Bee Gees concert news     Nederlandse vertaling (pdf)

After a huge German tour earlier this year and another tour through their home land Italy they have done this summer, The Italian Bee Gees will be coming to Holland again in October before going on with planning more future concerts for later this year and next year etc. October 5 and 6 the group will perform in Holland.

October 5th. Rimburg/Landgraaf (in Limburg at the German border)

Tickets: € 12.50 pre sale.
you can make your reservation at:
After your reservation you can pay at the following account: ING Bank (The Netherlands) account number 450 2226 of: Gemeenschapshuis D'r Eck , Rimburg
(For foreign fans: for a bank transfer from abroad you'll also need the following codes: Iban: NL62INGBooo4502226 Bic: INGBNL2A).
Or pay € 17.50 at the venue, the day of the concert.
You can also pre order your tickets at the following addresses:
Cafe d'r Eck, Brugstraat 16, phone: 0455321135
Rimburgerhoeve, Rimburgerweg 176, phone: 0455324899
Cafe de Rotonde, Hoostraat 193, phone 0455315633

October 6th. Denekamp ( in Overijssel, also at the border with Germany), details and ticket sales at :

Enjoy: Europe's No.1 Tribute To The Bee Gees !!!
Together with The Italian Bee Gees we're going to enjoy an evening of wonderful Gibb music and pay tribute to Maurice, Robin and Andy. This way we hope being able to help Barry keeping the Gibb music alive for a very long future.
Are you coming too?

recent performance, September 8th. in Paola.

Davide Egiziano of The Italian Bee Gees: " I want to personally and publicly thank each and everyone for the many messages received after the concert in Paola ... we hope to always deserve friends like you.. ".

October 2012

Bee Gees Tribute Shows

The group The Italian Bee Gees is touring again through Italy in August and September.
Here are a number of confirmed dates:

August 3 Giugrà, Loc. Pescarosa, Ostuni (BR)
August 4 Cosenza, lungofiume Festival
August 11 Paola, Loc. Fosse  Cancelled
August 14 Sant'Andrea sullo Jonio (CZ)
August 16 Forte Village Resort, Pula (CA)
August 18 Vintage Event, Sassoferrato, Ancona
August 19 San Sisto dei Valdesi, CS
August 29 Corallo beach, Ostia (RM), private party
September 8 Paola (CS) piazza
September 17 Buonvicino, Cosenza

Next to that there are plans for shows in Holland and Germany later this year and / or next year.
We'll keep you posted!!

August 2012

June 7 - 2012
Pasquale Egiziano (IBG) got married to Alessandra De Seta.

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June 2012

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February 2012

Italian Bee Gees in French TV Show
The Italian Bee Gees report about their performance in the French TV Show:

The Italian Bee Gees in Paris
"The TV Show on French TV "TF1", 'Qui sera le meilleur ce soir' last Saturday April 17th was GREAT! We won our "Band Battle" against The Beatles tribute (Four very nice boys from Essex-London called "like the Beatles"). In front of a jury composed by three famous French actors; Christine Bravo, Jean-Luc Lemoine et Laurent Ournac and hosted by Christophe Dechavanne and Victoria Silvstedt we (the Egiziano Brothers ) performed live: "Staying Alive" and "Night Fever" with the French TV Orchestra and the final score was: Bee Gees -Beatles: 3 to 0. It was a very fun game that gave us a great satisfaction and the consent of the French public. This is because the Bee Gees are very appreciated and loved in France! The program was followed by six million viewers in France, Belgium and Switzerland".

More updates about the group: The Italian Bee Gees have two confirmed shows in the Netherlands. Next August 13th in Ulft at the Huntenpop-festival and October 22nd in Hardenberg for the October-Fest.

Italian Bee Gees represent Bee Gees Music in French TV show.
We mentioned before that the French TV is working on a TV talent show and they were looking for people performing with members of their family in various artistic categories such as dancers, magicians, singers, circus artists etc. They hoped to find people playing Bee Gees music too.

We now have confirmation that The Italian Bee Gees will be part of the show and these three Italian brothers will represent the Bee Gees music in this talent show of Coyote TV.
The Italian Bee Gees: Pasquale, Walter and Davide Egiziano will be in Paris for The French TV Show on TF1 on April 17th. and the channel website  

Italian Bee Gees
April 2010

Some videos:

Italian Bee Gees Massachusetts - How Deep Is Your Love
Italian Bee Gees I've gotta get a message to you

Next to performances in Italy they also played in Holland again:

The Netherlands
13 augustus 2010 Huntenpop Festival, Ulft.

22 oktober 2010 Oktoberfest, Hardenberg.

Casting For French TV

My name is Aurélia Couturier.
I am working for a French TV company and currently working on a TV talent show dedicated to families which will be aired prime time live on TF1, the first French channel. We are trying to gather people performing with members of their family in various artistic categories such as dancers, magicians, singers, circus artists and we would love to have a music band playing The Bee Gees! I am asking for your help We are looking for any kind of band forming, 4 or 3 brothers, parents with their children, uncles and cousins or grand parents We would love to have The Bee Gees represented on our set. If there are interested fans and families then please take a look at the advertisement of TF1 Click here (Word file).

Feel free to visit our website: and the channel website The filming will take place in Paris on April 2010 and all the travel expenses will be covered by our company (train/plane tickets, hotel rooms, meals) and the winners of the evening will win €15 000 (over £13000 - $20000). The show will be aired on the first French channel but also in Switzerland and Belgium.

February 2010

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July, 2009

The Netherlands
1st performance in The Netherlands, Gouwe Ouwe Feest, Hardenberg.

October 11. 2009 Scrumpy, Wateringen.

October 10-11. 2009

2007 - 2008
Some of the Italian performances in these years

Roma, Discoteca 'Heaven' December 14, 2007

Frascineto, June 28, 2008

2007 - 2008

30 April 2006
Paola, Italy
One of the Italian Bee Gees performances in their home town.
(Between 2002 and 2009 The Italian Bee Gees performed mostly in different Italian cities).

August 2006
USA, Chicago
The first time across the ocean for performances.
An Italian band playing Italian music for the Italian community in Chicago is nice but when you find out this band plays Bee Gees music too......
So another great experience for the Italian Bee Gees, doing an open air live show with the skyline of Chicago in the back ground.
 Photo report  (6 images)

The Italian Bee Gees with band in Chicago

September 2005
Limone sul Garda
Festival Del Garda

A music festival Davide Egiziano participated in with his own music, and he won the prize!!:
Watch video: at 11.45 and at: 34.00
left: Performance of Davide      right: Davide with prize


The Italian Bee Gees - "Stayin' Alive"

Info: Who are the Italian Bee Gees:

I'm Pasquale (one of the "Italian Bee Gees") This is our story in a few words "We are three Italian brothers and we were all born in Paola, a little town of Calabria, south of Italy. Our names are: Walter (born 20.05.1969), Davide (born 10.11.1974) and Pasquale (born 14.07.1977) singing and playing like Barry, Robin and Maurice. Our surname is Egiziano. We loved the Bee Gees since we can remember also we are singing together as the Bee Gees since past four years. As we said we've been in England to represent Italy in the show called Stars in Their Eyes European Championship 2002, hosted by Matthew Kelly. On August 2002 The producers assistant of ITV 1 Granada (the English network who shows the program) saw us on Italian television (canale 5) in a program called 'Momenti di Gloria' hosted by Mike Bongiorno. From this program (Momenti di Gloria) we have been choosen to represent Italy among ten European Nations ( UK, Netherland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Germany, Ireland and Portugal) and we reached the 2nd. place singing 'Stayin' Alive' with 81 points of 90.

It was a fantastic adventure and in the same week we went (always with our friend-interpreter Giovanni Perrotta) to see the house where the Bee Gees lived in Keppel Road Chorlton, Manchester, and we played so many songs of them on front of their old house. It was such a dream came true. Also we took a piece of old window as a souvenir and Robin, guest in a program hosted by Frank Skinner, saw our performance in 'Stars in Their Eyes' and he was so happily impressed and he joked about our 2nd. place and the way we'd stolen a piece of his old house. We don't just love their music but we love them, their way of life, their way of seeing people and things, we love the brothers Gibb as we are three brothers as well. When we sing their songs our feeling is like they are always with us, like they guide us. They are our guardian angels! We were so sorry when Maurice died, it was like we have lost a brother"
- You can use, with our happiness, all our material you need on GSI. - !!

Soundclip:  'Stayin' Alive' 

June 2003

October 2002
The group was invited to go to England to represent Italy in the show called: Stars in Their Eyes European Championship 2002, hosted by Matthew Kelly.

Pasquale tells:"On August 2002 The producers assistant of ITV 1 Granada (the English network who shows the program) saw us on Italian television (canale 5) in a program called 'Momenti di Gloria' From this program (Momenti di Gloria) we have been choosen to represent Italy among ten European Nations (UK, Netherland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Germany, Ireland and Portugal) and we reached the 2nd. place singing 'Stayin' Alive' with 81 points of 90."

It was a great adventure for the Egiziano Brothers and from these very first years on they got lots of help and advice from their good friend and fan Giovanni Perrotta. He had lived in England for many years and afterwards worked in the restaurant of the Egiziano family in Paola. The brothers suddenly were in many different news papers with stories and photos.

 Click here  for some Newspaper articles.
In the same week they spent in England for their TV appearance they went (always together with Giovanni Perrotta) to see the house where the Bee Gees lived in Keppel Road, Chorlton, Manchester, and they played Bee Gees songs in front of the old house. It was such a dream coming true. Pasquale: "We took a piece of old window as a souvenir and Robin, guest in a program hosted by Frank Skinner, saw our performance in 'Stars in Their Eyes' and he was so happily impressed and he joked about our 2nd. place and the way we'd stolen a piece of his old house.!!".

 Click here  Foto report (10 images)

2000 The Egiziano brothers start their music career.

The Egiziano Brothers at the start of their career
Being great Bee Gees fans themselves they decide singing Bee Gees songs as a tribute and take part in the Italian television (canale 5) program called 'Momenti di Gloria' hosted by Mike Bongiorno and Hellen Hidding. Their first successes in music.(August 2000).

'Momenti di Gloria', the first part of the dream

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