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March 8, 2021.

Robin John Gibb
In answer to many questions lately to GSI about RJ Gibb's plans, KTT, Redbreast, other brands and stores, the Legacy Shows etc.etc.

Here's an update and some explanation:
Redbreast Recorders PLC is a company once created by Robin and his son Robin John Gibb together.
KTT (KnotTheTruth Ltd. ) is a 'standalone store/initiative', which is marketed separately in entirety from Redbreast. KnotTheTruth Ltd. is a joint venture w/joint ownership by Robin John & Andrew Eborn Like KTT Ltd. (Redbreast is also a Limited Company, however it is owned & run solely now by Robin John Gibb). Knot The Truth was the embodiment of an ideal created by its founders, striving to supply to their customers only the highest quality, most unique and "giftable" products on the market. Founded in Cannes, France in 2018 by Robin John Gibb and Mr Andrew Eborn with a genuine desire to help people find the very best in product quality and affordability. All products are from eco - friendly and sustainable sources. There's already a fast growing website with products and services. Most of you have already seen the past year the videos and advertisements GSI posted and continues to post in cooperation with RJ and Andrew about all the products, services and new ideas for KTT and the website. In these videos RJ explained already quite a lot of all the products and the several services they are planning to develop and therefore they were and still are constantly asking for ideas from fans of what they like to have added to the collection etc. Just subscribe to Octopus TV to find all the videos and follow everything on GSI (website and Facebook group) and Octopus TV on Youtube!! The here mentioned companies for instance give also nice ideas for merchandising items to order, even personalized items for the Robin Gibb / Bee Gees / Legacy fans will be possible!! More about that later.
KTT/Legacy is under the KnotTheTruth Ltd. Banner. It is the Project to Celebrate The Bee Gees Music and to keep the Gibb Legacy alive, with special shows and concert tours worldwide by Robin John Gibb, The Egiziano Brothers/Italian Bee Gees, Blue Weaver and other guest appearances!! It operates in cooperation with GSI as I am helping with advertising everything on website and Facebook group and will keep the fans updated where needed. Due to Covid19 the Legacy Project couldn't perform any shows yet last year but at the moment one is busy organizing shows and tours and I hope soon to be able to post more about the already confirmed concerts for 2022!

In addition to the online companies I just wrote about, Robin John recently told me:
" I've just opened two new stores on the Francophone market. Targeting France, Switzerland Belgium. These two ventures are not under KTT. They are under the company I forged with my father: Redbreast Ltd. One is a children's toy store called Récré Junior ( & the other is an electronics store called Zenatitude (!! Zenatitude, Récré Junior as well as JeanRobin are all three under the Redbreast Ltd. banner (originally Redbreast Recorders PLC) which my father and I created together. In fact some of the products on Zenatitude will, in the near future, bear the brand name of: JeanRobin."
Also these companies have great possibilities for buying beautiful products, nice gadgets and in some cases also again good items for merchandise purposes which fans will like! At the moment these 2 companies are aiming at the French market but RJ's plan is to expand to other countries like for instance The Netherlands and even more. Anyone around the world can visit the stores and depending on the country in which they reside, each store visitor, upon arrival on the landing page, is offered the option to see the site fully translated into their own language.

To name for instance already one nice and interesting article of the Zenatitude store which could be interesting for fans are the good quality yet affordable logo projectors for car doors, which project your car's logo onto the ground as you open the door, or any picture you want, like... you with their doggy, or your grandchild's face etc... Robin John told me he was also thinking this would be great merchandise items for Bee Gees and / or Robin Gibb fans as well as for the Legacy concert tours !!

You will certainly soon hear more about all the store plans and items, all the merchandise ideas and possibilities.

Next to that Robin John told me he is creating another new "customiser" option: "I am creating a new option on KTT LEGACY,
which is going to allow fans to submit their very own designs, artwork or photographs, which I can then print for them personally. If for instance they have a favourite photo of my father, or of the brothers which they might've even taken themselves, or even a picture they once had snapped of themselves with my father, or messages he wrote on their albums, which they need only to photograph and I can have any of these things printed on t-shirts, baseball caps, or on canvas to hang on a wall in their home. Each garment will have the Legacy logo & a KTT&GSI emblem. It is their very own keepsake to cherish. I am trying to project a message that it is actually really nice to have merchandise available using unique pictures of them which are not the same old recycled, merchandised prints, which were snapped by professional photographers. Instead this are more poignant & personal and therefore that much more special That's why I don't always use photos which have already been seen before as I like to showcase never-before-seen images with a somewhat organic amateur feel to the images. Now the fans will be able to do it themselves, with their very own photographs no less ("selfie" shirts, of them in the image with my father, or my uncles will be very popular I think. They supply the photograph or artwork and I'll then print it for them. It's entirely their design and the only thing at all that I will add to the apparel is the Legacy logo and the KTT emblem"

Finally Robin John mentioned a possibility to work together now and then with GSI for a charity cause.
"I would certainly like to schedule one of these ideas with you. A special sale perhaps where all who type in a 'one use only person customer' code upon checkout, will action a 10% price discount and a 100% profit donation to charity. Items sold for charitable causes, we can for instance add the GSI emblem alongside the KTT emblem with an '&' between them: ("KTT&GSI")"

There are already some charities we have in mind and you will certainly hear more about this and all the other plans the coming time..... on GSI, in the videos and on KTT website as well as all info about the KTT /Legacy concerts.
Stay tuned

Marion / GSI and RJ Gibb. x

Robin John Gibb the Egiziano Brothers and Blue Weaver - The Legacy Project
© Jules Annan
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