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Send your favorite picture together with Mo. with maybe a story behind it, to my address: marion@brothersgibb.org.
Or maybe you have a suggestion for a sound fragment which would remember you of him or of that special moment you once met him?!
I'll make a selection to publish here, so we'll never forget these precious moments with Maurice Gibb.

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Photo Report by Peter Foldy 

Some photos to share by Frederic Renucci 

Last Forever Tribute to Maurice Gibb by Edinho Santa Cruz 

Maurice Gibb, Ten Years After It's been ten years ago since we had to say goodbye January 12th. 2013 

Song For Maurice: BG fan Mahmood Khan wrote and produced this song with Mo in mind. 

Sound Fragment: "The Bridge" 

Special Photo Report by Frederic Renucci 

When The Bee Gees Were Three: 

Digital art by Glenna M Helton: 

Maurice Tribute By Edinho: Edinho's meeting with Maurice (1999) and his tribute song on Brasilian Bee Gees cover album, August - 2004. 

People remember Maurice with photos:  

Honoring Barry, Robin and Maurice: May 12th and May 27th. 

Some photos taken during the Grammy presentation:  

More special Maurice photos and cartoon:  

Some photos taken at the funeral service: page 1 

Some photos taken at the funeral service: page 2 

Tribute of Mahmood: mail and tribute song of an Asian musician who knew the Bee Gees. 

Tribute song by Steve Barry / One of those typical Maurice songs

More photos to remember Mo: 

Maurice sings with Lulu
and Australian sound tribute to Maurice

Some first photos to remember Maurice: