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To pay tribute to Maurice just send in your material that reminds you of Mo: poems, stories, comments etc.
Please send it to: marion@brothersgibb.org and I'll make a selection to publish on these pages.

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January 2014 - Peter Foldy: about my friend Maurice Gibb
Maurice was a great friend and I miss not having him in this world

The first time I "officially" met Maurice story and photos copyright by Dennis Bryon 

Maurice Gibb art work for Yvonne, By William Hunt 

Maurice Gibb Park Dedication, Miami Beach, March 4th 2007 

Poem, Tribute poem by June H."In memory of Maurice" 

Poem, A Bee Gee Remembered. 

Lulu on music, grief and a memorable duet, Dec 12 - 2003 The Mirror. 

North Miami street : Brothers Gibb Boulevard, article published August 28th. 2003. 

Bee Gee leaves widow $ 2m., BBC News article of August 19th. 2003. 

Robin speaks about Maurice for the first time after his death, article from The Daily Mail August 9th - 2003. 

Gibb Park Memorial, article about renaming park name, by Richard Brand. 

Tribute, For Maurice, by Debbie Dziekonski. 

Grammy Presentation February 23rd. 2003, description by Lynne Yule. 

A Tribute to Maurice Gibb, by Lynne Yule. 

Poem, by Dutch fan Madelon D. 

Miami Herald article, by Howard Cohen as a tribute to MO. 

Poem, In Memory Of, poem by Stephanie B. 

Poem, by Shelly Kelly. 

Comments from:
Simon Warner, , Lecturer in the BA in popular music at Leeds University and pop critic.
Howard Cohen, Miami Herald.
Elton John, Singer.
Brian Wilson, Friend and singer of The Beach Boys.
Shania Twain, Singer.

Article Febr. 10th.: Last signed guitar of Mo on auction 

Comments from:
Luis G., A friend.
David Most, Friend and collaborator for 16 years.
Louis Walsh, Lulu's manager.
Pete Basset, Robin Gibb's spokesman.

Comments from:
Bill Good, Bill Gates, The ones who discovered the Brothers Gibb's talent for music.
Kevin Jacobson, Concert promoter.
Col Joye, Australian rocker.
Ian Meldrun, Australian Music guru.

Poem: by Phyllis. 

'Bee Gees' die with Maurice: article from The Mirror, January 22 - 2003. 

Intestinal Blockage killed Maurice Gibb: article January 16 - 2003. 

Comments from:
Arif Mardin, Former Bee Gees producer.
John Merchant, Bee Gees recording engineer.
Blue Weaver, Former Bee Gees' keyboard player.
Dennis Hetzendorfer, Recording engineer who has worked with the brothers.
Peter Graves and Neal Bonsanti, Musicians who worked with the brothers.

Family and friends remember singer, article January 15 - 2003. 

Tribute by Colton, : Paying my respect to Commander Mo by telling the story of how I once met him and some Bee Gees words. 

Poem, by Denise L. Betancourt: a poem I wrote in memory of Maurice Gibb. I only hope the words will offer some comfort to the family. Thank you 

Mourners Recall Bee Gee Maurice Gibb, Article about the funeral service from the Washington Post. 

Comment from David English, friend, Bee Gees author and RSO record company President in the 70s. 

Manx flag for Maurice, article January 14 -2003 from Manx News. 

Comments, from David Leaf, biographer of The Bee Gees 

Interview with Robin and Barry January 12th. 2003, shortly after Maurice's death 

Poem, by Peter in Dutch 

Tribute in stamps, 

Comments, from Robert Stigwood, and from manager Allen Kovac 

Exclusive Maurice Gibb Interview, done by Peter Schavemaker in cooperation with BGFC-Europe, April 1 - 2002. 

Farewell to Maurice, story of fan Rosalien Beks, telling about a last meeting with Maurice, October 2002. including her last photos. 

Poem, by Charli 

Obituary by Brian May. 

BBC reports about death Maurice. Report of January 12th. - 2003 

Biography of Maurice Gibb. 

Statement, of The Gibb Family