NEWS, 2004
NEWS, December 26th.

  Christmas Greetings
Best wishes to all of you. Have a great time!!

  Kings Of Rock 'N Roll
The British TV Channel: B.B.C. 1 is airing the program: Kings Of Rock 'N Roll on December 28th.
Time: 10.20 pm - 11.20 pm. (local time)

  Dutch TV, December 31
For everyone who can watch Dutch TV: Don't forget to watch the Bee Gees Story we've mentioned about earlier. It's on the RTL 5 channel and it's also possible that on the Dutch channel SBS 6 you will be able to hear Dutch singer Gerard Joling sing a Bee Gees song during his concert together with Oletta Adams.

  Dutch Top 2000 Results
Great news for all Bee Gees fans!! Over 1 million votes were sent to the radio station, which is a very huge amount for a small country. The Top 2000 has become the biggest radio event of the year in Holland. These are the results of all the Bee Gees titles in the Top 2000 and the positions:
253- Massachusetts
260- How Deep Is Your Love
277- Staying Alive
300- Words
401- Spicks And Specks
618- Night Fever
680- I Started A Joke
688- Dont Forget To Remember
803- Nights On Broadway
815- Tragedy
887- You Win Again
956- Lonely Days
1126- How Can You Mend A Broken Hear
1172- To Love Somebody
1302- New York Mining Disaster
1445- I've Gotta Get A Message To You
1595- World
1645- Jive Talking
1647- You Should Be Dancing
1766- My World
1901- Too Much Heaven
1905- Holiday
A total of 22 Bee Gees songs!!

The next list tells you about all the Gibb compositions but not performed by The Bee Gees:
219- Woman In Love /B.Streisand
529- Guilty / Streisand,Gibb
1441- If I Cant Have You / Yvonne Ellyman
1735- Heartbreaker /D.Warwick
1881- Saved By The Bell / R.Gibb
1949- Only One Woman / Marbles
2000- Grease / Frankie Valli
So the total of all Gibb compositions in the list is 29

Following list: the results of the best groups / artists in the list:
1 Beatles with 55 songs
2 Rolling Stones 37 songs
3 Abba 24 songs
4 BeeGees 22 songs
5 Elvis Presley 18
6 David Bowie 16
Queen 16
7 Cliff Richard 15
Elton John 15
8 Fleetwood mac 14
9 The Cats 13
10 Beach Boys 12
U2 12 songs

And than some more important information:
The most succesful producer in this list is George Martin (Beatles productions) followed by Barry Gibb!!
If we look at the combination of best producer / performing artist:
Barry is the most succesful in this list of 2000 songs!!
On behalf of all the fans and visitors of GSI:
Congratulations BEE GEES and BARRY !!!

Marion: GSI 12/26/04
(special thanks to P. Hofman)

NEWS, December 4th.

   Barry and Barbra (again)!
Many rumors are going around these days about new projects Barry is busy with. He's indeed back in the studio now and again for several projects. Management at this point doesn't want to make any official announcements but unofficially I can already announce that Barry is indeed planning to work on a new album for Barbra Streisand which also is going to be produced by him. This we think is going to become a major project having these two celebrities working together once again and we'll surely keep you updated on any new developments concerning this project.!!

   Robin starts Christmas in Thame
Like mentioned earlier Robin would start the Christmas period in his home town Thame yesterday December 3rd. by lightning the Christmas Lights. Here's a story by a fan who visited Thame:

Robin looking at the firework on the facade of the Town Hall

   David English And The Bunbury's

David English
Soon on this website a report about David English And The Bunbury's in cooperation with and with approval of: Stephanie Thorburn (music journalist) and David English (friend of Barry). It's a report about David and his love for cricket, charity and of course his good friendship with the Gibbs and some of the projects they have done together in the past and probably will continue to do in future.

Marion: GSI 12/04/04   (thanks also Louisa Y.)

NEWS, November 29th.

  Robin in Bremen
Yesterday evening the German ZDF aired the live TV show: '50 Jahre Rock, Love Songs' hosted by Thomas Gottschalk. Many famous stars of 5 decades of Rock Music performed live on stage for an enthusiastic Bremen audience. Amongst these artists people like Uriah Heep, Joe Cocker, Moody Blues, Percy Sledge and of course Robin Gibb. Elton John couldn't make it because of health problems.
Also there were lots of tape recordings through the show of many more great stars performing like Elvis, Beatles, Roy Orbison, , Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Chicago, Queen, etc. etc. Thomas introduced Robin in the 80's part of the show but immediately explained he could as well have Robin of The Bee Gees introduced in any of the other parts (decades) of the show as through all the decades Robin made together with his brothers huge hits, said Thomas. Robin mentioned the fact that for them always composing has been and still is the most important part and in each decade they tried to come with something new for themselves and for the many artists they've worked with and here they succeeded perfectly Thomas agreed. Robin did a live performance of "How Deep Is Your Love" during the show. Afterwards Thomas asked Robin to sing a little part of "Massachusetts" together with the audience and so Robin started to sing "Massachusetts" 'a capella'. Thomas also mentioned that the music of the group will continue to be part of our lives although we won't ever get a chance to see them on stage all together anymore because of the death of Maurice. Visit also:
 listen here  (8 Mb.) to Robin`s performance

  Number Ones
One of the reviews of this new CD from the Belfast Telegraph:
BEE GEES Number Ones (Polydor) ***
It's hard to be critical at all of a group that have been at the top of their game for five decades. Immortalised through their inclusion in the "Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame", the Bee Gees' command of melody, harmony and rhythm is second to none. There is no doubt that they have written some excellent songs during the course of their long career - and not just for the white- suited big flares brigade of the 70s. Consider the neurotic romanticism of Words, for example, or the beauty of "Love You Inside Out". Of course, there are many old favourites on this collection, such as "How Deep Is Your Love" and "Tragedy", and in looking back at their career one cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer diversity of talent and the remarkable ability of the brothers Gibb to continually reinvent themselves.

"Number Ones" merely touches the surface of their stellar careers.

Click here to see a video promotion for "Number Ones".

  "Gibb Service International" Anniversary.
Although I have been involved in fan work already since the early sevenies I decided to start maintainting a special international web site for The Brothers Gibb five years ago now. So for GSI this week it's party time!! Thanks for all your contributions and your help in these past 5 years. Let's keep in touch also in the future!!

  Changes within the BGFC fanclub
All members of BGFC-EUROPE of whom there has been received a correct email address for the BGFC database will this week receive an announcement with some details about a change within the club concerning sending applications, renewals, address and email address changes in the future, for all members in Europe etc!!

Marion: GSI 11/29/04  

NEWS, November 7th.

   Sunday Times Interview
Robin has been interviewed by Sunday Times and tells Paul Sexton he's still haunted by his brothers's death. Also he announces that the plans concerning the tribute concert for Maurice indeed are cancelled.
GSI already mentioned the fact that all these publications about the upcoming concert were all very tentative still. So now it's cancelled says Robin and the concert will be put together by him and Barry only, at a time when Barry is ready for it too. About his solo work right now Robin says: 'I don't really like being a solo artist, it's pretty lonely. We'll see what happens: me and Barry definitely want to record in the future'! Please read the full article at:

Marion: GSI 11/07/04

NEWS, November 5th.

   New single of Cliff Richard: Gibb composition
The second single from the new Cliff album will be 'I Cannot Give You My Love'. (written by Barry Gibb/Ashley Gibb). The additional track will be 'She's All Min'e' and the CD will also feature the promotion video for 'Somethin' Is Goin' On'. Release date of this second Cliff single is December 13.

Marion: GSI 11/05/04 (thanks also C. Whitehead UK Cliff Richard Fan Club Co-ordinator)

NEWS, November 1st.

  Robin talks about Maurice, the new album and his plans with Barry for the future

November first Robin did this BBC Radio 2 interview as one of the promoting things in the coming weeks for the release of the "Number Ones" album. Robin said he and Barry will sing together and will record new albums and that's what Maurice would have wanted.
Listen here to the whole interview
The interview starts at 01:15.

Marion: GSI 11/01/04

NEWS, October 28th.

   Pre Order - "Number Ones" -
A special offer for fans in the UK and Japan to order a copy of 'the other' version of the Number Ones: The one for Australia/USA and the rest of the world We think true collectors enjoy to have both versions.!! Prices are in Aud $ 24,95 (approx. US $ 17) Visit the link below:

   UK Music Hall Of Fame
Like earlier mentioned on GSI there would start a voting in Britain to decide which international music stars will enter the UK Hall Of Fame.
This will be done in five nomination programmes celebrating each decade from the 1950's to the 1990's. At the end there'll be a live event. And then at the end five musical legends will become inaugurated in the very first UK Music Hall of Fame. An expert group has drawn up a shortlist of 10 artists from each decade, which will be revealed in a series of programmes on Channel 4. Viewers will then select one act to go forward to the final five. Sunday October 24th. there was the 'Seventies' programme.
The Bee Gees are nominated for a decade that produced an abundance of great artists and bands such as Elton John, David Bowie, Queen, to name just a few. It will be very hard for the British public to pick just one of several deserving artists, so needless to say The Gibbs will need all your support and that of any sympathizing friends, family, neighbours or colleagues. "You can vote for The Bee Gees by phone by calling 09011 33 11 33, or for digital satellite viewers by pressing the red button". The votes close at 6 pm the following Saturday, (October 30th) so you have a whole week to cast your vote and to convince everyone to vote for our Bee Gees. Tell all your fellow Bee Gees fans about this voting and mention it on websites, mailing lists and all other online possibilities. Just help to let The Bee Gees win. The 5 entrants to the UK Music Hall Of Fame will be determined by combining the results of the phone and interactive voting with the results of a nationwide inependent poll. Equal weighting will be given to the results of the TV show vote and the independent public poll so your vote after the show - can - make the difference. The artist from each decade who polls the greatest overall combined percentage will win a place in the Hall. For The Bee Gees, Robin was interviewed for this programme.

   Bee Gees Week at Radio 1548 Forth 2
It's Bee Gees week this week on 1548 Forth 2 (Scotland). This radio station can be listened online at Every time you hear a Bee Gees song call 0845 345 4002. If you're on the lucky line you'll win a copy of the Number 1's CD and all callers over the week will go into a draw on Friday evening where someone will win a framed personalised Bee Gees gold disc.

   Bee Gees Cover Bands
I received quite some requests to tell about cover band of The Bee Gees. The best you can do is visit their websites and take a look for yourself and listen.
Stayin' Alive
The Tree Gees
The Bees Knees

Marion: GSI 10/28/04

NEWS, October 13th.

  Chat with Edinho Sta Cruz
There will be a chat with Edinho Sta Cruz next thursday (14/10) at 19h30 (Brazilian time). He will talk about his meetings with Robin (during the recent German tour of last September - 2004), and Maurice ( in 1999) and his visit at Middle Ear. He also will sing "Last Forever" ( the Tribute Song he made for Maurice) live. Everybody is invited to be part of the chat. The site is

  Bee Gees Fan Contactdag: 31 Oktober - 2004, Nederland.
Enkele Bee Gees fans hebben een Fan Contactdag georganiseerd. (geen fanclub meeting dag). Fans die zin hebben in een BG babbel, muziek, video en een lunch kunnen zich opgeven voor deze Contactdag die gehouden wordt in Oisterwijk, Nederland. Klik hier (Word file) voor verdere details.

Foreign people who are interested in details about the upcoming Bee Gees Day (not a fanclub meeting day) on October 31 - 2004, in The Netherlands: click here (Word file details are in Dutch). For more explanation in English when needed, just mail to the email address of Yvonne Schuiveling mentioned on the information sheet.

  Comedy Moments With The Bee Gees
A tip for those who like comedy. Have you ever seen the Kenny Everett performance of The Bee Gees, or maybe heard about it! It was released on DVD last year. A wonderful performance of the late Kenny Everett

And this is how Kenny looks as: Barry, Robin and Maurice

Marion: GSI 10/13/04  
(also thanks Peter L. and Yvonne S.)

NEWS, October 9th.

  "Bee Gees Number Ones"
Universal Music Group will release a new Bee Gees compilation album, "Bee Gees Number Ones", this November as you know. We finally have some more details about the different track lists. There will be two versions of this CD, one for the British and Japanese market, and an International version for the USA and the Rest of The World. Track-listings for the two editions are shown below:

01. Massachusetts
02. World
03. Words
04. I've Gotta Get A Message To You
05. I Started A Joke
06. Don't Forget To Remember
07. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
08. Jive Talkin'
09. You Should Be Dancing
10. How Deep Is Your Love
11. Stayin' Alive
12. Night Fever
13. Too Much Heaven
14. Tragedy
15. More Than A Woman
16. Love You Inside Out
17. You Win Again
18. Man In The Middle (Special Maurice Gibb Tribute Track)
19. Islands In The Stream (Bonus Track)
20. Immortality (Bonus Track)

01. Massachusetts
02. World
03. Words
04. I've Gotta Get a Message To You
05. I Started A Joke
06. Don't Forget To Remember
07. Lonely Days
08. How Can you Mend A Broken Heart
09. Jive Talkin'
10. You Should Be Dancing
11. Love So Right
12. How Deep Is Your Love
13. Stayin' Alive
14. Night Fever
15. Too Much Heaven
16. Tragedy
17. Love You Inside Out
18. You Win Again
19. Man In The Middle (Special Maurice Gibb Tribute Track)

This CD presents all US #1 hits from the group in a single-CD package for the first time and also features other number ones from around the world; from the UK and Germany to Brazil and New Zealand. Additionally, at the request of Barry and Robin Gibb, "Man In The Middle" has been included as a tribute to their late brother Maurice. The album's booklet includes a message written by Barry and Robin jointly, and also from Sir Tim Rice. In some territories, a limited edition, packed with a DVD, will be made available. "Bee Gees Number Ones" is definitely a must-have CD for any serious collector as well as a beautiful addition to any Gibb-fan's record shelf. In Britain, "Bee Gees Number Ones" will be released November 1st. The release date for the USA is November 9. If you plan buying this CD, do try to make your purchase during the first week of its release, this way you can positively influence the important first week chart result.
More news about release dates in the different parts of the world when available.

Marion: GSI 10/09/04  
(Thanks to Robins management)

NEWS, October 5th.

  "BeeGees Number Ones"
GSI. reported earlier about the possible tracklist for the new album: "BeeGees Number Ones", Universal The Netherlands just informed us that the mentioned list on this website of September the definite list for release in The Netherlands (and probably all of Europe), USA and South America probably get different tracklists. Immortality will be the track with Celin Dion. There will be lots of promotion in The Netherlands specially on TV.
The record number is: Universaltvcd artnr. 9868838-06024 and this is how it looks like.

  U.K.'s Biggest Bee Gees Fan
Are you living in Great Britain and are you a huge Bee Gees fan?. Than don't forget to fill in the form to become U.K.'S biggest Bee Gees Fan. Go to: SuperFan And fill in the form for O2 and Q Magazine in cooperation with GSI but don't forget to send in before October 8th!!!

Marion: GSI 10/05/04  (and thanks Peter H.)

NEWS, October 2nd.

   Robin sings new version of 'Please'

Cover of new album
Recently a new version of 'Please' was released by the Brasilian duo Maicon & Marlon on their new album "Coração Aventureiro". The new version of 'Please' is called: "Tantas Palavras" in Portugese and Robin seems to have recorded new vocals for this version. Listen here to a small part of the song at number 4 and buy it at For more on Marlon and Maicon see:
The cd. is already in the Brasilian stores.

   UK Music Hall Of Fame
Channel 4 in Britain is soon starting a new show. Voters will be able to decide which international music stars will enter the UK Hall Of Fame. This will be done in five nomination programmes celebrating each decade from the 1950's to the 1990's. At the end there'll be a live event recorded at Hackney Empire in London. The show will feature unique live performances from international legends and exclusive collaborations so it's not to be missed! The first show is scheduled for Saturday 10th October 2004. So vote for the Bee Gees. More:

   Robin special guest at charity concert
Robin presented a cheque at St. Mary's Church in Thame September 28th. He was a special guest at the charity concert to raise money for the Haemotology Day Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. This is the same hospital where brother Andy died on March 10th. 1988. Read the whole story

   Covers & Rarities of GSI
Just to let you know that at the moment we're again working on a new page of our succesful GSI item: Covers & Rarities with the wonderful assistence of Melody as always!! Watch out for this new edition as this time it will again contain very special and old Australian material and... have you ever heard Gibb sister Lesley sing?!

Marion: GSI 10/02/04  
(thanks also M. Leib and C. Milan)

NEWS, September 26th.

   Robin receives Maurice Gibb Tribute Book!!
We already reported you several times before about Rosalien Beks, a huge Bee Gees fan from The Netherlands and her plans of compiling a Maurice Gibb Tribute Book with help of the Bee Gees fans. See our News item of June 16th. - 2003. The book was finished a while ago and today Rosalien was able to present it to Robin personally during a visit to his hotel. Rosalien travelled to München with her husband to go to Robins concert. She met him the day of the concert in his dressingroom and they decided to meet again today to hand over the book at the Hilton Hotel where Robin was staying in München. All about the meetings of Rosalien with Robin, the visit to the concert and of course the presentation of the Maurice Gibb Tribute Book at Robins hotel room: soon on this GSI website, with of course... nice photos!!

   Lulu's Tears For Maurice
Lulu was very surprised to see the clip she and Maurice had made before Mo's death. Although Maurice and Lulu had their problems and decided to divorce they still were good friends.

By Eddie McIlwaine - September 25th. 2004.

Lulu was all smiles again today as she flew home from Belfast after shedding a tear on the UTV Kelly chat show.
It happened when Big Gerry surprised her with a clip of her singing with her ex-husband Maurice Gibb, the late Bee Gee, just six months before his death in January last year. Lulu was obviously moved by the video and Kelly took her hand and comforted her as her eyes filled up. "It's the first time I've seen it," she explained. "I still can't believe that Maurice is dead at the age of 53. I was having this programme and I phoned him in America and asked him if he would appear with me. He said, yes, of course he would." Later Lulu, whose 56th birthday is only days before she returns to Belfast to play the Waterfront on November 30, said: "Like all couples who have gone through a divorce we had our problems. But I still had great feelings for Maurice. We remained the best of friends and it was a shock to see the pair of us there on the screen singing together." Before the unexpected screening of her moment with the Bee Gee who died of a heart attack in Miami, Lulu, whose latest CD is called Back on Track, had charmed the studio audience and Gerry. "She really is a wonderful person and entertainer and I didn't mean to upset her," he said. Tickets for Lulu at the Waterfront in November are still available at the usual Wonderland agencies and on Ticketmaster. Several of the new songs on her CD were written with her brother Billy Lawrie. See also this item on our Maurice Gibb Tribute Pages.

Marion: GSI 09/26/04

NEWS, September 22nd.

   Edinho From Brasil Visits Robin
Do you remember the Brasilian singer of whom we reported shortly ago? see our News Report 31 August and The Maurice Gibb Tribute Pages.

Photo of Robin with Edinho during one of their meetings in Germany

We just received the news that Edinho indeed was able to travel to Germany and he met Robin several times and handed over his Maurice Tribute CD to him. In addition Edinho enjoyed three concerts of Robin while being in Germany. He managed to meet Robin twice and Robin was so kind to him Edinho proudly said. Also Edinho enjoyed the publication of his tribute song on this GSI site because while being in Germany lots of fans recognised him from our site and knew albout his tribute song which of course made him very happy. Robin was glad to get the tribute CD and The Gibb Brothers' manager Dick Ashby mailed Edinho that he and Barry liked the song 'Last Forever' very much too. Something to be proud of and GSI wants to congratulate Edinho with his tribute song and his success. We hope being able to show you some photo material of Edinho and Robin soon.

   Bee Gees Home For Sale
This week the the Bunnerong Road house, formerly inhabited by the Bee Gees, goes under the hammer. Yes, for upwards of $700,000 a three-bedroom Californian bungalow in Kingsford that housed the Gibb family from 1963 to 1966. See also our News report of May 30th.

Marion: GSI 09/22/04  (also thanks Claudio M).

NEWS, September 14th.

   "The Dance Hall of Fame"
We already reported that The Bee Gees will be inducted into "The Dance Hall Of Fame" September 20th. Unfortunately Barry won't be able to attend but the organisation still is discussing with Robins representative if there'll be a possibility for Robin to shoot a video acceptance.

   The Dutch Week Of The Seventies
Like several times before the Dutch Radio Station: Radio 2 is going to compile a Top 70 of the Seventies. So place your votes by going to the website address below. 1: At 1A and 1B you can look for an artist and a title. 2: you can here go through the entire list, to do this press on: TOON ALLE PLATEN (show all titles). If you've found your fave song than click on the orange button: VOEG TOE (add) (You can mention a certain artist only once) 3: you can here make your own choice. Good luck. The Top 70 will be aired on Dutch Radio 2 on October 8th

Marion: GSI 09/14/04

NEWS, September 10th.

   Universal, The Netherlands
Universal Records in The Netherlands sent the following news for GSI: September 3 there were several Bee Gees albums re-released in The Netherlands in a low-budget series: "Mr. Natural", "To Whom It May Concern", "Trafalgar", "Idea", "Two Years On" and the "After Dark" album of Andy Gibb.

There are indeed plans also in The Netherlands to release a compilation CD of Bee Gees songs called: "Number Ones Of The Bee Gees" but this will not happen in The Netherlands we guess before next year. The CD will probably first be released in The States. The release in The Netherlands will be accompanied by a TV campaign including lots of nice BG clips of songs like "Night Fever", "Staying Alive" etc. etc.

Next to that Universal The Netherlands will release a compilation CD of Number Ones of several artists including The Gibb song: "Night Fever"

On November 1 Universal will officially release in The Netherlands the Keppel Road DVD. At the moment there are no direct plans yet for re-releasing "Living Eyes". Probably in the near future.

   Alistair Griffin
Allister will be one of the special guests during Robin's tour in Germany

   Robin in magazines and on TV!!
We hope you've seen the publications of Robin and Dwina in the German magazines: "Neue Woche", "Das Neue Blatt" and "Frau Im Spiegel".

Robin John, (21) son of Dwina and Robin   © Homer Syke

Robin is also on TV regularly these days because his German tour is about to begin. September 4th. he was in "Leute Heute" on German TV and September 9th in the programme: "Anke Late Night" To watch his performance in this latest show: go to

Earlier this week he taped a TV performance for BBC 2, as part of a week broadcasting in Liverpool. He'll be a judge along with other celebrities in a songwriting competition of which the winner will be announced in October. Please visit: And in addition to that Robin has again taped a show for German TV. This time for the ARD show: "Brisant" this item will be broadcast September 16th. Take a look at:

   Brasilian Duo sings with Robin
The Brazilian duo Maicon & Marlon will release in 2005 a new version of "Please" ( in Portugese: Tantas Palavras) singing with Robin! It will be on their new album. A kind of cooperation the Bee Gees did in 1993 with the Brazilian duo José & Durval ?!

Marion: GSI 09/10/04   
(thanks Claudio M., Marjorie L., Peter H. and Dirk W.)

NEWS, August 25st.

  Win a signed Barry Gibb Guitar!
Miami Herald, August 22, 2004
"The Humane Society of Greater Miami" will have its first Play for Paws Las Vegas night to benefit homeless animals from 7-11pm. Nov. 19, at The Mayfair House in Coconut Grove.
The party will feature a Las Vegas style evening with roulette, craps and black jack, entertainment, dinner, a cigar bar and much more. Guests will play for prizes, including a one-week Interval International timeshare anywhere in the world, a weekend at Fisher Island with two rounds of golf, a $1,000 shopping spree and a champagne makeover party for 10 at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour, a watch by Bulgari Bal Harbour, and a BARRY GIBB signed guitar. Tickets are $100 and sponsorships are still available.
For more information, call Nicole Brown at 786-924-5216 or e-mail

  "Stayin Alive Benefit Concert"
The Gibb Brothers have been asked for a possibility to cooperate with a yearly charity event in Australia called "The Stayin Alive Benefit Concert" to raise money for: "Here For Life", an organisation which helps to raise much needed funds as well as the necessary awareness about the epidemic called "suicide" which has been destroying the lives of many of the Australian youth..
The idea is to use the mega hit 'Stayin' Alive' from now on each year in the opening segment of the Stayin' Alive Concert Event. In the same vein as the legendary Sir Elton John's remake of his original Marilyn Monroe song: 'Candle In The Wind' for Lady Di, the Stayin Alive Benefit Concert Commitee would like to make a remake of "Stayin Alive" for some of Australia's up-coming talents to cover the song and release it as a special edition single in Australia and make it the opening song for the yearly "Stayin Alive Concerts" which are always taking place in July. Let's hope Barry and Robin will be able to somehow contribute to this 'Here For Life' organisation in Australia! If we find out more we'll certainly report about it.

  Robin on Tour in Germany
To remind you. Robin will be touring in Germany next month, see our earlier News items! We try and report about some of the concerts on this web site afterwards of course. This is a photo of the posters which are used in Germany to announce the concerts.

  Edinho's Tribute song: 'Last Forever'
August 21st. we've already reported about this special Brasilian Tribute song to Mo but at that time there was no definite release date yet as it already had been postponed before. Now we've the info from Brasil that the release won't be today either but next Monday on August 30th. Before Barry went to England last May, the song was sent to Dick Ashby, who promised to send it to Barry and Mo's Family.

Marion: GSI 08/25/04   
(thanks also to Marjorie and German BGO fanclub)
NEWS, July 16th.

   Cover of new Gibb song by Sir Cliff

Cliff Richard
During a concert of Cliff Richard at Cardiff Castle on July 11th. Cliff did one of his Gibb compositions with Barry on backing vocals (tape). The show was broad cast live on most local BBC radio stations in the U.K. GSI has made for you a sound clip of Cliff's performance in Cardiff while singing the Barry Gibb song:
"I Cannot Give You My Love". Barry is singing backing vocals on tape.
I hope you like it:
click here for the sound clip.

Marion: GSI 07/16/04   (also thanks Fiona W.)

NEWS, July 7th.

   Robin in Washington
Robin was one of the performers during the huge 4th of July Event in Washington. A number of fans had been able to travel to the capitol to watch Robin. Robin did a solo performance during the first part of the Capitol 4th. Celebration. He was dressed in a black baseball cap, dark blue glasses, black leather jacket, red t-shirt and black pants. The songs he did were: "Jive Talkin", "How Deep Is Your Love" and "Stayin' Alive". It was both strange and difficult for fans to see Robin perform on stage alone and he must have felt the same.
The Event according to the Washington Post:
(also thanks Marjorie L.)

   Holiday Time For GSI / BGFC-Europe
It's holiday time again and this means that during the months of July and August there won't be as much web site updates as usual, there won't be as much mailings send out and we aren't able to keep updated on answering all mail in time. This because also we will have our summer holiday the coming period. Sorry for that. But we do what we can.
To all of you: have a great summer holiday too!!

Marion: GSI 07/07/04

NEWS, June 29th.

  Bunbury Match Auction
27th June saw another memorable Bunburys cricket event punctuated with sunshine & showers in leafy Surrey. Without a doubt the highlight of the afternoon was a salubrious match auction which included some very special items donated by Barry Gibb & a week in a luxury villa in Provence. Although Barry was not able to attend the match at Albury Cricket Club, he kindly donated an autographed guitar and framed Bee Gees record sleeve plus photograph, also fully signed and endorsed. The lot sold for £1,300 with all proceeds in aid of the Bunbury Under 15 ESCA cricket and Albury Junior Cricket Club. As ever, a charismatic David English captained the game, which also featured Sir Trevor McDonald, Alistair Griffin, Leslie Grantham and Rudolph Walker.
(thanks: Stephanie Thorburn)

  AFI's 100 years...100 songs
"The top movie songs of all time"

The list was revealed Tuesday, June 22nd. in a three-hour CBS special hosted by disco-era musical god John Travolta. Stayin' Alive has a beautiful number 9 position.
See the Top Ten list of best movie songs below:

1. "Over the Rainbow," The Wizard of Oz
2. "As Time Goes By," Casablanca
3. "Singin' in the Rain," Singin' in the Rain
4. "Moon River," Breakfast at Tiffany's
5. "White Christmas," Holiday Inn
6. "Mrs. Robinson," The Graduate
7. "When You Wish Upon A Star," Pinocchio
8. "The Way We Were," The Way We Were
9. "Stayin' Alive," Saturday Night Fever
10. "The Sound of Music," The Sound of Music

  Robin at Hollywood Bowl
Friday June 25 Robin performed at the Hollywood Bowl, in Hollywood, California. Together with a number of other celebrities he re-opened the 82-year-old Hollywood Bowl. After nearly 75 years, the shell of the outdoor theater was revamped for the fourth time in its history. Opening night inducted Hall of Fame inductees violinist Sarah Chang, composer Henry Mancini and Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson. Robin Gibb , singer Josh Groban and others performed with a characteristic fireworks display. fireworks display. Robin performed "How Deep Is Your Love".
Read more at:
(thanks also Marjorie L.)

  New Album By Robin
Robin's working on an album of duets, no details available as to who just yet, and it is being put together with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. The album is planned to be distributed world wide and will feature old and new duets. That's all the info we have at the moment.

  Human Nature

Album: "Walk The Tightrope"
Human Nature are set to release their second single on July 26th. a re-working of the original Barry Gibb/Barbara Streisand classic 'Guilty (One In a Million)'. With plenty of rich R&B grooves, and guest vocals from MC Kelly KAE and another very special mystery guest vocalist (??)
Read more:

Marion: GSI 06/29/04

NEWS, June 2th.

   Barry Gibb at Bunburys Cricket Event
30th May, Imber Surrey U.K.
Today although the rain sometimes poured out of the sky was again a day for many, many true Bee Gees fans to get in touch with one of their favourites as Barry visited the Cricket Event today as planned and also took time to sign what ever fans had to sign for him. David English had done a great job organising the afternoon. And a music journalist was present to report for us and soon you'll find her report on this website of course. The occasion was actually quite moving. Barry was at the event with most of his family (Steve wasn't there) and he and Linda looked very natural and great. Also Yvonne was there.
Soon more about this Event and of course more photos!!
See also:

Marion: GSI 06/02/04

NEWS, May 30th.

   The Gibb House in Maroubra

Bob Carr and Col Joye perform in honour of the Bee Gees. Photo: Danielle Smith

Premier Bob Carr of New South Wales in Australia unveiled a plaque at the old three-bedroom, California-style red brick bungalow. The house where the Gibb family lived in Maroubra between 1963 and 1966 at the Bunnerong Road. "The Bee Gees are part of our nation's musical history and they deserve this honour," Mr Carr said. The inscription of the plaque reads:
"The Bee Gees - Barry, Robin and Maurice, along with younger brother Andy Gibb - lived here between 1963 and 1966. The band was formed in 1958, signed its first record contract in 1963 in Sydney and became the most successful musical act in Australian history."
Read The story at:

Marion: GSI 05/30/04

NEWS, May 20th.

  Robins tour plans with band and orchestra
Next to the concert planned in Berlin September 21st - 2004 there's also a concert planned for the German city of Bonn for September 18 - 2004 at the Museumhof more shows will follow like for instance on September 20th. - 2004 in Frankfurt at the Jahrhunderdhalle. For info also visit: and So far there are no shows planned for The Netherlands.
Below some planned but not yet confirmed dates and places.

17/09/04 - Stuttgart/Liederhalle
18/09/04 - Bonn/Museumshof (open air/no seats)
20/09/04 - Frankfurt/Jahrhunderthalle
21/09/04 - Berlin/Tempodrom
22/09/04 - Dresden/Kulturpalast
24/09/04 - Bremen/Halle 7
25/09/04 - München/Philharmony
26/09/04 - Bamberg/Forum

Note: Current members of the fan club will receive detailed information with prices by BGFC mailing and for those who are not online but are currently using the special Hotmail Service of BGFC-EUROPE , they'll of course receive the same info by Hotmail during the next few days.

Marion: GSI 05/20/04

NEWS, May 18th.

  Robin's tour plans
Next to the concert planned in Berlin there's also a concert planned for the German city of Bonn for September 18 - 2004 and probalby more shows will follow in Germany. Take a look at: So far there are no shows planned for The Netherlands as far as we know.
Note: mentioned concerts are not confirmed yet but ticket selling has started already for instance the concert in Berlin.

  Tea with Robin Gibb
According to IcBerkshire: Robin Gibb made a special appearance at an auction held at Englemere in Ascot for the Paul Bevan Cancer Foundation. He had agreed to have tea with a successful bidder and this lot alone raised £3,900. Robin mingled with excited bidders and said: "It is great to be back in Ascot, this really was my stamping ground in earlier days. My children Spencer and Melissa were born in Heatherwood Hospital." Robin said he was delighted so many people wanted to have tea with him, but admitted: "If I was able to choose who I would like to have tea with it would be Sir Bob Geldof. At least I would not have to dress up."
Read the article:

Marion: GSI 05/18/04

  NEWS, May 1st.

  Moving tribute to Maurice
According to South Manchester Reporter Co UK: The Bee Gees are coming back to their Chorlton roots to pay tribute to their brother Maurice who died last year. A new recording studio in Corlton - Manchester will be named in Maurice's memory on Wednesday, May 12. Read the full report at:

  AFI's 100 years ... 100 songs: America's greatest music in the movies
Press Release Source: American Film Institute
Two-Time Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner John Travolta to Host 'AFI's 100 YEARS 100 SONGS: AMERICA'S GREATEST MUSIC IN THE MOVIES,' A New Entertainment Special Counting Down the Greatest Songs in American Movies, Tuesday, June 22 on the CBS Television Network During the broadcast, the confidential list of 100 songs will be revealed by some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Those scheduled to be interviewed for the special include Clay Aiken, Debbie Allen, Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager, Peter Boyle, Keith Carradine, Cyd Charisse, Betty Comden, Bill Conti, Celine Dion, Michael Feinstein, Art Garfunkel, Barry Gibb, Marvin Hamlisch, Isaac Hayes, Angela Lansbury, Baz Luhrmann, Brian McKnight, Rob Marshall, Bill Medley, Rita Moreno, Rosie Perez, Debbie Reynolds, Paul Simon, Barbra Streisand, Jennifer Warrens, Andy Williams and Hans Zimmer. For more details visit:

  Fan Meeting New Zealand
During the last weekend of May there will be a fan meeting organized in New Zealand. It is the second meeting. The first was at the same time last year. Last years event attracted around 30 fans and this year will be similar. The days events include: On the evening of the 28th A meet and greet. And on the 29th, A full day spent in a conference room. Trivia games, karaoke, rare video footage and heaps of give aways. Evening meal together and back for more karaoke in the evening after a few drinks! It will be held in Rotorua Rotorua is in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand and is famous for its natural hot pools. For more details write to Darrin:
(With thanks; Darrin Mitchell)

  David English

David English

David English has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Middlesex University which he will be receiving this summer on July 9th, with Ray Davies, fashion designer Mary Quant and film producer Lord Puttnam.

Marion: GSI 05/01/04

NEWS, April 20th.

   Tea with Robin
Like we've mentioned before; Robin has agreed to support the Paul Bevan Cancer Foundation in the UK, which supports hospice care for cancer patients. Having tea with him includes, besides tea, of course, having your photo taken with him and you will receive some signed memorabilia and a goody bag. Do note that the current bid on this is £3000 (or about U.S. $5400)! Robin is Lot 59.

   CBE Presentation
At long last, the Brothers will be receiving their CBE's! The Palace has confirmed the date of May 27, 2004 for the ceremony. There will be many other people who will be receiving honours that day, and at this point, we do not know exactly where the Brothers will be receiving their awards. It will be in London, but the place has not been decided, nor do we know who will be giving the awards, Her Majesty the Queen or Prince Charles. This of course is an extremely private ceremony, but we'll hear about it, for sure!

   Honorary Doctorate
Also officially confirmed now the fact that the three brothers are being honored by the University of Manchester with honorary Doctorate of Music degrees!!! These will be presented to the Brothers during the Universities private graduation ceremony there. So then it will be: "Dr. Gibb, CBE"!

   Manchester studio named after Mo
Also in Manchester, one of the Performing Arts schools there will be naming their brand new recording studio for our beloved Maurice! What a fitting tribute to someone who loved the studio workings so much.!!

   Gibbs On Broadway
Barry and Robin have been approached about the possibility of doing a Broadway musical, as well! The company broaching the idea is a major company, so things do look good from the beginning. Barry and Robin will be meeting with a writer this summer to discuss ideas and plans, and see what they can come up with. At this point, we don't know if the thought is to have a stand-alone plot, which happens to use all Bee Gees' music (as is the case with the music of Abba in "Mamma Mia"), or if they are thinking of more of a biographical-type of show. At any rate, it is usually several years from an idea being born to realization as a show on stage, but we'll keep you posted!

   Cliff sings Bee Gees
Like we've mentioned before, Cliff Richard recorded a couple of songs with Barry on backing vocals, "How Many Sleeps" and "I Cannot Give You My Love" and Cliff has been performing a series of concerts at London's Royal Albert Hall (April 3-24), and has been performing "I Cannot Give You My Love" during these shows. He is using Barry's backing vocals in the show, and it is receiving great attention! William Hooper of the International Cliff Richard Fan Club says that Another new song, "The Day That I Stop Loving You" is a strong ballad. As he sings this, there are long strips of light on the stage behind him. Cliff then talks of being in America and the Bee Gees spotting him. He asked them if they had any songs for him. "I Cannot Give You My Love" is written by Barry and Ashley Gibb, and is a typical Bee Gees song - high notes from the backing singers, great guitar, the chorus--- ---"I cannot give you my love', no matter how hard I try. Anything you say and do, to send me away, always be in your world. To the moon and back, and back, and back, I cannot give you my love...but I do."--- It's catchy, and fans are already singing this on first hearing. The type of song is like the Bee Gees' 1978 hit "Too Much Heaven". So this should be a hit and it sounds very promising, right? We don't yet know if Cliff will be including this on his new CD, or whether he will make it a single release, again, we'll let you know as soon as we do!

   Ana Gazzola of Brazil is recording an entire CD of Bee Gees music.

   Human Nature
the band of which we mentioned before has their new CD ready for release in Australia on April 26. According to some, only the limited edition, 2-CD version will have *both* "Guilty" and "Love Is Blind" (though HMV indicates otherwise). The single disk version will only have "Love Is Blind". You can pre-order the CD at websites such as .

   Col Joye
a long-time Bee Gees' friend has also recorded "Love Is Blind" as his new single in Australia!

Marion: GSI 04/20/04

NEWS, April 1st.

The date for the Brothers to pick up their CBE's still has not been decided. They are hoping to pick them up in May, but the Palace in London still has not confirmed the date.

   Honorary doctoratee
There has been a report that the Brothers might be given honorary doctorate degrees. At this point, this is something that has been mentioned, but it is NOT confirmed at all. It's strictly something that has been "floated" around as an idea.

   Barry helping with demo material
Barry has been working, as a favor to a friend, with a friend's daughter, helping her put together some demo material. Nothing official, just helping out a friend.

   The band from Australia: "Human Nature" recently recorded the Gibb composition: "Guilty". It is a bonus track for their new album: "Walk The Tightrope". On this album also another previously unreleased Gibb song: "Love Is Blind".
More details:

"Human Nature"

Marion: GSI 04/01/04

News, February 17th.

BGFC announcement
Dear BGFC members;
We herewith like to announce the following; Due to problems with our president of the BGFCtm fan club we like you to update as follows; The President of BGFC must undergo medical treatment (surgery) on her back, after having had health problems for quite some time already. Next to that she was so unfortunately to break a leg recently. For those reasons we like to state that new memberships and all material which was to be send out to new members and renewals and the issue of the next Dimensions will be delayed for at least several months more. We from BGFC Europe can not guarantee that new members will have a quick reaction for that time period, we hope that the period we mentioned will be shorter, and if so we will let you all know immediately. The club will continue that is confirmed and meanwhile we'll continue sending out BGFC-(Europe) mailings and Hot Mails Letters etc. if neccessary but as you all understand the health of our President of BGFC is given priority. As soon as we have more information we will contact you, for the time being we ask you for understanding for this situation.
Many greetings from
BGFC Europe

  Barry Gibb performance
On January 23rd. Barry performed at the Let It Rain Gala, hosted by Lea and Roy Black. This was to benefit the Bay Point School in Key Biscayne, Miami. The Bay Point School is a boarding school program for students with behaviour problems Below the confirmed playlist of the songs Barry did during this performance:
"Memphis Tennessee"
"Be Bob A Lula"
"To Love Somebody"
"I Can't Stop Loving You"
"Stayin'Alive / You Should Be Dancing"

  Birthday John Travolta
February 8th. John Travolta became fifty years old and many celebrities were present at his party in Mexico. Below there's an article from Anatova about this birthday party and next week probably People's Magazine will pay attention to it also with pictures etc.

  Carly Simon sings 'You Fly Planes' to Travolta
Tom Cruise has presented John Travolta with a peanut butter and chocolate aeroplane cake at his surprise 50th birthday party in Mexico.Cruise was one of 280 of Travolta's friends at the party in Los Cabos organised by Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston and Oprah Winfrey.Barbra Streisand sang Happy Birthday to Travolta in the Marilyn Monroe to JFK-style, and Carly Simon changed the lyrics to her hit You're So Vain to You Fly Planes. There were other musical tributes from Natalie Cole, Tony Bennett and Robin Gibb, who performed Travolta's favorite song, "How Deep Is Your Love". An emotional Travolta said: "It was my wish to have everyone I love in one room together."Other famous friends at the bash included Robin Williams, Meg Ryan, Sylvester Stallone and Dan Aykroyd. Travolta was visibly stunned when he arrived at the resort for what he thought was a golf tournament to see one famous face after another. After the party, Kelly Preston said: "My highlight was watching Oprah doing tequila shots. It was great and my husband looks really good,"

  The Taiwanese trio "S.H.E." formed by: Selina, Hebe and Elle recorded a version of the Gibb composition: "I.O.I.O."
This is one of the tracks on their album: Super Star, released last August and it became number one in Taiwan. You can listen to "I.O.I.O." by the trio "S.H.E": here  1145 Kb.

Marion: GSI 02/17/04

News, January 9th.

  Maurice Gibb Tribute, January 12th Miami Beach.
There has been contact with the owner of Jimmy's Diner (the restaurant Mo used to go to a lot): see Family News January 13th. 2003). Bee Gees fan Phillis had a very nice talk with him to get this info for the GSI readers. Jimmy is going to have a tribute set up himself at the table that Maurice used to sit at next Monday. He welcomes Bee Gees fans but wants to mention: his establisment is not too big! Unless fans come there for a candle light vigil early in the morning (he opens at 6.30 a.m.) While it is still dark enough to work, he is not opened at night. (He closes at 4.00 p.m.). So if fans want to visit throughout the day or maybe perhaps (if they do not mind getting up soo early!) go there in the morning for the vigil. Or at least patronize his establishment throughout the day. And if each person lets him know they are a BeeGees fan and thank him for the tribute. If someone would like to take pictures please send them over to GSI: to print it on the web site. This will be a good opportunity to share this event with all the other fans!
Jimmy's Diner, the place where Maurice always used to come, is situated in
Miami Beach at: 7201 Biscayne Blvd.

Another thing is Phillis has contacted one of her local radio stations: DJ, Mason Dixon. of radio station WRBQ, oldies 104.7 in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A. ( it goes almost to Sarasota, south of Tampa. Unfortunately it is too far for Miami, but hopefully other stations will pay attention to Mo as well)
This is a part of Mason's answer by mail to Phillis:
Great idea and we will certainly pay our respects to Maurice. He and the brothers made a lot of great music

Of course everywhere else in the world BG fans can also light their candle for Mo, observe a minute of silence reflecting on the wonderful, happy, kind things that Mo did and does bring to this world.! Please, if you can, do this at 7:00 PM, Miami time on Monday, Janury 12th. While not the exact time, this is a time that would be appropriate for Miami.

Another suggestion to meet for a minute of silence and / or a candle light vigil would be: "Maurice Gibb Memorial Park" around 7 p.m. Miami time.
Terri mentions: "after that, everyone is invited to join fans in the #bee-gees chat room on IRC, to remember and celebrate Mo." For complete instructions on the chat room, visit and see the first topic on the message board there. Hopefully many of you will join.

  Robin in British charts
Like mentioned before Robin and Alistair entered the British charts and debuted at #5 This Sunday is when the next chart debuts. If you know anyone who has not yet purchased the single, please encourage them to go to to do so! This will help the second week numbers!

  Barry's program during the Ball will be titled "Swinging on a Star" The invitations for the Love and Hope Ball have not yet been mailed, so we (the BGFCtm club) do not yet have further information for fans as to how many seats will be available for fans. We will let you know as soon as Terri receives more info on this!!

  Tribute To The Bee Gees - Australia
We mentioned you about this Australian project before: Evan Webster is running a show called "The Very Best of the Bee Gees" based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. They perform the Bee Gees Tribute to audiences all over Australia in Clubs, Entertainment Centres and outdoor concerts and also have been nominated and become Award finalists in Australia for their tribute to the Bee Gees Gold Radio Productions has produced these shows for the Local, National and International market. Video and audio for the Very Best of the Bee Gees Show is now accessable Please visit the website for details (still under contruction)

Marion: GSI 01/09/04
(also thanks Phillis and Terri)

Back to the most recent News
NEWS, December 16th.

   Hello Magazine
Robin and mother Barbara tell their story in Hello Magazine (U.K. December 21st).
Almost 2 years after the unexpected death of Maurice Gibb at the age of 53, his family are still reeling from the shock. "For me, everthing dates from when Maurice died" declares his twin brother and fellow Bee Gee, Robin."It's my personal 9/11". His mother Barbara is also struggling with the loss of her son. "I do my crying at night" she admits. "During the day you have to carry on. You have to be strong for your family." As much as the Gibb family has enjoyed musical success, wealth and fame in the past four decades, it has also endured its share of sadness and loss.
Click here for the complete story.
(credits: Hello Magazine)

   "I Cannot Give You My Love"
Cliff had success with his Gibb song during The Royal Variety Performance 2004, BBC 1 ( December 15th.). Lots of people in the U.K. saw this show and hopefully it'll bring this song in the U.K. chart with success.

   The Bee Gees Story
The earlier announced Bee Gees programme at New Years Eve on Dutch TV is called The Bee Gees Story and will be on Dutch telly from 22.25 until 23.30 hours (Dutch Time) on the RTL 5 channel.

Marion: GSI 12/16/04   (thanks also Peter H.)

NEWS, December 11th.

  Paintball Commander's Cup 2005
The National Professional Paintball League and Pure Promotions are pleased to announce the 2005 NPPL Super 7 Paintball Commander's Cup will be held November 4 - 6, 2005 on the grounds of the breathtaking Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida. Bicentennial Park is located in the heart of downtown Miami, on beautiful Biscayne Bay.
The Commander's Cup is an annual tournament dedicated to the late Maurice Gibb of legendary music group The Bee Gees. Gibb, known to many as the greatest ambassador of our sport, called Miami his home. It was his vision to hold the greatest event of all time, The Commander's Cup, in this fine city. Read here the whole article:

More about Maurice and his love for paintball you can find in the Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine:

  Get Down Disco
December 4th. there was the PBS Special on TV (U.S.A.) of about 2 ½ hours about Disco with new performances and archival footage of course from artists like The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Leo Sayer and hosted by KC and the Sunshine Band. Many fans saw the show and sent their reports like Phillis:
The tribute they made toward the BEEGEES was fabulous. They mentioned that the brothers were "the architects of the contemporary R&B music". They played the video of their "Stayin' Alive" song and different outtakes of the "Saturday Night Fever" movie regarding their songs. I was sooo glad of this. They said wonderful things regarding the brothers and then AFTER the whole thing was over, they dedicated the show to Maurice!
It was a lovely tribute to The Bee Gees with amongst others: film shots of Karen Lynn Gorney as she stood along the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn, where she and John Travolta had filmed scenes from Saturday Night Fever.There were film shots of Robin from a 1978 interview talking about how they had written the S.N.F. songs while they were in France, trying to write for their own album.

  Robin Gibb on Christmas Glory from Wales
This one hour Christmas concert features performances of classics by Montserrat, Robin Gibb and others. The show was filmed at Llandaff Cathedral and Cardiff Castle in Wales, Great Britain. And will be shown is several different countries around the world like:
Australia, December 13
And Canada December 14

Marion: GSI 12/11/04   (also thanks to Phillis)

NEWS, December 2nd.

   Barry will be joining "Hands in Health"
Barry has offered his support to the Joining "Hands In Health" campaign, along with a number of other celebrities including Sir Trevor McDonald, Jamie Oliver and Chris Tarrant. Campaign founder, Dounne Alexander traced around Barry's hand so that his print might be added to the growing number of contributing celebrities. It is hoped that there will be a national "health exhibition" held in London by 2007, to celebrate the end of the campaign. People are therefore invited to join in by submitting their own 'hand- tracing templates'.
"Joining Hands In Health" co-ordinate a number of charitable projects and aim to reach a target of £ 1 million for "The Little Haven Children's Hospice" and "The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust", by 2007. The patron of the trust is Eastenders star Rudolph Walker.

For further details or to contribute ideas on raising awareness for these charities, please e-mail "Joining Hands In Health": -
(Submitted by Stephanie Thorburn)

Marion: GSI 12/02/04
(special thanks Stephanie Thorburn)

NEWS, December 1st.

   European Robin Gibb Concerts
The concert plans in Europe for Robin of Spring 2005 have been changed and probably now Robin will give these shows around autumn 2005. Lucky for all those fans who had already bought tickets like for instance for the concert in Münster, Germany as people will be able to use the already bought tickets for the concert lateron next year.

Marion: GSI 12/01/04  

NEWS, November 23rd.

At the moment on line ticket sales have stopped for the Münster concert of May 3rd. 2005 because, like GSI already warned about, things are not confirmed yet by management.
Marion 25 November
  Robin In Concert!!
Everyone who'd like to see Robin in concert again we can now inform you that another concert is planned (if and when more performances will be given in Europe we do not know at this point but we'll surely inform you a.s.a.p.) Tickets are on sale now for the concert of May 3rd. 2005. The concert will be held in Münster (Westfalen), Germany at the Halle Mùnsterland. The first few rows we believe are already sold out. For tickets you can call in Germany: +251-6094910. For more info surf to

Attention: concert not confirmed yet by managment at this point

Marion: GSI 11/23/04  
(Thanks to Bee Gees fanclub Germany).

NEWS, November 20th.

  BBC Children In Need Charity

Katie Melua
Yesterday Robin was guest on "Children In Need" He presented a cheque with singer Katie Melua. We already reported on GSI about the song-writing master class with Robin you could bid on for this Children In Need charity. This master class finally was sold for 26,000 British Pounds to Mike Dawson from York, England. Concerning Katie, one could bid on a special half-hour acoustic set at your own home for you and your family and friends. She also gave a signed guitar. This private Katie concert was sold for 30.000 English Pounds. For more info about Katie surf to

  Robin in Channel 4 show
December 3 Robin is going to make an appearance at the Channel 4 show: Richard And Judy (U.K.). More about this show at:

  Re-releases of Bee Gees CD`s
Universal has informed us that in The Netherlands two Bee Gees cd's will be re released on January 14th. 2005. "Bee Gees First" and "Livin' Eyes"!!

Marion: GSI 11/20/04  (thanks P. Hofman)

NEWS, November 8th.

  Robin sings on British TV with Jools Holland

Jools Holland
To promote the new "Number Ones" cd. Robin has quite some promotion appearances around Europe at the moment and still the coming weeks before he starts to concentrate on yet another European project!! Robin at the moment is guest in lots of European TV and radio programmes (specially in Britain). We try to keep you posted on some of the major things and also hope you like the sound recording of his TV appearance in the show of Jools Holland: 'Later'. Where he performed "Massachusetts" with Jools on piano. (November 5th.)
 Please listen to the recording here  Mp3 2MB

  Bee Gees Isle Of Man stamps
Barry and Robin have kindly agreed to promote a Commemorative Stamp Cover in support of St Bridget's Hospice Care's 21st Birthday. The Stamp Cover - there are 500 signed personally by Barry and Robin - is available now both on the Isle of Man and throughout the rest of the world via the Internet. Signed Commemorative Covers are GB£25 and unsigned GB£10
Please visit:

Although the Stadthalle in Graz (Austria) still is mentioning on their website the booked concert for Robin on March 4th. we've just heard the news that management has postponed the concert until fall 2005. It's possible that other planned Robin concerts for Spring 2005 will be postponed as well. When we hear more we'll let you know.

  New European concert plans for Robin
Although we cannot inform about any definite details yet, nor give you all dates and plans concerning a possible new tour of Robin it's true that according to several publications in different European countries one is busy booking more venues for Robin for next year. When we receive confirmed details about any other countries we'll surely mention them.

Stadthalle Graz
For the moment we have for you the Robin concert in: Graz, Austria Planned and booked for March 4th. - 2005 Information about tickets etc. can be found at: Also there's a possible concert planned already for: Münster in Germany.
More news when available

Marion: GSI 11/08/04
(thanks: Bee Gees Fan Club Germany)

NEWS, October 24th.

  Gibb Brothers frequently asked
The Gibb Brothers are not only busy with composing of new material for themselves and others but are very frequently asked for so many events, shows and all kinds of activities world wide. To give you some examples: Recently they were offered to cooperate in a yearly charity event in Australia called "The Stayin Alive Benefit Concert" (like we mentioned before in our News item of August 25th), there also has been a request to perform during a fundraising concert to help preserve the worlds oldest rainforest in North Queensland and last week they received a request to participate in an "NBC Christmas Special" and so on and so on... They are asked for so many events and whenever we receive any confirmed details about any of these or any new events we surely will publish it for you on GSI.

  Ozzy sings Bee Gees
Yes, Ozzy Osbourne is going to release a 4 CD box: "Bible Of Ozz" on February 8 - 2005 (Epic Records). This box will include a Ozzy and Dweezil Zappa's version of the Bee Gees song: 'Stayin Alive'. We are very curious to hear how this Ozzy version is going to sound like. Visit:

  Cliff Richard CD
Coming week Cliffs new CD with the Gibb song: 'I Can't Give You My Love' will be album of the week on Radio 2 of The Netherlands.

  Robin on TV

Jools Holland
November 5th. Robin will appear in the Jools Holland Show on BBC 2 (Great Britain). It's a famous British TV music show hosted by Jools Holland. There will be a video and an interview. Time: 23:35 pm GMT (U.K.)

And on November 27th. Robin will be seen on German TV: ZDF (20.15 hours, German time) This will be a live show from Bremen called: "50 Jahre Rock - Love Songs" presented by Thomas Gottschalk.
A great number of stars will perform the best love songs from 50 years of rock music; including Elton John, Percy Sledge, Moody Blues & Meat Loaf a.o. (Robin Gibb performs a Bee Gees song) Tickets: call 01805 - 57 00 00 also visit:

Marion: GSI 10/24/04  (thanks also P. Hofman)

NEWS, October 20th.

   Edinho's chat was successful
Edinho has done his chat we earlier mentioned about and he was very enthusiastic about it when he mailed me: "The chat was great! I have received a lot of questions from several countries. Bee Gees's fans and people in general and I have had the opportunity to sing "Last Forever", beyond other musics like "Você e Eu (You and I)", "Acredite em Mim (How Deep is your Love)", "Palavras (Words)", "Minha Menina (You Should be Dancing)" and the medley in English. Singing "Last Forever" was very exciting to me..."
Read more about Edinho click here

   Q Magazine: "Best Bands Ever"
We have the results for you and The Bee Gees did well ending at # 18 They've been in the British charts for over 406 weeks. The biggest selling album in the U.K. was "Saturday Night Fever" with over 15 million copies. The biggest concert ever was the Sydney Olympic Stadium in March 1999 with over 64.000 people.
The best 20 of the Q Magazine list:
1 Pink Floyd
2 Led Zeppelin
3 Rolling Stones
4 U2
5 Queen
6 Dire Straits
7 Bruce Springsteen
8 Beatles
9 Bob Marley and Wailers
10 Fleetwood Mac
11 Eagles
12 Beach Boys
13 Oasis
14 Bon Jovi
15 Guns and Roses
16 Nirvana
17 Genesis
19 Metallica
20 Boston

   "How Many Sleeps" by Barry Gibb and David English
As you know this is the B side of Cliff Richards new single. A wonderful composition written by Barry and his best friend David English. David is very pleased with the success of the song. David: 'It's quite wonderful that it's doing so well. I wrote the song about my daughter Amy Rose, who as a little girl used to phone me from Zimbabwe, where she lived at the time, and asked, How many sleeps before I see you daddy?' She would measure how long she hadn't seen me in how many nights she had slept I thought this was a lovely idea for a song so me and Barry went to Miami to record it. We thought it would be perfect for Cliff so he came over and put down the vocals. The funny thing is that Cliff hasn't even met Amy Rose, even though he's singing about her.' The top-ten hit completes a good year for the convivial Mr English, who has also received a honorary degree from Middlesex University.
He will next be taking a group of terminally-ill children to Lapland with former England cricket star Phillip DeFreitas as part of his work for the charity "When You Wish Upon A Star".

   'Words are all I have'
According to Jack Rivers (Metro West Daily News)
"This life has lost its glory. Let's start a brand new story, now, my love." How often these simple words seem relevant from time to time in just about all of our lives. They certainly rung true in the lives of Barry and Robin when brother Maurice died in 2003 and the band ended. Maurice was the one in the balck hat and long coat. The Bee Gees were the most succesful band in history after The Beatles. Read here the full story

   "Number Ones": ready for release!
Los Angeles Business Wire, October 20th.
'The BEE GEES, the most successful trio of all-time and the most successful brother act of all-time, are pop music's first family. The voices of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb have been indelibly imprinted on the soundtrack of popular culture for five decades and counting. Blazing musical trails, they have created an enduring legacy.

©  Randee St. Nicholas
Their iconic place in pop music history is forever assured and their influence, as recording artists as well as songwriters and producers, continues unabated. November 9 will mark the release of "NUMBER ONES" (Polydor/UMe), the ultimate collection of hits from the BEE GEES. Packed with one smash after another from their acclaimed body of work, "NUMBER ONES" marks the first time that all 10 U.S. #1 hit singles -- and eight other #1s from around the world -- are presented in a single-CD package. The 19-track collection spans 20 years (1967-1987) and includes a bonus track ("Man In The Middle") specifically included at the request of Barry and Robin as a tribute to their late brother Maurice. Read more

Marion: GSI 10/20/04  (thanks also P. Hofman).

NEWS, October 7th.

   Barry working on new material
"Gibb Service International" received a message from Barry's management that Barry has been quite busy the past period with writing new material and the coming weeks he will be going to Middle Ear frequently to work. He is going to be writing and recording demos of songs he has composed lately. For which future project this material is, we don't know yet.

   Stayin' Alive
The manager of the Australian Bee Gees cover band: Stayin' Alive has send me the tourschedule for their new German tour which will start late November. Click here for schedule (Word file)

Stayin Alive during earlier German tour

   Cliff Richard

Michael Parkinson
The release of the new album of Cliff has been pushed forward and will be October 25 in Europe. "I Cannot Give You My Love" will be the 6th. track on the CD. By the way Cliff will be on the Parkinson show (ITV1 10.10PM local time) on October 9th. The release of his single is as we published earlier: October 11th. (with: "How Many Sleeps").

   Col Joye
Col Joy, the Australian music icoon ofwhich we've published before on the GSI website will be touring Australia again. Col once discovered The Bee Gees.

Album cover: "Along The Way"
Starting in Shepparton on October 14, Col Joye will play venues across Victoria. Col's new album "Along The Way", is a collection of hits that Col describes as standards of Australian Music History. During his performances Col will also be doing a brand new song, which is also a track on his new album. The song is called: "Love Is Blind", and it was written by The Bee Gees. The song has been unrecorded until now and is specially given for Col to record and perform.

Marion: GSI 10/07/04  
(Thanks also Harry-ICRM, Peter H.)

NEWS, September 30th.

  Barry's voice
There has recently been compiled a list of very distinct voices in pop music by M. Simpson and Barry is at number 5!!! Sometimes you'll be driving along when a song comes on the radio; even if you've never heard it before, you don't even need to wait for the chorus or for the DJ to identify the singer. The singer's voice is so distinctive that you immediately recognize the artist. And that's where this list comes in. Below you will find a list of the Top 10 most distinct voices in music of only male artists. These are all artists that boast a unique voice and singing style, as well as a large North American fan base. And although Michael Jackson is a musical genius, he didn't make the cut -- but check out who did.
10 David Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode
9 Aaren Neville, of The Neville Brothers
8 James Brown, the godfather of soul
7 Axl Rose of Guns n' Roses
6 Elvis Presley, The King of rock 'n' roll
5 Barry Gibb, our Barry, being one third of The Bee Gees
4 Luciano Pavarotti, the world's most famous opera singer.
3 Louis Armstrong, Nicknamed "Satchmo" and famous in the world of jazz
2 Barry White, named: The Walrus Of Love, and famous for his soul and disco hits
1 Bob Dylan, The most distinct voice in the music industry. His vocal style of not singing to the music became his trademark.

  "Dance Music Hall Of Fame"
"Gibb Service International" reported before about the fact that The Bee Gees would be introduced into the Dance Hall Of Fame on September 20th. John Parker, (board of directors of "The Dance Music Hall Of Fame") informed GSI about this event some time ago. Although Barry couldn't make it and at the end it also seemed impossible for Robin to shoot a video acceptance (probably because at that time he was very busy with his German tour), the group of course were introduced in the Hall on September 20th. and John Parker wrote me he hopes soon one of the Brothers will have a chance to pick up their award. By the way John Parker told me: the night was a huge success and raised money for both Lifebeat and "The Dance Music Hall of Fame".

  Number Ones album tracklist
The possible tracklist and release date for the Bee Gees Numbers One album are:
01: Massachusetts
02: Words
03: Island In The Stream
04: You Win Again
05: Night Fever
06: Tragedy
07: Immortality
08: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
09: Jive Talkin'
10: You Should Be Dancing
11: How Deep Is Your Love
12: Stayin' Alive
13: Too Much Heaven
14: I Started A Joke
15: Lonely Days
16: Love You Inside Out
Release date mentioned is November 3 - 2004.

  Future plans
Concerning the recent press release about many of the future plans for Robin followed by press publications in all kinds of news papers world wide I'd like to inform you, after having had contact with management in Miami Beach, that these publications about the mentioned future plans are still tentative and there's at this point no guarantee that these plans become reality theway they are published recently. There are still a lot of serious discussions going on behind the scenes at the moment. GSI would like to make clear that just because an article, press release or publication sounds very definite, this doesn't mean it already is!! You can be sure of the fact that when any definite confirmations are being made concerning Barry's and Robin's future plans I will hear about it from their managements and will of course report about it on GSI.

Marion: GSI 09/30/04  (Thanks also Dirk)

NEWS, September 24th.

  Yvonne Gibb
Today it's Yvonne's birthday.
We hope she'll be able to enjoy this day with her kids, other relatives and friends. "Gibb Service International" wishes her the very best and on behalf of all web site visitors:

  Gibb composition by Cliff Richard

Single "Somethin' Is Going On"
The release date of his first single in Britain: "Somethin' Is Going On" with the additional track: the Gibb composition "How Many Sleeps" (Decca 475 641-9) has been brought forward from October 18 to October 11th. !! No release plans for other countries of this single so far. However the release dates of his upcoming new album is as follows November 1: UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and possibly Belgium November 8: Norway.

Marion: GSI 09/24/04  (also thanks Harry ICRM.)

NEWS, September 17th.

   Robin On Tour
Today Robin's German tour starts in Stuttgart. (Liederhalle) For this show there are no more tickets available, but for some of the other shows there still are. Take a look at: More details about his concert on the GSI website the coming period.

   Barry and Cliff
We've informed you earlier that in the contrary to publications on the Internet the second Barry song won't come on Cliff's new album but one has decided to make this song: "How Many Sleeps", the B-side of Cliff's first single from his new album. This Cliff single: "Somethin' Is Going On" / "How Many Sleeps" (Decca 475 641-9) will be released October 18th. in England.

   Voting For Icons: The Bee Gees
This week Gibb Service International has been approached by O2 / Q Magazine and they've launched a partnership with Q magazine to find the greatest rock 'n roll icons of all time and they invited GSI to join. The visitors of GSI might like to have the chance to vote for The Bee Gees, right?! So to all of you who are interested Click here to download more info in Word.

   U.K.'s Biggest Bee Gees Fan
In addition, O2 mentioned to "Gibb Service International" they are also looking for case studies of the UK's most committed fans to help them find the UK's biggest Bee Gees fan through our GSI site! More details a.s.a.p. on this website.

Marion: GSI 09/17/04  (also thanks Harry ICRM.)

NEWS, September 15th.

  Robin Presents Cheque To Thame Youngster

Robin Gibb with Sam,his mum, Sandra, and Chair of Thame Festival, Bob Davies,

Robin, living in Thame himself took time out from his busy schedule yesterday, to present a cheque to a young and very ill Thame boy suffering from cerebral palsy, that's what Gibb Service International heard today. 12 year-old Sam Baker, of Youens Drive, Thame, was chosen to be the recipient of the funds raised from this year's Thame Festival and Carnival, and the grand total of £3,600.00, means that Sam's mum Sandra, can now take him to complete a very special treatment.
Read here the full story:

Marion: GSI 09/15/04  (thanks also Marjorie L.)

NEWS, August 31st.

  Bee Gees in "The Dance Hall of Fame"
Yesterday John Parker, (board of directors of "The Dance Music Hall Of Fame") mailed me and informed GSI with the following news: The Bee Gees will be honored as one of the first artists inducted into "The Dance Music Hall of Fame" on September 20th at Club Spirit in New York. This makes them the first act inducted into both the "Rock N Roll Hall of Fame" and "The Dance Music Hall of Fame". For more information on the event and on the other inductees, please visit

  Robin tour info
According to Billboard August 30th.: Robin Gibb will kick off an eight-date tour of Germany Sept. 17 in Stuttgart. Dubbed the Magnetic Tour after his 2003 solo release "Magnet," it will find Gibb performing songs from his solo career as well as hits from the Bee Gees' catalog. The concerts will feature a four-piece backing band, four backing vocalists and a 30-piece philharmonic orchestra from Frankfurt. Guitarist Nikolo Kotzev of the band Brazen Abbot has arranged the songs and scores. According to Kotzev's official Web site, one of the concerts will be recorded for a future DVD release. See also: The Bee Gees vowed to cease performing after the death of Maurice Gibb in January 2003.
Jason MacNeil, Toronto

  Gibb composition on new CD / DVD of Cliff Richard
Early November will be the release of the DVD: "Cliff Richard Live - Castles in the Air" on Universal. Recorded on Leeds Castle on July 24 and 25 and including the Barry/Ashley song: "I Cannot Give You My Love". In Holland the DVD is planned for early December as far as we know now.
The title of the new CD is "Something's goin' on" (Universal) the Gibb song "I cannot give you my love" will be the 6th. track on the CD. Release date November 1. What will happen with the second Gibb song that Cliff recorded in Miami Beach we don't know yet.

  Vince Coming To Europe
According to the latest news GSI heard that Vince Melouney (guitarist of The Bee Gees in the early days) is coming to Germany and probably other places in Europe next year. Of course we'll keep you posted!! More about Vince Melouney as well as Colin Peterson soon on this GSI website!!

  Chart info
The "O.N.O." DVD is still selling great down under ( in Australia) . 7 times platinum, more than 105.000 copies sold, and is still selling very well in Brazil, New Zealand. It also has been a smash hit in the U.S.A. with more than 146 weeks in the top 40, and in the U.K., Holland, Taiwan etc. etc.

Marion: GSI 08/31/04   
(also thanks Juan Guzman, Regina S and Harry (ICRM).)

NEWS, August 28th.

   Chart News:
'The Record' is 3 times platinum in the UK and now is the 5th best selling album ever in the UK.

   Robin's Tour in Germany
Robin has been given several interviews for German radio, TV and some magazines like: "Neue Woche" # 35, "Frau Im Spiegel" "Diner's Club Magazine" and "Das Neue Blatt".

Robin and his wife Dwina with their dogs Paddy and Kerry   ©  Action Press

The Robin concert in Bonn will now be seated although this will have no effect on the ticket prices. This open air conert and some parts of the live show in Berlin will be used for a possible DVD.

   Bee Gees Number Ones CD
There's a chance that Universal will release a Bee Gees No 1's CD in Europe and America later this year.

   Our Beloved Friend Maurice Gibb
All his fans, people in the music business and so many organisations all around the world . everyone still remembers Maurice having done great things with his brothers in music and also being such a wonderful man.

San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium

Take a look at: The Website For The Paintball Addict where the NPPL announces a location for the "Commander's Cup": The 2004 NPPL Super 7 World Series "Commander's Cup" will be held November 12 - 14 outside of San Diego, California's Qualcomm Stadium
162 lucky teams will be able to compete for the world-renown Commander's Cup, an ever impressive cup dedicated to the memory of our beloved friend Maurice Gibb. Gibb, of the musical icon group the BeeGees, was and still is the greatest ambassador of our sport.

Of course don't forget to also once in a while pay a visit to our own GSI: Maurice Gibb In Loving Memory Pages to remember Maurice in words, sounds and wonderful photo reports!

Marion: GSI 08/28/04   
(also thanks: J. Guzman., M Leib, Robin's management, Jill )

NEWS, August 21st.

  Maurice Tribute Song By Edinho
Edinho Santa Cruz from Brasil is planning to release another album with Bee Gees covers this month. This will probably be on August 25th. One of the tracks on the album is a tribute song to Maurice Gibb called: 'Last Forever'. Claudio , a Brazilian fan of the BR Gibb web site: helped Edinho with this project and gave him some detailed info about Mo. The album is called: 'Você e Eu' There will be a English and a Spanish track of the tribute song: 'Last Forever' coming on the album. The other tracks are the same Portuguese versions of the BeeGees' songs released three years ago in the album "Edinho Santa Cruz - Encontros - Staying Alive". We are glad that Edinho gave GSI permission to include the complete version of his tribute song on our website.
Listen to  'Last Forever'  3.4 Mb
(more about this tribute of course on our special Maurice Gibb Tribute Pages: Photos And Sound Fragments!)

  One Night Only
The One Night Only DVD has already been in the Australian Top 40 charts for 173 weeks!!
It's now at number 21.
In New Zealand it is at 5

  Bee Gees covers continue doing great

Michael Bublé
Michael Buble's album with the Bee Gees cover: 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' is 5 in Australia and 2 in Italy. Interested on how this sounds?  Listen here  to a sound fragment 1.6 Mb.

Also Human Nature's 'Guilty' is going great and entered the Australian charts at 33.

Marion: GSI 08/21/04   
(also thanks to Peter, Claudio, Marcio).

NEWS, July 2nd.

   Barry busy in Middle Ear studio
He's not working on a specific new project yet but management confirmed us that Barry will go into the studio the next coming weeks with engineer Brian Tench (producer: One and ESP) to record a number of demos.
This of course sounds hopeful for the future we think!!

   Las Vegas Get-Together
From the organisation team of the Bee Gees Get Together:
"We have the website with information up for anyone interested in coming to the gathering in October. There is also a place to preregister in the "guestbook". There are a few minor details that I still have to get straightened out but once those things are taken care of, all the other details will be posted on the special website too.
The website can be found at:
The preregistration is at:
Both sites have links to each other. "We are looking foreward to meeting everyone that will be attending".
Shelly and Beth.

   Another Bee Gees Tribute Band
Just for your information
Bee Gees fan Adam B. recently saw a tribute to The Bee Gees which he enjoyed very much: "The Bees Knees". Do you want to see them too? A ticket event is to be held at the London Thistle Hotel on July 16th. 2004. Anyone that is interested in attending should contact the tribute acts management on: +44 01702 556094. You can also visit the website and learn a bit more about The Bees Knees at:
(thanks: Adam B)

Marion: GSI 07/02/04

NEWS, June 19th.

   Robin's performance in Washington D.C.
It's confirmed now that Robin is going to do the Independence Day concert in Washington D.C. - U.S.A. on July 4th. There first were some doubts but now Robin decided to do it and the concert is finally confirmed.
Here are some more details:
Where and when will it take place: Sunday, July 4, 2004 -- Lawn seating, first come, first serve
Time: 8 PM, but people show up earlier in the day for seating
How to travel: Washington has good public transportation, especially to this area, on the Metro, which is a good thing, since traffic in and out could be horrendous. The usual attendance is 500,000!
Who will perform: Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Clay Aiken, the National Symphony Orchestra, and ROBIN GIBB!

This is a FREE concert, so no tickets are required for this! If you can't attend, it will be broadcast live on most PBS television stations (U.S.A.), on most public radio stations (meaning the PBS of the radio world ), and on Armed Forces Radio and Television.

Marion: GSI 06/19/04

NEWS, June 14th.

  Brothers on frontpage of "UniLife"

© Howard Barlow
Barry and Robin recently appeared on the cover of the May issue of UniLife, the magazine of the University Of Manchester. There was also an article with photos about the ceremony published in UniLife.
(thanks to Adrian Handley)

Barry, Linda and their daughter Alexandra   © Howard Barlow

  DVD, "One Night Only"
This DVD is still going very strong and again for instance in the Top 5 of Australia and Brasil.

  Sound clips of the opening of the Maurice Gibb Studio
Hear Barry and Robin open the Maurice Gibb Recording Studio at Chorlton High School, Manchester.
For BGFCtm club members:
Please visit the Members Only section of: and find there the following soundclips: Robin speaks first, Barry follows, Robin and Barry open the studio

  Planned Bee Gees Get ToGether
Fans in the U.S.A. are planning a get together.
This will be held October 13-17, 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
All fans who are interested in joining and who'd like to receive more information Please contact: Beth Miller at:

  Florida Music Festival
Sorry to must have tell you that this Festival will not occur and there's no web site available anymore nor anyone to answer questions etc. Like earlier mentioned in our News bulletin of December 30th. 2003 there was never given any confirmation yet that Robin or Barry would be present at the Event.

Marion: GSI 06/14/04

NEWS, May 27th.

   CBE Presentation
Today Robin and Barry made an emotional trip to Buckingham Palace in London to collect their CBE's. The brothers collected their awards from Prince Charles and Maurice's son Adam received his fathers award. The wives of both Robin and Barry were present too as well as some of their kids and of course also Yvonne Gibb, was in the audience Adam, looked close to tears after collecting his father's CBE. He said Charles spoke to him about the passing of his father. "He said he hoped this was a little something to remember him by. My mother was supposed to do it but she wouldn't have been able to." Barry, said afterwards: "It's bitter sweet. It would have been wonderful for all three of us to be here. We have mixed feelings. Knowing Mo, this would have been right up his alley. He would have still had his hat on." Later in the Palace quadrangle, Robin said: "This is for Maurice", and as they posed for the cameras Barry said: "This is the greatest day of my life." The Prince Of Wales discussed the Bee Gees music with the boys during the ceremony. This indeed has been a very special day for The Gibb Brothers.
See for some reports:

   Robins "Magnetic Tour 2004"
Robin's concert tour with the "New Frankfurt Philharmonic" is now confirmed. For dates and venues check the earlier post of May 20th. Tickets are between € 40.-- and € 75.-- and are now available at ticket stands in Germany, or can be ordered calling the national Toll Free number 0800/175 275 or on-line with
Management has set aside tickets for fanclub members for the shows in Bonn, Berlin, Munich and Bamberg.

Concerning the members of the international BGFCtm fan club: More details have been sent out (or will be send out soon) by special BGFC mailing, and for those who are not online but are using the Hot Mail System of BGFC-EUROPE, will receive info by snail mail in their earlier sent enveloppe of course. The other fan clubs of course will all arrange things for their own members in their own way.

   Robin In Washington
Robin has also been asked to perform a couple of songs at the 2004 Indepence Day (July 4th) concert - "A Capitol Fourth" - which is held on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. This free concert (no tickets are necessary) is also broadcast live by PBS across the nation. (U.S.A.) Once confirmed more details will follow.

Marion: GSI 05/27/04

NEWS, May 12th.

  "Doctors Of Music"
Today Robin and Barry Gibb were among the recipients of Honorary Degrees from The University of Manchester. The Gibb brothers also accepted a posthumous Honorary Degree on behalf of their brother Maurice, who died in January 2003. They received their Degrees from the University's Chancellor Ms Anna Ford at a special ceremony to mark Founders Day. Barry and Robin said it had been a "difficult time" since their brother Maurice died. Sadness behind Bee Gee day of honour. It is the emotional return that means so much to Robin and Barry Gibb but one that they have been secretly dreading.
Read the reports on
The web site of the University Of Manchester
More reports about this event

"Doctors Of Music"     © Ian Hodgson - Reuters

  A new CD by Kathryn Williams called "Relations" will include a cover of "I Started A Joke". The CD will be released in the UK on May 17. Singer/songwriter Kathryn Williams was born in Liverpool in 1974.

  The Canadian born singer Leslie Feist is releasing a new CD "Let It Die" on May 18th. In Canada and June 28th in the U.K. with the Bee Gees cover - "Love You Inside Out".

Marion: GSI 05/12/04   (also thanks Richard)

NEWS, April 22nd.

  Isle Of Man Stamps
However things are still in the planning stages The Isle Of Man is preparing to issue a new limited edition Bee Gees stamp cover! At this time, we believe the issue will be to benefit the St Bernard's Hospice Care Facility in Douglas, Isle of Man. We'll be passing the information about it on to you just as soon as we have it regarding date of issue, how to obtain them, etc.

  John Merchant
John, the technical man of The Bee Gees, is leaving after fifteen (15) years to become a freelance engineer/producer. He may still work at Middle Ear with some of his other clients as well as doing work for the brothers from time to time. He is looking forward to building a home studio and spending more time at home with his wife Chrissie and new son John Holt Merchant IV (Jack) born February 17th, 2004.

Marion: GSI 04/22/04

Also visit the BGFC headquarters web site at:

NEWS, April 8th.

   Barry joins the world famous pro-celebrity cricket team: the Bunburys
Media release, April 8th - 2004
Bowling 'em over - Stars come out for charity cricket match

Pop legend Barry Gibb is just one of the names confirmed to join world famous pro-celebrity cricket team the Bunburys for an all-star charity match on May 30th.* The 57-year-old former Bee Gee will bat alongside other celebs against a team fielded by newscaster Sir Trevor McDonald in aid of the National Missing Persons Helpline charity (NMPH). They will take each other on for 35 overs a side at the Imber Court Metropolitan Police Cricket Grounds, Ember Lane, East Molesey, Surrey. Previous Bunburys teams have included Allan Lamb, Alec Stewart, Phil Tufnell, Jamie Theakston, Mike Catt, Matt Dawson and Mike Atherton. The day promises to be a feast of fun with a beer tent, raffle, tombola, food stalls and band all included in the price of the ticket. There will also be the chance to bowl out an England player and enter a prize draw. Tickets are £4 adults, £2 children and £10 for family ticket (£8 advance) and are available from Imber Court or by contacting Hayley Buckle at NMPH on 020 8392 4531 or email Gates open at 12 noon.

Contact Issy Cowburn - Press and Publicity Officer, National Missing Persons Helpline - 020 8392 4510 - National Missing Persons Helpline is a registered UK charity (no.1020419) which offers support to the families of missing people and to those who have gone missing, as well as actively searching for missing people. Based in East Sheen, London, it runs three free-phone numbers - the Helpline 0500 700 700, Message Home Helpline 0800 700 740 and the Runaway Helpline 0808 800 70 70. Sir Trevor McDonald has been Vice Patron of the National Missing Persons Helpline since 1992. David English MBE, former RSO records boss, formed the Bunburys in 1987. Since then they have raised over £8 million for various charities. David English has also found time to teach Hollywood actors Robert Redford and Ryan O'Neill cricket. Issy Cowburn

To donate please call 020 8392 4592
Or visit our website

   Gibb composition by Cliff
Like earlier mentioned Sir Cliff recorded some Gibb songs after having worked with Barry for a while in his Middle Ear studio in Miami Beach some time ago. One of these songs: "I Cannot Give You My Love", Cliff performed April 3 during his first concert in the Royal Albert Hall in London. According to reactions given by people who joined this concert: it was a typical Bee Gees tune.

   Tea With Robin
According to a celebrity-backed auction has been launched by the Paul Bevan Cancer Foundation in Ascot, U.K. The platinum auction includes an impressive list of lots including tea with RobinGibb. Money raised from the auction will be used to help establish the support and information centre for people in Berkshire.

More info on:

The auction catalogue can be viewed at or obtained by calling Alex or Mel on 01344 292191. Bids can be made by completing a bidding coupon in the catalogue or by making bids through the web-site or by phone, or alternatively by attending the auction in person at Englemere in Ascot.

The auction is open until Friday, May 7, when a live auction will conclude the bidding process.This auction will run as a postal and internet auction from 9 March until 5 May 2004. As the Platinum Auction will end with a live event on 7 May 2004, bids taken on-line or by post will become bids 'on the book'. If a higher bid is received at the live auction event, this will take precedence over internet and postal bids. After each lot has been offered for sale, whichever bid is the highest will secure the lot.

Marion: GSI 04/08/04

News, March 1st.

  Barry has performed at the Love and Hope Ball. (February 28th).
These are the songs he did:

1.    Black Magic
2.    As Time Goes By
3.    You Make Me Feel So Young
4.    Three Coins in the Fountain
5.    The Way You Look Tonight
6.    Secret Love
7.    Days of Wine & Roses
8.    Send in the Clowns
9.    Summer Wind
10.   Strangers in the Night
11.   In the Wee Small Hours
12.   My Kind of Town
13.   Swinging on a Star

Marion: GSI 03/01/04

News, February 27th.

  This week Barry has been busy rehearsing for his Love And Hope performance, however no set list is ready yet. He won't sing any Bee Gees songs during the show though.

No plans ready yet for Barry and Robin working together on an album, probably more news after coming Spring.

Barry is not working on a solo album right now so won't release one soon, nor is he busy in the film industry at this time.

Barry has however produced several songs for Sir Cliff Richard with whom he has worked at his studio in Miami Beach lately and he likes to do more work with other artists in the future.

  The British Channel 4 Show: The Ultimate Pop Star announced that The Bee Gees are at number 18 on the list of: - who sold the most singles in Britain the past 50 years -. They sold about 7 million singles!. Being songwriters they've sold over 20 million singles. Sir Cliff is at the number one spot. More here

  Last week Robin has been on British TV again because of the publishing of the above mentioned list. Robin announced that he likes to record with Barry again in the future although, like we've told you before, there are no definite plans ready yet.

  The Very Best Of The Bee Gees is number 2 in Argentine and in Australia the One Night Only DVD went from 14 to 8.

  For BGFCtm members:
More about the visit of Robin to John Travolta's 50th. birthday party and photos on the 'Members Only' page of the headquarters website of BGFCtm

Marion: GSI 02/27/04

News, January 23rd.

   Stayin'Alive On Tour
The Australian tribute band is on tour in Europe again and below you'll find their tour schedule.
- A special offer for BGFC -
All members of BGFC-EUROPE will be able to visit the shows for a very reduced price. They will read about this in a special short BGFC mailing or in their Hotmail message. For questions mail me: BGFC members who are living outside Europe and who like to receive some additional info to go to these concerts for the reduced price please mail me too.

Datum/date       Ort/place       Venue

23.01. Fr    Braunschweig    Gala
24.01. Sa    Braunschweig    Gala
25.01. So    Schwerin    Kongresshalle
26.01. Mo    Görlitz    Theater
28.01. Mi    Gersthofen    Stadthalle
29.01. Do    Wolfen    Kulturhaus
31.01. Sa    Neubrandenburg    Stadthalle

01.02. So    Leipzig    Gewandhaus
03.02. Di    Stade    Stadeum
2nd Part
25.02. Mi    Lübeck    Kongresshalle
28.02. Sa    Bad Meienberg    Theater
29.02. So    Nürnberg    Meistersingerhalle
04.03. Do    Rastatt    Badner Halle
05.03. Fr    Oberursel    Stadthalle
06.03. Sa    Zwickau    Stadthalle
07.03. So    Lingen    Theater an der Wilhelmshöhe
09.03. Di    Hamburg    Musikhalle
10.03. Mi    Essen    Gruga Halle
11.03. Do    Emden    Neues Theater
12.03. Fr    Torgelow    Stadthalle
13.03. Sa    Neuruppin    Stadtgarten
14.03. So    Dresden    Alter Schlachthof
19.03. Fr    Bischofswerda    Kulturhaus
20.03. Sa    Borna    Stadtkulturhaus
27.03. Sa    Hoyerswerda    Lausitzhalle

   Bee Gees Fan Location When you visit this site you can point out where you live and you can see where most of the other Bee Gees fans live around the globe. So fans can put a dot on a map to show their location. There's of course also a Bee Gees map. So don't wait and put your dot on the map too by mentioning your home town!!

Marion: GSI 01/23/04   (also thanks Marjorie)

News, January 7th.

  Love And Hope Ball
Barry Gibb has been in the studio rehearsing for his Love and Hope Ball performance (February 28, 2004) Management confirmed that Barry is working on his Love And Hope performance but they have not received the definite set list yet. However they guess for the moment "Words" will be the only Gibb song on it. Barry is going to perform with Alan Kendall, Matt Bonelli, Steve Rucker and Hal Roland together with the orchestra conducted by Peter Graves.
More details when available and confirmed.

  Robin and Alistair chart success
Alistair and Robin Gibb entered the U.K.. charts at 5 with Bring it On/Lover's prayer.

  Ceremony For Maurice
I've received quite some requests lately through the email address of GSI to organize some kind of candle ceremony somewhere in Miami Beach, January 12th. I think this is a beautiful idea. Bee Gees fan Phillis is asking around and helping to see if this can be done. (see also the guestbook of GSI) If you feel like gathering with fans in memory of Mo than keep an eye on this web site for information. A good place to gather maybe would be Jimmy's Diner.

Marion: GSI 01/07/04

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