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NEWS, November 25th.

  Some updates and fan answers
* Barry's album and tour 2016: No confirmations yet. still plans, like earlier mentioned, of releasing the album in the first part of 2016, (probably around March 2016 but certainly not at the end of 2015!!) and furthermore.... plans for live concerts after the album release in 2016. We keep you posted.
* Barry's Bumsrush video and the possibility to order it: There is no system in place presently to order this video. We hope again in near future.
* What about plans of Barry to release the live recording of the Melbourne concert from 1989. Barry and John Merchant remixed the audio from the original 'One For All' - home video release recorded at the 1989 Melbourne Concert for inclusion in the more recent Bee Gees Box set: The Warner Bros. Years 1987 - 1991.

  GSI Offer - Premiere Titanic Concert Siegen
Do you have tickets for this concert and are you interested in getting a chance to meet with the guests before the start of the concert??? GSI will probably have a possibility, in cooperation with the concert organisation, to visit the guests with some fans before the show starts, for a chat and take some photos etc. In Germany we expect The Gibbs only to be present at the premiere in Siegen. I can only invite a small group of fans.... If you have booked tickets for Siegen I can put you on the list and let you in. If you are interested then send an email soon to: subject: fan visit Siegen.
There are only a few places left on my list.

Also watch: And click here (Pdf) to read the review of the Titanic Requiem music written by Marty Hogan and posted here with his permission.

Marion: GSI 11/25/15  

NEWS, November 5th.

  You Should Be Dancing CD

A decision has been made that this planned compilation CD won't be released after all. This seems to be a worldwide decision.

  Signed Rotary Club 2016 Calender
From Rotary Redcliffe:
Hi Marion!
Our Rotary Club has 2016 calendar of our area signed by Barry Gibb for auction. It has Barry on the front cover and includes some photos of Bee Gees Way along with other local sights. For anyone interested visit:
Thanks, Mick Cullen

Rotary Calendar 2016 front   click to enlarge

Marion: GSI 11/05/15  

NEWS, October 23rd.

  Robin John reports from Taranto, Italy.
Message from RJ a few hours before the start of the premiere of Titanic, October 23rd.
From Megan:
A word from RJ on tonight's performance of the Titanic Live Concert; The concert's orchestral and visual providence is very poignant and beautiful, the holographic artwork perfected to such a magnificent scale (we are now in eye liner HD) with the equivalent of the "Italy Has Talent show" on board, it welcomes a vast national and international audience. The visual effects now include people, everywhere on board, real actors portraying the parts, utilized alongside fantastic animated artistry. The result is brilliant! If we currently live in a place where appreciation for good art across all genres and good taste in music still prevails, then there is no reason why this concert should not spark the origins of something which the whole world will wish to witness...and endeavor to be apart of. It is a mixture of classical music, some popular music styles, performance art, ballet, opera and stage theatre, dashed with holographic displays...
A true gem.
Robin-John Gibb x

Ticket info for upcoming concert events of Titanic:

Marion: GSI 10/23/15  
(Thanks RJ. and Megan).

NEWS, October 18th.

  Henk Goosens
Almost 2 months ago since Henk died, something still hard to understand. I have received kind letters, emails, and FB messages from fans, after the announcement of Henk's death. I just wish to thank you all for your sympathy.
Marion Adriaensen / GSI

Henk Goosens
Bijna 2 maanden na het overlijden van Henk, iets wat nog steeds moeilijk te begrijpen is. Ik ontving brieven, emails en FB berichtjes van fans na de bekendmaking van Henk's overlijden en hierbij mijn hartelijke dank voor jullie medeleven.
Marion Adriaensen / GSI

Henk Goosens,  © Debbi Allison
  The Last Bee Gee comes home
Barry Gibb Australian special.
The last Bee Gee takes us back to his Aussie roots and opens up about growing up in Brisbane and how one of the biggest bands of the 60s came to be.

Marion: GSI 10/18/15  (Thanks also Dick Ashby).

NEWS, September 30th.

  Barry Gibb special
Barry Gibb Australia Special with Rani Sadler will probably be aired soon on a Sunday ( Australian Network 7), however on the mentioned date of October 4th. it won't be the Barry special but a James Blunt special which will be aired. Check your local Australian TV guides for the right date!!

  Stephen Gibb
Stephen Gibb is working on two albums for early 2016, his own and one with dad Barry Gibb. Stephen on writing songs and playing music with his father: "To be in a room with him, writing songs, is a dream come true."

Marion: GSI 09/30/15  

NEWS, September 29th.

  Titanic Concerts Germany
The first date for the German part of the tour is certain. The German premiere will take place February 13th. in the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen.
More dates in Germany will follow soon.

  Barry Gibb Special for Australian TV
Barry Gibb Australia Special with Rani Sadler will probably be aired soon on a Sunday ( Australian Network 7). However for October 4th. there's a special planned with James Blunt!!! Check local TV guides the coming weeks!!
(thanks Steph Hagger).

  Olivia Newton John Gala
There have been AUS $225,000.00 raised on the night ? of the ?ONJ GALA. ? Well done everyone. Great cause. Great cancer center.

Marion: GSI 09/29/15  

NEWS, September 22nd.

  Olivia Newton John Gala charity night in Melbourne
September 15th. Barry, Linda and friends Kelly Lang and TG Sheppard took the plane to Melbourne and Barry started rehearsing for the performance with Olivia Newton John.

Kelly and TG travelled with Barry, Linda and Dick Ashby to Melbourne, September 15th. © Kelly Lang.

In Melbourne rehearsing for Olivia's sharity gala, © Kelly Lang
The Olivia Newton John Gala 2015 'a touch of gold' took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne on September 19th.
During this gala Barry performed:
"Jive Talkin'", "To Love Somebody", 3 duets with Olivia: "Guilty", "Islands in The Stream", "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart". and "Spicks and Specks", "You Should Be Dancing", "Words"

Photo report (8 images)  
More photos at:

  Bee Gees Auction Items
Mail to GSI :
Backstage Auctions, Inc. is a leading on-line music memorabilia auction house that specializes in hosting one-of-a-kind auction events for musicians and industry professionals. Currently we have the pleasure and privilege to feature the historic archive of 'London Features International' (LFI), which was one of the oldest and best-known London based British photo agencies. Among the many artists featured in this collection we have some very interesting Bee Gees material that we believe you might be interested to see and know about. Here is a direct link to the featured lots: The auction preview is currently live. The auction itself will start this coming weekend and will end on Sunday, October 4, 2015.

  Barry Gibb Tour 2016
Plans are there for a tour next year, more details posted when available hopefully late this year. It won't be a type of Mythology Tour anymore but a tour in smaller venues, like nice theatres, more acoustic and closer to the public.

  The History Of Rock 1967
The Bee Gees
For text of the September issue of this magazine see PDF File

(thanks also Marie Andree).

Marion: GSI 09/22/15  

NEWS, September 10th.

  More about Barry in Redcliffe
Loretta Ryan talks to Barry
about the new concerts for 2016 Barry mentioned it will be different: a little bit more intimite, more in theatres and more acoustic etc. audio about Barry's visit:
4BC to help honour the Bee Gees
4BC will host a special live outside broadcast (OB) from noon to 6pm tomorrow, Friday 11 September, in support of the Redcliffe Festival and the official opening of Bee Gees Way Stage 2. more at:

Marion: GSI 09/10/15  

NEWS, September 9th.

  Barry Gibb back in Redcliffe

Barry in Redcliffe, September 2015
It has been decades since Barry Gibb has called Redcliffe home, but he left no doubt how deep his love for the peninsula was at a beachside reception on Wednesday September 9th. video:
Articles and photos:

  Opening of Bee Gees Way, Stage 2, September 11th.
Donīt forget for all who cannot be present ...... follow the live stream of the event and register for, and watch Live Stream here
Information about time differences:
In The Netherlands and most parts of Western Europe Mainland you have to get ready around 6 am. in the morning! Enjoy!!
More on GSI Facebook!

Barry in Redcliffe, September 2015
  Kayte Strong - Bryon about Dennis
'Since my last name is also B-R-Y-O-N now, I feel the pain!!! True story about the publisher Dennis turned down when they spelled Bryon wrong 7 out of 8 times in the contract. Not a good start for a publisher' Radio Interview with Tom Barnard of KQRS in Minneapolis MN
Dennis is playing one of many first rate kits for Native Instruments sampling...he makes it look so easy ...  © Kayte Bryon
Marion: GSI 09/09/15  

NEWS, August 28th.

Due to the death of friend and GSI representative Henk Goosens I haven't been able to keep the website updated at all. Nor am I updated with answering mail, sorry for that. I hope most of you have been able to follow all latest news and details 24/7 on my GSI facebook group which could be kept updated rather well. Today I'll try and post some of the items of the past one or two weeks.
Thank you, Marion / GSI


  Barry is leaving for his trip to Australia
August 28th. Barry and family will leave for Australia. The coming weeks Barry will pay another visit to his beloved Australia, to open stage 2 of Bee Gees Way, to perform with Olivia Newton John and hopefully to have lots of time for private visits etc. The first time Dutch BG fan and GSI representative Henk Goosens won't be able to travel to Barry and be amongst the audience. but Steph from the Australian fanclub told me they are holding a seat for Henk on the official stage!! We think he would really like that as we know he wanted to be here, and I'm sure he will be there in spirit! On September 11th. Barry Gibb will arrive at the main stage to give a short speech and greet fans at approximately 1:55pm then he'll proceed up to Bee Gees Way to the official marquee for the grand opening of Stage 2 at 2:00pm.

Follow the event by live stream!
The live stream starts at approx 2pm Brisbane time (AEST) Everyone has to register for it and make sure you enter your country as well In The Netherlands you should sit ready at 6.00 a.m. in the morning (September 11th.) for the live stream of the Event in Redcliffe.
Stay updated the coming weeks also through: Bee Gees Fan Club Australia

  Can the Gold Coast claim The Bee Gees
Jeff Apter speaks about his book Tragedy

  More about the Redcliffe event etc.
 Barry's return to Redcliffe
 Bee Gees Way
Hi and welcome to our Bee Gees Way Site.
This is about the Bee Gees Way, a pedestrian walkway from Redcliffe Parade to Sutton Street situated in Redcliffe, Queensland Australia. It contains a visual depiction of the Bee Gees life with an emphasis on their time in Redcliffe.
 Redcliffe festival on Facebook
 Register for, and watch Live Stream here
 a chance to win tickets

  More about the Olivia Barry performance
More about the Olivia Newton John Gala 2015 at: and:

  Dennis Bryon, more about You Should Be Danding
Dennis Bryon 'the one on the drums during the most succesful days of The Bee Gees'. Listen to Dennis about his book and his work Unplugged & Totally Uncut

  An apology to The Gibb Family

  Robin's newsletters
A real piece of history - the very first Robin Gibb Fan Club Letter ! and here is Robin's welcome note to Fan Club members, written in his own hand!

  Review of Robin's Saved By The Bell
A great four star review of Robin Gibb's 'Saved by The Bell' appeared last week in the Dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant' In Dutch.

  More about the Titanic Concert Tour
We do hope that the Titanic concert tour will travel to other parts of Europe (and beyond), but we will have to wait and see how successful the Italian shows are first.

RJ in Tatanto, Italy, copyright
Marion: GSI 08/28/15  

NEWS, August 7th.

  42nd. Annual Love and Hope Ball
Fantasy at the Fontainebleau.

Finally we can give you the date for the 2016 Love and Hope Ball. It will take place on Saturday, February 6th. at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Cocktail Reception at LIV 8:00pm - Midnight, Dinner in the Sparkle Ballroom.
Address: Fontainebleau Miami Beach
4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140, USA
Cost: $650 per person.
More info at:

Marion: GSI 08/07/15  

NEWS, August 4th.

  Author event with Dennis Bryon
Author event with Dennis Bryon, author of You Should Be Dancing: My life with the Bee Gees signs his books. Please join Parnassus Books in welcoming acclaimed drummer and Nashvillian Dennis Byron for a discussion and signing of his memoir, "You Should Be Dancing: My Life with the Bee Gees".
Saturday, August 15, 2015 - 2:00pm. Event address:
Parnassus Books
3900 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215

Dennis is also appearing at Mid South Book Fest in Memphis September12th. Bill Clinton and the Bee Gees: Memoirs from the Spotlight,10:00am Dennis Bryon of the Bee Gees and White House appointee Janis F. Kearney have lived amazing lives, and their memoirs serve as a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the world of politics and pop culture. Join them as they share their stories about the Clintons, civil rights leader Daisy Bates, the Bee Gees, and more!
Presenters: Dennis Bryon and Janis F. Kearney
Moderator: Neil White
Location: Playhouse on the Square Main Stage

Marion: GSI 08/04/15  

NEWS, July 19th.

  Barry and Olivia at the ONJ Gala 2015 'a touch of gold'
We do not have a set list but Barry and Olivia for sure will sing several songs together according to his manager.

  Stage 2 Of Walk Way Opening
Management told GSI that they don't know the time of the walkway opening on Sept 11th yet although it will probably be in the afternoon. There will only be a limited capacity of seats. Keep an eye on GSI website / facebook and: for details if you are visiting Redcliffe. also visit:

  Love and Hope 2016
No details at all yet about The "Love and Hope Ball" for 2016. GSI received information that the event will probably be moved to another location!!! and so no date or details are known yet at the moment. We soon hope to know more.

Marion: GSI 07/19/15  

NEWS, July 16th.

  Update Barry's plans
Many fans asked GSI for an update about Barry's plans, however at the moment not too much to mention: Barry should finish his album just before they go to Australia for 3-4 weeks at the end of August. Stage 2 of Bee Gees Way will be officially opened by Barry, Linda and Lesley on Friday September 11, 2015. More info about the official opening of stage 2 of Bee Gees Way as well as Barry's performance at Olivia's Gala you can find at the facebook page of the Australian fanclub:
For more info about the Bee Gees Way also visit:

GSI will not know about any CD / concert plans until Barry and his team will sit down with the record label after the return from Australia. Barry's CD will definitely not be released until early in 2016 Keep an eye on GSI website for more details the coming months.

  Bee Gees in Dutch newspaper
'The work of The Bee Gees belongs to the most beautiful in Pop' 'Brothers Gibb: triumph and tragedy' A story about a Dutch reporter visiting the Brothers in Miami in the 80ties: click for PDF (in Dutch)

  You Should Be Dancing - My Life With The Bee Gees
Book Dennis Bryon is ready.
Kayte Strong (wife of Dennis): Yesterday (July 15) was the big day we had our first look at the physical book "You Should Be Dancing". I was the official photographer and host of the event, which was held in our kitchen (of course). I gathered several of the people who are featured in the book, and I laid out a big spread of shrimp, cheeses, ham, spicy deviled eggs, grapes, hummus, guacamole, salmon dip, barbecue chips, assorted crackers and a bottle of champagne . . . and we witnessed Dennis open the box to see his first novel!
Congrats with your book Dennis!!

More news about Dennis Bryon:
it's definite now that Dennis will be joining The Italian Bee Gees on tour next year during their Massachusetts Shows of 2016!! Fans who will visit one of these Massachusetts shows in Europe will be able to ask Dennis personally, during the Meet and Greet after each show, to sign the book. Dennis will be guest performer next to Blue Weaver (both members from the original Bee Gees Band) and tour with the 3 Italian Egiziano Brothers to pay tribute to The Bee Gees music.
More info:

Marion: GSI 07/16/15  

NEWS, June 6th.


Book Dennis Bryon
Dennis wants to share with you all the stories of his years working with The Bee Gees and asked to post this book information on GSI. The book can already be pre ordered and will be available in the shops in August. pre order at:

More soon.
(thanks Samantha Dobson, ECW Press).

  More reviews for Robin's Saved By The Bell CD set.
 Dave DiMartino, Executive Editor at Yahoo! Music wrote the following review of Saved By the Bell: The Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970
 Alexis Petridis recommends Saved by the Bell, a 3CD collection of solo material - most of it unreleased - by the late Bee Gee Robin Gibb.
 Interview with Dwina at 2.13:

Marion: GSI 06/04/15  

More News 2015
NEWS, November 16th.

  Titanic Live Concert Tour
Latest information from Titanic Live Concert Tour
 Additional extra dates for Italy are coming in December.
 The organisation hopes to be able to confirm more German dates by the end of this year too.
 The idea is to go with this show world wide.
 The Italian singers / actors travel with the show to the other countries. Orchestra and choir will be by local musicians. In Siegen the local Philharmonic orchestra and choir will play and sing.
 For the German shows program booklets will be in German.
 More GSI info about the premire show in Siegen: soon!

Ticket info Titanic Premiere Germany (in English and German/Deutsch)
Premiere February 13. in Siegen, Germany
All Tickets which are for sale
Kids and students: 15 Euro
Silver Tickets : 36 Euro (-10% !!! instead of 40 Euro)
Gold - Tickets : 54 Euro (-10% !!! instead of 60 Euro)
Platinum - Tickets : 72 Euro (-10% !!! instead of 80 Euro)
FAN - Tickets : 90 Euro (incl. FAN-package !!!)
VIP - Tickets : 110 Euro (incl. FAN-package and.... Meet & Greet !!!)

Premiere am 13.Februar 2016 in Siegen, Deutschland
Alle Tickets auf einem Blick.
Schüler & Studenten : 15 Euro
SILBER - Tickets : 36 Euro (-10% !!! ... statt 40 Euro)
GOLD - Tickets : 54 Euro (-10% !!! ... statt 60 Euro)
PLATIN - Tickets : 72 Euro (-10% !!! ... statt 80 Euro)
FAN - Tickets : 90 Euro (incl. FAN-Paket !!!)
VIP - Tickets : 110 Euro (incl. FAN-Paket und.... Meet & Greet !!!)

Dates of upcoming shows as far as confirmed at the moment.
Titanic Live Concerts, Italy tour 2015
 Matera, December 19 / Palasassi
 Bari, December 27 / Palaflorio
 Lecce, December 29 / Teatro Politeama Greco

Titanic Live Concerts, Germany tour 2016
 Premiere Show, February 13th. Siegerlandhalle, Siegen.
dates/info: subject to change

More info:

  GSI Tips
Miami Beach concert 2015
'While waiting for the new album I'm enjoying all..... the other material, like this recent concert, thanks Barry until soon...
I'll already put the kettle on ;-) Marion / GSI'
Rising Miami Beach Concert 2015
Rising Miami Beach Concert 2015
Rising Miami Beach Concert 2015
Rising Miami Beach Concert 2015
Rising Miami Beach Concert 2015
Rising Miami Beach Concert 2015

Marion: GSI 11/16/15  
(Thanks Titanic Live Concert org. Italy).

NEWS, October 25th.

  Titanic concert tour premiere

Some first pictures of the Titanic premiere show (October 23) in Taranto, Italy. The Titanic Concert is a show worth seeing. It is the perfect blend between classical music and pop music with a mix of items such as film, ballet, history and fantastic holograms.
Il Titanic Concert è uno spettacolo che vale la pena vederlo, è la perfetta fusione fra musica pop e musica classica condita da un mix di elementi quali film, balletto, storia e i fantastici ologrammi.
Photo report (4 images)        

© Copyright 2015 sergio malfatti photo
also visit:   more later!

  Love and Hope Ball
GSI just was informed that Barry won't be performing at the upcoming Love And Hope Ball. If he is in Miami February 6th. he'll probably attend with his family. At the moment his schedule isn't known yet. More details about Barry's plans on GSI when available.

Marion: GSI 10/25/15  

NEWS, October 15th.

  Barry Gibb BGS Australia Special with Rahni Sadler
Finally ready to be aired!!! Barry Gibb's Redcliffe special is on this Sunday the 18th. 2015 on Ch. 7. Australian TV.
Short clip of the program  
Watch the program at

Marion: GSI 10/15/15  

NEWS, October 1st..

  To Love The Bee Gees

Special offer for GSI
You have a chance to pre-order the album: To Love The Bee Gees now and get 10% off by mentioning a special code while ordering. There is an option during the check out process to "Add Discount". When you click on that text it opens an empty text field for entering discount codes.
The discount code for the album is: GSI
ONLINE WEBSHOP: http://to-love-the-bee-gees
All album information:

Click to enlarge
Marion: GSI 10/01/15  

NEWS, September 26th.

  Dennis Bryon, "You Should be Dancing"
More about his recent released book, You Should Be Danding. Dancing days revisited "If you think it's a good idea, you put it together." Upon hearing Barry Gibb say those words to him, drummer Dennis Bryon moved forward with rounding out the backing band that would help propel The Bee Gees to superstardom in the mid-to-late 1970s. That's just one of the interesting accounts in Bryon's new autobiography, You Should Be Dancing: My Life With The Bee Gees, out now via ECW Press. It's a lean, breezy account of his life growing up in South Wales, becoming a drummer, finding early success with the band Amen Corner, landing the gig with The Bee Gees and what has happened since the early 1980s, when Bryon parted ways with Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.   Some back groud info Pdf

  "You Should Be Dancing", album

A new compilation album 'You Should Be Dancing' is on the calendar for November 6. It will be issued as a CD, as well as a 180g-weight vinyl LP.

  DRI - 4th annual Haute Tea
This will take place October 2nd. 2015 at St. Regis Bal Harbour More details:

Marion: GSI 09/26/15  

NEWS, September 19th.

  Olivia Newton John Gala
During the Olivia Newton John Gala Barry sang: "Jive Talkin", "To Love Somebody". "Spicks and Specks". "You Should Be Dancing". "Words". and the duets with Olivia: "Guilty", "Islands in The Stream", "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart". more later and more photos on GSI Facebook.

Barry and Olivia during one of their duets, September 19th.
copyright: Jackie Epstein

Barry with Kelly Lang and Olivia Newton John, September 19th.
copyright: Kelly Lang
  Barry in Australia
Barry will travel back to America now and will be home in Miami Beach again on Monday after a very exciting 3 weeks journey to his childhood years. The highlight of the trip of course was the opening by Barry of Stage Two of Bee Gees way but for him his more private visits were also very exciting and like Dick Ashby told GSI today Barry has enjoyed visiting locations like : Scarborough House, one of the old houses where he lived during his childhood with his family, CWA Hall - Breakfast Club Redcliffe, of course: the Redcliffe Speedway, Redliffe Jetty and he went back to pay a visit to Bee Gees Way by Night which is very special too. more later and of course on GSI Facebook.

Marion: GSI 09/19/15  

NEWS, September 16th.

  Garden Party Thame

Dwina Gibb with members of Bomber Command.
©  Linda Keane (Do not copy or post this photo on other sites / pages without permission of Linda Keane!!).
click for 3 images
    September 12th. About 300 guests were invited by the Heritage Foundation at another Garden Party organized at the Prebendal in Thame, (house of Dwina Gibb, widow of Robin Gibb) for the upkeep of Bomber Command Memorial. Jill Francis spoke in a speech about a possibility of honouring Robin Gibb in a special way.
Click here to read her speech.
It was a lovely day, lots of friends old and new had a great time and enjoyed lovely weather. Also Dwina's grandkids had a wonderful time and all 3 had lots of fun in the big garden. A lot of money has been raised again for the Bomber Command Memorial in London thanks to this event.
Soon a report on this website with more photos.

Marion: GSI 09/16/15  

NEWS, September 11th.

  Opening stage 2 of Bee Gees Way
Fantastic! I have watched the 2 hours live stream with Australia: the opening by Barry Gibb of stage 2 of Bee Gees Way in Redcliffe, emotional and very nice. It was like being amongst the audience in Redcliffe. So many enthusiast people for Barry and he took all the time of the world to have a chat with the fans, sign autographs and to go on a photo with many of them. Despite winds and rain, thousands of fans had come to welcome Barry and his family. Very glad to see Mum Barbara amongst the family as well as sister Lesley. She had recently fallen down and broke a spine, so was in a wheelchair too. Barry looked happy and relaxed with his mum and sister, some other relatives and close friends like Kelly and TG. joining him to this opening. There have been people asking who has made these wonderful bronze statues:
They were made by Mr. Phillip Piperides
(more deails in a special report soon and of course keep following GSI on facebook 24/7 with photos, videos, articles and more).
Watch the live stream again:
also visit:
Photo report (5 images)  
  Robin Gibb and RJ Gibb's Titanic Tour: Germany
Coming soon: details of the German premier of the Titanic Concert in Siegen . Italian dates already on sale... check:

Marion: GSI 09/11/15  

NEWS, September 7th.

  Call for more acknowledgement of Robin Gibb's legacy
A woman who wants more official recognition to be given to the work of late Bee Gee Robin Gibb is taking her campaign to Parliament. Jill Francis has long wanted the singer-songwriter to be knighted, but this has been impossible following his death. Read story at:

  Tim Roxborogh about The Bee Gees
"Since that first time watching the two bearded guys either side of the slight guy in the middle who sometimes held his hand to his ear, I've been a fan of the Bee Gees. It was 1989, I was seven years old and I remember being mesmerised by the power of the melodies and harmonies. The concert was the One For All tour and my memory tells me the Bee Gees were always on TV in Malaysia where my family lived in the 1980s. Here are links to my more than 50 (to date) articles about the Bee Gees. Hope you enjoy them and gain a new appreciation whether you are a fan already or not."

  Dennis Bryon
Dennis will be featured on Wednesday Sept 9th. on the Nashville television show "More at Midday" WSMV Channel 4. They have a FB page

  GSI Tip
Bee Gees "Good Morning Britain" 1983
Bee Gees Interview with Sir David Frost circa 1978

Marion: GSI 09/07/15  

NEWS, August 24th.

  GSI Announcement
Dear fans and friends.
Many of you will have heard the sad news by now through my facebook and my personal messages. Last Thursday August 20th. our friend, Bee Gees Fan and GSI representative Henk Goosens has passed away.
He will be sadly missed by so many.

You will be able to say goodbye to Henk:
Wednesday, August 26th. at 13.00 hours.
cemetry: Hofwijk, Delftweg 230 in Rotterdam,
The Netherlands

Next week GSI will publish a short In Memory on the website.

Henk Goosens, Australia 2013
Marion / GSI xxx  

NEWS, August 21st.

  Gibb Family Request!!
ITV television in Great Britain is planning a documentary series about the untimely deaths of several famous people over the past 50 years. I was contacted by ITV to cooperate and I was asked to get ITV in touch with the Gibb Family. ITV wants to make an episode about Maurice Gibb as part of their 'Autopsy' Series.

I understand they are still planning to do this episode although Yvonne Gibb does not approve and I won't cooperate either of course! The Gibb Family asks everyone who will be contacted by ITV to cooperate on the series about Maurice:

Marion: GSI 08/21/15  

NEWS, August 13th.

  Barry's visit to Redcliffe 2015

click to enlarge
With Barry visiting Redcliffe again next month for the opening of Stage 2 of Bee Gees Way fans are able to get much closer to the Bee Gees star and traders warned to prepare for their busiest day of the year!
Listen to audio from 5.00

  Titanic Concert Tour
We are pleased to announce that The Titanic Requiem, composed by Robin Gibb and RJ Gibb, has inspired a series of classical concerts in Italy. The music from 60 musicians and a choir of 40 will be accompanied by custom designed holograms projected behind the orchestra and choir. Tickets for three concerts are available now, with two more dates to be announced soon.
On sale soon:
6 December, Bari
Date TBA, Pescara

* RJ Gibb and Dwina Gibb recently visited Taranto in Italy, where the first concert will take place, to participate in the press announcement and launch event

* While RJ and Dwina were in Taranto, RJ accepted an award on behalf of his father and himself celebrating the composition of "The Titanic Requiem".

Marion: GSI 08/13/15  

NEWS, August 11th.

  Barry Gibb new album - and Love and Hope
Marion / GSI received some updates from Barry because there keep coming so many fan questions concerning the release date of Barry's new album. and "Love and Hope". All I can tell you is there are no plans to release a solo single or album until next year ! No news about Barry performing at the next "Love and Hope". The 2016 "Love and Hope Ball" will feature a Circus Sole type of act.
More later this year

 Karl Richardson explores the greatest Brothers Gibbs' Hits, through the multitracks masters of songs like Stayin' Alive, Night Fever and others that make history in the top charts. A must listen BBC documentary for fans and for those who appreciate the best produtions and artists of all times.
 Robin Gibb at Skavlan, 2011
 Bee Gees Interview 1968 Cologne, Germany
 Bee Gees Radio Interview 1987

Marion: GSI 08/11/15  

NEWS, August 6th.

  Vince Melouney
Vince, (Bee Gee in the sixties playing the guitar) will perform his last gig in Dungog, Australia on August 8th. The release of his album is end of August. Then he will move to Britain again for some time.

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NEWS, August 3rd.

GSI mentioned already before that Dwina informed us about possibilities of performing the Titanic Requiem in Italy soon, now there's more news on this!!
Titanic Requiem in Italy!

'On October 23rd of this year, there will be a world premier Titanic Requiem concert with full holographic projection displays in Taranto at the Palamazzola. This concert kicks off a tour of concerts around Italy. That is the first tour. I was also very honored to receive an award for the Titanic Requiem for myself and on behalf of my late father for best international artists, a recognition for the Requiem I was happy to accept tonight in Taranto. There were many Italian passengers among the 1,517 souls who lost there lives on Titanic and this Requiem is for all who perished on board Titanic or who suffered the equally horrible fate of losing there loved ones in that way.
Warm regards
from Puglia
I'll update you all later on progress'.

Robin John and his mother Dwina Gibb in Taranto, Puglia Italy during the press conference on 3 august 2015 to present the Italian dates of the Titanic Live Concert Tour.    © www.oltreilfatto.i
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Tour dates (dates are subject to change) so far:
Taranto, October 23
Naples November 20
Lecce November 14
Bari December 4
More info soon.

  Stage 2 of Bee Gees Way
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  From Japan
The Japanese version of the Robin compilation will be coming out on August 5th. We completed work on the accompanying booklet (some 60 pages) with sheets of lyrics and translation a few weeks ago. We advised Warner Japan to also include the "bonus" photos from the 1970 Japanese release of "Robin's Reign" and got our own copy scanned for the purpose. We met with Warner JP the other day and were shown the sample photos. They looked glossy and good. There is also an ad on the August issue of Japanese "Record Collectors" magazine. It's the first time in many years that any Gibb-related release gets to be advertised in a Japanese magazine. However, this release is basically considered for the hardcore fan base. That is, Warner Japan is only bringing out a small number of copies in the market this time. So if you are a collector and are interested in getting the Japanese edition, it will be advisable to preorder now. Of course, we are hoping this will be another commercial success for Robin, but we are not actually sure what will happen after the first batch sells out. Although I am sure you already have multiple versions of the stuff, but quite frankly, priced at around $30 (U.S.), the Japanese edition of "Collected Works" is a good buy!

Very rare sleeve photos of the original Japanese "Robin's Reign" LP will be included as "bonus material" in the upcoming Japanese release
It can be ordered from the following websites (all in English).
CD Japan
HMV Japan:
Amazon Japan:

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NEWS, June 25th.

  Barry Gibb to join Olivia Newton-John
In Melbourne, Saturday 19 September 2015
At the ONJ Gala 2015 'a touch of gold'
Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Australia.

Olivia Newton-John will return home to Melbourne to raise funds for her beloved Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre at the Austin Hospital. She will host the third annual 'ONJ Gala', where she will be joined by another homegrown international music legend and friend, Barry Gibb in his only Australian performance.
"It's a joy and an honor to come back to Melbourne and take the stage with Olivia once again. Singing with her is always an incredible experience and to do it for such a great cause makes it all the more special," remarked Barry Gibb.

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NEWS, June 1st.

  Bee Gees Walkway
At the moment the Bee Gees walkway is closed for public. One is working to complete the next stage now. Stage 2 of the walkway will be openend officially by Barry Gibb on September 11th. 2015.
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  Saved By The Bell, the Collected Works of Robin Gibb: 1968-70
The CD set received a five-star review.

  John Merchant aboutBarry Gibb album
After a short break to let our ears cool down, it's on to mixing (in Miami) and then mastering (in Maine). The tracks are all recorded, but we still need to mix and master the project before delivery.

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