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NEWS, October 18th.

  See Barry Gibb LIVE In Brisbane!

For Australian fans a chance to WIN a trip for two to see Barry Gibb LIVE in Brisbane!

  Live Nation Tickets - Barry Gibb

Listen to the full interview from The Alan Jones Breakfast Show 4BC News, Australia.

Marion: GSI 10/18/16  

NEWS, October 10th.

  Ticket info, Barry Gibb Australian concerts
The "In The Now" Tour will showcase a generous selection of Bee Gees songs as well as Barry's solo material of his new album The shows will feature the same outstanding band that impressed audiences on the Mythology Tour in 2013, including Barry's son Stephen on guitar.
Tickets for the first part of this world tour (Australia) will go on sale at 2pm Monday, October 17.

Telstra Thanks is bringing an exciting 48-hour pre-sale just for Telstra customers from 9am Wednesday, October 12 until 9am Friday, October 14. For more information on how to purchase, visit: For complete tour and ticketing details, visit:

  Barry interviewed at home in Miami.

He speaks very openly about how he feels today. He is really living In The Now with his music and his beloved family.

Marion: GSI 10/10/16  

NEWS, October 7th.

  In The Now
For many fans around the world today it's D-Day ( or if you like: B day) with the release of Barry's new solo album In The Now. Some others have to wait a little longer. Congrats Barry, Steve, Ashley, John, BG Band and everyone who helped making this album. A very special album with meaningful lyrics. We wish In The Now a big success!!

  Barry will host radio show
Win Barry Gibb's fantastic new album 'In the Now' Barry said of hosting his own radio show with us:
"I love it. I've never really had the opportunity and so it's a new experience but I was inspired by the best - John Laws, Ward Austin and Bob all I can do is imitate them."
Read more at:

  Next plans
At the moment Florida is dealing with hurricane Matthew. Yesterday I had contact with Miami as I was concerned about their situation regarding hurricane Matthew. I heard that The Gibb Family was expecting that they would live far enough south in Florida and therefore Matthew wouldn't do too much harm. Indeed in the south I understand things are okay now, thanks! Next week Barry will be leaving for New York to do promo activities for a week etc. He hopes to get back in time then for the next Gibb birthday party.

  Tim Roxborogh, interview with Barry
"In The Now"

Part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5   part 6
( )

  Some recent articles
Much more updates, articles, reviews, videos etc. on our GSI facebook page!!

Marion: GSI 10/07/16  

NEWS, October 1st.

  Barry at the One Show Bee Gees Barry Gibb - In The Now, LIVE at The One Show 2016 September 30

  It's About Staying Alive
Interview with Barry Gibb.

  Tim Roxborogh reports about speaking with Barry and talking about In The Now etc.
'A couple of weeks ago I had the honour of chatting to Barry Gibb for 45 minutes ahead of the release his new album In The Now. I'm doing various different things with the interview (radio, newspaper, magazine) including this series on my website The idea for the series on my blog is to give diehard Bee Gees fans some stuff they may not have heard before. Part 1 focuses on the wonderfully strange and unusual song structures of some of the Bee Gees best known tracks. Hope you enjoy it, part 2 coming up in a day or so'.

'Find out the late period Bee Gees songs Barry desperately wanted to be singles, where he'd like to one day be buried, the full backstory on how You Should Be Dancing was created, why he would pretend to be sick as a child, how his upcoming tour will differ from the Mythology Tour, what he thinks the greatest song of all time is and just how much influence his wife Linda has on his professional life. And of course, there will be an exploration into the sonic and lyrical inspirations on In The Now - just his second official solo album after 1984's Now Voyager, though fourth if you count the unreleased The Kid's No Good from 1970 and the Hawks soundtrack in 1988.

As far as part 1 goes, I wanted to ask Barry about song structures with particular mention of You Win Again and Night Fever. Enjoy'.

See for the other parts: our facebook group or the special article we will post on this website in a while.

Marion: GSI 10/01/16  

NEWS, September 20th.

  Barry on the phone in Britain Listen to Barry on the phone from his UK home this morning!!! Talking to Chris Evans a.o. about the tour next year, probably starting in Australia. The interview starts at about 1:50 min , followed by Barry`s new single "In the Now"

Marion: GSI 09/20/16  

NEWS, September 17th.

  Interview with Barry Gibb
By Classic Pop Magazine,

Read the article (Pdf file)

  Q Magazine
See also the Q Magazine, Come back of the year edition with Barry Gibb.

Marion: GSI 09/17/16  

NEWS, September 1st.

  Record Of The Week
What a nice birthday surprise for Barry Gibb!! The single: "In the Now" is the BBC Radio 2 "Record of the Week" for the week commencing Wednesday 31st August, 2016. This is great news for Barry and bodes well for airplay on this very popular music radio channel in the UK.
(thanks Richard Atkinson)

Marion: GSI 09/01/16  

NEWS, August 19th.

  Update from Columbia Records
Winners for the Hit Factory event of tomorrow have been selected. About 18 fans are showing up. The single in the now is available as part of the pre-order or stand alone on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. The hit factory event will be filmed for on demand and released afterwards.

  Barry's Newsletter
Pre-order of "In The Now"

  "In The Now"
The tracks
1. In The Now
2. Grand Illusion
3. Star Crossed Lovers
4. Blowin' A Fuse
5. Home Truth Song
6. Meaning Of The Word
7. Cross To Bear
8. Shadows
9. Amy In Colour
10. The Long Goodbye
11. Diamonds
12. End Of The Rainbow The Deluxe version includes three additional tracks.
13. Grey Ghost
14. Daddy's Little Girl
15. Soldier s Son

  Some links to check
And visit us on facebook:
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Marion: GSI 08/19/16  

NEWS, August 18th.

  "In The Now", first single
 Like mentioned on our GSI facebook page: the first airing was this morning on BBC 2 Radio. You can hear Barry's first single: "In The Now" here: start at 38 minutes or
 Don't forget to subscribe for the live stream Saturday, August 20th.
The event will take place from approx. 6-9 pm Miami time. The live stream component will run from 7:00-8:30 pm Miami time (ET) Search yourselves for the starting time in your own area! Look at the timetable what will be your time to watch. On Friday there will be a rehearsal of the event, planned to be filmed by an Australian TV crew!! Barry Gibb will perform never-before-heard material from his forthcoming album "In The Now" as well as classic Bee Gees songs. This is a YouTube 360º live stream. Move your mouse or mobile device to see different angles. Message from Barry's official facebook page: Barry Gibb: Send Barry your questions using ?#?InTheNow360? on Twitter and make sure to tag @GibbBarry for a chance to get it answered live by Barry during the event Barry Gibb: You can also send them on Facebook! (address above).
  The release of the album "In The Now" will be for Europe, October 7th. (rest of world: November). Be sure to visit GSI facebook daily to keep fully updated about everything!!.

Marion: GSI 08/18/16  

NEWS, August 4th.

  To visit Barry in the studio

NO FORM...Subscribe to the Barry Gibb Youtube Channel!! "The Rehearsal With Barry Gibb" will be live-streamed in 360 degrees exclusively via his YouTube channel on August 20th.

For one day only, legendary Grammy award winning singer/songwriter/producer Barry Gibb and his band will open the doors to the legendary Hit Factory Criteria studio in Miami, FL providing fans across the world with a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the legend up close and celebrate the pre-order of his new album 'In The Now.' Barry Gibb will perform never-before-heard material from his forthcoming album 'In The Now' as well as classic Bee Gees songs.

Additionally, there will be an intimate Q&A with fans onsite.

Fans globally will have the chance to enter local sweepstakes for a chance to reserve one of the very few spots available to the public to this exclusive event. To satisfy his global demand, Barry Gibb will live-stream the rehearsal on YouTube using 360º virtual reality technology giving fans at home an unprecedented 360 degree view of the event.

Enter the contest here:
Link to watch online on August 20:
Follow Barry on Social Media:
More info here: and of course on our own GSI website and facebook page.

Marion: GSI 08/04/16  

NEWS, July 29th.

  Win a Visit to Barry Gibb in the
"Hit Factory" studio!!

For one day only, Barry Gibb and his band will open the doors to the legendary Hit Factory Criteria studio in Miami, FL providing you with a once in a lifetime ...opportunity to experience him up-close and celebrate the pre-order of his new album 'In The Now.' Enter for a chance to win travel and accommodations to access this exclusive event:

For US fans only.
Entry dates are: July 26th , 2016 through August 18th, 2016. Read all rules and conditions!! More info soon on the website but be sure to follow us also in Facebook for latest updates etc.

  Report Tim Roxborough
Barry Gibb's 1st Solo Album Since The 80s - 6 Of His Best Ever Solo Songs

Marion: GSI 07/29/16  

NEWS, July 2nd.

  Barry's future plans
In several interviews he mentioned already another new album and touring!!!
Barry did several interviews after his performance with Coldplay mentioning his plans and future.. Whether he would fill the Legend slot at next year's festival, he replied: "Next year it's Diana Ross. I don't know where I'm going to fit."
Barry will certainly be on the bill somewhere.
After his incredible cameo with Coldplay last week, the singer has been asked by Glasto bosses Michael and Emily Eavis to come back next year for a solo set. Speaking at the O2 Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef Awards, Barry revealed: "The people there were very kind to me and suggested a show perhaps next year. I would love to return to Glastonbury". "But if it's not next year, it will be the year after, as I'll be on the road anyway."
Barry has just signed a new deal with Sony RCA and later this year will release his first solo album in more than 30 years, called "In The Now".
The last surviving Bee Gee will continue to fly the flag for disco but there is new material in the works too. Barry added: "The last number of shows (Mythology Tours) I've been doing, have been paying tribute to my family and my brothers but that will change next time. It will be more about me as an individual seizing life."

More to watch and to read:



  Some more album details
New album Barry, release date November, probably already October!
Title: "In The Now"
Songs written By Barry and his sons, Ashley and Steve.
Produced by Barry and John Merchant.
12 tracks on the album and 3 known titles so far being: : 1. 'A Home Truth Song' 2. 'End of the Rainbow' (dedicate to Robin Gibb) 3. 'Starcrossed Lovers' (dedicate to Linda Gibb), written in 2004.

  News from Japan - Asia
Universal Music Japan released the remastered version of the soundtrack to the Sg. Pepper film on June 29th. This surprising choice is actually a part of the project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' one and only visit to Japan. The new 2-CD package includes the poster (smaller) that was in the original 1978 release as well as the reproduced "obi" strip from it.
More details at:
Also, a Taiwanese film inspired by the Bee Gees song and titled "First of May" was released in Tokyo, etc. in May.
First of May is actually one of the best-known and best-loved Bee Gees songs in Japan due mostly to the success of the 1971 film "Melody" here which used the song very effectively. There was also a Japanese TV series called First of May in 1996 which also featured the Bee Gees version of the song. Starring Kinki Kids, who were like the biggest heartthrobs in Japan back then, the TV series about growing up in the '90 Tokyo, got good ratings. Consequently, Universal Music compiled a special collection of Bee Gees hits and called it First of May. It sold very well over here.
Source: Bee Gees Days.

Marion: GSI 07/02/16  

More News 2016
NEWS, October 13th.

  Tour news
The confirmed dates of the World Tour you can find on the GSI concert list: front page of this website. A concert in New Zealand has been added too, more to come.

  Jimmy and Barry

Again like we mentioned earlier, Barry visited Jimmy Fallon at his show last night. Barry did a performance and a sketch with Jimmy.   Much more videos, photos and articles at: GSI Facebook!

  Barry in the "Today Show"

"Today Show":

  Some more links to visit:
Much more videos, photos and articles at GSI Facebook!

  For fans who can watch Dutch TV
Fridaynight (October 14) a Bee Gees item in RTL Late Night, RTL 4

Marion: GSI 10/13/16  

NEWS, October 8th.

  World Tour Barry Gibb

BARRY GIBB. Barry Gibb starts touring in April and first visits Australia, including a headlining performance at the Byron Bay Bluesfest on Easter Monday. Barry said the concerts will also feature the Bee Gees classics his audience loves. Also on the stage will be his faithful mascot, legendary British children's television puppet Sooty.

Brisbane: Entertainement Center, April 5
Hunter Valley, Hope Estate, April 8
Byron Bay Bluesfest, April 17
Adelaide: Entertainment Centre on April 20
Perth: Arena on April 23
Melbourne: Rod Laver Arena, April 26
Sydney, Qudos band Arena on April 29.
More tourdates when available and info: subject to change.

Tickets on sale from 2pm on October 17, with a Telstra Thanks pre-sale from 9am on October 12. Bluesfest tickets on sale now via:

Marion: GSI 10/08/16  

NEWS, October 3rd.

  His Bee Gees brothers are gone, but Barry Gibb plays on
By Howard Cohen, Thanks Howard Cohen for sending this article from Miami Herald.

Barry Gibb wrote a batch of new songs with this two sons, Stephen and Ashley, and co-produced with longtime musical partner John Merchant, a new album, "In the Now" in South Florida. Danny Clinch Columbia/Sony Barry Gibb stands alone. The prospect, he said, is "terrifying, to be absolutely honest."

  Video interview with Barry about In The Now
Go to: then click the video link left of the photo to watch.

Marion: GSI 10/03/16  

NEWS, September 28th.

  Visit to Barry on Friday September 30th. in London
Through GSI Facebook fans were able to sign in yesterday for a visit to Barry on Friday. Keep following all updates on the GSI facebook website about this and all upcoming promo activities!!! More details about the performance next Friday of Barry on The One Show in London:

Fan Arrival: 6:45pm-7:15pm
Barry On stage: 7:25pm-7:30pm
The Piazza in front of New Broadcasting House
Portland Place, London W1A 1AA, United Kingdom.

  Mark Collins talks with Barry
Radio interview, September 28th. About his brothers and working with his sons. His new album and the tour of next year (start around April) to first Australia and New Zealand followed by Europe and America (or just the other way around as that isn't confirmed yet). Barry talks about being happy at 70.

  Later With Jools Holland

Barry visited Jools yesterday which you can see here

Marion: GSI 09/28/16  

NEWS, September 22nd.

  Win a trip to see Barry
ATTENTION: For US fans only win a trip to see him in NYC on October 14. 2016 Pre-order Barry's album 'In The Now' on his new online store to be automatically entered to win a trip to see him in New York City on October 14! Details and entry to the sweepstakes here:

Marion: GSI 09/22/16  

NEWS, September 15th.

  Some confirmed promo dates for Barry
Barry Gibb will perform at Later with Jool Holland on September 27. UK. Barry will perform on the first Strictly Come Dancing show! 2nd. Of October at BBCOne, UK.

  Some articles which might be interesting
For much more info, videos, photos and updates: GSI Facebook group!

Marion: GSI 09/15/16  

NEWS, September 12th.

  Barry Gibb In The Now updates!
 We will have song lyrics this week. It's not possible however to share all songs yet but we will soon post the first ones of the album.
 Also "Star Crossed Lovers" will be released this Friday Sept 16 worldwide.
Fans who pre-order the album on Amazon and iTunes will be able to get the track instantly! For more updates, news etc. follow us on Facebook !!

  Titanic Concerts
Unfortunately there haven't been sold enough tickets and the Kiel concert of September 23. has to be cancelled. Plans of selling the project to outside Europe are on the way, more about that later. Tickets can be returned to the respective booking office where you purchased I understand. I have been in touch already with the group of fans who would go with me backstage before the earlier planned Siegen show and who did ask to use their Siegen tickets for Kiel.

Marion: GSI 09/12/16  

NEWS, August 21st.

  Barry's live stream from Hit Factory, Miami
Watch again through:

Barry in the Hit Factory, Miami
  "In The Now", single
"In The Now", his first single from the album with the same name reached the Number One at Itunes and Amazon already today as well! Congratulations! Now the album is finished and will be released October 7th. it's first time to do promotion in both US and UK. Coming up is (like GSI already announced a long time ago) another performance at the Jimmy Fallon show as well as the Today Show in the USA as well as some promotion in the UK like in the show of Jools Holland and Jonathan Ross. We will keep following all activities of Barry together with you on this GSI website and please also check GSI Facebook daily for many more updates, photos and videos etc.

Barry in the Hit Factory, Miami

Marion: GSI 08/21/16  

NEWS, August 10th.

  Some answers of fan questions and updates

 Barry's new album will become available on vinyl although we do not have the date yet.
 The new album will be available for pre order on August 19!!
 Some first lyrics of In The Now: If tears were diamonds.....I`d be a rich man now....colour myself in silver rainbow - eyes of a child and the river grow old.....
Barry: A very personal album to me!
Soundclip of new album song on facebook:

Barry about his new album
"There is one song: "End Of The Rainbow" which I dedicate to Robin. I sang a verse of the song to Robin when he was in a coma, about two weeks before he passed and I don't know if he heard it or not. But I sang it anyway, I'm yet to sing it live and the lyrics reflect what I hope are my correct feelings. There's one [song] called "Starcrossed Lovers" that I dedicate to my wife. I've tried just to touch on all of the best influences in my entire life. It's really getting into the songwriting as deep as I can get. I'm very proud of this album. It's an album that's like a journey, it's my opinion of life today, the culture, the songs reflect all those things. It's not a disco album at all. It's an album of thoughts that range 60 years and different influences over the years. It's very autobiographical, not consciously, but sub consciously. There are a lot of lyrics that are quite abstract but if you think about it deeply enough, like a painting, there are a lot of thoughts that are real behind abstract words. I hope that it makes sense."

 'Angels' from the Shepherds and Butchers movie will not be released as a single and I am not sure if there will be a sound track album as this is the only song in the movie so the rest would be instrumental music. When we have more details maybe about a download version we'll let you know.

 Barry's new activities will be done on the Columbia label (Sony Music) and their international team is working with each country on local releases. More about that closer to the release dates. GSI will keep you updated about everything so stay tuned.

 DON'T FORGET to sign up to Barry's YouTube channel so you don't miss the live stream on August 20th. Link to channel: The 360 technology will be super cool and give fans a unique way to watch Barry!!
The event will take place from approx. 6-9pm Miami time. The live stream component will run from 7:00-8:30pm Miami time (ET)

Marion: GSI 08/10/16  

NEWS, August 1st.

  Barry's promotion plans
In answer to many of your questions, GSI likes to mention that apart from the competition for USA residents to attend a Miami rehearsal there are no promotional activities planned until late September/October although Barry will be doing interviews with a long lead time between now and then.
We will wait for things to come and we will keep you updated!
Also visit our facebook page for updates and more!

  Registration to visit Barry at Hit Factory
If you have any issues with the entry form use Internet Explorer - Google " Chrome" Browser. It will open up with no issues... Good Luck!

  Bee Gees Way Dinner, at Redcliffe Festival

A brand new event to the Redcliffe Festival program, Bee Gees Way Dinner offers guests a unique experience right in the heart of Redcliffe. On Saturday, 3rd September, the world famous Bee Gees Way will be transformed into an exciting restaurant and dining experience. Local restaurants, Reef Point Cafe, Pines Bar and Restaurant, and The Italian Emporium will each serve a course in a 3 course feast set in a 70's theme. The evening will feature entertainment and basic drinks package. Don't miss out on this unique experience that is bound to tantalise the senses.
More info and tickets at:

Marion: GSI 08/01/16  

NEWS, July 7th.

  Barry and Linda at Wimbledon

Today, July 7th. 2016 at the Centre Court at Wimbledon The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is one of the special guests. Guess who are sitting behind her in the Royal Box... Barry and Linda Gibb. They watch on from The Royal Box as Serena Williams of The United States plays Elena Vesnina of Russia in the Ladies Singles Semi Final match on day ten of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London, England.
(photos a.o.: AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

More photos at GSI Facebook group:
GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info:

Marion: GSI 07/07/16  

NEWS, July 1st.

  Silver Clef Award presented by Barry

The Silver Clef Awards is an annual UK music awards lunch which has been running since 1976. Sponsored by O2 and held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane. Barry Gibb received the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2013 and this year presents an award to Lionel Richie.
Barry Gibb received the award in 2013.


 Photo report  (2 images)  

Marion: GSI 07/01/16  

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