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NEWS, April 19th.

  Stayin Alive Grammy show - Australia
The Bee Gees Grammy show is planned to be aired in Australia on May 1st on Channel 9 !!

  Barry Gibb and John Travolta reunite in Los Angeles
Barry Gibb still looked like a superstar at 70 as he performed at a concert in his honour at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

  Céline Dion's Bee Gees Tribute Performance

  Former Disney Channel star sings Night Fever

  Tim Roxborgh interviews Sam Gibb
Samantha Gibb: 'The man knew how to rock a fedora', An Extended Interview Ahead Of The New Bee Gees Tribute Album.
Tim Roxborogh:
'Here's a brand new interview I've done with Samantha Gibb about the Gibb Collective. Beyond discussions about the Gibb Collective, we also covered everything from why she moved from Miami to Ohio, her favourite rare Bee Gees songs, how well the fans understood her father, what it's been like connecting with Andy's daughter, her passions outside of music, her relationships with Barry and Robin and what it was like growing up the offspring of pop music royalty.'

  Recording Academy Grammy Salute Concert for The Bee Gees
Part 1. Aired in the USA: April 16, 2017.

Marion: GSI 04/19/17  

NEWS, April 14th.

  Barry Gibb On Reuniting With John Travolta For Bee Gees Tribute Special
John Travolta got his "Saturday Night Fever" on to pay tribute to the Bee Gees for "Stayin' Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees," airing April 16 at 8 PM ET/PT on CBS. Surviving member Barry Gibb sits with Access Hollywood and recalls working with John on the movie, and how its now-iconic soundtrack came to be.

  CBS: This Morning interview: Barry Gibb
Barry spoke with Anthony Mason about the enduring music he made with his brothers, about the sibling rivalry and how he's moving on without them.

  50 years since New York Mining Disaster 1941
Another report by Tim
It was 50 years ago yesterday since the Bee Gees first true international single, New York Mining Disaster 1941, was released. Spicks & Specks before it had been a hit in New Zealand, Australia and in the Netherlands too, but it was New York Mining Disaster 1941 in early 1967 that launched the brothers Gibb to instant international fame New York Mining Disaster 1941 peaked at UK #12, US #14, Australian #11, New Zealand #3, Netherlands #3 and Germany #10.

  'Stayin' Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees'
See some photos.

Celine sings her Immortality song for Barry and the audience

Marion: GSI 04/14/17  

NEWS, April 5th.

  Titanic Live Concerts
There's a new website (under construction) at:

  New albums

 The Bee Gees: "Timeless: The All Time Greatest Hits" Release date On April 21 by Capitol/UMe "There is a spirituality about this album and these songs always meant the most to us," says Barry Gibb in his written introduction for the Timeless: The All-Time Greatest Hits package. "Although there are many other songs, these songs, I feel, are the songs that Maurice, Robin, and I would be most proud of."
 New Bee Gees hits compilation, remastered "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack due out later this month.
And we expect more this year....

  CBS Special, Stayin'Alive A Grammy Salute
Mark your calendars! An all-star lineup will take the stage for Stayin' Alive: A Grammy Salute To The Music Of The Bee Gees which will air Sunday, April 16 on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT. (USA). For fans outside the USA: the record company have made TV networks around the world aware of the tribute special in the hope that they will be interested and contact CBS TV in the USA re purchasing the rights for their market and show it sometime this year!!

Very nice interview with Barry Gibb and good friend Kelly Lang. Dated: March 31, 2017

Marion: GSI 04/05/17  

NEWS, March 22nd.

  Please Don't Turn Out the Lights by The Gibb Collective
REVIEW: Particularly stunning is the title track, "Please Don't Turn Out the Lights," which features the eldest of each of the brothers' kids working together in perfect harmony. Spencer Gibb's take on "Don't Fall in Love With Me," first released by the Bee Gees in 1981, is another standout. His is a folk-inspired interpretation, but doesn't deviate too far from the foundation of the original version. "In the Morning," covered by Samantha and Adam Gibb and Peta Gibb's "Fool For a Night" are ambitious covers of great originals. "In the Morning" emphasizes the songwriting by shifting into a minimalist electronica melody. Peta turns Andy Gibb's campy 1978 single into a slinky, almost haunting club track. Both of the covers carry the classic tunes into modernity without distracting from what made the songs so wonderful in the first place.

  TV special "Stayin' Alive: A GRAMMY Salute To The Music Of The Bee Gees"
The CBS special will air on April 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT In advance of the broadcast, CBS shared a full list of performances to expect:

Medley: "Stayin' Alive," "Tragedy" "How Deep is Your Love," "Night Fever" - Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly, Little Big Town, Andra Day
"To Love Somebody"- Keith Urban
"Massachusetts" - Ed Sheeran
"Lonely Days" - Panic! at the Disco
"Tragedy"- Tori Kelly
"How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" - John Legend & Stevie Wonder
"Islands in the Stream" - Kelsea Ballerini & Thomas Rhett
"Immortality" - Celine Dion
"Night Fever" - DNCE
"If I Can't Have You" - Demi Lovato
"More than a Woman" - Jason Derulo & Tavares
"How Deep Is Your Love" - Little Big Town
"Love So Right" - Andra Day
"I Just Want To Be Your Everything" - Nick Jonas
"Too Much Heaven" - Pentatonix
"Emotion"- Katharine McPhee
"Jive Talkin'" - Barry Gibb
"You Should Be Dancing" - Barry Gibb
"Stayin' Alive" - Barry Gibb & Ensemble

also watch:

  40th Anniversary Of Saturday Night Fever
Date: July 29. 2017 at 8pm Venue: Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island BoardwalkBrooklyn, NY, USA. Tickets: Presale starts: March 22nd. at 10 am EDT

  The Gibb Boys Will Always Keep The Bee Gees' Dream Alive
Watch video:

  Glastonbury Festival 2017
Leaked Glastonbury Festival 2017 poster appears to reveal full lineup and it includes also Barry Gibb. We will wait and see but have no confirmation yet!!

Marion: GSI 03/22/17  

NEWS, February 21st.

  The Gibb Collective
Sam Gibb to GSI: Here's a little something : ) Thanks so much for your support! Following a week celebration of The Bee Gees 40th Anniversary ('Saturday Night Fever') that included an amazing tribute at the Grammy Awards, the children, nieces, nephews and the younger sister of all four Gibb brothers are set to release a special tribute album. The Official Album Teaser is now available. The forthcoming album is scheduled for release on April 14th, 2017. The Gibb Collective is a musical tribute, a family legacy and a fresh new take on classic songs. The Bee Gees left us with some of the most memorable music of the 70's. And now the children of Andy, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb have found a new way to honor their fathers through music, The Gibb Collective. The Gibb Collective was founded in 2016 by Maurice's daughter, Samantha, and quickly blossomed from a single into their first full album, The Gibb Collective (Official) Album. The album is a collection of covers infused with new life and recorded by the children, nieces, nephews and the younger sister of all four Gibb brothers. Go to for updates on events, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@GibbCollective). For all media inquiries please contact AMW or via phone +1 (310) 295-4150.

Marion: GSI 02/21/17  (thanks: Sam Gibb).

NEWS, February 15th.

  Staying Alive
Grammy´s Salute To The Bee Gees Music

February 14 on Valentine´s Day the special salute for The Bee Gees music was held at the Microsoft Theater in LA. During the event Barry received the Grammy's Merit Award for The Bee Gees from John Travolta. The broadcast of the CBS Special is planned on Easter Sunday April 16 2017. The audience was asked not to take video, photo or sound recordings during the show and not publish it before the airing but... last night youtube and specially facebook were flooded with photos and videos of this special event already. GSI website will of course pay attention to this special Bee Gees salute too. There will be a report, photos etc. soon. For the moment watch all material fans have been posting on the facebook pages, groups and on youtube.

Tribute finale

Marion: GSI 02/15/17  

NEWS, February 11th.

The stage is almost set as artists begin rehearsing for Music's Biggest Night! THE GRAMMY'S. February 12th Barry will be attending and his chair is already waiting for him. February 12 th. The Grammy's on TV (USA: at 8pmET/5pm PT.) LIVE streaming on CBS All Access
February 14, Barry will perform with many others at the tribute concert. No other concerts/tours planned at the moment but, stay tuned for more news. The Grammy tribute concert to The Bee Gees will be aired later this year, no date available yet.
Grammy Salute tickets:
Listen here

Marion: GSI 02/11/17  

NEWS, February 9th.

  New Bee Gees website
Capitol Records who now handles the Bee Gees catolog has an updated Bee Gees website as well. Take a look and get a chance to win tickets for the Grammy Tribute etc. Discover the new play lists Read about the Grammy Tribute of February 14. Listen to a new remix of "Stayin' Alive" , released on February 10! Etc.....
Keep 24/7 informed about all news and things on GSI Facebook:

Marion: GSI 02/09/17  

NEWS, February 4th.

  Barry talks to Piers Morgan
A very open interview of a very kind family man who also happens to be one of the world's most important composers and performers. Watching him last night on TV, with his beloved Linda and Ali with him and supporting him in the audience it was one wonderful hour of smiles and tears. Although not all of the recorded interview material has been aired it was really very much worth watching and special for all fans to see.
More to read:

  "The Movers & Shakers" Amazon Top 20 Just checked the UK "The Movers & Shakers" Amazon Top 20. Amazing!! Only 12 hours after the programme (interview Barry Gibb by Piers Morgan) finished, this is what's going on!
"The Movers & Shakers" Amazon Top 20
No.4 - In The Now Deluxe +6938%. Up from 2393 to 34
No.5 - In The Now +4735%. Up from 3723 to 77
No.7 - Ultimate +2271%. Up from 332 to 14
No.8 - ONO +2265%. Up from 3525 to 149
No.10 - No.1's +1748%. Up from1553 to 84
No.13 - Very Best of +1272%. Up from 933 to 68
No.16 - SNF +977%. Up from 1692 to 157
No.18 - The Record +749%. Up from1206 to 142
This is great!!! What a fantastic show.
(Thanks: Richard Atkinson)

Marion: GSI 02/04/17  

NEWS, January 26th.

  Barry Gibb at Piers Morgan's Life Stories
Barry Gibb will be the first guest at: Piers Morgan's Life Stories, of this year. ( ITV - UK). The interview taped in December will be aired: February 3 - 2017 time : 9.00pm - 10.00pm ( UK time !)
LINK for watching live from outside UK:

Marion: GSI 01/26/17  

NEWS, January 16th.

  Love And Hope Ball, 2017.
Unfortunately Barry and Linda will be unable to attend the gala this year, due to a scheduling conflict. More details when available.

Marion: GSI 01/16/17  

More News 2016
NEWS, April 17th.

  Stayin' Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees
Finally time (April 16) for the airing by CBS in the USA of this special tribute to The Bee Gees music. We've already received so many great reviews of fans (see Facebook!) and everyone outside the USA is waiting for the airing in their countries!
For much More photos and videos of this special TV show: visit our GSI Facebook group!!

  Peta Weber excited about tribute to Andy
Peta already told me that she was very, very pleased with the performance of Nick Jonas of one of Andy's best songs during the CBS Salute tribute last night.

  The Next Generation - Samantha in Iceland
Sam Gibb and her band will give a performance in Iceland this summer.
Sam Gibb: 'Hey Everyone! I am so excited to announce that my band and I will be playing @SecretSolstice Festival this year with 24 hours of sunlight! We will be playing our music as well as some tracks from the Gibb Collective tribute album!!

Marion: GSI 04/17/17  

NEWS, April 11th.

  Gibb Collective, message
Facebook message to the fans 'We, the Gibb Collective, will be putting a fun video together answering some questions that you, the fans might want to ask. Post up any questions you might have between now and this Thursday and we will pick out some of the best.
Have a great week!'

  "Stayin' Alive: A Grammy® Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees"
CBS broadcast USA, April 16
Alfred Haber, Inc. Gets Lively With Exclusive International Rights for "Stayin' Alive: A Grammy® Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees" Two-hour special, hosted by John Travolta, marks the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Fever and is set to air on April 16th on CBS in the U.S.
Also read:

Marion: GSI 04/11/17  

NEWS, March 30th.

  Barry At Glastonbury 2017
The official Glastenbury website as well as John Merchant have announced that Barry will be taking the stage at the festival again this year. Official information about Barry's appearance will have to come from Miami Beach. NO other performances booked for Barry in Europe at this time though.
We hope to have more info soon.

click to enlarge

Marion: GSI 03/30/17  

NEWS, March 26th.

  Airing CBS Bee Gees TV special
GSI received lots of questions concerning the TV special of April 16 and in what countries it will be aired next to the USA. GSI has checked and it turns out that the record company have made TV networks around the world aware of the tribute special in the hope that they will be interested and contact CBS TV in the USA re purchasing the rights for their market and show it sometime this year. So it really depends on the interest in the country you are living in. We keep our fingers crossed that all fans will be able to watch this Bee Gees Special.

  Please don't turn out the lights
The first single from the album of the Gibb Collective is a group cover of, Please don't turn out the lights featuring Peta, Sam, Barry's son Stephen, Maurice's son Adam, and Robin's son Spencer. Other Gibb cousins have also recorded songs for the album.

  Growing up Gibb: A complicated relationship with a very famous father
Peta Weber has never wanted to speak publicly about her father, Andy Gibb, the youngest brother of Bee Gees fame. She didn't want to acknowledge that she had a celebrity dad and until now, she hasn't been ready to speak about some of the more painful memories of what that entailed. But after a reunion this year with her cousins to record an album together called The Gibb Collective, she's finally ready to embrace that famous surname. She's told her story exclusively to
Peta: 'So my story is the top story on this morning for your breakfast reading pleasure.'
(Thank you Peta).

  Compliments for Barry Gibb Brendon Urie Compliments Barry Gibb To No End Watch video:

Marion: GSI 03/26/17  

NEWS, March 17th.

  Please Don't Turn Out The Lights
* This will be the title of the first project by the children and family members of Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy Gibb to pay tribute to them and their music. The eldest child of all four brothers will sing the title track. More info in the coming weeks.
* Also read recent interview with Samantha Gibb:

Marion: GSI 03/17/17  

NEWS, March 2nd.

  Rapid Lion Award - For Barry, Steve and Ashley Gibb - ANGELS
The RapidLion,The South African International Film Festival, hosted its second awards ceremony at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg last night, March 1st. Videovision Entertainment's production, Sheperds and Butchers won the Best Original Song for 'Angels'. 'Angels', especially written for , Sheperds and Butchers was composed by Barry Gibb (co-founder of the Bee Gees) with 'The Voice of South Africa', Vusi Mahlasela performing the song. 'Angels' is written by Barry Gibb, Stephen Gibb and Ashley Gibb.
Congrats to The Gibb Trio!

Marion: GSI 03/02/17  

NEWS, February 24th.

  The Gibb Collective - Official Bee Gees Tribute

The special tribute album of the young Gibb generation to honor the 4 Gibb Brothers and their music is almost ready. Release is planned for April 14. The Gibb children love to keep the Gibb music alive and hopefully this will be the first of more projects. Watch this video:

  GSI answers to fan questions
* In answer to many of your questions the past weeks GSI checked and asked about Andy's songs being disappeared from Itunes and Spotify. Andy's songs have disappeared from the digital platforms due to the end of the Warner deal. In a few weeks we will have more details about the future of Andy's cataloque. So be patient and stay tuned.

* Many questions arrived at GSI about the Gibb Collective album: in what form or forms will it be released. I asked the creators and they answered: 'Definitely digital, possibly cd, most definitely vinyl!'

* Capitol Records now has a lease agreement, like the situation before with Warners,. All rights to the music, lyrics etc remain unchanged.

Marion: GSI 02/24/17  

NEWS, February 19th.

  "Love and Hope Ball 2017"
Due to all the well-deserved tributes and Grammy activities underway honoring the Bee Gees' amazing work, DRI Love & Hope International Chairman Barry Gibb could not make it to this year's Magical Mardi Gras gala (February 18 - 2017) But, he did send us (DRI) this special message to share with his fellow Love & Hope committee friends and guests tonight - which was just shown. Check it out!

Marion: GSI 02/19/17  

NEWS, February 13th.

  Grammy's 2017
February 11th.
Barry, Linda and some of the family travelled to LA last week to prepare for the Grammy events. Like each year several events were organized around the Grammy date itself. Barry and Linda visited the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party on February 11th. at the Beverly Hilton.

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party, Arrivals,
Los Angeles, USA, 11 Feb 2017

The Gibbs and actor Jon Voight, c. Ali Gibb
February 12th.
The day of the 59th. Grammy's
Barry and Linda were sitting front row watching this years' Grammy's. During the event there was a tribute to the Saturday Night Fever music of The Bee Gees. A number of American artists (Demi Lovato, Andra Day, Tori Kelly, and Little Big Town) performed a medley of SNF songs (Stayin' Alive, Tragedy, How Deep Is Your Love, Night Fever) and Barry and Linda were singing and clapping along giving the artists on stage a standing ovation afterwards. So sweet to see Barry sing along on his own songs!!

Arrival at the Grammy's

Barry and Linda enjoying the show
After the show there was also a huge after party fora bout 5000 guests. The special Grammy Bee Gees Salute, a tribute to The Bee Gees music will be held on February 14th. Tavares will be performing on the CBS TV Special "Stayin Alive..A Grammy Salute to the music of The Bee Gees"... Tavares will perform "More Than A Woman" with R&B star Jason Derulo. Other performers on the show include Barry Gibb, Celine Dion, John Legend, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, The Weekend, Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas and many more!.... CBS will air the show probably some time in april...Stay tuned for more details.

Some articles/videos

Lots of more photos, articles and videos on our GSI facebook group!!

Marion: GSI 02/13/17  

NEWS, January 27th.

  HOT NEWS - Concert February 14!!

Earlier this week I was told confidentially about some anniversary plans but couldn't tell yet and didn't know a date yet!! So this is why Barry cannot be at the Love And Hope Ball next month! Many stars will be joined by Bee Gees founding member Barry Gibb during a Feb. 14 concert at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles and recorded for broadcast later this year. TICKETS: for the concert will be available at:

Disco Lives
John Legend, Ed Sheeran, Andra Day, Celine Dion and other pop, R&B, rock and country stars will pay homage to the Bee Gees and the Australian group's blockbuster 1977 soundtrack album "Saturday Night Fever" in an all-star Grammy Awards-related salute from the Recording Academy, CBS and AEG Ehrlich Ventures.

"Stayin' Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees," marking the 40th anniversary of the album that spent 24 weeks atop the Billboard sales chart in 1977-78, also will feature Keith Urban, Tori Kelly, Pentatonix, DNCE, Little Big Town, Demi Lovato and others.

The modern-day stars will be joined by Bee Gees founding member Barry Gibb during a Feb. 14 concert at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles and recorded for broadcast later this year. Maurice Gibb died in 2003 and Robin Gibb in 2012.
Watch also:

Marion: GSI 01/27/17  

NEWS, January 11th.

Gibb Children honour The Gibb Legacy with special album
The plan: to honor their Legacy With a Bee Gees Tribute Album. The children of all four Brothers Gibb!! will record an album of classic songs for release in Spring 2017!! The rich musical legacy of the Bee Gees and their brother Andy Gibb continues to entertain millions of fans across the globe, and today the next generation of Gibbs announced a project honoring their music with new interpretations of classic songs. Spearheaded by Maurice's daughter Samantha and producer Lazaro Rodriguez, the project features contributions from ten different members of the family including children of all four brothers - Maurice, Robin, Andy, and Barry, who released his third solo album this year. Sparked by Samantha and Lazaro creating one Bee Gees cover on their own, and long awaiting the right time to do a tribute, they realized the musical potential here and that it was time to do something more. Samantha reached out to her siblings and cousins and very quickly they all agreed to take part. "Everyone wanted to be involved. We are all true fans of their [Bee Gees] music and there is a connection for us, family," says Samantha. Each family member, some of whom are working on albums of their own, were left to their own devices to create unique and personal versions of songs from the brothers' amazing catalog of music. This labor of love brings a fresh flavor to the music and showcases the sheer talent across this incredible family. One track, in particular, will send chills down your spine as you hear four children harmonizing together, reminiscent of the sound that brought their fathers to prominence decades before. "We are very excited to share this collection of songs with everyone, especially long time fans of our fathers' music," says Samantha Gibb. "This has been an amazing experience with the whole family working together to create something really special." More details to come soon including track listings and full credits. The release date of this Bee Gees Tribute Album: probably later in 2017. We will share more information when it becomes available!

  Love And Hope Ball 2017.
The 43rd Annual Love and Hope: "Magical Mardi Gras Gala" will be held Saturday, February 18, 2017 6:00pm - Cocktails,8:00pm - Dinner, dancing & surprises in the ballroom at the
Diplomat Beach Resort
3555 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33019.
Cost: $650 per person
Although Barry Gibb won't perform this year at the Ball, GSI will update you about the event as always of course and many of the Gibb family will be present again for sure.

Love And Hope Ball - DRI Foundation.
Thirty-seven years ago, the first 'Love and Hope Ball' left its mark on the South Florida social scene, creating an evening with a standard of elegance and excitement that continues to delight and surprise its audience. Attracting South Florida's philanthropic families, celebrities and more, this black-tie gala features a grand cocktail reception, spectacular décor, a sumptuous dinner, dancing, and live entertainment. Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, 3555 S. Ocean Drive, Hollywood. Visit, call 954-964-4040 or e-mail

Current chairperson: Sonja Zuckerman has served as the chairperson since the first ball in 1974. The event has raised about $40 million since its inception The black-tie gala's décor scheme is always kept secret from the public until the evening of the event. Many members of the committee have worked on this and the "Underwriting/Preview Party" for the entire 37 years. Legendary musician Barry Gibb has given private concerts at several "Love and Hope Balls." Barry and his wife, Linda, have served as "Love and Hope's" International Chairmen since 1985, and they are also longtime honorary members of the DRI Foundation's board of directors. The last concert of the Bee Gees as a trio was at the "Love and Hope Ball" in 2002. In 2006, Barry and Robin Gibb reunited on stage for the ball. It was their first public performance together since the death of their brother, Maurice.

Marion: GSI 01/11/17  

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