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NEWS, April 8th.

  "Artists for Others"
Barry Gibb and Kelly Lang attended at "Artists for Others" at Eau PalmBeach last Saturday, April 6th. A Fantastic Event for a Great Cause! It was a spectacular night with Grammy Award-winner Amy Grant and other musicians, artists and celebrities who came together to help human trafficking victims.

Soundcheck c. Kelly Lang

source facebook Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

© Lucien Capehart Photography


The Bunburys
Bunbury Tails     Bunbury Tails 1
Bunbury Tails 2     Bunbury Tails 3
Bunbury Tails 4

Marion: GSI 04/08/14  

NEWS, March 4th.

  Message from Dwina to GSI
Marion / GSI: I've had contact with Robin's family and their asistant in Thame several times last week by mail and phone about things many fans have asked me about the past few months, about some updates as well as some talk about Dwina's work and the legacy of the BG music etc. Yesterday Dwina mailed me again with some updates and to answer some questions.

Bee Gees music legacy
About the legacy of The Bee Gees music she talks about other artists performing BG music and tells me she also knows about the 3 Italian Egiziano Brothers who are touring through Europe with former BG bandmember Blue Weaver, performing the BG music live on stage.
Dwina: 'Yes, I do know of the Italian brothers who sing and who have worked with Blue Weaver. Robin liked them very much. I do believe that the Bee Gees met them all.'

Robin's headstone at St. Mary's church yard
Fans are wondering and asking me many times why there still is no head stone for Robin's grave.
Dwina: Robin's headstone has been sourced from a mountain in Wales. We often visited this place in Wales en route to my parent's home in Ireland. We had to wait for a long time for the ground to settle here in Thame, because of the fact that St. Mary's Church has nine layers of tombs below, the Churchyard being almost a thousand years old. We also had terrible flooding around Thame. Our fields are still lakes at the moment. However, we do have a special award winning sculptor, Martin Cook, who is currently working on the headstone.
I feel that the family and fans will like it.'


The latest about Robin's solo album etc.
Dwina: 'Robin's solo album will also come out later this year. The songs are beautiful and his vocals magnificent as usual. We miss him and his voice terribly. Sadly, Ollie, our Irish wolfhound recently passed over. Ollie used to stand behind Robin when he was singing at the keyboards and he would lean against him just listening to the music. Robin would ruffle his head every so often. Wherever Robin was, Ollie was there. We have many photos of them sitting or walking together in the garden'.

Will there be a place for Robin on the internet in future
Dwina:'Robin's website will re-open soon as a place of special memories, and will have information and links to other family sites.'

Are there still plans for a memorial service
Dwina: 'Eventually, we will have a memorial service in London when the time is right and we are not hurting so much from our loss. It will be a celebration of his life.

Robin John's musical plans and Robin's musical legacy
Dwina: 'RJ is working on his own pop album and also on a classical World War I Memoriam. The Titanic Requiem will have a series of concerts soon, some with holograms and some as orchestral pieces.'

About her grand child and her family
See: GSI Family News(including some nice photos of Max)

Dwina's own career
Dwina: 'My Irish comedic play: Last Confessions of a Scallywag will be shown at The Mill at Sonning Dinner Theatre from 31 July - 24 August and then 5 September - 27 September. It is directed by Sarah Jane Berger. Online booking: or Box Office Reading (0118) 969 8000. ( I also have a Regency Mystery Romance eBook on Amazon Kindle, Mythwood Books, and iBooks, called: Pandora's Dilemma; and I am currently writing another play and other works.
I hope this has answered some of the questions.
Love to all,'

Marion: GSI 03/04/14  

NEWS, February 18th.

Concerning North America Concerts
Earlier posts about ordering management tickets through GSI herewith are cancelled!!

Sorry there is no possibility anymore to request for visiting a sound check at any of the venues or requesting for management tickets !!!

Fan Gatherings
In each venue city of the North America Tour there will be a fan gathering/diner organized by Anne Jakowenko in cooperation with GSI and we will post more info about that soon.

GSI will also report about the whole tour on GSI website and GSI Facebook.
More shows: only if there is a huge demand of more seats and more concerts!!
Possibly at least one more concert in Canada. No more news on that right now!!

Regular ticket sale at: and
These sites also give you info on sale dates, normal prices, venue info etc.

Marion: GSI 02/18/14  

NEWS, February 14th.

  One Year: Bee Gees Walk Way
Redcliffe (Australia) watched as a quiet walkway was transformed into a tribute to one of the world's most influential pop groups, and held it's breath when the last remaining Bee Gee peeled away a protective sheet to reveal a bronzed statue of the three Gibb brothers. And it all happened a year ago today! Listen to interview:

  "Love And Hope": 40

This weekend the 40th. Love And Hope Event. Love and Hope is an integral fundraising group for the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, which was created in 1971 by a small group of parents of children with diabetes - parents committed to finding a cure for this devastating disease. Barry and Linda Gibb are the International chairmen of Love And Hope. More about everything concerning this Event soon on GSI website and Facebook.

  Barry Gibb on radio

Barry Gibb celebrates the upcoming 'Mythology' U.S. tour (May '14) by recalling his years as co-founder of the iconic Bee Gees. Barry appears throughout the weekend, introducing songs he crafted into multi-million sellers. We celebrate our Valentine's weekend with a man truly loved by millions, the one and only...'B.G.'!!! Listen to: Sirius XM satellite radio Tune in all Weekend long, beginning Friday, February 14 at 5 pm ET.

  'GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info'
The name of the GSI Facebook page: to keep even more updated about everything Gibb related. 24/7 Gibb news, photos, music etc. from all over the world.

Marion: GSI 02/14/14  

NEWS, February 8th.

  Another Barry Gibb Interview
Barry Gibb on WGN 720 Radio Chicago
February 6, 2014

Marion: GSI 02/08/14  

NEWS, January 30th.

  Message for fans from Europe:
Concert tickets for Barry Gibb's
"Mythology Tour", North America

GSI facebook members from Europe who are interested in getting to see Barry in concert in North America and haven't been able to obtain tickets yet can get in touch with me.(Marion) Aren't you GSI Facebook member yet then: connect to facebook if you haven't got an account there yet and search for the GSI facebook group called: GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info at:
Press the button to become member of the group and after adding you can request your tickets.

I have the possibility to get a limited amount of tickets for some European fans, with help of Dick Ashby. For all 6 concerts: block center, first, second and third row seats, really good seats at face value and any handling charges should be minimal/normal.

If you are interested mail me:
1. your name,
2. the country you live in
3. amount of tickets,
4. for which venue
5. and your email address
(subject: US tickets Barry Gibb)

And you will be put on a request list. As there are only a limited number of tickets available for each show I cannot promise a thing but I will let you know then a.s.a.p. if you will be amongst the lucky ones!!

  Tour update
GSI will report about the whole tour and there might be possibilities for fan gatherings in the venue cities. More details later. We will not know for another 3 weeks if any shows will be added after LA but if so there might be at least one Canadian date as well.

  Barry Gibb on NBC - Today television (USA)
Interview with Barry
Barry: 'it was life in a tin can'
Barry: 'I always loved playing the music, I always listen to music, I always get a kick out of someone else singing our songs'! watch:

  Barry in the program of Kelly and Michael (US television)
watch video:

  Win Tickets!!
Saturday, May 31st at the Concord Pavilion.

Marion: GSI 01/30/14  

NEWS, January 27th.

  Dates now confirmed!
05/15/14  Boston, MA TD Garden
05/19/14  Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
05/23/14  Wantagh, NY Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
05/27/14  Chicago, IL United Center or Allstate Arena
05/31/14  Concord, CA Concord Pavilion
06/04/14  Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl

TICKET SALE: starts January 31.
ATTENTION for pre sales dates!!

Marion: GSI 01/27/14  

NEWS, January 23rd.

  Promoting activities for USA "Mythology Tour"
Set your DVR's for the week of January 27th thru the 30th as Barry Gibb will be appearing on several National (US) TV shows to promote the upcoming USA "Mythology" Tour! Several more shows are on schedule to be taped in which we will advise on their viewing dates in the near future. The following shows which are CONFIRMED as of this date include these National Talk Shows: - January 27th - Jimmy Fallon - Interview "Viewer Alert" - Look for Stephen Gibb & Doug Emery who will be part of "The Roots" TV Band that Night!!! January 30th - "Today" Morning Show -Interview January 30th - "Kelly & Michael Show" - Interview & Performance ** Check your local listings for Time and Channels for your area.

Marion: GSI 01/28/14  

NEWS, January 12th.

  In Memory Of Maurice Gibb
We will never forget.
Tim Roxborogh:
"11 years on from Maurice's death, here's the piece I wrote last year. The article features Maurice's swamp-rock solo song On Time as well as Richard Ashcroft's (The Verve) recent sample of the same song".

copyright Harry Goodwin

  50 St. Catherine's Drive
Press update:
Red Bus Studios are happy to announce that it is the late Robin Gibb unfinished album 50 St. Catherine's Drive that will be set for release. The album named after the road in which Robin was born, is an exceptional collaboration between himself and his son Robin - John Gibb, who is currently recording some outstanding lead vocals on 'Instant Love' by the way. We couldn't be happier to hear one of the greatest singer songwriters of our time work live on, with of course the addition of R J Gibb fresh talent added to the mix. Good work guys.

Marion: GSI 01/12/14  

News 2013
NEWS, March 29th.

  Some updates from Miami Beach, management.
* The rehearsals for the North America part of the Mythology tour will start early May.
* A support act hasn't been chosen yet.
* No more shows added at this time to the 6 already confirmed in the US.
* No definite decision yet about a DVD release after the Mythology Tour has completely ended.
* Barry's plans for after the Mythology Tour of this year: using his new studio and probably release new material.
* Plans for 2015 not known yet at the moment.
* Some upcoming TV appearances: CBS Sunday Morning: airs May 18 The Tonight Show: May 21. Barry is set to perform on "The Tonight Show: Starring Jimmy Fallon" and he will once again be performing with the show's house band "The Roots" with his own Musical Director Doug Emery on Keyboards and Son Stephen Gibb on Guitar.
* Barry is not using his new studio until after the North America tour. Steve is using studio now putting down some demos of his own material.

Marion: GSI 03/29/14  (thanks Dick Ashby)

NEWS, March 19th.

  Musician Joe Lala has died
Joe Lala, regarded as one of the greatest musicians to come out of Tampa for his drum work a generation of rock's top performers, died at a hospital Tuesday morning at 66 of complications from lung cancer.
He worked with The Bee Gees for quite some years and also was one of the musicians during their successful Spirits Tour in 1979.

Marion: I specially remember him from the Spirits Tour, North America, 1979 when I followed the group on tour for 6 weeks.
R.I.P. Joe Lala

Linda Gibb: God Bless Joe LaLa, RIP. Great memories, laughs, silliness, you will be missed by so many. Thank you for being part of our lives...Now you can make the angels laugh...xxxxx (source: facebook)

Blue Weaver: a great percussionist, he played a great part on so many records and performances. Our Bee Gees tracks and the Spirits Having Flown tour would not have been the same without him. I bet him and his egg shaker are grooving up there right now. R.I.P Joe...(source facebook)   The Spirits Tour of 1979

Marion: GSI 03/19/14  

NEWS, February 25th.

  Vote for the Bee Gees, part 2!!
It's down to Queen or OUR BEE GEES......let's show them who is the BEST ICONIC BAND....VOTE!!! In previous poll, the bands with the higher number of votes have been Queen (2077 votes) and Bee Gees (1784 votes). They are both legendary groups that started in 70's and they still have a big number of followers. Now you have to choose: Bee Gees or Queen? What's your favourite band?
The poll will be closed on 02/28/2014
TIP: use different browsers like Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla etc. and with your: desktop, laptop, tablet, iphone.... and you can vote many times a day......

  Press Release!!!
THE BEE GEES: 1987-1991 The Warner Bros. Years Five-Disc Set Includes Three Studio Albums, Rare Demos And Outtakes, Plus The Debut Of The Entire One For All Concert, Available From Warner Bros. Records on April 15.
Click here for pdf of press release.

Also read:

Marion: GSI 02/25/14  

NEWS, February 21th.

  Vote for The Bee Gees
Vote at: Sometimes you can vote more than once, so try daily at least once!! After the best female icon and best male icon, you can vote now for your favourite iconic band! The 2 bands with the higher number of votes will reach the final duel!
The poll will be closed on Monday 2/24!

  GSI Tips
A German TV documentary of almost 4 hours about the careers and lives of The Brothers Gibb. Inculding new interview material with Barry, and interview with special guests former BG band member Blue Weaver and The three Egiziano Brothers (a.k.a. Italian Bee Gees).
Bee Gees The Warner Brothers Years.

The Bee Gees are one of the most successful pop groups of all time. Started in 1959 by brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb the trio ranks near the top of the list of best-selling music artists and has earned every honor imaginable, including multiple Grammy® awards and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Bee Gees signed with Warner Bros. Records in 1987 and released three remarkable studio albums E.S.P., One, and High Civilization. This creative burst from The Brothers Gibb is remembered with a five-disc collection that includes all three studio albums, along with a selection of rare demos and outtakes. Also included is One For All, a 1989 concert recording available in its entirety for the first time. This 22-track live set has been newly mixed by Barry Gibb and John Merchant for a state-of-the-art sound that is the closest you can get to being there live.

Marion: GSI 02/21/14  

NEWS, February 16th.

  40th. Love and Hope Event
Yesterday Barry has been performing again on the yearly Love and Hope Ball. On the GSI Facebook page you have been able to read some first comments and see lots of photos/videos etc. and in the coming days GSI website will of course also post several articles about the rehearsals, the fan gathering and the Ball itself etc. Below a first photo taken by Anne Jakowenko who will also write the reports. So watch for more about "Love and Hope"!
Anne LaValle Jakowenko:
From this writer's perspective, I am privileged to write about Barry Gibb for GSI and fans worldwide. Story about the Ball itself coming soon...

Barry at Love and Hope  (rehearsals)
  GSI tips
Some articles
* Vinyl Cave: Dollar bin diving with the Bee Gees on Life in a Tin Can, Mr. Natural and Main Course.
* Andy Gibb Remembered As Caring Man.


Marion: GSI 02/16/14  

NEWS, February 10th.

  Barry Gibb management tickets
Earlier posts on ordering management tickets through GSI herewith are cancelled!!
The past 2 weeks we've been able to already help a lot of people to get a POSSIBILITY of obtaining special management tickets for the Barry Gibb North America concerts.
This feels so good!
Management reserved these tickets specially for those fans living a long distance away from any venue. There are a limited number of good seats available to purchase for fans travelling from Europe or anywhere from outside the U.S., or fans travelling long-distance within the U.S. They are all center-section tickets for the first three rows. However, only a limited amount of tickets are available and nothing can be guaranteed at this point. All we can say is that we will put you on the request list.

The tickets will be around $200 each. If you are living a LONG DISTANCE AWAY and interested in obtaining a management ticket then write me a mail with info (see below) and you will be placed on a reserve list in case there are still some special management tickets left. mail me:

1. The name/ names of people attending (the names like mentioned on your official ID)
2. The city and country you live in
3. Amount of tickets,
4. For which venue
5. And your email address
(Subject: US tickets Barry Gibb)

Regular ticket sale at: and
These sites also give you info on sale dates, normal prices, venue info etc.

Marion: GSI 02/10/14  

NEWS, February 2nd.

  Concert tickets for Barry Gibb's
"Mythology Tour", North America, update
GSI facebook members living outside Europe who have contacted me for the special management tickets can be put on a reserve list. I'll try to help you and will forward the requests for tickets and possible sound check passes to management. They then will decide whether or not tickets for you still will be available. (register on facebook if you are no facebook member of GSI yet and search for the GSI page: GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info: click the button to become member).

If you are interested mail me:
1. the name/ names of people attending
2. the country you live in
3. amount of tickets,
4. for which venue
5. and your email address
(subject: US tickets Barry Gibb)

There still are only a limited number of tickets available for each show. I cannot promise a thing but I will let you know then a.s.a.p. if you will be amongst the lucky ones!! If interested send me your mail with request right away!! I'll soon forward the lists to management!!! For European fans the special offer still is on too!! see also earlier announcement on News: January 30th.

  Robin-John Gibb
I'll be back in the studio this week to polish off my father's album and to forge ahead with my own album. I'll be posting some interesting videos soon so keep an eye out. all the best

Marion: GSI 02/02/14  

NEWS, January 28th.

  Barry Gibb in Jimmy Fallon Show

Some clips from the shows:

* Barry Gibb and Jimmy Fallon
* Barry Gibb and Jimmy Fallon sing the Everly Brothers After Jimmy hands Barry a guitar, the two harmonize on some classic Everly Brothers songs, including "Dream."
* To Love Somebody
* You Should Be Dancing

  Barry on the show of Piers Morgan

  Tour Info GSI
Marion: I'm in touch with Dick Ashby/management and will update news on the tour and tickets etc. when I have confirmed news to publish. Sorry I cannot answer you all in time and personally but keep an eye on GSI facebook and GSI website !!! Everyone should first try and get seats a.s.a.p. through the traditional channels!: - ticket master- GSI will report about the whole tour and there might be possibilities for fan gatherings in the venue cities, more later.

Marion: GSI 01/28/14  

NEWS, January 26th.

  Mythology Tour, North America
January 26th. Miami Beach: The Tour dates and on sale dates for part 3 of the Mythology Tour (North America), will be announced at noon tomorrow (January 27th.) New York time. Check : Everyone should try and get seats a.s.a.p. through the traditional channels! (
Marion: More info for instance for overseas fans on GSI website and all GSI facebook members: later. Only if and when available.
Keep an eye on GSI.
(thanks, Dick Ashby)

05/15/14  Boston, MA TD Garden
05/19/14  Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
05/23/14  Wantagh, NY Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
05/27/14  Chicago, IL United Center or Allstate Arena
05/31/14  Concord, CA Concord Pavilion
06/04/14  Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl

Marion: GSI 01/26/14  

NEWS, January 18th.

  Vince Melouney interview
As a lead guitarist of the Aztecs behind Billy Thorpe he enjoyed his first glimpse of fame, but a few years later when he met the three Gibb brothers he joined the Bee Gees and found himself in England playing with them when they first hit the big time.
Hear his story:

  Bee Gees Fan reunion in Australia
There will be a Bee Gees fan reunion on the Bee Gees Way in Redcliffe, Australia on February 14 until 16 - 2014. This will be organised by Bee Gees Fan Club Australia (facebook page) Vince Melouney and band is planning to play at the RSL in Redcliffe and they organised Mahmood Kahn, (a singer, BG fan and friend of Dick Ashby) to tell his tales of meeting the Gibb's at Criteria Studios etc.
More details soon and also visit:

Marion: GSI 01/18/14   (thanks also S. Hagger)

NEWS, January 5th.

  New Year
I wish all visitors of GSI website and GSI Face book Group a: wonderful 2014!!
I'll try and update a.s.a.p. when there's latest news concerning Barry's tour, the plans for Robin's material to be released etc. etc. To answer many of your recent mails: I have received lots of requests to help you getting ticketssound check passes for one of the upcoming shows of Barry but at the moment I have no details on that, sorry. I hope this time there will again be a possibility for fans to visit sound checks as during last concerts there was an urgent request by the Gibb Family and management to: not publish any photo material before the end of the tour, early October but unfortunately one person did post photos of the Dublin sound check on Face book much too early. We hope this won't mean that this time Gibb Family/management decides - not to give fans a visit to the sound checks -!. I'll keep you posted. By also becoming member of GSI on Face book you'll hear from me at once when I know more.
I'll do my best.
Marion/GSI xxx

  Robin and Robin John's unreleased material
Red Bus Recording Studios: "We're paying tribute to Robin Gibb at the studio today and we have R J Gibb with us, with Savvas Iosifidis to master his unreleased tracks". (Red Bus Recording Studios, London, United Kingdom). Looking forward to the album and GSI keeps you updated.

  Bee Gees on German Vox TV
Last year and around New year the German station Vox aired a special 4 hours documentary about the career of The Bee Gees with recent interviews of Barry, former BG keyboard player Blue Weaver and The Italian Bee Gees (The 3 Egiziano Brothers). For the fans who haven't been able to see the program on German tv try this link:

  Bee Gees again on German TV: Arte
Date:January 18th. 2014
Program title: Bee Gees: Brüder im Discofieber Germany TV Station: Arte TV, 21.45 hours (60 min.)

  Barry on Twitter
Barry Gibb @GibbBarry
Spending the evening with Paul McCartney was very spiritual and he was so kind to my kids. Second time we've met, I hope it's not the last time. He is my hero. Thank you everyone at SNL.

  GSI Tips.
Bee Gees - Intro, Promise The Earth 2001

Marion: GSI 01/05/14  

Gibb Service International