We Don't Say Goodbye - In Memory Henk Goosens

On Thursday August 20th. our friend, Bee Gees Fan and GSI representative Henk Goosens passed away. He will be sadly missed by so many...... but Henk is now re-united with the love of his life: Anneke.

Henk with Barry, Robin and Maurice
I knew Henk was ill and in hospital already for some weeks and we had contact for the last time several weeks ago inwhich nothing looked like his health condition was getting serious. He said to me to be able to make annother appointment soon to get together again. However I didn't know his condition was so bad and therefore his death to me came very sudden and very hard to believe. I heard the bad news from Linda Gibb that Thursday. Henk and I did so many fan things together and both loved to share anything and everything about The Bee Gees and The Gibb Family with the fans for so many years. He loved to travel and made reports for me and the GSI website when he had visited a concert of Barry again.

Barry called him: The Travelling Man.
Linda said: it was such a lovely, lovely man.
Dick Ashby: It won't be quite the same not to see Henk at future concerts.
Yes he will be missed....

Right after his death I started to write personal notes to many fans and friends of ours and also mentioned his tragic death on GSI as it was inpossible for me to contact everyone personally within a few days. Henk will always be amongst us and we thank him for all he did for the Gibb Family, the fanclub and the fans world wide. Like we did in 2005, when his beloved Anneke died, GSI now remembers Henk on the website, with some words and of course with some photos.

Henk and Anneke were Bee Gees fans and did fan work for many years and at some point we started to work together for the GSI website and for all Bee Gees fans. We had lots and lots of nice contacts in The Netherlands and everywhere in the world. We cooperated with magazines , with radio and TV programs etc. etc. In 2002 we did for instance a series of Dutch radio shows with Peter Schavemaker and visited the studios several times.
left: Henk and DJ Peter Schavemaker
right: Henk and myself working in the radio studio for the Bee Gees programs

Me and Anneke waiting in the radio studio.
Another passion of Henk as well as his wife Anneke was: cats. A passion they shared with good friend Monique. They did everything for cats and Henk didn't even saw a problem in driving to Spain and back to transport some cats which were afraid of flying. Another nice thing Henk was famous for was: his apple pie. There was always really nice apple pie when Henk came to visit.

Henk did a lot of travelling for his work and.... to see The Gibb Brothers. Often he could combine these things and was able to visit the family in Miami Beach and went to lots of concerts in America, Europe and even Australia. The Gibb Family and fans loved him and his kindness. Henk also had some special friends in America like Beverly Burke and the Miami Girls.
Beverly's last message to Henk was:
Our love of the Bee Gees was made even more special when sharing all the great memories with Henk. He was our 'gentle giant,' a lovely man who made every gathering, every concert a happier time with his kindness, generosity, and love of the brothers. We will miss his Florida visits and teddy-bear hugs but know he is now reunited with his true love, Anneke. Thank you, Henk, for enhancing our lives and making great memories with us.
The Miami Girls
Bev, Kathy, Nancy, Diana, Dawn & Kim

left: Henk with Beverly in Concord: Teddybear hug.    © Beverly Burke
right: Henk, Marion and Louisa: checking soundcheck lists for Barry's concert at 02, London, Oct. 2013.    © M. Wuurman
In February 2013 Henk flew all the way to Australia to see several Barry Gibb concerts and to make great reports for GSI. He was a perfect representative of GSI. I was often asked by reporters, managzines or radio/tv programs to give interviews about The Gibbs but if possible Henk would take care of these contacts as he was the perfect man for these jobs and so when I was asked by an Australian station for an interview I could gladly tell them that Henk, respresentative of GSI, would be in Australia during the 2013 tour to do the interview and so it happened that Henk did this interview live for Australian radio. www.4bc.com.au (Febr. 2013: GSI representative Henk Goosens talks with radio 4BC).
The last time I had a chance to visit a concert with Henk was in October 2013 when Barry performed in the U.K. together with a fan from Britain we took care of the lists for the soundcheck visit at the O2 Arena in London. Such fond memories of this and many other times. Memories I'll cherish forever.
Barry and Henk, Concord.   © Lynette Yorks
On Wednesday the 26th. Henk's friends, some relatives and colleques gathered at the cemetery in Rotterdam for Henk's last journey.

It was a warm and sunny day and although we were all sad we wanted to make this a special last greeting to a very nice person and good friend. There were lots of flowers and also photos of Henk on top and around his coffin. A nice photo showing Henk at one of his last concerts the one in Concord, USA. During the ceremony beautiful music was played: only Bee Gees music, the same songs which had been played during the ceremony of his beloved wife Anneke: "Immortality" by Celine Dion, "Spirits Having Flown", "Living Eyes" and "The Only Love" by The Bee Gees.

Cousin of The Bee Gees brothers: Hazel Gibb had contacted me and would love to be present during the ceremony to represent her family. So with Gerard and myself she came to the ceremony of Henk and she spoke to all the people a few words representing the Gibbs and she mentioned how much Henk was loved in their family and amongst others she told about Henk's Christmas whishes. During Christmas time he always used to sent a nice card to Robin and Dwina and always signed his name with a drawing of a smiley. Robin liked that so much and started to use Henk's smiley too. During the ceremony Rosalien Beks read a very nice poem: 'Afscheid van een vriend' and Monique Lensen told in her own words more about the person Henk, about his life, his loves, his passion, and all the good times he had spent with her and his other friends during the years inwhich The Bee Gees and their music were a big part. About his fanclub work and work for GSI and his journeys to Miami and many concerts all over the world. Really lovely and fond memories. Henk had made plans already to go and visit Australia again this September when Barry will be opening Stage Two of the Bee Gees Way in Redcliffe, but unfortunately he couldn't make that journey anymore. He will be missed but even during this upcoming event in Redcliffe, there will be a chair reserved for Henk at the ceremony on September 11th.

After the ceremony we all got together to drink some coffee with of course a lovely piece of apple pie like the apple pie Henk always brought with him when visiting friends. Some how he was still with us and will always be!! Before we all left the crematorium a group of Henk's dearest friends walked over to the burial place of Anneke to lay down some of the flowers and again spend some time talking about the good memories.
Henk and Anneke are back together again.

Henk in Hollywood.   © Debbie Allison
left: Anne with Henk from Holland and Helen from England and Debbie....30 minutes before start concert Barry!   © A L Jakowenko
right: Road trip 2006, with Monique and Nel Lensen   © Esther Crane.

Steph Hagger: 'Saying goodbye to Henk on the 20th of February, 2013 after three capital cities and two weeks. Kudos to Henk for driving from Brisbane city to the Redcliffe Peninsula and then back to Brisbane airport. It was the wrong side of the road for him. I took these photos at my friends house in Clontarf, Queensland. The rainbow appeared when Henk's flight back to Europe was due to fly over. R.I.P Henk'.   © Steph Hagger.

Thanks for everything Henk.
(Marion / GSI, on behalf of all Henk's friends and fans).

Gibb Service International